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    Sİstemimize TNT FEDEX,UPS,USPS firmalarının API entegrasyonlarının yapılması gerekmektedir. Gönderi takibi ve gönderi oluşturma apilerinin bağlanmasına ihtiyacımız vardır. Sadecec API çalıştırma sayfalarının hazırlanması entegrasyonlar tarafımızdan yapılacaktır. POSTların çalışmasını sağlamanız dçnüşlerindeki bilgilerin aktarım kayıt ve diğer aşamaları tarafımızdan yapılacaktır. Teşekkürler.

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    I currently run an online stor...of visitor for example if a user from India open our URL india store should open and if a user from other than India try to open our url then second store should open - Advanced Shipping Options: I need the international store to have advanced shipping options, possibly including international shipping rates, tracking, and any other features that can facilitate a smooth and efficient delivery experience for my customers. I am looking for a professional who has experience in setting up international eCommerce stores using Shopify. Knowledge of Paypal payment gateways, multi market support, and advanced shipping features will be a definite plus. I am open to suggestions on how to improve the international store setup to ensure ...

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    I...should include: - Inventory Management: The software should provide comprehensive inventory management for large scale operations with over 500 items. - Purchase Order Processing: A system that efficiently manages purchase orders is essential. - Supplier Management: The capability to maintain a streamlined process of handling multiple suppliers is critical. - Integrated Shipping Tracking: I need the solution to feature shipping tracking, ideally integrated with a real-time dashboard. My preference is for a cloud-based platform, with no specific operating system requirement. If you have a robust background in procurement, business operations, and software recommendations, you're the expert I need for this project. A proven track record in these areas will give yo...

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    ...integrating a shipping calculator into our existing WordPress website. Key Requirements: - I'm seeking to calculate shipping based on the customer's location. The calculator should be able to adjust shipping costs according to the distance of the delivery location. - The existing website currently uses a Square checkout link, however, I'm looking to transition to WooCommerce. The plugin will need to seamlessly integrate with the WooCommerce platform. Additional Information: - There is no specific integration needed with any shipping carriers. The shipping calculator should be able to handle shipping costs based on our own delivery truck. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in WordPress development and WooCommerce - Exper...

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    ...`` into your shipping platform, enabling your users to create shipments directly through your system. **Endpoint:** `POST ` **Parameters and Description:** 1. **token (Required)** - **Description:** Authentication token for the API. - **Details:** It must be sent in the header. - **Example Value:** `OF4XbUwuQ0yj2bSO2Ejyg8PcllMGKzyRr0nA3W62JCLWi8siNk0IxwgUDNzDCopy` 2. **Shipment[type] (Required)** - **Description:** Type of shipment. - **Allowed Values:** `1` (Pickup) / `2` (Drop off) 3. **Shipment[branch_id] (Required)** - **Description:** ID of the branch. - **Allowed Values:** `1`, `2`, `3`, `4`, `5`, `6`, `7` 4. **Shipment[shipping_date] (Required)** - **Description:** Shipping date. - **Format:** `DD/MM/YYYY`

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    We need an MS Dynamics GP master developer to help maintain our 3rd party application integration. Our software Freight+ is already integrated with MS Dynamics GP but we have not brought forward out mods since 2018 and our old developer is MIA. We need a developer to bring forward the exiting mods to newer builds. Our product "Freight+ Shipping Manifest" is integrated with MS Dynamics GP (older builds). All the coding is done we need someone to migrate code to newer builds YOU NEED TO HAVE ACCESS MS DYNAMICS SOURCE CODE AND NEWER BUILDS Key Responsibilities: - Ensure the smooth integration of the 3rd party application with MS Dynamics GP Sales module - Implement feature updates as required Experience in the following will be essential: - Proficiency in MS Dynam...

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    I am currently seeking an experienced PHP developer to create a robust warehouse management system focusing o...performance, inventory levels and order fulfillments. An essential requirement of this project is the integration of this system with an existing e-commerce platform. The ideal candidate should have previous experience in similar warehouse management system projects and be proficient in system and software integration. This project must integrate with amazon api. Get amazon order details and create shipping label via carrier integrations. Your expertise should also include PHP, e-commerce platforms, and a good understanding of warehouse operations. With your skills and experience, I'm confident we can streamline our warehouse management process for better operatio...

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    I’m seeking a talented researcher to conduct a focused market study on the gas boiler sector in North America. The objective of this research is to gather information about the origins of gas boiler production and shipping. To be successful in this project, you should have good experience in market research and understanding of industrial heating systems. Good expertise in locating and evaluating market trends is essential. This project includes: - Discovering where gas boilers are produced and shipped from - Identifying main producers - Providing recent market activities and future predictions for each producer - Determining the cost and profit of the main producers Your research will be used to assess market trends, therefore, a firm grasp of qualitative and quantitati...

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    ...enable faster shipping options through this integration. Key Requirements: - High level of customization: I need unique configurations and features to be set up in order to make the most of the Fastlo API. You should be able to tailor the integration to fit specific needs of my store. Your Responsibilities: - Assessing my current platform and its shipping processes. - Developing a customized integration plan for Fastlo. - Implementing the plan with thorough testing to ensure reliable functionality. - Providing clear documentation or guidance on managing the new system. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience with Shopify and its APIs. - Proven track record of successful API integrations on Shopify stores. - Strong understanding of eCommerce logistics and ...

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    I need help in customizing my WooCommerce transactional emails. The current issue I am facing is that the shipment notification email is missing key information such as the tracking number and shipping carrier details. It's only the hooks that's visible for the customers now (It was correct a few days ago) Key Requirements: - Add the tracking number and shipping carrier details to the shipment notification email. Skills/Experience Needed: - Extensive experience with WooCommerce and its transactional emails. - Attention to detail to ensure the email is accurate and error-free.

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    ...Dimensions + Extra Equipments ( if there ) Dimensions should be in photo by CM for each photo. - Order Instructions - Material - Shipping - Returns policy 3. We need to add a big real photo take a space in first page above same in lily & Ben website. For the photos that we want to use in main page I will share it in next week, after the photographer take a photoshots with the models. 4. Need to add tappy banner in each product page. 5. Adding international shipping carriers, should support international shipping according the carriers delivery. Update shipping options and rates for different region Integrate real time shipping calculator. We have already account with DHL need only to do integration with them. For this point also also we ne...

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    ...service. We are looking for a reliable freelancer to assist us with a weekly USPS document mailing service. The main responsibilities of this role include preparing and mailing out physical documents using USPS services. The ideal candidate should have excellent attention to detail and be comfortable working with confidential information. We pay you $35 for each sent case, plus all printing and shipping costs. Approximately 6-8 cases will be sent per month. That is, you will receive about $250 per month We are sending you a file, your task is simply to print it out, take it to the post office and send it to the address that we will also send. Skills: - Proficiency in USPS mailing procedures and regulations - Strong organizational skills - Attention to detail - Abili...

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    ...(product, collection, cart etc.) 2. Apps - Εγκατάσταση Shopify Bundles app - Εγκατάσταση Shopify Email app - Εγκατάσταση και ρύθμιση Aftersalespro - Εγκατάσταση και ρύθμιση app για login with Facebook, Google, TikTok - Εγκατάσταση και ρύθμιση wishlist app - Εγκατάσταση και ρύθμ&...

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    I'm looking for a skilled animator who can help me create an interactive and engaging 3D unboxing animation for my website. The animation will be showcased on a scroll down page to simulate a user unboxing a shipping box. Key Requirements: - The animation will feature 1 product for sale, displayed within a shipping box, and then being unboxed as a user scrolls down page. - You must have a strong portfolio showcasing realistic 3D animation or something similar. - The product inside the box will be a hoodie and should be moderately detailed to look like the realistic hoodie. - Experience with interactive web animations is an advantage. Your animation will be an important part of our e-commerce website, aiming to create a unique and immersive user experience. A good unde...

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    I'm in need of someone who can efficiently find and purchase large quantities of A4 paper (80gsm) in India. Here's what you should know and the skills you need to have: - Quantity: required. - Brand: The specific brand isn't important, but quality is a top priority. - Timeframe: I need the paper purchased within a week. Skills and Experience: - Excellent negotiation skills to secure the best price. - Familiarity with local markets or suppliers in India that deal in office supplies. - Highly organized and able to deliver results under a tight schedule. Knowledge of shipping and handling big cargoes domestically within India would be a plus. Let me know if you have the skills and experience to complete this job efficiently. Please include your plan of acti...

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    I'm in need of a skilled shopper with an eye for quality, style and cost-effectiveness, to assist in sourcing casual luxury ladies' clothing from international drop-shipping companies. Key Responsibilities: - Consult with me to understand the specific requirements for the clothing - Source high-class casual luxury clothing that matches the criteria - Liaise with international drop-shipping companies - Maintain communication via Email and provide updates regularly Preferred Experience: - Experience in shopping/purchasing, preferably in the casual luxury sector - Familiarity with international drop-shipping companies - Strong communication skills, especially over Email - A good understanding of the latest trends and fashions in high-class ladies' cloth...

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    ...orders on the spot or group several orders into a single one on the desired date. - Consult order status changes at any time. API shipping costs: Be able to obtain or consult in real time the exact price and all carriers offered by BigBuy, taking into account volumetric weight, regions or zip codes with additional costs, maximum package sizes supported by agencies, etc. - Incorporate BigBuy shipping costs in woocommerce for any of our products. - Shipping costs updated in real time - Check shipping times for any set of BigBuy products. - Get all BigBuy shipping agencies. API Trackings ID: Be able to obtain or consult, in real time, the tracking number of the ...

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    I'm looking for a responsible freelancer to assist me in purchasing 6-10 units of eyesdrops from the Bangladesh e-commerce website, , a...Requirements: - Fluent in English and Bangla - Previous experience in order placement, online shopping, and international shipment is highly desirable - Reliable and Efficient handling of the process Your task would mainly involve: 1. Purchasing the specified product from 2. Safely packing the items for long-distance shipping 3. Arranging for the delivery to my location in Lagos, Nigeria. Please note that I will cover the purchase cost of the products and the shipping fee. Confirmation of purchase and shipment will be required. More details to be discussed subsequently. Please bid if you are capable and comfortable with the task.

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    ...the drop shipping suppliers on my existing Shopify site. The primary goal of this project is to increase sales through the installation and testing of these suppliers. Key Responsibilities: - Install and test various drop shipping suppliers for the North American market (Supplier A, Supplier B, Misc Drop Ship suppliers) - Implement automated product importing functionality - Integrate order tracking system - Ensure proper inventory management Your expertise in the following areas is highly appreciated: - Knowledge of a variety of drop shipping suppliers directly affiliated with Shopify sites - Proven track record in increasing sales through the implementation of drop shipping mechanisms - Proficiency in Shopify and its various functionalities, especially i...

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    thermal insulation engineering project for shipping container home looking for someone with experience with insulation in shipping container homes

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    I'm currently in the Japan and I'm in search of a beautiful rug from Although I have already looked at the website and found a rug I desire, I am unable to purchase it directly due to my location. I am in need of someone who live in the US that can buy the rug on my behalf and then forward it to me in Japan. Key...the rug on my behalf and then forward it to me in Japan. Key responsibilities would include: - Making the online purchase of the rug I have selected on - Arranging the forward of the rug to my address in Japan. This project will require a freelancer who has the following skills and experience: - Proficiency in online shopping and purchasing. - Experience with international shipping. - Trustworthy and reliable to complete th...

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    structural stability engineering project for shipping containers home looking for someone with specific shipping containers projects experience

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    I am in need of a Shopify app to be developed for my company. The app should cover t... so you'll have room for creativity. The important thing is that the app is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and visually appealing. In terms of integration, the Shopify app will need to work seamlessly with: - Shipping Provider: It has to be integrated with our chosen shipping provider for smooth processing of orders. - Payment Gateway: The app should also be linked to a payment gateway for secure and reliable payment processing. Ideal candidates for this project should have a strong background in Shopify app development. Additionally, experience in integrating with shipping providers and payment gateways will be a great advantage. A good understanding of eCommerce and user...

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer to establish a robust API connection between my E-commerce platform and host system. This is crucial for syncing key data that helps in the smooth operation and performance of my business. Key Data to Transfer: - Product Information - Inventory Levels - Pricing Updates - Shipping Costs - Default markup to incoming costs - Create Primary Category and then sub-categories - Typed tutorial on functions of API calls. - Create Master Category "NewItems" with sub-categories for each relevant name. Ex: Clothing, Electronics.....all items from source that are newly listed will be placed in this primary category. If possible. NOTE: The source for these products have nearly 730K items, that will need to be moved over. Will give you specific...

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    As a maritime shipping company, I'm in need of a professional and captivating PowerPoint presentation that aligns with my company's theme. The main objective of this presentation is to promote my company to potential clients. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in creating professional PowerPoint presentations - Experience in designing materials for marketing purposes - Knowledge or experience in the maritime shipping industry is a plus - Capability to incorporate the company's themes into the presentation Deliverables: - A booklet-style PowerPoint Presentation that coincides with our maritime background - A visually engaging design that promotes our company to our target audience, potential clients.

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    I own a business of selling small kitchen appliances and...I'm planning to increase my sales by setting up accounts on Amazon, noon, and haraj. The responsibilities that come along with the project include: - Setting up accounts on e-commerce platforms: Amazon, noon, and haraj - Listing around 40 products from multiple brands - Creating a functional shipping plan (FBA) Ideal skills to successfully accomplish this project include: - Proficient knowledge of all three platforms - Prior experience in e-commerce account setup - Demonstrable experience in FBA shipping plan - Detail orientation for precise product listing In brief, I need someone who can navigate through these platforms effortlessly and efficiently to create a significant online presence for my small kitch...

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    We are looking for a front-end product engineer to join the early PromptLayer team in NYC. Your focus will be shipping front-end product features and working alongside the rest of our best-in-class team. We pride ourselves on building a robust product with a dead simple interface, and you will help. You will be working at the very forefront of AI, and you will be building a product that will help democratize and shape this technological revolution.

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    I need to integrate the given WooCommerce plugin with the Gutenberg block editor. I want customization in this plugin, this plugin works great but right now it's not showing in the Gutenberg block unlike the WooCommerce classic checkout...this plugin works great but right now it's not showing in the Gutenberg block unlike the WooCommerce classic checkout. The checkout page has the store selection that needs to be implemented via Gutenberg block (React.js) Help Article Please only bid if you have experience with Gutenberg Block and WooCommerce, please include "multistore" in the bid, else I'll consider it as spam.

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    I need an expert who can manage my E-commerce operations across various platforms like Amazon, Meesho, Flipkart, Myntra, and Jio Mart. Your primary responsibilities will include: - Product listing and optimization - Inventory management - Order fulfillment and shipping - Customer service and support - Running ads on different platforms Additionally, I'm looking for someone who can help with the design elements of my store. This includes: - Designing a logo - Establishing a color scheme and theme - Creating product image guidelines - Editing and managing the product catalogue The ideal candidate will have a broad set of skills and experience in E-commerce, including a strong understanding of multiple platforms and how to effectively manage them. Graphic design skills are also ...

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    I am in need of a freelancer who can provide me access to S&P's Panjiva database for a period of two days. The purpose of this access is for gathering import/export records, company information, and shipping details. The data collected will be utilized for market research, competitive analysis, and vendor evaluation. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Familiarity with S&P's Panjiva database access - Proficiency in using the database to extract import/export records, company information, and shipping details - Experience in market research, competitive analysis, and vendor evaluation - Strong analytical skills to interpret and present the data effectively Although the client has not specified any specific filters or criteria for the data, fr...

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    I am in need of a skillful web developer experienced in Shopify. The main purpose is to setup a Shopify store that will primarily focus on selling my physical products online. I need of a skillful web developer experienced in Shopify. The main purpose is to setup a Shopify store that will primarily focus on selling my physical products online. I plan to list less than 50 products initially. Therefore, the freelancer chosen should be capable of: - Designing an engaging, user-friendly interface - Developing product pages for less than 50 listings - Setup payment and shipping gateway Experience with Shopify and ecommerce website development are essential. The ultimate goal is to create an interface that not only displays the products but also encourages the audience to make a...

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    I'm in need of a Shopify professional who can assist with setting up my sto...and theme customization. The main task is rectifying errors we keep encountering with our shipping profiles. Your proficiency in shipping setup and troubleshooting is essential for this project. The ideal freelancer should: - Be proficient in setting up and customizing Shopify stores - Have substantial experience with product listing and inventory management - Understand Shopify's payment gateway integration - Exhibit expertise in addressing and fixing shipping profile errors Moreover, I'm uncertain if the shipping zones and rates for this Shopify store have been correctly implemented, please look into this as well. Please bid if you can navigate through this complexit...

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    ...Integrations: I need several specific integrations to be implemented. These include social media integrations for easy sharing and marketing, email marketing tools to help with customer engagement, and shipping and tracking features to ensure smooth delivery of products. Ideal candidates for this project should have the following: - Proven experience in building e-commerce websites, preferably with a portfolio of past work to show. - Proficient in integrating payment gateways, especially credit card payment systems. - Strong familiarity with integrating social media platforms, email marketing tools, and shipping and tracking services. - Excellent communication skills and a proactive approach to problem-solving. Experience with UI/UX design and SEO optimization would als...

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    ...a reliable reshipping partner on the ground in China nearby these cities (Shenzhen, Foshan, Guangzhou, Dongguan) to help with receiving and reshipping personal packages. With a focus primarily on furniture and electronics, proficient handling and packing skills are essential. The chosen freelancer will need experience in logistics or a related field, with a good understanding of international shipping policies. The task includes: - Collecting my personal packages (furniture, decoration, electronics) - Handling the packaging securely to avoid any damages during transit - Joining multiple packages together with bubble wrap / tape, so that it becomes single package to be shipped out. - Forwarding these packages to an address outside of China Good communication skills in English a...

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    ...ensuring no discrepancies. - **Shipping Coordination:** Prepare the samples for shipping. The process for this will be communicated and facilitated on our end to ensure a seamless transition. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - **Organizational Ability:** Demonstrated proficiency in managing multiple tasks efficiently. - **Attention to Detail:** Accurate entry of product data, understanding of the importance of precise information. - **Communication:** Clear and responsive communication, especially regarding updates or any challenges faced during the task. - **Local Knowledge:** Familiarity with retail stores that potentially stock the specified soft drink brand would be advantageous. - **Shipping Experience:** Previous experience with international shipp...

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    I am looking for a professional who can build a Shopify dropshipping site. My target market is broad, so the products should have a wide appeal. Key Requirements: - Shopify Expertise: A solid understanding o...project. - Dropshipping Experience: A successful track record of creating and managing dropshipping stores is highly preferred. - Product Selection: The ideal candidate must know how to identify and select winning products that cater to a general audience. - Logistics Management: Experience in setting up and managing direct shipping through suppliers is a plus. I am open to specific recommendations on logistics handling, but my preference is to have the shipping directly managed by the suppliers. Please provide references or examples of your previous work in a ...

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    Please note this project is under odoo erp v17

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    Job Description: We are seeking a talented and experienced developer to join our team and help us integrate the APIs of major courier services such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, and more into our shipping price comparison platform. Responsibilities: Integrate and maintain APIs from multiple carriers (FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS, etc.). Develop and optimize features for managing shipments and real-time package tracking. Collaborate closely with our product and development team to ensure smooth and efficient integration. Troubleshoot technical issues and ensure the scalability and security of integrations. Requirements: Proven experience in integrating third-party APIs. Deep knowledge of programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, PHP, or similar. Familiarity with web development tools and ...

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    I'm seeking a competent individual to assist me with shipping household items. The ideal candidate will have a reliable and trustworthy demeanor. Responsibilities: - Purchase household items online as per my instructions - Store the items for a short duration before shipping - Ship the items to my address in a timely manner Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with online shopping - Familiarity with shipping and logistics - Ability to store items safely - Strong communication skills - Trustworthy and reliable nature Please note, the cost of the items will be compensated in addition to your service charges. To ensure a smooth process, I will provide all necessary instructions and clear communication.

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    + i will give you template frontend + i will give you backend template you built this all: Webshop in laravel + fron...administrator. Product management can only add delete orders no other views. - SEO settings, twitter, facebook, linkedin, youtube, instagram, meta keywords, mete description, mail settings, smtp settings for sending out emails for orders to custumers, logo management, favicon management, big banner management for twitter cards and facebook cards - shipping manager, add shipping company, shipping tracking link, shipping logo, shipping price - free shipping after XX euro in cart checkout - coupon management, create, disable coupons, put limit on coupon times to be used, choose type discount % or amount payment gateways: , twilio, s...

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    ...Processing**: I plan to offer credit card payments. I need an expert to ensure they are integrated and working seamlessly with our sales. - **Inventory Management**: I require assistance in managing inventory through Spocket, including syncing and updating product levels. - **Shipping**: I need help setting up the shipping process to ensure that products are getting to customers in a timely and cost-effective manner. - **Email Notifications**: I'm looking for the automation of email notifications to customers regarding order status, shipping updates, and other important information. - **Tax Compliance**: I need a review of the system to ensure that all necessary taxes are being calculated and applied correctly. Ideal Freelancer: - Extensive experience with Sho...

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    I am looking to set up an E-commerce website specifically designed to sell a wide array of home goods primarily aimed at adults. Key Features Needed: -...designed to sell a wide array of home goods primarily aimed at adults. Key Features Needed: - Product listing with detailed descriptions and images - Secure payment gateway integration - Shipping and inventory management - Reviews and rating system for products The ideal freelancer for this project should: - Have prior experience in developing E-commerce websites, especially in the home goods sector - Have a strong understanding of user-friendly interface design - Be knowledgeable in secure online payment systems - Possess SEO skills to enhance website visibility - Understand international shipping and inventory ma...

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    ...SEO optimization plugins (e.g., Yoast SEO). 4. Theme Customization: • Modify the design to match the restaurant’s branding (logo, colors, fonts). • Set up essential pages: Home page, Menu page, Reservation page, Contact page. • Add content: texts, images, videos. 5. Online Store Setup: • Add products (menus, meals, offers). • Set up payment gateways (e.g., PayPal, Stripe). • Configure shipping and delivery options. 6. Tracking and Integration Settings: • Set up order tracking using WooCommerce order tracking plugins. • Integrate with delivery companies using WooCommerce delivery plugins. • Integrate with QuickBooks for accounting management. 7. User Experience Enhancement: • Add reservation forms if the restaur...

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    120 teklifler assist with finding reliable suppliers with fast shipping all over the world for these various categories. Key project requirements include: - Extensive dropshipping knowledge and experience, particularly in the Shopify platform - Proven track record of identifying and partnering with reputable suppliers across a wide range of product categories - Understanding of the target demographics, especially Millennials, Parents, and Fashion enthusiasts, and ability to source products that cater to their preferences Your role will involve: - Conducting thorough research to find reliable and high-quality suppliers for the specified product categories - Ensuring the suppliers have competitive pricing, good product quality, and reliable shipping times - Collaborating with me to s...

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    I am seeking a skilled structural engin...wide, 8 feet tall, and 40 feet long. Structure: The bunker will consist of two separate 20-foot sections that will be placed next to each other to facilitate transportation by a semi-truck. Installation: The bunker will be buried at ground level with the roof exposed. A shipping container, with a load capacity of 20,000 lbs, will be placed on top of the roof. Lifting Mechanism: The sections must be designed to be crane-lifted from the corners using container corner locks, similar to the stacking and locking mechanism of shipping containers. Design Detail: The wall for the kitchen will be positioned at the 20-foot mark for ease of design. Please provide your proposal, including estimated cost, timeline, and any relevant experience in ...

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    33 teklifler Parameters: token (Required): Description: Authentication token. Example: jniDI82s0qrCUiTjVfApEvffib1fMli5RmrPBUA3RwFguZ5e3vmNB48mL5oX Note: Send in the header. Shipment[type] (Required): Description: Type of shipment. Values: 1 for Pickup, 2 for Drop off. Example: 1 Shipment[branch_id] (Required): Description: Branch ID. Example: 1 Shipment[shipping_date] (Required): Description: Shipping date. Format: DD/MM/YYYY Example: 13-07-2024 Shipment[client_phone] (Optional): Description: Client phone number. Example: - Shipment[client_address] (Required): Description: Client address. Example: 1 Shipment[reciver_name] (Required): Description: Receiver name. Example: - Shipment[reciver_phone] (Required): Description: Receiver phone number. Example: - Ship...

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    Overview: My store products are very varied in size, weight and shipping costs. UK Only. I have reviewed most of the current shipping apps and they are either not flexible enough or their monthly fees become too high (plus I will have 2 stores) I propose to build a Shopify Private App that will provide the my shopify store with shipping options/costs via If my understanding is correct I would need to provide a separate hosted Api endpoint/response - for which I propose this would be built by you in Typescript/Javascript. The benefit of this is that it will be easy for you and me to extend the service/delivery options at a later date. Later (not in this scope) we will add logic in the Api to evaluate

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    We are seeking a highly skilled e-commerce developer to create an integrated website that links seamlessly with our existing sales platforms, including Amazon. The goal is to enhance the overall user experience, improve ope...skilled e-commerce developer to create an integrated website that links seamlessly with our existing sales platforms, including Amazon. The goal is to enhance the overall user experience, improve operational efficiency, and reduce shipping costs from China. This project will involve strategically developing a new e-commerce site tailored to support drop shipping and coordinate with a reliable shipper to streamline logistics. Potential candidates should possess deep experience with e-commerce platforms and have connections or solutions for cost-effective ...

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    ... The key requirements for this project include: - Implement e-commerce functionality: This website needs to effectively sell physical products. You should have experience with creating online stores. - Responsive design: The website must work seamlessly across all devices. - Implement shipping options: You need to set up appropriate shipping options to handle delivery of physical goods. Ideally, you'll have experience in e-commerce websites, along with expertise in inventory management, handling shipping options, and special product displays. A sound understanding of Square website development is required...

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    ...effectively. - Route optimization: The software must provide the best possible routes for efficient transport. - Online LR preparation: This should include both manual entry with auto-fill options, as well as the ability to generate LRs based on input parameters. - Invoice generation: The system should automatically generate invoices according to the rate master. - Rate master: A comprehensive index of shipping rates should be included. - POD upload: A system for uploading proof of delivery is also necessary. - Custom report generation: The software should have the capability to create and generate different types of reports as per requirement. Ideal candidates should have previous experience developing similar software or logistics platform, demonstrating a strong understandin...

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