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    Bir arabirim ünitesi tasarımı (şema, PCB, firmware)

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    ...voltage single phase protection relay 60A. Function : Over/under current (with built in mini current transformer), over/under voltage, time delay - two screens and 6 leds required ,-The design should be carried on with our case -The design should be carried on with our terminals, black one prototypes devices fully working design and schematics , BOM list, PCB design (Gerber), firmware and hex file, human interface program file(please let me know if I forgot anything) , with technical data, user manual instructions test procedure. manual for us 6.3D design of PCB with component if possible ...

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    I have HM10 module but its not accepting some AT commands. Need to be done remotely through Anydesk

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    I have a low-end Sony camera (handycam) that can stream Wi-Fi to a smartphone. When maker's proprietary free app 'Imaging Edge Mobile' is installed and used, video can be received through Wi-Fi and displayed on phone. (I use Android, I think the app is available for iphone too) I would like to develop an app that does exactly the same thing - receive video data via Wi-Fi, but from what I ...however I am not sure if it's useful if you don't have a Sony camera. Any option is fine to get the required information, but it may not be possible unless reverse engineering the app. ++++Deliverables:++++ The information mentioned above (no app development required) _____________________________________________________________ Tags: reverse engineering, back engineering,...

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    Hi, We need help from electronics hardware and firmware designers who have worked on DSPs before because device on which we are working is based on signal processing. Further details will be shared with selected freelancers only. Thanks.

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    Hi Ajai. How are you? Everything is fine? I was able to transmit data via uart to the LIZARD card and view it in the display. I can share with you everything I've done so far. The software and hardware connections. I would need (via UART) the ability to update the firmware and / or external flash. Are you willing to do this job for me? Best regards Domenico

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    PLEASE READ BEFORE BIDDING. 1. we have all winner custom design board need to bring up 2. we have bootloader 3. we have firmware package we want to install 4. we have phoenixsuit program 5. we have board all tested and powered up for installing. REQUIREMENTS: 1. you have many years experience in pcb board bring up it's a custom design board with allwinner 2. you are linux expert in programming firmware for pcb board pls contact me for more information. Tasks: 1. to adjust boot loader to boot our pcb board 2. make adjustments to our pcb board firmware to run properly,

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    You must have EXTENSIVE experience with hardware design using ESP32, as well as EXTENSIVE experience and successful background with firmware for ESP32 products and related WIFI & BT work. This project is for a battery operated device with very low QC current. It includes writing firmware for codec and cost effective board design to allow basic half duplex voice through wifi to the device. The device is battery operated and must be designed with extremely low QC to allow years of deep sleep. Candidate must have extensive experience in assembling sample SMT boards [in-house] including the small smt components. You must successfully create samples quickly in-house. It is imperative to have tools such as spectrum analyzer, scope and extensive knowledge and experience with...

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    EasyEDA Expert 4 gün left

    I am looking for easyeda expert who is able to work on PPD candidate must know how to design circuit and choose in-stock components from LCSC. If know about firmware development, it would be great.

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    Development of Ultrasound PCB Need the generator to work around 1.7Mhz freq. with 8 outputs Need that the PCB with impedance matching circuit(to the transducer and electronic) thanks *please contact me only when you have an experience with ultrasound designing *Please be aware that I need full work: design-manufacturing-assembly-testing and shipment to be a full working prototype the payment will be only for working prototype attached specifications(can be change)

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    Hi Kaushal D., I am looking for a Android developer with experience in firmware, VoIP & SIP. Would you be interested? Rate we can discuss over chat.

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    Have a firmware and I can’t seem to make changes or compil it it needs to be done with CCS apparently or MP lab needing the CCS compiler linked to it……… looking for some help to see if it a firmware issue or a mplab issue ? Also want to make some changes to the firmware. Mcu is PIC16F18875 Would like someone to load my firmware and just see if they get any errors when compiling

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    We have a pcb deisng with firmware that works quite well, we would like to add a couple of features (additional input contact and ntc reading) and so a redesign and a firmware change is required. We need a development company with a lot of experience with pcb design and atmel platform. No prototype needed, we will take care of that. Please begin you bid with atmel, to be sure you read the above. Otherwise your bid will not be considered. Many thanks

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    hello, i need a programmer to make some change in my firmware the fw to change is for a gps tracker using stm32 we have to install IAR on my computer explain me how use IAR check the fw

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    Hi! We want to test our mobile app on iOs. To participate, you need actual versions of iOs (not older than 1 year). Also, for the last part of the manual test you should prepare a second phone, that may be on the Android platform with actual firmware (not older than 1 year). !! Get ready to record your phone screen and your voice. Full step-by-step instructions is here:

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    Beacon and Loudspeaker - details will be provided after the NDA is signed for the selected candidate.

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    FOTA Deploy -- 2 3 gün left

    how to procedure to deploy FOTA (firmware over the air) for: ESP8266-01 AT version: 3 2018 12:00:06) SDK version:2.2.0(f28eaf2)

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    We have many simple modules to design like temperature sensor or LED drivers. For each module, you must select the key components and produce schematics and layout in Altium. You must also provide a basic Arduino firmware for basic interactions with the module. The jobs will be awarded on a per module basis but ideally the same person would end up making most of them. You must be experienced with Arduino and Altium.

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    We are currently in the in the process of updating the firmware of our industrial instruments so the instrument screens display new information. The problem is that we have lost the original designs for the screens and only now have the .bmp files. We need the .bmp files edited with the new text information, converted back to .bmp format so that we can integrate them into the updated firmware. I have attached the .bmp instrument screens as well as the examples of what text we need changed. For example: OMNIA Boot Up Screen_320x240 - is the current boot up screen of the instrument. OMNIA_change_to is the text we want to change it to I have attached images for multiple screens that need changing and converted to .bmp files.

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    write code for electronic device for CM project a described in Specification fix the electronic device to work testing and approve every works good

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    Hi noumanmehtab86, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Hello there, We "successfully" ported the android firmware to our device, from Android 9 OS to Android 9 TV OS. Image boots, but we have some loose functionalities. No sounds, no display settings, IR remote not working, google voice search not working, etc. Is there anyone that has experience with android os that could help us? We only have the firmware images *.img, as our previous developer disappear.

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    we are looking to develop an AC induction motor controller to deliver 350–800A of output at 24–96V system voltage. This project would involve hardware and firmware development.

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    I need a firmware Engineer 14 saat left

    I need someone to write embedded code in a Microchip PIC16F15243. The design includes a MEMS accelerometer and magnetometer that communicates with the uC vis I2C. The uC will need to process the signals from the accelerometer and magnetometer. The processing is relatively simple, a threshold above the baseline level. The device will operate on AA batteries so the uC and sensors will need to go in and out of sleep mode.

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    Need firmware made 5 saat left

    We got a new pcb made and need a new firmware for it…… old firmware can be used as a guid 80 percent done just need to add some things and also move some things from one pin to another. Using Microchip PIC16F18875 also may want to change the mcu to something elce as it is now out of stock for future boards!

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    Are you able to develop a EQ audio app. The project we require is a Bluetooth App for Headphones. Its is EQ app with 7 Presets and 1 Custom User Preset. To be used with our Bluetooth Headphones. Cross Platform Android & iOS including maybe PWA for Windows, Mac. Should also have ability for future firmware upgrades. Developer experts contact if interested, and if you have experience in the field of audio dsp pluggins, bluetooth connectivity protocols.

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    Are you able to develop a EQ audio app. The project we require is a Bluetooth App for Headphones. Its is EQ app with 7 Presets and 1 Custom User Preset. To be used with our Bluetooth Headphone. Cross Platform Android & iOS including maybe PWA for Windows, Mac. Should also have ability for future firmware upgrades.

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    GL-Inet router Bitti left

    we need to modify the firmware of the GL-x300B collie router, so that if it is reset to factory, the configurations previously made in the firmware will not be modified, i.e. modify the factory SSID for one of our own and after physically resetting it, this will be maintained. The router supports openwrt

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    I am looking for a freelancer or team that has extensive expertise in RF radar design and SDR receiver design, hardware, and firmware. More details on PM. Thanks

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    I am looking for a professional Atmel firmware engineer with experience in Zigbee protocol. Our custom board is designed to send data over Zigbee. The other parts are working great. We just have an issue in Zigbee communication. It is mainly related with the Zigbee message packet. I can provide with the existing Atmel source code. The task is to review the existing project and resolve the Zigbee communication issue. Only apply if you have experience with Zigbee. To prove that you are serious, please start your proposal with a word "zigbee".

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    I'm looking for a developer to implement ADC and Timers for Arduino Due by handling registers because the analogRead() from Arduino is not enough (too slow). Please only bid if you have experience in handling SAM3X8E registers or previously worked on a similar project. Regards!

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    We currently have an android box, the X96Q and we would like to build a firmware that will allow our application to work better. 1- when the android device starts, it shows the logo 2-no matter what it always goes back to the application we have built that we will provide you the source code. 3-even if a hardware crash happens, the app always will start back to the application we have provided you 4-If the system turns off once turned on the application will start automatically 4-if someone clicks on the back button and goes outside the app, it should always go back to the app 5-able to upgrade the firmware through OTA 6- Able to find the SSID of the android and add your HOME or OFFICE PASSWORD ( SSID) in the system to be able to connect the android device to the system

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    looking for the setup of the module and debugging of the libraries

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    Hello, My team redesigned the ESP32 TouchDown board () in order to fit our needs. Mostly in terms of size and removing some unused parts. So right now we have our own hardware (ESP32 pcb board + touchscreen display, same as TouchDown project) and it was tested with TouchDown firmware, everything seems to work. We are looking for someone on the software side to help integrate our design (user interface) to the ESP32. Please see the images attached. The buttons have different states: 1. disconnected (gray, not lit up) 2. connected (white, lit up) 3. pressed / pressed & active state 1 (purple button) 4. pressed & active state 2 (green button) Thank you! Best, Marius

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    Hello Badi, I've talked with several FCC test labs and they told me that they need to test the Low/Medium/High frequency level for the gamepad PCB. They also told me that the nRF52832 has a "Direct Test Mode", or DTM function that can be activated through firmware. I would like to start a contract to find this DTM function and implement it into the current gamepad firmware so I can present it to the FCC testing labs. Thank you

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    Using ADS1299 and ESP32WROOM for EEG acquisition. We need to the program it completely for WIFI transfer and implement RTOS to transfer the data directly to AWS Server. We are looking for an embedded engineer to program the complete functionality of the device with an ESP32 controller using a free RTOS OS system. The functionality includes but is not limited to: 1. Pick & Transfer Data to the Server 2. LED & Switch functionality 3. Wifi Connection, Battery and Sensor functionality Note: Slight PCB Design changes required - if you have experience in PCB Design its an added advantage.

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    Trophy icon logo + label design Bitti left

    i am looking for a logo and label design i have developed a performance tuning tool for Toyota vehicles, although it supports only toyota now i will want to add other vehicles in the future. the function of the tool is to allo...use a mobile phone app to select the performance map you require. the name i chose for the tool is MAPT. and domain is is a video of how the phone app communicates with the obd2 device and programs the vehicle. the word map comes from the term REmapping which is used in the automotive performance tuning industry for rewriting / reprogramming a vehicle engine ecu firmware. another portion to this task is the label design to be put on the Mapt obd2 adapter. the dimensions for the sticker location is attached in the pdf

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    Some work has already been done. That needs to be validated and then proceeded on that. This project will have penalty if not completed within time frame provided by developer + 15 days grace period. I am looking for complete hardware, PCB & Firmware design to final product development with low cost. Components: 1. accelerometer, gyrometer & vibration sensor 2. GPS 3. Temperature 4. BLE 5. Sim for connecting to internet 6. SD or inbuilt memory as backup for 1 day. In case data was not sent initially. 7. Burzer or scare alarm Firmware Requirement 1. Device should send all second level data to backend every 15 seconds when device is moving for gps, accelerometer, gyro & temperature. This time should be configurable. 2. If device doesn't find any change in po...

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    STM32F4 referenced boards : Nucleo-64 STM32F411 or STM32F410. Gyroscope and Magnetometer board: Adafruit LSM303AGR. Using one of 2 above Nucleo boards, connected to the Adafruit LSM303AGR via I2C bus, develop the firmware in the STM32F4 chip for... 1) Read Gyroscope and Magnetometer data from a serial connection with a host PC. This will be done using an ASCII protocol from a simple application like YAT (serial COM 115200@8N1). 1.1) Read data from the Gyroscope 1.2) Read data from the Magnetometer 1.3) Every N seconds print the Gyroscope data. And command to stop this loop. 1.4) Every N seconds print the Magnetometer data. And command to stop this loop. 2) Perform the Gyroscope and Magnetometer calibrations. The Gyroscope and Magnetometer calibrations could be done following ...

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    This project consists in designing a Motherboard Satellite TV portable Antenna Fully Automatic. Assist with the Sample manufacturing process if the manufacturer has any technical questions Technical assistance until the end of the finished product Pay close attention to creating the BOM list. Payment: the first Milestone 15% of the stable price of the project the second Milestone 15% the third milestone 60% after testing the final product. Please offer the solution of this project

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    I have a WiFi router CF-EW72 V2 which is a relatively new model and has MT7621DAT+MT7613BEN+MT7603E. I am looking to get an OpenWRT-based firmware made for it, preferably from OpenWRT 21 stable branch. dts and other details will be provided before we get started on the work.

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    Add MIDI host support to an NXP MCUXpresso project based on the LPC54628 starting with the MSD/FatFs example provided by NXP.

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    We are looking for skills in solid works, design, firmware and software. We are using injection moulding, tooling and assembly and need a pair of hands to complete. We are a small company developing a point of care device for the rapid diagnostics and have already performed more than 10 years of experimental development and are now trying to produce a few prototypes ready for testing.

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    I have a BLE device to test already. I need the firmware expert that have experience the NRF52 BLE SoC with Keil MDK. Please list your experiences in this fields, and Please don't forgot to write "Nordic" on heading of your BID. Thanks

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    ...unavailability of the chips we need to switch the controller. So, we would like to hire a firmware developer who can develops the code for our existing system. What work had been done: following parts of the product has been developed till now • The firmware development using STM32F-207 is already Completed • Designing of the Power supply unit is completed • Designing of the Power Monitoring Unit Hardware which includes current sensor and voltage sensor are completed • Designing of the LED Driver hardware is completed. • Designing of the relay driver is completed • Designing of the Control Pilot circuit which is responsible for the control pilot signal is completed but it needs to be interface with the firmware. • Testing and valid...

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    I would like to know the complete understanding of Android Firmware Architecture

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    We are developing a new fan coil and need a PCB board design and firmware.

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    Role: UAV System Engineer Location: Remote You will join a highly motivated team of solution architects and developers. Requirements: 1. Broad range of knowledge and experience but also have specific Experience with small unmanned aircraft systems (s...Knowledge of interfaces and protocols such as USB, I2C, UART, SPI, Ethernet, CAN, ROS2 7. Knowledge of 8/16/32 Microcontrollers (STM32) and Hardware Schematic. Responsibilities: - Flying Multicopters or VTOL - Compliance with DGCA regulations - Maintaining flight logs - Maintaining multi-copter in airworthy conditions - Taking care of Multi-copter safety and avoid accidents - Responsible for Firmware and Hardware: Skills Required: Pixhawk, PX4, flight controllers, Ardupilot, Dronekit, USB, I2C, UART, SPI, Ethernet, ROS2, ...

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    Hardware and firmware design, for an RS485 adressable interface PCB (Sensor communication PCB), reading data from 3x I2C ports and 1 1-wire port. Each I2C port must be able to communicate with two devices (on a sensor carrier PCB), and the 1-wire port up till 20 devices. The design of the sensor PCB/firmware, is also part of the scope.

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    Firmware engineers for esp32 and Raspberry Pi Location - India only

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