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    I am looking for a creative experienced Ninjatrader program developer who can solve trading system problem. I created a custom bar called AlexRenko (see file attached) and a strategy (AlexTrendTrader) that works by taking a long trade when price crosses above the red TSSuperTrend trailing stop and vice versa. Sometimes when price crosses the line, it reverses and causes a wick which results in a s...

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    I have a Allen Bradley Micrologix controller 1400 controlling a steam extraction custom built machine. I need some one to review the existing code and to make some alterations to the operations ( namely, changing from delivering steam to achieve a temperature setpoint to delivering steam to achieve a set pressure). Please advise as to experience with RSLogix programming language and Micrologix P...

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    I need a logo designed for Charger Roofing LLC. Our primary colors are red, black, and white. Attached is a logo for a high school nearby. We’d like to be similar to that logo without directly copying it.

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    Hello everybody, I want to create a quite similar (but not exactly the same) to 3d chess game for mobile devices (Android and IOS) and possibly also for desktop pc. The game doesn't need any kind of physics. Users will have to be able to play versus another player through internet/network or versus the machine. The game will be free to use for a limited time or for a limited number of games. ...

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    Some of its Features would be: Employee Onboarding Employee Database Management Employee Self Service Leave Management Attendance Tracker Shift Scheduling Performance Management Software Case Management Time Tracker HR Process Customization HR Process Automation Advanced Analytics Document Management E-Signature Expense Management GPS and Mobile Attendance

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    We need an expert dev to develop a chat app very similar to Whatsapp and Telegram, as we already have an Ionic app, we have the backend ready with Websocket, push notification service and rest api. Pre reqs: Resilient in bad internet connections (Retry sending, retry connections, retry rest requests etc) Work when app is closed and in background Send/receive audio, document, photo and text Show ...

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    Codesys and fluidsim program 13 saat left

    Hi , I need someone who can use codesys and fluidsim very well. I need help with ladder programming or funtion block programming. Thanks

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    I need two similar explainer videos and also the files to edit them if it is needed. The topic is delivery/shipment. The details i will tell in private message. There are no music needed and no voice needed

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    FSL program 12 saat left

    FSL PROGRAM: Empowering university students to become the next generation of sustainability leaders The Future Sustainability Leaders (FSL) is a yearlong outreach program that aims to educate and empower university students to become the next generation of sustainability leaders, capable of carrying forward the sustainability agenda. The year-round program begins at Abu Dhabi Sustainability W...

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    I want a website similar like [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] . The developer should be expert in api and php I will share the whole project details when we speak

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    I need a program which able to open vector files (pdf or eps or svg) and automatically extrude it based on the vector object colors. You can see the example on the uploaded image. I need basic function like: be able to set the colors that I would like to extrude ( not defined colors should not be extruded) be able to set the extrusion value ( in mm) let make bulk convertatiton with same setup the...

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    i want a program in phyton in which it displays the farming product and and the price of the product

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    Hi we are currently betting in bet365 , we are looking to mimic a main account to other peoples computer using software. so when the main account bets, it then bets in the mimic'd accounts.

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    I have a program implemented in PyCUDA, python version of CUDA. I need to run it on google Colab and make it functioning.

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    1. Use UDP protocol [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] management function [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] monitoring function

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    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TEXT FILE 1: <cate> 1 <effectdata> effectdataExample1 data data data </effectdata> </cate> <cate> 2 <effectdata> effectdataExample3 data data data </effectdata> </cate> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

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    I need to code a pen and paper game called Sim. The program need to allow two players sitting at the same computer to play the game against each other. I will attach the additional documents needed for the description of the assignment and I pretty much need this as a reference file. I've already completed this myself. Their are a list of do's and do not's that will attach as well

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    Java program Bitiyor left

    hey my name is yousef and i study at KSU im doing a simple java program and i need help with it

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    edit c++ program Bitiyor left

    there is c++ code. i need to complete my code. urgent project. but it is simple project.

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    I need a responsive website. I would like it designed and built.

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    Please download [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] to my local host on my computer. Also please download and install the Add On modules as listed Audit, Preqeqs, School, Student Files, Transfer Search,

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    upgrading a simple embedded ,real time program using c++ and windows

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    Hello I currently have a website that is created with Wix. The website is live. We need someone to program/code our current design and upload it to our server to make our website more SEO friendly. Wix is a one-pager and is not very good for SEO.

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    Hello there I need some help to make small program using oop java

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    Hello I need some help to make SMALL OOP JAVA PROGRAM For more details please contact me

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    I have a veritcal response e-mail program account, I need someone to help with setting up the templates on vertical response and loading pictures and text. Want to do e-mail campaign and I am need help with the set up

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    The exact app I want replicated is cargo24 developed by " iBOX Media Business srl". I want a few more added features. I want the two types of drivers, basic and gold. If a driver has gold membership he gets to see the placed orders exactly when they are made. If the driver is basic he will see the order with a 5 seconds delay. I want to be able to be able to change the delay period af...

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    Please download Gojek apk . i want exact system and features. just different design & colour for both android & ios app.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows. I need a program to read the output from Arduino (connected by usb to the pc) then plot it and exports the data to txt file Two outputs to read the ADC and the interrupt as a pulse counter. My sensor will give high rate analog pulses I want to convert them to digital numbers by the arduino ADC (10...

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    Hey there! We hiring architecture students and young graduates to join our design team. Responsibility - Conteptualizing designs, Schematic planning, Project documentation, 3d Modeling and architectural details. Autocad, Sketchup & Adobe is must.

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    This is for a farm enterprise, sheep and cattle as well as crops, barley, potatoes, corn , etc this is based on an irish farm. I don t need an explanation from google or wikipedia what this means i need this task to be evidence representing

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    I'm Robeart and I want to see if you're interested in creating a site for my starter company. The front-end can be simple and doesn't need a lot of attention, it's mostly about the back-end. The most important thing is that my site is completely secure and doesn't have any flaws, security is top priority. If you're still interested, here is what I will need; A simple...

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    hello ! hope you are doing good. I need a program for CY8PLC20 powerline communication. it includes the transmisioan and reception of data through I2C and sending it to UART and powerline. example programs are already available. you just need to edit it. examples you can find here. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] waiting for the response. regards,

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    • Data Collector mobile App use: Xamarine Forms with Open Source • Windows Desktop program use: C# with open source on PC work as server • Data Base (Windows Desktop program): MySQL • transfer data from mobile app. To Windows Desktop program by 3 ways : by email, by link, by internet • Windows Desktop program : Control panel to create many type users ( manager, editor, vie...

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    Hello I have bought a domain name and hosting but I need someone to build one site about Amazon affiliate program

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    Need a 'Create a quote' program. I want to be able to put the quote in then hit the submit button to export into PDF.

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    Determine the nodal deflections at the load application point, the reaction forces at supports and the maximum axial stress for the aluminum truss system shown below using ANSYS. Also provide a contour plot of the axial stress on the deformed shape of the entire structure. Young’s modulus and Poisson’s ratio for aluminum are E = 70 GPa and  = 0.3; cross sectional area of trusses A = 3...

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    I need someone to create an Android app for me in order to close master program. The app should be user friendly with basic functions. I also would need documentation on it. Basically it reminds algorithm calculation like 'Pythagoras square'. On your birth date it gives you matrix. Also, there would be explanations of 22 energies, rating of the mood, and something like notes, for writhi...

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    We want a windows program that is capable of batch scanning documents. After capturing, We would want to submit the student name, Date of Birth, faculty, department, year of entry, admission number description and other info together with the image for archiving. The database and scanned files are then archived in cloud. This program is basically for archiving of student records in a cloud reposit...

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    I will provide source code and the hired expert have to add two advanced features from the list and must complete the other requirements

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    Write a Pep/9 assembly language program which calculates the discriminant of the general quadratic polynomial equation. See the heading "Degree 2" in the entry for "Discriminant" in Wikipedia for more information. You will calculate b2-4ac.

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    A python code will be provided and the hired expert have to add two advanced features from the list and must complete the other requirements

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    Python program obfuscated into PDF.

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    Se requiere el desarrollo de un proyecto similar a Uber, que tenga software cliente y software de prestador de servicios, que permita todas las funciones actuales como (ubicación en tiempo real, fotos del prestador de servicio, encuesta de satisfacción, entre otros) y en la medida de lo posible usando Flutter o similar para que esté disponible para iOS y para Android. Se neces...

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    Write a program to control the operation of Arduino in cstudio

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    There is a website which is selling stuff and it works on clicking bidding on countdown timer. Always the person wins who clicked the lastest. Its like miliseconds makes the diffenrence. I want a program that make the click by itself and make me win bidding.

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