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    merhaba arkadaşlar twitter ilan paylaşım paneline ihtiyacım var ücreti ödenecektir web tabanlı olmasını istiyorum iphone, mac , android web tabanlı post paylaşmasını istiyorum sınırsız kullanıcı eklemek istiyorum ve belirlediğim kullanıcılara paylaştığım postlara rt, fav, ve yorum göndermesini istiyorum ve aynı zamanda sağlam hesapları ve askıya alınmış hesapları ayırmasını istiyoru...

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    php script Bitti left

    porgramın 1 gözü rt - fav - yorum atan hesaplar yüklenecek programın 2 gözü sadece tweet atan hesaplar yüklenecek 2 gözünde işlem yapıcaz diycez ki ...... san. ara ile txt dosyasından tweetleri sırası ile at 2 gözde yüklü hesaplar tweetleri atınca tekrar başa dönecek txt dosyasından tweetleri atmaya devam edecek burada 1 sıradaki hesap ik...

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    Ö [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] , İnstagram , Twitter , Youtube Bu Katagorideki Tüm Sosyal Medyalardan User Oluştura Biliceksiniz Oluşan Userler Mobil Ve Mail Onaylı Profil Fotografı Olucak Ayrıyeten Banlanmasın Diye Açılan Userler 4 Saate Bir Otamatik Post Atıcak Aktif User Gibi. Oluşan Userler İle Facebook Sayfa Beğenisi Ve Diğer Tüm İşle...

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    Hi I'm interested in creating interested in creating a Twitter bot that translate other accounts tweets automatically using a translation service and its API. My objective is to translate tweets from accounts that are industry specific in English to Japanese. And add some conditions like the original Tweet need to have XX likes or shares for example. The bot may need to add some info to the ...

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    Trophy icon RT Montana Bitti left

    We are an online gaming group playing the game Arma 3, specifically the new SOG Prairie Fire CDLC. We would like a logo design that is a MODERN take on the Vietnam War era MAC-V SOG recon team patches. Our desire is to have the skull present in many of the attached images that would be wearing a short-brimmed Boonie hat (an example is attached). The color scheme should provide good contrast whil...

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    Disini kami mempunyai program social project berupa pengabdian desa kepada masyarakat dengan menerapkan teknologi digital yang bisa mempermudah serta sebagai inovasi untuk mengembangkan masyarakat desa dalam hal bertransaksi bank sampah melalui aplikasi bernama Desih. Aplikasi Desih ini memiliki 3 akun utama yaitu : 1. Akun admin untuk mengubah detail harga sampah dan monitoring akun warga. 2. A...

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    Please include a report file with a discription of your solution. - "Me spell rite" The Evil Lord Wladimir has cast the Spellus Incorrectus magical spell on your fellow students. Your task is to implement a simple spell checker that decides whether each individual word in a text file is spelled correctly. You might use the english word list available at: [URL'yi görünt&...

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    New heat & air business RT 66 HVAC. Need help with logo, I have a decent idea of what I want it to look like. I just lack the skills/equipment to bring it to life. I need a website as well.

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    Lateral assay Bitti left

    Immunochromatography Design and development. for this project we require consultant. Research planning, perform new programs/protocols related to molecular biology, PCR, RT PCR/NGS techniques, data analysis/interpretation, documentation for RA Trouble shoot relating to RT PCR Work independently in new molecular diagnostic projects Must have 6+ years of experience in wet lab molecular biology ...

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    My name is Zabeer Shaikh looking for free lancer jobs in Abu Dhabi, My educational & technical qualification details are follows: Education/Qualifications/Affiliations o Bachelor Degree In Mechanical Engineering o Diploma In Mechanical Engineering Technical qualifications o CSWIP - 3.1 - Level - 2 - Welding Inspection Certification from TWI UK o BGAS - CSWIP - Grade - 2 - Painting I...

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    €210 - €630
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    Hi, I am looking for alternate designs/ideas for a mixed use building project. It has underground level (for parking or facilities) with elevator, a roof top with entertainment for residents and a Spa suite for clients of the Urban bath center. At least a floor will be reserved for the urban Bath center. This is my personal ideas and I am not an architect so I want better options. There is a 3d ve...

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    Arcade Build Bitti left

    I am building an emulator in an old racing arcade machine. Using a Mega 2560, not Leonardo. 1. To be used more like an Xbox controller 2. Compatible programming to function with [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] 3. Force Feedback Capable Wheel has a potentiometer, accept left/right input of the left thumbstick functionality Potentiometers in order left to right ...

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    I am looking to have a PCB designed to distribute +12VDC, +5VDC, GND and -12VDC to the Eurorack Standard 16-pin male connectors. The output of the bus needs to be ultra-low noise. A similar device is attached as a .jpg that can be used as a reference. The Pin-out for the 16-pin connector is attached aswell. Requirements: - Input: +12VDC, +5VDC, GND and -12VDC from a MeanWell RT-125B power sup...

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    -Brief History of the Corona Virus and COVID 19 (3-5 pages) - A) History of Corona Viruses (MERS; SARS) - B) History of COVID-19 (pathogenesis, last pandemic, root cause, more information on disease and symptoms, initial responses) Origin of virus: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] The COVID-19 pandemic: a global health crisis : [URL'yi görüntü...

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    Hello, Our team is starting a new project and would need the following! We will need: -Electrical plan -Lighting plan -All elevations with dimensions -3D renderings with furniture once we confirm all the elevations Due date: Friday, May 7th (only elevations) Milestones: -Elevations with dimensions -Electrical / Lighting plans -3D Renderings Thank you!

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    Requires a programmer who has experience with Fullhan FH8852 Development of an IP camera application. OS RT-Thread. Please do not bid if you have not worked with this chip before.

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    Create a Posture Evaluation App I would like to create an app in which an individual could self evaluate their own posture. I'm thinking of 14 framed images, showing opposing posture presentations, ie. rt and left head tilts, in which the user can self evaluate their own posture by, first: Observing their own posture in a mirror then clicking/ tapping the image frame on the app which corresp...

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    Do anyone know the email address collection software? What's your name? Java collection of email address software, has anyone seen it? Just tell me your name rt As shown in the picture

    €8 - €25
    €8 - €25
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    To create a great scene of realistic environment for my virtual production I need a scene in Unreal Engine 4 created. It must be cinematic quality with high resolution photoscan textures (no comic or generated textures). I have dual RTX 3090 with 24GB RAM, use it all. I will contact you to show you my concept images. It includes Objects like Marble pillars and marble floor, diamonds, golden yarns,...

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    - Case ID - 5064413606 - WO Description - /ENUR/IN/NSR/NBD/HP Laptop 15s-du0094TU//*Connectivity/WIFI/Not able to Connect To Wifi Network/# C-Delay-TS - Product Description - 7NH61PA-CND9455TJW-HP Laptop 15s-du0094TU - Asset Serial - CND9455TJW - Company Name -- Piyusha Bharti - Customer Name -- Piyusha Bharti - Customer Address - , Bengaluru 560068 - Part Description - SKO-WLAN RT BGN 1x1 +BT4....

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    Gifter Token Bitti left

    need a solidity dev to make new uniswap token that returns the trading fees to holders of the token, instead of a single account. returns fees to the holders , proportionately , needing a reward system same as Safemoon with the RT reward system, I just need the contract making I have everything else

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    Nyaman adalah sebuah aplikasi penyedia jasa tukang yang kini sudah dapat didownload di Playstore. Kami memerlukan Marketing Freelance yang bisa mensosialisasikan aplikasi Nyaman ke Developer dan pengelola perumahan dalam hal ini RW dan RT.

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    Trophy icon logo like reference Bitti left

    See attached image .is there a way to just use this image, as a circle, as a logo? It’s the image we use for most of our writings and a good number of the wall art too. It’s also what we’re known by most. Company name = A*rt of Affirm*ations and if the “o” in the word “of” can be our logo So basically this image can we have it so its in the "o&qu...

    €8 (Avg Bid)
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    We have a mapping application that displays markers and marker clusters on a Google Maps layer. The following features are required: 1) Multiple markers are in the exact same location (called an abs_cluster). Only abs_cluster to have cluster popup on click. Other clusters should break into constituents on clicking. 2) Small animation when a cluster breaks apart or comes together. 3) Abs_cluster s...

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    Necessary skills: Linux, OpenWRT, Strongswan (IPsec IKEv2), Iptables I want to configure an interface for IPsec IKEv2 on OpenWRT router (Asus RT-AC56U) which receives RX packets and sends TX packets. With the interface I want to configure a KillSwitch. By the KillSwitch, I mean a firewall rule that only allows VPN traffic through. (Attached is an example image of a configured KillSwitch). The con...

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    We have a grocery superstore. We are developing an android app for the same. Our current logo is very old fashioned. I need a logo which can accommodate letters RT which is our brand name. I am uploading my current logo file as well as some screen shots of the logos I am looking at. Please revert back

    €18 (Avg Bid)
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    Design an 8-bit microprocessor using Verilog HDL by using Structural Verilog modelling. The individual components can be designed using behavioral modelling. The 8-bit instruction formats for R-type, I-type and J-type instructions are given below: R-type instruction: Opcode | Rt/Rd | Rs | Unused 7 6 5| 4 | 3 | 2 1 0 I – type Instruction: Opcode | Rd | Rs | Immediate 7 ...

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    €234 Ortalama Teklif
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    Completed by Saturday midnight Budget: $10 I have done my system that I attach in document file, you have to install Eclipse and Install swing packages then you run the system. Then you can start to write a few questions according the requirements that I mentioned my blue color. On the below I attach two files those are BST/coding file and Requirement file that you need to do as well.

    €8 (Avg Bid)
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    Location – Dubai Introduction: I Serena Trading LLC is working on Researching, Manufacturing, Marketing and Wholesaling. All products launched with I Serena are with features of uniqueness, high quality, affordable price, and highly repeated consumption! We guide our sales to develop in our different business scopes and try to explore their most potentials in selling, distributing or whole...

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    Trophy icon create me a logo Bitti left

    T1 Towage is a tug boat company we are looking for a cool but strong and sophisticated logo we can put on our clothing and business documents we manage 2 Tug boats the "RT ENDEAVOUR" & "IRON IBIS" I have attached our current logo and would like to keep the same sort of colours I have also attached some pictures of the tug boats

    €65 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Condo Renovation Bitti left

    I own a vacation rental that needs to be updated, including moving plumbing and electrical from under a dropped ceiling over the dining room / kitchen (downstairs). The upstairs baths were updated 5 years ago, but i'd still like to change out the master tub. Place is in Ormond Beach, Florida. Condo is 1120 square fee. Walk in on 2nd floor, kitchen, DR, LR ahead on the right. Ahead on the...

    €84 (Avg Bid)
    8 girdi

    Hey, I need help of someone who is specialised in these topics • FPGA – Architecture and CAD • Pico Blaze architecture and coding • UART principles • RT Level Design (Datapath/Controller Design) • Sequential Circuit Design I will let you know the work

    €8 - €25
    €8 - €25
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