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    I have a PHPBB forum installed on one of my sites. I need a bit of customization done to it, to add a few extra options. Below are the extra options I need: 1) Add two form fields in the user profile section where you can enter "Graduation Year" and "Initial Entry Into School". This information should be able to be edited in the user profile, and should also be displayed on th...

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    I am looking for someone to help me with a Mechanical Engineering Senior design project. It can be a small scale project. I am open to any kind of mechanical project. If you already have a mechanical type project completed which you did in school with complete documentation, I will be willing to offer good amount of money. I am open to any ideas or mechanical engineering projects that will the ser...

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    Hi, We are looking for a content writer to write about the history, facts, interesting info about party related SUBJECTS likes party themes, holidays, events, characters etc. Initially, we have about 20 - 25 subjects. We have lots more. (Bid per subject or for 25 subjects.) Each SUBJECT needs two descriptions and two altered party games. [Do NOT steal content from other sites. We will check ...

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    I am looking for someone to do 3 simple drawings in 3D wireframe format for me. They will represent 3 buildings - car showroom outline, school and office building. I do have some photos for a guidline. It is very urgent.

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    This is for a school project: it is to write a database application to handle registration for a small academic institute. Your application will involve at least four relations: Students-Instructors-Courses-Registration. These relations link a student to a course taught by an instructor who awards the student a grade when s/he completes the course. You must create the necessary relations and defi...

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    Rewrite content for website of international trainning school with a greater focus on sales-speak. We are redeisnging our website and want a writer to create content for us. You will be given existing content and plenty of support (if you need it) Process goes like this: 1. We will create word docs that correspond to each page on our site map. Each file is labelled and titled. 2. We will create th...

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    Flash website Bitti left

    We are looking for a webdesigner and programmer to make our flash website. We are a cutting edge production company and school based in Los Angeles, and we are looking for a industrial, dynamic and professional looking website either flash based or with flash elements, as well as a flash intro. The main website will be for our school, with a slightly different looking site for the production...

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    *Due to feedback, I have increased the original bid price* I need 58 pages to be SEO optimized for google. I want them to appear on the first 1-2 pages. In addition, I want to greatly improve traffic to my site. Currently, I am only generating 1,500,000 page views a month. I want that number increased to 10,000,000+ My target audience is US teenagers in highschool. Please view the site at...

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    Barber School Bitti left

    I've a Flash template and need text and images added. This is a pretty simple and straight forward project. I will need it completed rather quickly, once I decide on a freelancer. Quickly as in 2-3 days.

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    Working on part of a project for school. Creating a web based restaurant guide for one city, however dont have time to do the research for creating the actual listing. Need someone to research restaurants by cuisine and area in the specific city and create listings for me, which i will input into website. In project details i will include 3-5 sites where u can find listing of restaurants ...

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    Need a highly talented and detailed oriented individual to work on a business plan for my Internet Radio Station for high school sports. Bidders MUST show sample business plans they have written via PMB. Top pay for the right individual. Bidder must have a marketing and financial background and good researcher. If you are a computer programmer, please, do not bid. Need business plan by Friday ...

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    I need 58 pages to be SEO optimized for google. I want them to appear on the first 1-2 pages. In addition, I want to greatly improve traffic to my site. Currently, I am only generating 1,500,000 page views a month. I want that number increased to 10,000,000+ My target audience is US teenagers in highschool. Please view the site at futazi(dot)com Please review and tell me how much it w...

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    I am looking for a complete redesign of our current local school districts website. The current page can be viewed <a href="[ [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]">here</a][1]>. The biggest complaints about the current site are that: 1. It looks too urban and 2. That it uses an iframe to open new pages. Please let me know what your ideas...

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    Essay Help Bitti left

    I am looking for some one to write an example entrance essay for law or business school along with an example letter of recommendation. At your request I will give you data about myself to use. ## Deliverables Rent A Coder requirements notice: As originally posted, this bid request does not have complete details. Should a dispute arise and this project go into arbitration "as is", the...

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    I need a website created with 6-10 pages of information regarding an after school program. I will need one page that lists our instructors, administrators, and their brief biographies (with a small photo). I'll need another page on the website that describes the classes we offer to high school and middle school aged students. I will need another page with test date information and timetable o...

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    I am an administrator for a local school district. we have few hundred classes in our district spread between 7 schools from elementary to high school. I would like to create a data driven website (include graphics for 2 index pages) where each school would be able to create his own sub webpage and use Microsoft office excel spreadsheet templates in order to update the database ## Deliverables ...

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    I am an administrator for a local school district. we have few hundred classes in our district spread between 7 schools from elementary to high school. I would like to create a data driven website (include graphics for 2 index pages) where each school would be able to create his own sub webpage and use Microsoft office excel spreadsheet templates in order to update the database ## Deliverables ...

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    Hello, We need to somehow get a list of all of the Highschools and College/Universitys that are located in CANADA. The list must be seperated by PROVINCE - CITY - SCHOOL the actual list can be seen at [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] If someone can figure out a way to copy this list, Then seperate it in folders and txt files per City... The list of Cities must...

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    Hello i have a customer that has a english language school website that needs to be translated in to chinese italian spanish french german. Must be cheap. Must be very accurate. No time wasters.

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    I have a customer that needs a website for a english language school to be re done. It is a database driven website that needs a new look so I need somebody to redesign it using a template website that i will supply and also handle all the text and everything else. Not a hard job to a competent webdesigner. Must also insert flash intro and banner wich i will also purchase as templates and provi...

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    I am a management consultant working with a school district in Southern California who is looking to acquire a VB/web based (SQL Server) work order product from another school district. The code is minimally documented, but it is interfaced to the same Financial System product that my client district uses (an HP3000-based system), so the ability to integrate it to the labor and materials areas of ...

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    Project involves finishing an online scheduling application for a flight school business. Project is 30% complete, front-end complete, need a strong CFML developer to finish the meat of the project. Project deadline is 2 weeks. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X

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    Requirements for Website All forms should be able to work on Windows 2003 Standard server, also able to transfer data to Access database from server and store this information or parts of it on the server for validation of user logons plus be able to update any/all pages with MS FrontPage?"? or from Access 2000+ database and would like cookies or cookieless for validation with the ability t...

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    This project is eBay listing and auction database management program. The developer must have provable experience of working with the current EBay API System. To bidder winner must provide 1 year FREE. The functions I want are something like eBay Sales Assistant and Sold Auction Manager by Creek Software. Please read it through and prepare your proposal accordingly. · **Platform/Develop...

    €90 - €226
    €90 - €226
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    Band Website Bitti left

    Looking for a professional website designer to develop a logo and website for our tropically themed events business and our band. Something fresh and funky but orientated to a corporate market, incorporating tropical colours and elements (e.g. palm tree etc.). Website layout and required feautures shown below in deliverables section. Basically a site based around 5 main categories plus a mini...

    €90 - €451
    €90 - €451
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    I have aproximately 55 pages that I want to show up in the first 1-2 pages when their assigned search terms are googled. These are the search terms that I want assigned to the pages on my site: 1) teen chat 2) teen chat rooms 3) teen message boards 4) teen forums 5) flirting 6) flirting tips 7) flirting advice 8) kissing, 9) kissing tips 10) kissing advice 11) french kiss 12) french...

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    I have posted this project 2 times already. Both previous bidder companies were frauds. Therefore If you bid on this project oyu will agree to my terms. No upfront payment will be made by me. 50% payment of total cost will be made at 50% completion of project and then the rest 50% payment will be made at finish of project. I need a company to create a webiste which will allow memebrs to l...

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    I need someone to make a header graphic, footer graphic, a menu bar and left graphic for website. Email for details. Experience designers only. This is a small project for a school website ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as follows (depe...

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    PHP and ODBC programming for this website: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] (This is an unfinished demonstration website written in perl/cgi.) This is a bus company, that has several routes in its area. The site is functional in terms of flow, we actually need the backend PHP coding to make it work. This will run on a windows server, and connect via ODBC to their ...

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    Hello, I am giving a very small project in cold fusion and will prefer if a team knows java( i have enclosed addtional small java problem related to cold fusion).I am trying to find a right team for bigger projects and this is just [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] projects more than $3000 budget will follow if you successfully complete it but i prefer a good team...

    €27 - €45
    €27 - €45
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    A simple flash game to demonstrate the JET Language Method. The JET Language Method teaches students to remember a picture and then remember the sound bite of the language in relation to the picture. JET is more effective than the traditional way of learning that learns a word and then translate that word from one language to the other. This simple flash game will demonstrate this JET Language Met...

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    This is a simple Java program needed to save user input into a text file. I need this as soon as possible by tomorrow or late tonight. - please add javadoc comments to your program See attached file - only a demo for school project needs to be simple not advanced in any way :)

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    Need a professional and trendly web site for a language teaching school. The website is mainly for people to understand their teaching methodology and sign up for their free trial courses online. The website will have video clips. Requirements: 1) Need a small script to sign up for their free trial course through an online interface. The user sees a calendar module, can sign up in the one hour blo...

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    I am helping a school by donating them a school administration system that consist out of the following modules. - Student Administration module. - Employee Administration module. - Class schedule module - Grades module - Financial module There is no point in bidding lower then the previouw coder because the Coder that gets the project and is up to the challenge will receive t...

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    HTML Template Bitti left

    I need an HTML programmer with moderate graphical design skills to develop 10 Frontpage-friendly HTML website templates. Each website only needs ONE HTML page. I will supply the domain name and a skeleton and examples of what the templates need to include. These templates are VERY simple. No flash, no javascript, no forms. Most of the work will be spent designing a pleasant-looking graphical ...

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    I need someone to create a very special project. Need to create a club/community spread in 2 or 3 different domain names (depending on suggestions of winning bidder). The community will have the following sections: DATING/SWINGER LIFESTYLE SCRIPT Dating/swinger/lifestyle type script section with video chat (a match .com identical clone) More features you have, more better the chance to wi...

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    Ok, here the deal y0.. I need a clone of this site .. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] It's a old school online rpg style game dated back to the prohibition era of the u.s.a i need something exactly like this created and coded .. i can make changes myself .. i just dont have the time to code everything myself.. i'm almost 99 perce...

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    Part one: Looking for someone to make some adjustments to a crest graphic that I have attached. It should look as it is now but instead with vibrant color and better clarity. If you can re-produce this, it would be great. I want the display to be alive with vibrant color. I'm thinking a blue background with the crest outlined in gold. Please see the attached graphic. Part two: I'm de...

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    I need a developer to deliver a social networking site. Even those with no previous RentACoder experience will be considered if they can convince me that they can deliver a top product. It is also important to note that I am looking for someone who will be here for the long haul, because this is just the beginning, and more work will be done on the site. For this reason, the solution mus...

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    Hello, I started a project similar to this. It didn't fall through so i'm waiting for paypal chargeback... So if you posted on my other project, i apologize, please bid again. That project will cancel once paypal verifies my chargeback These are the requirements if you are to bid 1)Finish on time. For example, if it takes 10days to finish, on the 8th day I need a c...

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    -it'll bascially be a small website -it's a project for school, so nothing that fancy -it's on harry potter -it's due within a week, give or take a couple of days. mostly likely, it's due this coming monday (USA) -it'll be entirely in english -i have a website, but i have absolutely no idea how to use it (it's blank and is only used for storage/filesharing ...

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    Album CD cover Bitti left

    I need a music-CD cover graphic design. Concept idea guideline: the idea is a "seventy" product with high level of class, without too much things and without heavy graphic desing. The group have a modern jazz music sound. The play old style music with a new music style way. they are joung but with years of music conservatory school. We have to give at the CD cover an important image but ...

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    I am in school right now, and next semester I will be asked to write a .NET application (pretty simplistic) that interfaces a database. I was given a few practice databases to play with, that are comparable to the project I will need to complete. But, I have no knowledge as of now on how to do this kind of work. So, on with the project: A database application that allows field technicians to enter...

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    Online Games Bitti left

    Need Online games that people can remotely play against each other. My target market is elementrary school age children through High School level. I do not want chat capability because I am concerned over predators on these kids. The game can have a list of authorized comments that the kids can send to their opponent. If the game can also be played against the computer that would be fine too but n...

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    This my secong time i post this project at this site. This application is about smart school system management to be used in one of my client place (school). Actually i did ask my staff claim to be an experienced programmer to wtite the application for me...after two months developing the system i couldnt find any result and the progress was not up to my expectation. He left to me some of the sour...

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    Kreeightive Bitti left

    Client needs a streamlined registration process for employees to sign up for his classroom sessions. His current registration tool is inadequate. The new tool should do: --sign up via web with email confirmation --print roster & certificate --automatic rescheduling & cancelling with email confirmation --put oversubscribed employees on wait list, then move them to class list once a...

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    We are in need of a technical programming powerhouse to provide us with a web based job search engine. The search engine will be one designed for high school and college students searching for part time jobs. It will need to have the following features: - Everything [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] has and more and even [URL'yi görüntülem...

    €902 - €2706
    €902 - €2706
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    -=-=-=WILL PAY FOR AUTORESPONDER SCRIPT=-=-=- The goal is to utilize the IRC to AIM gateway on one or multiple IRC servers to create an AIM Bot that can recognize certain keywords and provide appropriate responses (URLs to the requested information). [Specifically for the restaurant industry] I WILL PAY FOR THE COMPOSITION OF THIS SCRIPT +I also have a deadline which is the 15th of June because...

    €180 - €271
    €180 - €271
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    A School managemnt system which is partially built and built on Delphi and SQL server,Dev Express [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] has two modules, module 1, School and module 2 is school [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] are partially running and I need it finished professionaly , packaged a,d ready for deployemts in remote branch...

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    Job description v1 / 29 May 2005: Complete parsing and output of german XML webservices Please read my lines carefully, my english is bad but I know really good what I want and I won't offers like "we can do all and fast". I like to see samples of your work which are similar (similar like other webservices !). The highest chance will have the coder who is able to parse and show my ...

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