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    Solar Module DFM 5 gün left

    I need a 400W, 48V 50% efficient solar panel sized 1mx 1m made of any semiconductor but needs to provide proof that specs are met. If a thin flexible module can be designed, please indicate so as it will receive preference.

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    I'm creating a business that focuses on specific industry job boards in the semiconductor sector. I have a base line website that I've created, but I need a web developer to clean it up, and create a custom job board that's the central focus of the business. It needs advanced search options and needs to look clean.

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    ADAPDIX OVERVIEW Adapdix provides an innovative software platform for enterprises that optimizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) at the edge. The company’s customer-centric EdgeOps ML platform increases uptime of equipment, reduces supply chain and logistics cost and increases remote worker productivity. Adapdix software automates operational and business decisions rel...

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    i want you to replicate the results in the journal which i will send you.I need a candidate who have a very good knowledge in OPTICS/OPTICAL FIBER/OPTOELECTRONICS/SEMICONDUCTOR PHOTONICS [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] have to do that in matlab.

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    anyone who can make dc motor drive for 220v 25amps.. only design, connection diagram and explaination with each connection properly marked

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    We are a home grown company specializing in the refurbishment and restoration of semiconductor packaging materials. Our products include refurbished wafer shipper boxes, IC trays and all other shipping accessories and paraphernalia. We are committed to reducing plastic waste of the semicon industry by promoting the continuous reuse of these shipping commodities. Through our efforts of providing hi...

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    I want a content writer for my magazine/news site for the below topics. (we paid INR 40 per content/ content must be 700 words) Information Technology Clean Technology Electronics & Semiconductor

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    Nordic nrf9160 Bitti left

    we need a freelancer who has already worked with Nordic Semiconductor Nrf9160. If your are this person we explain after whats we need in detail.... Thanks for your interest

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    With UBlox or Nordic Semiconductor component, I would like to see if its possible for have a GPS position with in select mode sleeping ok every x second. When no move stay in economic power for save battery. I would like as well the possibilitie to make with specific number ID one listen audi port to the device. At this time, I dont know whats interface is best to see points GPS. I know GpsGate......

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    We are a semiconductor manufacturer. Currently we need to promote our new chinese website on Baidu and Weibo. We need an expert.

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    Laterally coupled diode lasers are two semiconductor lasers sitting side by side. These lasers would be considered as independent from each other, if the gap between them was not close enough so there is optical coupling between lasers. These coupled lasers have a specific dynamic behaviour determined by their coupling. In this project the student will develop a simulation tool to predict the p...

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    Laterally coupled diode lasers are two semiconductor lasers sitting side by side. These lasers would be considered as independent from each other, if the gap between them was not close enough so there is optical coupling between lasers. These coupled lasers have a specific dynamic behaviour determined by their coupling. In this project the student will develop a simulation tool to predict the per...

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    I need power electronics expert having knowledge in the following 1 Introduction 2 power semiconductor diode and circuits 3 diode rectifier 4 power transistor 5 dc dc converter 6 pulse width modulation 7 Thyristor 10 controlled rectifier 11 Ac voltage controller If you are expert in the above mentioned chp than bid me your proposal. Thanks

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    We are looking for a business analyst/PM for our software services company that targets to engineering/design and construction industry. We are primarily focused on semiconductor and oil and gas. The position will be long-term and the candidate will ideally have experience in software and M&E engineering. The primary skillset will be in IT software for enterprise while M&E Engineering exp...

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    I need a logo designed. I am working at Texas Instruments. I feel that there is scarcity of quality content on youtube when it comes to elecronics/semiconductor domain. I am going to start my own youtube channel. I am some logo designing for the same. Anyone who can use ms paint , to say the least are welcome.

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    We are a US-based financial research platform for professional investors. We are currently on the lookout for a person who is well versed with the US equity markets and stock/industry analysis to write an insightful research report in not less than 1000 words. The topic will revolve around the US semiconductor market. Though this is a one-time gig, we might consider long-term collaborations if w...

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    design, prototype, test & troubleshoot embedded system using ble mesh: - configure ble mesh network (mesh & mobile communication) - configure cypress gateway to connect to AWS Iot (MQTT protocol) - configure & manage AWS IoT things platform to control network through AWS IoT - prototype the network - test & troubleshoot - hardware pcb implementation

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    We are looking for people who understands Semiconductor Industry, can do industry mapping [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] for technical Semiconductor recruiters.

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    Checking is needed to find out whether any of the companies listed in the link below accept innovation contribution from the public. Usually they don't, but all 100 companies listed in the link need to be checked. If they do have such thing, to include the link to that particular webpage in an excel spreadsheet. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Example: S...

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    Conation Tech Bitti left

    Hello, We are a reseller and refurbisher of surplus semiconductor equipment. We are looking for the following: Ease of navigation Pictures Searchable/current inventory and an easy way to maintain it and keep it current (updates) Chat feature? As in, please send us a message if you want to connect or have questions about a specific part or piece of equipment. This is tricky, because it would requ...

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    electronic communication systems projects Semiconductor optics LEDs and Lasers Photodetectors

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    -The subject called (electronic devices) and it’s for electrical engineering -The book used in this subject is : A. Sedra and K. Smith, Microelectronic Circuits, 7th ed., Oxford University Press, 2015, ISBN: 978-0-19-933913-6. -The chapters used in this subject are : Ch. 3 Semiconductor Physics Ch. 4 Diode physics, current-voltage relationships, DC operation Ch. 4 Diode physics, current-...

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    someone who can write a paper about "SemiConductor Devices" Thanks

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    Someone who can write for Semi conductor urgent thanks

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    Task Content: 1. Filtering the target potential buyer from the given Korean company list, and remain them. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın], provide me key contact person's email addresses, mobile phone, linkedin link who in charge of purchasing from the target company.(If you can provide mobile) Target company standard: 1. Checking the company's :&q...

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    Need to create a service offering deck of cyber security offerings to a semiconductor company.

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    Need help with Lattice Diamond semiconductor

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    Hi, I have more than 03+ years of experience in doing end to end recruitment. I have been working within the Recruitment/RPO industry, specialized in various sectors, handling/researching all levels of people from mainly LinkedIn. Recruiting Specialties: Recruiting: Boolean Logic, and other advanced sourcing techniques, such as Social Media (Linkedin, Linkedin Recruiter, and Facebook), Job Board...

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    it is a time-limited challenge project with 4 parts, it is relative to the semiconductor. the time for the mission is 14;40-15;30 new york time April 15. if you are confident about this project, please contact me, I will show you the example

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    Hello , I need some tuition and advice in semiconductor laser field.

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    RoQ Simulation Engineer Requisition – Internal Job Description Be part of an energetic team whose mission is to improve the productivity of R&D engineers, accelerating the development of leading-edge instrument products - In this role, You will also be verifying proper operation of an instrument board (PCB Assembly) through SPICE simulation using internally developed, component level...

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    According to the project description and report requirements provided by the sponsor, the main goal is to conduct market analysis and competitor analysis for the two industries of electronic manufacturing and semiconductor. The project can be understood and completed by contacting employees working at industry-leading companies on Linkedin. Sponsor requires that google content cannot be accessed o...

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    I want to paraphrase the file containing the diffusion in semiconductor.

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    Power Down Semiconductor is developing ultra-low power ICs for the energy harvesting market. Our first production part, the PDS430E2272 is based on TI's MSP430F2272, but will run 3X faster and consume 1/10 the power. We are looking for a contractor to help us prototype the part in a Spartan 6 FPGA. The part will include 2KB of ROM which stores the memory BIST and the boot loader. The BIS...

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    Logo Design Bitti left

    I need a logo designed for a new company. The company will be called Cortorta Photonics. The name Concorta comes from the Pine Tree Pinus Contorta (the scientific name for lodgepole pine). This is one of the pine trees where he seeds from the pine cone germinate after being exposed to Fire. The current goal of the company is to design photonic integrated circuits (PICs) with specific focus on la...

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    Competitive/swot analysis, business strategies identification using: - 5 different companies financial statements. - Market analysis - Internal/external factors analysis

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    I want to paraphrase the file containing the diffusion in semiconductor.

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    ** Please download the attached file "Job [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]" for a complete explanation. ** I am looking for an electronics engineer to advise me on how to optimize the RC network to get a perfect “carbon copy” lag signal. It must work no matter how long the LOWs are. I suspect my RC network could be optimized to operate bett...

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    We are planning to found a new company. It will be an engineering company for process equipment for the semiconductor and electronics industry. We are looking for a logo. We have the idea to combine the greek letter theta (ϑ) and an amphib (fire salamander or gecko). The company name isn't found so far. e are open for any porposals. We haven't favourite colours so far.

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    I'm working with Cypress Semiconductor module. I want to create bluetooth code. I want to send information by uart, then send by mesh.

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    VLSI based consulting firm serving semiconductor manufacturing clients across India who mainly take microelectronic projects ,chip design etc looking for a suitable company name to start with

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    I need MOSFET design. Use the MOSFET simulator on [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) to design an n-type MOSFET using the following specifications: Uniform doping density Channel length = 22 nm Oxide thickness ≥ 0.8 nm S/D length ~ 2×Channel length Junction depth ~ Channel length Substrat...

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    I am a semiconductor product and test engineer with 6 years of experience in the USA. Currently I am working on a project using the CC2640R2F. Anyone that has experience with microcontrollers and BLE (or any wireless), stop by to say hi! What I mainly need done: 1. Time measurement between two pulse edges 2. Develop BLE communication between CC2640 and mobile application

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    Need to develop BLE firmware to Monitor 15 of our BLE 5.0 sensors. Using Nordic Semiconductor NrF52810 platform. Check out our website. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    Need to monitor 15-20 of our BLE sensors. We have multiple projects for developing a product line of Wireless Sensors and gateways.

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    NexGen Wafer Systems – a company that develops, manufactures, markets and services a line of unique semiconductor processing equipment for chip-makers. We are looking to take our business to the next level by expanding our software team in Austria and Singapore by bringing on a full-time C# Application Developer to join our team.

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    I need to maake a project to simulate Semiconductor diode to detect radiation. Project must use Silvaco Atlast.

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    Lead generator Bitti left

    We are looking out clients who are interested to outsource their projects to India Domain : IT, Telecom and Semiconductor

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