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    Reg charity No 1149301 A charity dedicated to helping members of US Armed Forces deal with debt issues. We specialize is crisis and intervention dm for more info.

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    €225 - €676
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    Trophy icon DESIGN A LOGO FOR "PowerPR" 2 gün left

    Design a beautiful and meaningful logo for a brand name “PowerPR”. The logo should be eye catching, branded one. Please participate only professional designers. “PowerPR” is a public relations service providing company. Public Relations (PR) help a business or individual cultivate a positive reputation with the public through various unpaid or earned communications, includ...

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    Watch this video first. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Seeking an experienced grass roots campaign creator with a big vision that can help us in our world-wide mission to end the plastic crisis that is slowly destroying our ecosystem and now is threatening human health . It is a huge undertaking and we are a team of individuals from around the world who ...

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    This is the a financial analysis for Central Pacific Bank. I can provide the calculations that I have completed . They are on an excel worksheet as they are calculations such as ROE, ROA and etc. Below are the questions I would like answered. Anywhere from 3-4 pages. What level of risk does your bank face, as defined by (a) destruction of CET1 capital due to loan failure, (b) liquidity crisis due ...

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    Hello I am a 40 year old transgender man. I was born into a middleseastern family and had a life riddled with drug addiction and criminality. Now I work with kids at a crisis center. I have a cool story someone want to help

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    Need Graphic Bitti left

    Raise money for refugees. Need a logo/graphic for fundraising page: Refugee Crisis Fund

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    I’m looking for someone proactive and detail-oriented with excellent written communication skills to be my virtual assistant. Summary: * This is not an entry-level assistant position. You MUST have at least 2 years experience working remotely as a Virtual Assistant for a business owner. * Expect to get several requests/day from me, many of which include tasks that must be done that day. * Y...

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    My website is a charity website so people can upload if they need money or things like chair or roof for their house. We do not take fee or commision. We want everything free here. User is only 1 type. User can post a donation / need help or give donation. But they will need verification with Selfie / photo of themself + ID card scanned. User can request help / donation, add friend, user send mo...

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    Job Title: Manager/Sr. Manager - Information Security Job Description: • Security devices review and assessments (e.g SIEM, MDM, DRM, Antivirus, Web Proxy, Firewall, VPN, VA Scanner, DLP, Mail Gateway, Gemalto two factor etc) • SOC Operations management • Project management of key Infosec projects, supplier governance, risk assessment and audit support • Conducting a continuous...

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    Salut Dragos ! Vreau sa știu dacă poți sa faci un “animated Video” similar ca acesta : [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] . Vreau sa știu in cit timp îl poți face și de ce ai nevoie pentru aceasta . Îți scriu mai jos textul care se va vorbi in video: “ Hello ! My name is William - I want a personal, spiritual and professional growth a...

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    La crisis en el sector salud a nivel mundial ha encontrado, como una alternativa para revertir la situación, establecer modelos de salud en los cuales, el común denominador para revertir la situación, consiste en que la población contribuya de manera obligatoria a ser parte de la solución mediante la compra de seguros de salud que complementen a los que les otorg...

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    This project aims to give an overview of how the economic system works with a conspiratorial angle. We want to present arguments leading up to a doomsday prophecy of a bigger than ever financial crisis, which will lead to a wealth transfer in society. The project consists of 5 books. You will be writing 1 of them + 2 supplementary articles. Book 3. “The Perfect Hedge” PRECIOUS METALS...

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    This project aims to give an overview of how the economic system works with a conspiratorial angle. We want to present arguments leading up to a doomsday prophecy of a bigger than ever financial crisis, which will lead to a wealth transfer in society. We need a ghostwriter for 2 ebooks + 1 article: ARTICLE. "The big truth": FINANCIAL CRISIS A description of the most compelling and &qu...

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    I will provide multiple pdf, Word doc and other images of all resources you need to reference for this project. You will only have to organize and write. This project deals with debt in first-century Palestine. The paper should be at least 2,000 words (APA citation) however I'm willing to accept 4,000 or more words of excellent content. A good job on this project will turn into more work offe...

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    I need someone to write an informative article about an issue affecting the Orlando, Florida area. There must be at least 3500 words of content and a page with sources/citations (not everything has to be cited). Must be completed before Tuesday July 16th (04/16/2019). I am giving you some degree of freedom on the issue because you should choose something that you can write a relevant 3500 word art...

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    Nagar Nigam of Dehradun has been negligent in addressing concerns of the citizens of Rajpur where illegal construction over a sewage drain was broken but has stayed unfixed for over 2 months. The open drain, which stays open as the Monsoons commence in the area, poses health concerns of the type associated with the season. School-going children of over 100 families stand to be affected by diseas...

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    I have a project about the relevance of Deleuze and Guattari's concept of geophilosophy with the current environmental crisis like climate change. The current age is called the Anthropocene age since they believe that humans have active roles in destroying natural resources. Broadly speaking, I want you to discuss how D&G address the concept of nonhuman: nature, ecology, environment, eart...

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    Busco perfiles freelance de Consultoría de Comunicación: asuntos públicos, corporativos, crisis, reputación, branding, diseño, producción audiovisual, comunicación financiera, comunicación política, PR, consultoría digital, redes sociales, web, digitalización... Gestión integral de proyectos, clipping, posicionami...

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    Cpanel Expert Bitti left

    Skills: Linux Administration , KVM, LVM, Satellite server RedHat Cluster / Veritas Cluster, RHEL4, RHEL 3 Industry: Any Functional Area: IT Role & Responsibilities Knowledge acquisition and updates to related documents ( SMTD, SOPs ) First point of escalation for all technical and process issues during transition. Provide technical subject matter expertise wherever required Ensure proper co...

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    Skills: Linux Administration , KVM, LVM, Satellite server RedHat Cluster / Veritas Cluster, RHEL4, RHEL 3 Industry: Any Functional Area: IT Role & Responsibilities Knowledge acquisition and updates to related documents ( SMTD, SOPs ) First point of escalation for all technical and process issues during transition. Provide technical subject matter expertise wherever required Ensure proper co...

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    FawkesBlade Solar is owned and operated by two independent solar consultants who sub-contract design and installation work for residential rooftop solar. Our goal is to give the homeowner the best value and the best incentive programs available to go solar. With that being the case, our homeowners are helping solve the climate crisis and helping their own financial health at the same time. We&...

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    Please include your best project(React & React Native) Plant-for-the-Planet is a youth led non-profit organization with vision to plant a Trillion Trees. We are a collective of young climate justice ambassadors, environment scientists, designers and developers - spread across 7 continents - who work together to bring solutions to solve the climate crisis. We are looking for a Front End Web ...

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    Want to reqrite part of my thesis « the Next financial Crisis « . There is too much plagiarism as high’ited in the docs. The idea have to remain the same, but the text has to change completely in the part where it is considered as plagiarism.

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    here are the topics:: 1. What are the Signs that Show You Have Wounded Your Inner Child 2. What is Online Infidelity & Where You Should Draw The Line 3. How To Escape From Your Room Of Secrets 4. Emotional Support As A Wonderful Pain Reliever 5. The Total Opposites: Hate at First Sight 6. What is Emotional Energy & How It Can Benefits Relationship 7. What is Horn Effect & What You Can...

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    I am currently in Germany to visit companies. I need someone to research international operating companies in Germany which require my services and to set appointments for me to contact the companies. My services include mobilization, project management, staff replacement in crisis aereas projects management courier services and more. For more information visit my website [URL'yi gö...

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    Here are the Topics:: 1. How Dating has Evolved in the Digital Age 2. How to Turn Online Dating To a Real Relationship 3. What are the Criteria for Choosing an Online Dating App 4. What are the Reasons Why one Can’t Get a Girlfriend 5. What are the Signs That He’s Not Serious, He’s Just Time Pass 6. How To Stop Obsessing Over Someone 7. Signs That You Love Her But Just Don&rsquo...

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    Trophy icon EasyGest logo Bitti left

    EasyGest is a 100% Real Estate Portuguese group created in 2010. This group includes 4 other brands, EasyGest Premium Properties, EasyConcept and EasyDevelop, EasyGest International. We are today one of the main players in the Portuguese real estate market with a network of 54 own stores, with more than 600 employees that guarantee the same quality standard, the same serious, transparent and respo...

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    Dear Yana, Greeting from Kuwait! Hope this finds you well! First I would like to introduce myself my name is Nawaf working at Aviation Industry since last 15 Years, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] My objective to grow my LinkedIn network and connection by writing an Article / Post, particularly a...

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    What is a financial crisis mutation? Work on an elaborated research paper using examples. Essay format. APA guidelines. 1000 words. At least 5 sources. Here is a good source with relevant information: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    I would like someone to type a 3500 word article (8 pages double spaced) on the affordable housing crisis in Florida. I need this article in one day tops, topics you may want to write about why there is a housing crisis, how it can be resolved, and what could happen if it is not resolved, etc.. It just needs to be on topic and at a high school writing level. Please let me know how long you could ...

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    I need a translation for English to Rohingya project. Let me know if you can help me out.

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    Guidance: • Provide an introduction which explains what your report will cover and the areas for discussion. • Select an event, risk or threat (please ensure you discuss this with your tutor ASAP) that has led to a disaster, or crisis within the airline industry. • Identify the key impacts of the event, risk or threat. • Critically analyse the crisis management strategies t...

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    This project will be a report based on an event, risk or threat facing an airline and to critically evaluate the effectiveness of the resulting crisis management strategies that were put into place. The aim is to provide a critical analysis of the actual or potential impacts on the airline locally or in the wider sector. The report will be based on 9/11 as the topic for discussion, the report sho...

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    Project is about Airline Crisis and Continuity Management in regards to the 11th September 2001 terrorist attacks. The project needs to have: 1. Introduction about the project oultining whats in the report 2. What has happend in 9/11 identifying the key impacts of the event in relation to the effects of it to Airlines in the industry. 3. Critical analysis of crisis management strategies that were ...

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    The subprime financial crisis of 2007-2009 was a major event that in a sense destroyed the US and global financial system, and caused many bankruptcies. The financial crisis also spread to the real economy and caused the biggest recession of the post-WWII ear. Alan Greenspan, a fervent free marketer and in fact once a student of Ayn Rand, was the chairman of the Federal Reserve between 1987 to 200...

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    Trophy icon VOICE OVER NEEDED FOR VIDEO Bitti left

    Please can you provide a well phrased fluent English script for a voice over for a video. VIDEO LINK BELOW; you can decide where the breaks are and when to pause etc... This will be regular work so this is really a trial initially. Provide quality results please. We are posting this as a contest initially and future will be projects. VIDEO LINK:- [URL'yi görüntülemek i&ccedi...

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    I am in need of making changes to an existing Power Point Presentation and adding more slides. I am a Real Estate Professional and had a beautiful power point presentation created last year around the topic of "Rightsizing." I am a Seniors Real Estate Specialist and many of my clients have a difficult time when they go to sell the home they have lived in for 25-30-40-60 years of what to...

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    Please answer the following questions. Please justify your answers. These are not yes/no questions. Please explain your rationale. 1. The main reason(s) why governments sometimes chose to devalue their currencies is (are): 2. What is the policy of sterilization? Give an example. 3. What is a financial crisis, what kind of financial crisis exists and how they can be derived from each other? Plea...

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    Self-Service Stations Project - PEA To dodge the crisis, the owner of a dealership wants to innovate in his business of car sales (cars, vans, motorcycles, trucks and etc ...). He had the idea of ​​replacing dealerships with self-service stations. The idea is that the customer can use it to check the existing cars in the store, make purchases and receive the order. Therefore, the project must be...

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    Need to discuss the book with someone who read it and someone who is familiar with public administration

    €9 - €27
    €9 - €27
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    This is a humanitarian aid project for the crisis in Venezuela because the conventional media can not be used. We, the people who want to help in this crisis, have been forced to use all possible means to achieve the goals, if you want to know how you can help offer and I'll explain how

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    Chaplains on Call and Emergency Response, Inc is an international, non-profit, educational and religious organization that trains, maintains and dispatches highly skilled chaplains to provide ministerial services and assistance to individuals and their families, local, state, and federal agencies; as well as public and private institutions, in time of crisis; providing a 24/7-365 days a year servi...

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    Trophy icon Logo for business card & website Bitti left

    Hello! I need a modern logo for a new one-man business. The business field is consulting and coaching of executives of medium and large companies. NAME OF THE BUSINESS / NAME OF BUSINESS OWNER: Gabriele Müller The company name should be Gabriele Müller We have no preferred art-styles but I can provide some more informations: - should have a logo or symbol, refering to the business pl...

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    Hello, i actually try to lauch a buisness as security and safety consultant (name : A.S Conseil). My missions are to give some advices to company leaders who need to improve there corporate security policies (about counter-spying, intrusion, violences and thefts...) i also work on crisis exercices essencialy in France. I need to build a visual identity for my buisness including some important p...

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    Trophy icon Book cover redesign Bitti left

    I have written two books, and need to redesign the cover on one of these, "The Caracas Girl" because the current cover has been rejected by Amazon advertising, because the title is not clear enough. The book is a romantic thriller, with full book details on The cover does not properly capture the current crisis in Venezuela, where part of the action takes place, so I want to...

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    I need a logo designed for the project “End Poverty Today”, that aims to raise funds in order to give a home to homelessness people in France. If the price range is low, it’s because 1/ we must limit our administration costs, in order to give a roof to homeless people, 2/ we are searching for a committed graphic design who does want to help a charity project and indirectly home...

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    Here is the outline of what I need: research 5 - 6 journal articles on attachment theory (peer-reviewed journals no more than 8 years) * page one to two, intro on attachment theory and how it can affect early adulthood (age 24 - 34) and marriage/relationships; the psychosocial crisis at this stage is Intimacy vs isolation. * page three to four, how attachment style outside of secure attachment can...

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    I upload daily videos on youtube, i want to add caption to my videos and translate them into multiple languages. Please check the video and let me know if you can translate them into your language. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Target Languages: Target Languages Acholi, Afghani, Afrikaans, Akan, Akateco, Albanian, Amharic, Anuak, Arabic (Egyptian), Arabic (I...

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