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    rust adlı oyuna dll injectlemek için kullanılıcak injector

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    Merhaba, içerisinde CS:GO, Arma 3, Rust gibi oyun sunucularının yönetilebilmesi için linux tabanlı oyun sunucusu paneli kurulacak ve oto kurulum için WHMCS modülü yaptırılacaktır. En kısa sürede en iyi işi verebilecek arkadaşları bekliyoruz.

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    Mobil oyun Bitti left

    İstediğim mobil oyun csgo kasa açma simulatorü fakat ben bunu rust adında ki bir oyun için istiyorum aynı tarz fakat item olarak rust oyunun da ki itemler olacak aynı zamanda oyun içende mini oyunlar olucak örneğin roulette coin flip kasa savaşı gibi ilgilenen ve bu işe hakim olan arkadaşların tekliflerini bekliyorum

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    Image Viewer - ability to open compressed files, files with special characters, files with wrong labelled image format. Support for major image with addition of WebP. Features needed: Continuous Scrolling Directory navigation. Mouse movement pattern for functions (Ex. Right Click + Move Up: Exit full screen, double click: Full screen). ...Scrolling Directory navigation. Mouse movement pattern for functions (Ex. Right Click + Move Up: Exit full screen, double click: Full screen). Extreme fast loading required. (The image viewer can load the entire zip folder to ram to make this process faster). Abillity to go through over 2000 compressed with each file having around 700 image files. Should be able to open them extremely fast. Can use Rust programming language. Compiled for...

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    Hi team, I want to collect metrics data related to system, network and apm and send to s3 bucket. I want the service to run as a agent, developed using, java, rust etc.

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    Требуется разработчик Cosmos SDK, CosmWasm, Secret network, Rust, Node.js для создания платёжного сервиса на основе Secret network

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    Hi, freelancers. I need one rust or golang programming language at this moment. So that, I want to post test project to select suitable one. Requirement: Log all actions of accessing disk to txt file or console. in 30 mins.

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    Estoy buscando arquitectos de Software/Blockchain con orientación en Microservicios basado en eventos, para desarrollar en lenguaje RUST mediante tecnología WASM / WASI. Se precisa desarrollar una blockchain realmente ambiciosa y revolucionaria, tanto privada como pública, es decir, federada. Buscamos forjar un ecosistema innovador de intercambio de información / datos y conocimiento, centrado en el usuario y que sea el motor que impulse la revolución de las; redes sociales decentralizadas, aplicaciones decentralizadas y la industria 4.0. Nuestro modelo de negocios es basado en servicios. Nuestra objetivo a corto plazo es el desarrollo de una DAICO (DAO + ICO) Para desarrollar y abordar nuestro sistema de financiación basado en riesgos, ...

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    rust developer -- 2 2 gün left

    experienced rust developer

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    Rust programming Tutor 1 gün left

    Looking for a rust programming tutor who can teach 1 on 1 fundamentals to advance principles of Rust in regular classes (5-6 times per week). Classes will be online through zoom or google meet

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    C++ Json Indexer 4 saat left

    I have a json file and I want to create indexer for the data which will be queried using C++ or Rust language. The task is to write simple C++ code for backend to index json data and query indexes.

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    It has a lot of rust damage in the battery area, will need replacing. Shouldnt be any other issues but a “tune up” of sorts is probably necessary.

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    Rust developer Bitti left

    Need rust developer.

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    flutter + rust developer

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    C++ developer Bitti left

    I want to convert a Rust project to C/C++. Message me if you have extensive experience with Rust and C/C++. Please provide a link to your past project related to rust on this site, or your proposal will be ignored.

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    Trophy icon Logo for rock band - Rusty Dogs Bitti left

    Hi all, Looking for a logo for a rock band by the name of 'Rusty Dogs'. Obviously, a dog or dog's head would be suitable but not necessary. I also think a rust colour would be appropriate, whether that be the logo itself or the background, I will leave up to you. The look should try to strike a balance between fun/exciting and hard/aggressive. I don't want to lean in on either one too much as although we play hard rock, we don't want to appear like we play heavy metal so it can't look too aggressive, and although we're a fun band, anything that looks too fun, might look childish so I want to stay away from that look too much as well. I'll probably hire the winner to design a poster and business card too.

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    API needs to be built using Python/Go/Rust from Elasticsearch Index. It can REST or gRPC or GraphQL

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    I'm looking for competent resource must have experience with hyperledgerFabric and very fine skills in RUST. I am working on DeX and Coins for our brand. Please apply online if you are available full time for 2-3 months.

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    I have script written by Rust language. There are some issues for real time chat and notification. I am not looking for a beginner or learner. It can be fixed by well skilled developer. If you do well, will hire you Go language to build browser extension. Possibility to lead on-going long term opportunity. Best

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    Нужно создать драйвер в байтах которого находится dll, и при маппинге драйвера kdmapper'ом с запущенным приложением(64 бит) он работал.(Для игры rust)

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    We are looking to create a Rust gambling website focused on the "Coinflip" game mode. A website like but only focused on the coinflip part ()

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    ...specialising in India wildlife travel. The company is run by young people and specialises in wildlife travel info and guidance for all levels of travellers. The logo needs to appeal to young as well as old people. The logo should be appealing and thoughtful, the logo should be in colours that are easily printable on green or black T-shirts and caps. The logo colour scheme needs to have green, black, rust and other earthly colours the logo should not be too complex or too easy. The logo should depict animal, plants, reptiles and travel in one way or another. When the logo is awarded we will need all format files which includes png, esp, jpg, pdf, black and white transparent logo ( and every other formats usually that logos are curated on which will be used for printing and for onl...

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    I recently donated my 02 Chevy trailblazer. It was the vehicle I raised my kids in. Picked up my ...recently donated my 02 Chevy trailblazer. It was the vehicle I raised my kids in. Picked up my rescue dogs in and so on. It was a very meaningful part of my families life. In recent years it had fallen into disrepair. The day it was picked up was really hard for me. I have this image in my head of it finally able to move down the road in the wind with no pain and no effort shaking of leaves and rust and feeling free like it was flying and brand new. On the back of a long bed tow truck. The tow truck was white with a silver bed and the trailblazer was a pewter silver color. It was an LT. I am looking for a Simi realistic Simi cartoon kind of look to it. Not sure what else I can tell yo...

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    Looking for someone who has experience in compiling the rust code (using JavaVM) to Android library.

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    We are a software development agency looking to scale up our Free...benefits more than hourly wage We're looking for someone who could take on lead generation and write job proposals. The ideal candidate should have 3+ years of experience as a lead gen expert and have experience with any Freelancer platform bidding on clients' behalf. Has to have software development understanding to be able to find jobs that fit our tech stack and expertise. - Smartcontract: Rust, Solidity, Hardhat, Truffle - Backend: NodeJS, Python, AWS, MongoDB, MySQL - Frontend: ReactJS, NextJS, EtherJS - Mobile: React Native, Flutter - Server: Ubuntu, Centos, AMI, ... Must be fluent in English and do the work in any timezone working are a software development agency looking to scale up our Freelan...

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    We have 1 programmer to retrain from C++ to Rust. Need a person to pair up for 4 wks , 4hrs per day to train on Rust. Working on a real world example to hook up a Trading UI using Rust (graphql and others) Experience on Ethereum useful with invocation of Smart contracts abi for solidity.

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    - A PDF and Excel server with template support which should be capable to create large files without too much latency. - Endpoints (POST) injection with return as file binary. - Template: should be able to change header body and footer as per template mapping for each endpoint. Programming language : Python, C++, golang, nodejs, C, rust, lua. Sample report format attached, we need same format for both PDF and excel.

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    We are looking for backend developers who is proficient in development of golang. We are going to develop the discord like project. If you are not familiar with it, plz visit this link: We already hired the frontend developers. If you have experience in Rust, it would be big plus.

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    Trophy icon logo design Bitti left

    I would like a logo with my initials of EP PLEASE LOOK at the FONT that is ATTACHED with my name EFFIE. THAT is THE FONT I WOULD LIKE. The background colour to be either a dark blue . . I want the letter EP to be surrounded with a design so it becomes a logo. The words I would like to be placed below my initials logo are Respected▪️ Recog...PLEASE LOOK at the FONT that is ATTACHED with my name EFFIE. THAT is THE FONT I WOULD LIKE. The background colour to be either a dark blue . . I want the letter EP to be surrounded with a design so it becomes a logo. The words I would like to be placed below my initials logo are Respected▪️ Recognized ▪️Recommended. The colours I would like the EP design and below words to be is in a DEEP RUST colour i(not pink) or silver colo...

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    crypto project Bitti left

    Need to support building a defi using Rust as the language

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    Create 10 blog post articles about releases of technologies about: -Linux RedHat -Linux Fedora -Linux Ubuntu -Linux Manjaro -Core of Linux -MySQL -Kotlin -GO -Switft -Rust Each article MUST: -contain 1_000 words, -contain introduction of technology, -describe releases cycle, -describe which versions where releases when, -which and when version do we expect next.

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    Our MMO PvP server, which we currently manage online, needs support on issues such as R&D, Bug-Fixing, Concept Production. That's why we are looking for a teammate for our team in order to ensure the continuity of our server. The features we are looking for in this teammate; 1- To have gained a profession and experience in C++ language before. 2- ...a profession and experience in C++ language before. 2- To have programmed OOP in any programming language. 3- To have knowledge of the basic principles and principles of Software Engineering. 4- To be able to use file and project tracking systems such as Git and Jira. 5- Proficiency level English. These are +'s; 1-Being enthusiastic and willing for the game world. 2-To have programmed OOP in Rust and Python. 3-To ha...

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    I would like a rust gambling website with the following features: Steam api: using steam api for people to sign in displaying their steam username and profile picture onsite Onsite backpack: When users trade their items to the bot, the items get stored in the onsite backpack. Coinflip: Someone can join a coinflip using their backpack items with provably fair via Jackpot: Where people can put items in the jackpot , with their onsite backpack, with a 60 second timer on the jackpot, and for confetti and the winners name to be displayed with the provably fair. Profile page: for the user to select his profile, and be able to see his coinflip history, and jackpot history. Admin controls: For the owner (me) to be able to put custom items in my onsite backpack. I would also need gra...

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    we are using self hosted remote desktop from Rust Desk. We want to change the ui of the agent and want to have a controller to enable/disable, time limit & condition.. need a flutter app designer for re design the client app

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    I'm looking for an expert with experience in communication between Rust and Kotlin libraries on Android.

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    We are looking for an experienced Rust Developer for a Solana Blockchain-based application. The right candidate is going to be passionate about the capabilities of blockchain technology and the NFT ecosystem and eager to influence the acceleration of the industry. A proactive and self-driven mindset will thrive in this work-from-home role. This is a start-up project so the ability to be hands-on with related tasks and see the big picture is necessary. Being in a new project also means you have more influence over the direction of the project and your role. Preferably developers located in LATAM

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    I need a webblog to write blogs Requirements: any techs(Like Python PHP JAVA RUST) is fine. the requests speed need fast enough. basic social functions

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    We are looking for a front end UI design + raffle system integration for Solana. A user can upload a NFT, set the number of tickets provided and begin a raffle to their community on our website. We have examples of current raffle websites if needed. We do have a raffle git that we are able to use if needed. You would need to know TypeScript / Rust

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    Need UI UX design and full stack development for an arcade casino website can specify more in private, backend plugins for gamemodes not needed. For a better understand here is an example: But we will make something better than that ;)

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    Hello! Im looking for someone whos experienced to make a rust gambling site with the games of Jackpot, Coinflip and a Roulette game system. For every game, I want there to be a 10% Commission fee where it takes 10% of the players winnings in skins or site currency. The site needs to have a steam login tracking players inventory value + skin's with the site calculating skin prices with steam market values to make flips or deposit in jack pots. The Roulette system has to have a theme of black and red as how a Roulette is with green multiplying the winnings by 10x the amount deposited and 2x with the black and red. The site has to be a black and red theme

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    Web3 developer Bitti left

    ...everything you do will matter. Requirements and Qualifications 1+ years of experience in full-stack web and at least 1+ year Smart Contracts development Bachelor degree or above in computer science or engineering Good understanding of Ethereum and Solidity Realized projects in Solidity or other DLTs Experience with at least one of the following programming languages: Java, Nodejs, Python, Golang, Rust Strong desire to learn about the latest Blockchain technologies and products Strong knowledge of DEFI trading in general & flashbots in particular Good communication and expression skills in English. A team player with solid execution ability. 1+ years experience architecting or developing for blockchain/DeFi projects, white hat hacking, or bug hunting 1+ years experience work...

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    Only Rust Developer I want. Send me the github profile related to Rust development. It is a big and long term project for more than 6 months. Type "Rust" at the top of your bid template!

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    Looking for rust programmers experienced

    €19 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    ...Experience in design and implementing highly available with massive throughput systems would be a plus. You’re skilled in object-oriented analysis and are able to apply these principles such as KISS, SOLID and GRASP to the real world. You understand the general concepts of functional programming. If you know several languages that came from different paradigms, this will be a big plus (e.g. C++, Ruby, Rust, Haskell, Clojure, Erlang, and Go). You love clean code and have a good sense of code smell. You understand, in general, how web browsers turn your HTML, CSS, and Javascript into things you see on the screen....

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    **MUST HAVE A GITHUB ACCOUNT TO PROVE PRIOR WORK IN RUST AND PLEASE SEND THAT WITH A RESPONSE** if this is not provided we will not interview or respond to your message. Work requirements MANDATORY 1. Public repos In GitHub (no exceptions) and provide a link to us when reaching out to us. 2. Must be proficient in either scala or rust (both would be preferred) 3. We are willing to pay a salary or per job. 4. Must be willing to work well with others. 5. Huge plus is if you are in our time zone (Canada, South America or USA) as it is easier to work during regular hours. However this is not a deal breaker and we are willing to work with ANY other country. WE LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU.

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    I find rust export. This project has fixed budget. I wish good result. Please discuss by chat.

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    We're looking for Talented Game Engineers. See the must-have requirements. One of these two: - commercial experience in building games in Rust programming language (and are interested in C++) - OR commercial experience in building games in C++ programming language (and are interested in Rust) Further must-haves: - worked in gameplay programming on a proven IP - shipped AAA, AA, or mobile experiences of any scale - have shipped large titles - experience in Unreal/Unity - are into Rust Strong English spoken/communication, self-independent, no-PM-middle-mans, please.

    €38 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Error comes from Rust backend api server and the price is 100 cad.. Please bid if you can do it. and start bid with "Rust mongo".

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