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    This is a Y/A Romantic Fantasy cover contest for Book One -- Vermin The template is to be used in order to make a full cover. Your submission is judged not only on what you create but also on how well you follow instructions. Your submission must show the front and back laid out on the template. Do not submit a 3D cover or book mock-up. Submit the same flat file as the template or you run the cha...

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    Hi, It was the starting of 2021 when a corporate company vacated my building in which they were on rent since 3 years. At the time of vacation the staff members including the manager(with name) had caused a very bad mess on our floor. The arcylic walls and ceiling which the corporate company makes and leaves it as it is when the rent out, it was all into pieces!! leaving my floor all messed up.....

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    Hi! I have content that needs to be translated from Spanish to English. It's informal with rude/sexual content so I need a native that knows local expressions. PLEASE, AGENCIES STAY AWAY. I'm looking for a native individual. Rate is $20/3000 words. After completion I will leave a great review and I can offer long-term relationship. Newbies are welcome! LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE EAGER TO DO ...

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    Hi! I have content that needs to be translated from Spanish to English. It's informal with rude/sexual content so I need a native that knows local expressions. PLEASE, AGENCIES STAY AWAY. I'm looking for a native individual. Rate is $20/3000 words. After completion I will leave a great review and I can offer long-term relationship. Newbies are welcome!

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    Trophy icon Song Cover Art Bitti left

    PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS CONTEST WILL END 2 DAYS EARLY ON 5TH JUNE 2021. Hi I would like cover art for a hiphop single song. The song is called Sugar, it talks about a man who gets sweet love from his lady. Everything in the man's life changed for the good ever since the woman came into his life. The woman brings good fortune and so the man sings "you bring me sugar, now my life is sweet, ...

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    Hello, I need someone who can create simple activities in my existing app to extend the app functionality Activity 1 will contain 1. A timer - Which will start as soon as someone downloads the app and only reset when someone clicks reset and confirm to reset 2. A date picker to start the timer from a particular date (Both from past date or future date) 3. Every 7th day from the timer started ...

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    I need 6- 8 T shirt Designs , I need someone who can design Rude and crude designs, The brand name is LOOSE THOUGHTS .

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    I'm really not sure where those 4.5 stars come on. They must be fake. It's just incredible. They tell me to contact support I do. I contact support they tell me to log in after my account is closed. I log in and they say chat with us. I chat with them, they say send an email tu support. This is the WORST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE i have ever experience. I even asked if they had broker rebate...

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    €25 - €211
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    Trophy icon Greeting Card Designer Bitti left

    We are greeting cards retailers & wholesalers based in the UK. We are currently accepting designs for submission We pay £50 - £100 for each accepted design. The rate is based on a number of factors including design complexity and seasonal and topical factors. Unfortunately we are unable to accept standalone artwork, photographs, poems, jokes & concepts at this time, please o...

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    Twitch Editor Bitti left

    I want an editor, For my streams Im a new streamer so my commity is still growing. I'm a bit quirky, can be a bit rude and controversial. I want more of a transparent channel, not interested in a flashy, or slick edits. Just edits so I can re-upload some edited highlights of my stream and put together so it all kinda makes sense. My audiance I want to appeal to is high school kids in the fina...

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    I am looking for a 3D designer who can design a series of collectable 3D boxed Fish Mounts for our company [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] - The final product should look something similar to the attached Rude Boys collection. First Project will be for the initial item however if we are pleased with the final product we will contract for a series of 15 additiona...

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    My Designing peoples!!! LOL I want this shirt to say "Not a Tour Guide" and have an outline of my cartoon self or my dad, but it has to be very obvious that we are tour guides. LOL, it's also VERY important to have the conductor hat on and "Anchorage Trolley Tours" or "Anchorage Trolley" in the plaque on the hat. (like the cartoon drawing) i attached a car...

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    We are looking for amazing Real Estate Virtual Assistants to work with our team and out clients. We presently have an opportunity for a smart and hard-working virtual assistant for part-time work in an startup business. You will be working on a range of assigned tasks including data research / data mining, product analysis, & team coordinating. You must have fluent English and very strong ...

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    Anchorage Trolley Presents: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] “I get around” or “We get around” T shirt design Looking for: Cheeky means bold, brash, and a bit rude, but also maybe a little playful and amusing. Rude funny shirt! Please Cheeky, fun, vintage, hilarious, simple, classic, chive T-shirt, risky, semi-inappropriate. NOT ...

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    1. Please provide a written response to the complaint. 2. Please advise how you would manage the employee on the walkway (i.e., the “dark hair, average build and height” employee who is alleged to have been “extremely rude, interruptive and totally lacking any customer service skills”). A customer wrote the following e-mail to Customer Care: “On January 20th I too...

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Bitti left

    I need a logo designed for a pink gin. Gin is an alcoholic spirit drink. The name of my pink gin is pink bits. Here in Australia pink bits is a slang term for a ladies vagina. I want the logo to incorporate the words pink bitz. And to look like a ladies private parts / vagina without looking extremely rude. The main market for the drink will be ladies. As a pink gin Is made with alcohol ...

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    Write a Descriptive Analysis Essay about a job experience this is what I have started so use what I wrote as a starting point need a 500-700 word essay My essay Working Under Compromising Circumstances is to be titled. Due to the fact the way my position and workplace were developed and managed by management. Conflicts at work at my workplace were unwise working conditions, with unprofessional ...

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    Hello freelancers, I have an interesting project going on. I train localization project management and part of the program is a "simulation". This is where I play the role of a client and different freelancers so that the students can practice how it is to manage projects on their own while communicating with different stakeholders. I would like to partner up with someone to take over ...

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    REQUIREMENTS • Write fluently and correctly in the English language. • Calmness and ability to answer messages politely even if the messages/comment is rude. • Ability to Troubleshoot • Proven working experience in the social media marketing or as a Digital Media Specialist • Willingness to learn new social media trends and keep up with platform changes to adapt accordingl...

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    I need all 5 chapters edited. My 5 chapters are written but I want them in first person style writing. Chapter 1: Change all the writing in first person I have written the outline of the story. If you need you can add add more writing to describe the forest of the boy and his past experience. You can write more into the chapter to better describe his personality. He is straight forward and blun...

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    Cheeky Golfer Bitti left

    We need a custom designed hand drawn original logo, no clip art please. The company designs and sells cheeky golf clothing and accessories. Cheeky means bold, brash, and a bit rude, but also maybe a little playful and amusing.

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    Hello, I would like an 10 seconds(short and attention grabbing) attractive and professional infographic animation video for a car garage(automotive repair shop). Need unlimited revisions and a single day delivery. Voice over needed in English. If all this can be provided under $40 please revert. Script: Two people stuck in a deserted area with cars broken down. An angel from the sky appears and...

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    Hi I dont want to be rude with you... I just put review in a mind to remove it .. but I just want to discuss .. as I know it was not your personal fault and you told the truth.. but really I am upset

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    Hey there, i need someone to do a market research about the events industry in Pakistan. What i need see below - Research about the Pakistani events industry - Competitive Research - Financial progress of the events market in the last 5 years - Events executed in the last 5 years ( their Pros and Cons) - Expected financial progress in the next 5 years Please don't message if you cannot do...

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    I currently run a photography business. Needing support with Instagram outreach and having the individual go to profiles based around my business to attract more of an audience interested in Photography. Wanting to hire on an employee to get the tasks which are specific to but not limited to. 1) engaging on profiles that would be interested in photography. example (liking, and commenting on prof...

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    If you want to continue to grow as a person, here are 10 ways to make the most of yourself. 1. Compliment Yourself Every morning before you go on with your daily routine, take a couple of minutes to give yourself a compliment. Whether you compliment your outfit, haircut, or how you recently completed a task using your unique skill sets, giving yourself a little emotional boost will make you hap...

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    Coalition logo Bitti left

    I have a few ideas for our diversity coalition. Looking for a way to digitalize it and make it look better. Would like a logo that might look good alone on a bumper sticker, shirt, yard sign. Etc. I want it to have lots of color like the last picture uploaded. I like the ideas of hands. The name of the coalition is called. Call In Coalition (Like as in calling in people to be a part of something...

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    I am in the process of starting a business (brand), selling T shirts and other printed textiles to sell online. The brand will be based on a GORILLA and possibly a small dog (that will be the theme) with slogans and different scenarios, printed on material. Humour, fun and a bit of naughtiness. For example the gorilla with a cigarette in one hand and acan of beer in another, making a rude or funn...

    €86 (Avg Bid)
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    I am an individual person and have ideas of a few board-games for which I need apps made for Android and ios. First I shall hire freelancer(s) to make 1 game app for Android/ios. The freelancer(s) will have to start from scratch and cover all aspects of the game app like coding, designing etc. from beginning to the final working product. I shall provide the creator(s) with suggestions, instructio...

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    Gizlilik Anlaşması
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    I need a Logo for a feature... this may be somewhat of a challenge.... We provide a service that uses a ultra thick coating to lockdown and encapsulate peeling deck paints.... I need a Logo that matches our current logo scheme that says " Peeling Deck Paint Lockdown Encapsulation " We want it to match our current brand scheme , I've enclosed files of our different logos, ..... y...

    €90 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a Logo for a feature... this may be somewhat of a challenge.... We provide a service that uses a ultra thick coating to lockdown and encapsulate peeling deck paints.... I need a Logo that matches our current logo scheme that says " Peeling Deck Paint Lockdown Encapsulation " We want it to match our current brand scheme , I've enclosed files of our different logos, ......

    €34 (Avg Bid)
    111 girdi

    Today we will be interviewing 5 people on teenagers mental health we thought this would be a good topic because a lot of this is going on in teenagers life and social media has made us realise that it's a lot of people's issue and that a lot of people have been bullied or have been called names they are very hurtful which cause mental health problems and to have less self-esteem. We th...

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    Here's the blurb on the back of the book... ALL TARQUIN JENKINS WANTED TO DO was travel through space and time, solve some of the Universe’s more pressing problems, and lay hands on the Nerydire Book of Dreams UNFORTUNATELY nobody told him about the bloodsucking Leche, the leprechauns, the other leprechauns, the killer androids, the extremely rude waitress, Nostradamus, Leonardo da Vin...

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    Trophy icon Logo Creation Bitti left

    I need a simple and smart logo. The brand can be seen on [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] The current logo is too basic and we need something that gives a message within the logo. We are a alternate bra company that has products to provide strapless, hidden bras that women can wear. We had the idea that the 'DD' in "HIDDEN" could be rotated ...

    €6 (Avg Bid)
    80 girdi

    I have two questions for you! Do you like talking to people? And do you like helping people? If you answered yes to both questions then consider joining our team as an Acquisition Specialist while working from the comfort of your home. We are a real estate investment company that's looking to hire an "On-Call" Acquisition Specialist to assist with our overflow seller leads. This ...

    €16 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Screw banks images and gifs Bitti left

    Looking for eyecatching, engaging, shocking, funny, comedic, rude or whatever; images, graphics, pictures, drawing gifs that say: F*ck Banks DONT USE THESE WORDS IN THE IMAGES. THIS JUST DISCRIBES THE FEELING: They take our money, rip us off with fees, decline our transactions, seize our withdrawals etc etc. These images (with words) are meant to speak to the resentment people feel do not includ...

    €8 (Avg Bid)
    30 girdi

    I need a custom design that resonates with my brand and conveys the idea of my subject. I'm opening a pizza joint called Pakku Pizza and I need some cool art that vibes with the brand. This project is all about the subject of customers ordering a pizza with, "no onions." To me, this is a great joke to yell at my employees. When they're making a pizza with or without onions, I j...

    €70 (Avg Bid)
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    looking for someone to come up with funny and creative content for our clothing range for us to design. men's related business and needs to have a very good concept of tongue-in-cheek humour and borderline rude for some designs. please quote

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    We are running a campaign to highlight the launch of a new application in Colombia before entering other countries in LATAM. You will be provided with the text for each post. You will need to make 12 posts a day on pages and groups in Colombia. You will be paid after 15 days. All you need to do is copy the posts and make sure you post into groups and pages that are highly visible to Colombians. A...

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    Trophy icon mascot and logo design Bitti left

    Hi, My company has a logo concept that I would love to take to the next level. I will attach our current concept, but I am not stuck on it at all, however, the layout should be very similar as it will need to spell out bad ass beverages. I will also attach images that my team likes and are similar to the style we would like to use. The brand is a coffee alcohol beverage called BAD DONKEY BEVERAGES...

    €100 (Avg Bid)
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    Im really sorry for rude conversation..Can you please give a chance for me?? Can we go for good conversation??

    €211 (Avg Bid)
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    1. Certificate tax sale why i lost property and money. 2. Property line issue why we lost 15 ft of lot. Annex is to call me Tuesday about issue why my property is added to Mr Perez. They addmit issue and trying to fix it. Mr Perez attorney called us and after talking to us said this changes thing as we did not sell property this property been in my husbands family since his grandparents. We so...

    €1265 - €2530
    €1265 - €2530
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    Need presentation on Strategy by HR to motivate and retain the employees in a Manufacturing setup in Qatar. (Recently back Qatar government has announced the minimum salary wage to QAR 1300/- from QAR 800/- and removed NOC from sponsor) Strategy must be focused on retention of employees and overall cost impact. This manufacturing setup( Production and Distribution unit) has 80% blue collar emplo...

    €30 (Avg Bid)
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    REPOST: Due to time waster who accepted the job, made us wait 1 week then did nothing. I am looking for someone who can create a product demo visual. It would be a 3D animation video, demonstrating the product and its functions. A visual tour of the bag, its functions, design, and variants. (small size, big size) Plus Hi-Res Render Still Product: Bag Output: 3D Presentation Video + HiRes Still...

    €186 (Avg Bid)
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    Looking for someone that understands how to do IR/PR for US stocks could be located anyplace. Please do not DO NOT contact me if you do not understand what I’m talking about, not trying to be rude, just don’t have the time to waist. Thanks.

    €8 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi, everyone! We are looking for 50+ experienced and reliable transcribers for Indian English and Hindi language. If you know these languages with proper grammar knowledge and can transcribe a minimum of 10 minutes of audios per day then you are welcome to apply for this job. This is a long term project minimum lasting for 6 months. Here are some specifications for this project: Transcribers shou...

    €1592 (Avg Bid)
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    I am developing a video tracking platform on mapbox using video's gpx data. I want the marker should change the lat long as per c1 and c2 changes. <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en" > <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <title>CodePen - HTML5 Video -interactive transcript-</title> <link rel="stylesheet" href="./ [URL'yi g&...

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    Trophy icon Draw Me A Karen! Bitti left

    Looking for most creative and modern design. I attached a screen shot. The cat t-shirt in the example I don't like, too old looking. The guy yelling with the red shirt I like that design on his shirt. Use that as your base. But add some pop to it like the dog has in the pink ones. Also the Trump one is a very modern looking style: Use a 1:1 aspect ratio transparent png at 5000x5000. PLease ...

    €18 (Avg Bid)
    31 girdi

    I need a cold caller that can call Nursing homes on behalf of my business. You will call nursing homes to see if they need a staffing agency to help with their hiring needs. If so you will take down ll contact info for me to follow up. Must call 100 business must get all contact info and speak clearly be professional not rude

    €17 (Avg Bid)
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