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    ...have Simple system that it does only one task (Approving sales orders ), the system made by and we want it to be as PHP The system is to approve or reject some sales, the process start from the salesman by login and uploading pdf file #### WHAT WE HAVE ### • We have The Template Ready , All pages are done, we have removed all the ASP code

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    ...intuitive and robust reporting system. The old system is an .asp and runs on a windows server. I want the new application to run on my Linux server, interface to mySQL and output to both Excel and PDF. The report output ranges from 1 page to over 5,000 pages. Reports are sometimes a simple mySQL export, some will require interleaving "Coversheets"

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    An experienced report writer with web application development skills needed. - Should be able to develop a simple ASP web application and create relevant design diagrams - Testing is also needed - Should be able to write a report of 45 pages - Good knowledge of the English language Further details will be given;

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    18 teklifler with, I'm a developer myself but need help due to the work load. These are simple web projects, ranging from basic html, others php and other classic asp, webforms. Sometimes you will need to develop new pages and others to upload new content to update pages that already exist. Requirements: * HTML, develop responsive websites from scratch

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    ...a job with our company) THIS PROJECT NEEDS COMPLETED WITHIN HOURS. Its simple enough to complete. CODING: The technology to build this page will be done with vb and or java. This will need to be done in CLASSIC asp only. Not php, not dot net, not anything else but classic asp. This landing page will be graphically appealing to teens and young adults

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    Requirements: 1. & asp MVC architecture with MSSQL analytics app 2. Simple Login page 3. User views should be able to filter the view/pages accessible of the MVC based on: a. Types category where users are able to view on analysis app. b. Pages Access based on different roles. 4. 5 to 6 Types of analysis web pages based on some of the

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    ...discuss and ensure the proposed site is attractive, appealing, and reflects the appropriate image of YOUR CLIENT. We utilize extensive usability surveys to ensure the site is simple to navigate to encourage usage. Interactivity Without interactivity, a website is merely an online book. Interactive sites capture user details online and monitor what users

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    81 teklifler The application is developed in asp/.net and the logic of it will not be re-written. All we need is to add the responsive css framework and possibly do some adjustment to screens when necessary. We are thinking Pure or Skeleton or similar framework because they are simple but if you have other preferences please voice your reasons

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    I already have a website and I am now hiring sales representatives. I need a fast responsive and simple two pages with the following details: 1) Sales Representative Offer and Capture 1.1 The objective is to detail the opportunity, capture the representative's basic registering information, show and enable the acceptance of the Terms&Conditions;

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    ...views, web page development, deployment, modification on existing pages, adding different tools on existing pages i.e. images, videos, sliders linked with DB tables, views, slider linked with images, products management, customer management, orders management, suppliers management. In simple words, all related to this Magento 2 website craetion to be explained

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    Currently have a relatively simple web application that is written in Active Server Pages (with Frontpage) which uses Microsoft Access as the database engine. The project is to convert this application from Access to SQL. The application is for a non profit, charitable organization that collects and distributes Christmas Gifts to needy foster children

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    ...IT company. I need content for 20 pages. Each article / content could be 250 - 300 Words. However, I do not need exact word count. I would like to get reply from those who are with the strong knowledge of Information Technology. The work should be plagiarism-free. I have enlisted the topics below with simple descriptions. I will explain if you

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    Simple updates for the month of August See Website Modifications [login to view URL] for details. Website Modifications Aug 2017 Requirements: o Backup all pages before modification o Provide backs at job completion. Modifications • URL: [login to view URL] o Remove all existing content o Replace with:  <script t

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    ...can provide our ASP .NET code Create industry specific pages: Retail, restaurant, service Reviews page / feature our customers with pictures… Maybe they can upload their submission More ideas: -The first thing you should see is some sort of call to action. For instance, something should pop up that says contact us for a simple way to connect your

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    I need an ASP developer to make some updates to an ASP admin system we have. They are simple updates such as making reports pages that display specific info from the database.

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    71 teklifler contains three major parts: 1. Company home page: Must contain features/sections such as: Member testimony Products list, short description and links to their dedicate pages and stores Health news feed, can be updated on daily or weekly basis. language switch (see example at [login to view URL]). we only need English, Chinese, All south-eastern

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    web designer Bitti left based on our field inputs. Below are our expectations. Beautiful UI Pages(MOST IMPORTANT) Fast Loading Looking for Minimal Mouse clicks ASP DOT NET Controls Based Responsive Page Client side Validations Kindly send me the price expected Per Page design. This will be a simple page with Grid result with search functionality, common header menu .

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    I want a 2 RESPONSIVE pages site, developed in Visual Studio 2017. Should be an Visual C# ASP .NET Framework WEB Application The pages should work on a IIS Server. First page is a simple Login (Username and password). Validation is on a SQL database table. Second page is a Sales Dashboard You can use any simple SQL database, than i will

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    ...server-side validation like PHP or ASP; however, I can host *.js scripts on the server-side. Primary Critical Solution Desired: 1. Disable submit button on-click and/or press for 30 seconds and keep disabled even if all required fields been properly completed and the visitor is redirected to confirmation pages then navigates back to form. This

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    3 teklifler contains three major parts: 1. Company home page: Must contain features/sections such as: Member testimony Products list, short description and links to their dedicate pages and stores Health news feed, can be updated on daily or weekly basis. language switch (see example at [login to view URL]). we only need English, Chinese, All south-eastern

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    I need a simple application to convert two asp pages into ios APP.. the app will collect data from users and simple save it into MySQL database.

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    ...database. Uses MySQL db, and .asp pages for UI. Windows hosting environment. I have all original scripts, binaries, user pages, etc, which can be used as pattern or just updated. Original script used insecure method to log into admin section, would like to update that to less vulnerable access. This should be a very simple project, possibly completed

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    11 teklifler artistry business!! It has 8 pages, including a contact form and a portfolio/gallery. Photos will also be used here and there to make it visually attractive. I already have a logo and the content is written. It will be hosted on crazy domains. I need something that is easy to navigate (but not one page scroll), simple yet attractive and classy and

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    Need a website. ASP with a VB.NET code behind SQL Server database Simple Data Entry and Data retrieval page designed for pilots. Background. Aircraft have books that go with them that advertise speed, how much weight they can carry and other things. These numbers are never really as accurate as the book states. My site will allow aircraft

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    Hey there, I am after 2 simple .asp pages to manage DynetDns records via their API(Restfull)interface and I want to achieve this by calling powershell functions. So in the backgroud, powershell fucntions will be dealing with creating and updating DNS records The ultimate aim is, creating subdomains with "www" node and add a cname records to

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    This should be very simple for someone who knows what they're doing - not me :) I have an ASP website that displays information from an Access database about classes that people can take in various cities in the world. One of the pages on the website has a form that allows people to search the database by city, type of class, and a few other variables

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    Using...template, we require a new website based on the templates required. Pages will include '; home pages category page search page product page a very simple cart print page email product page the top of each page will be a simplified mega menu the current website is asp classic you will be required to create a MVC c# .net site

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    ...3rd page is supposed to be restricted by .htaccess but is not working. 3rd page is supposed to send simple email using CDOSYS but gives error. Website hosted on Fasthosts. Will supply ftp access to server. All pages are extremely simple with a little ASP [login to view URL] (The web site is just part of a game for my family, so does

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    ...all 10 pages will show new code. It should be as "check our other pages" curl effect at lower right corner of page (div maybe) that shows user that he can click there and select from our other pages (links - can be pulldown menu) We have some WP, Joomla, HTML, PHP and one ASP website, so this must work on every domain - so keep it simple. List

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    ...visualisation pages. There is also a simple backoffice for editing the visuals (colors, text sizes etc). Required expertises: - .Net C# MVC - Signal R - Javascript / Jquery - HTML / CSS3 The work needed to be done: (for start) - Apply HTTPS everywhere in the project ([login to view URL])

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    WE REQUIRE: We need you to build a simple webpage. We have the idea (design) pretty much ready. The work should not take longer than some 10hrs or so. We pretty much know what we want and we need someone willing and able to do as we ask ☺ The work will also include turning some photos from color to black-white mode. COMPANY NAME: Bona Venture Partners

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    So we need to have two pages, [login to view URL] [login to view URL] I want the [login to view URL] page to be able to update the html structure in [login to view URL] The [login to view URL] will have textarea inputbox and update button. After we write some code on the textarea and click update button, the content of [login to view URL] will be updated It is the same like the...

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    Skills needed: ASP (or ASP.NET) / PHP, NGINX, AJAX, JavaScript A HTTP API is required for an existing hardware appliance. The hardware appliance makes HTTP GET and POST calls to static URLs in an API that you need to design. This API is NOT internet or public facing, however the API will need to post the text using HTTP POST to a website at a specific

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    I need the front end theme/pages/templates for a project I am working on, those are the requirements: 1. Using the same technologies below, on need for jsp, asp or php. 2. User friendly. 3. It's POS (point of sale) system for a laundry shop, I prefer to use the colors (blue, sky blue, white. etc) something related to water and washing. Description:

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    ... IMPORTANT NOTE : Website MUST BE built with old asp NOT, Save time for me and you. Requirements : * Website MUST BE built with old asp NOT or mvc. * DATA stored in DB (MSSQL) -- * I HAVE the Design on my webserver, I just need to make dynamic. * webpage have 3 pages, HOME,Incident,Building.( See attachments ) ---

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    ...webcontrol. 2. Working with a Telerik datagrid/radgrid control 3. Working with a hardcoded table in HTML5 (no ASP.NET code behind). Examples can be in multiple solutions, or pages, up to you. For learning purposes: table design: Table name: tblLearning Columns: ID (int), clm1string (String), clm2int (Integer), clm3dec (Decimal), clm4txt (Text), free

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    For starters, construct a simple ASP webpages that will display client bios. The bio would be generated from data in a client database (prefer MS SQL but flexible). This will initially function on the company's intranet. This will later evolve into more sophisticated pages where users can send comments back to the database, security features, different

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    ...components, ASP Classic pages (with some old javascript), SQLServer (originally MSSQL7). The Tote Application server is a simple web server application that combines a few functions for web clients to access and perform functions on the database. The database will need to be converted to a new database platform. The ASP Classic pages and COM components

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    You will use some form of script to automatically create 333 asp pages, save them in a zip, and send them to me. In the end I want you to send me a ZIP file that has 333 .asp files that you created using the attached TEXT file. Inside the text file you will find 333 names and 333 PID numbers. The files must be named with underscore replacing spaces

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    I need a Classic ASP Developer to build some relatively simple ASP pages that retrieve and save data to a SQL Server database. Skills required are ASP Classic, VB Script, Java Script and T-SQL. This is planned to be an on-going roll that will be paid based on an hourly rate.

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    Need a small set of existing website pages (forms index page, forms upload page, forms modify index page, and forms edit page) duplicated/modified for another category of company records. Existing site is written in VBScript & asp, uses MSSQL (v. 2005) (NOT MYSQL) database. Site is used exclusively by company staff and is password protected. Database

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    Need to redesign a simple website and give it a more modern look. More or less the same data as is now posted: A main page showcasing a product, some 'sub' pages for a price list, FAQ page, etc., and then an order page with validated fields etc. (no shopping cart needed). Need to include the css templates so that, in the future, an .net developer

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    ...Global is a startup company with offices in Hong Kong, London UK an St. Pete Florida USA, and we are looking for a web designer for our front facing pages that are very polished. The initial project is a simple 3 page project consisting of a home page, contact, about. We have a design from a graphic artist and we have a web site project created from a developer

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    ...Global is a startup company with offices in Hong Kong, London UK an St. Pete Florida USA, and we are looking for a web designer for our front facing pages that are very polished. The initial project is a simple 3 page project consisting of a home page, contact, about. We have a design from a graphic artist and we have a web site project created from a developer

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    ...focuses on the honolulu area. I would like this project to be done in classic ASP and Access database so that I can make minor changes myself since I am familiar with these technologies. All forms a pages need to appear highly professional and again please stick with classic ASP. I have already created the Access database, and you can visit the existing

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    I want an experience PHP developer that can easily transpose classic ASP code to PHP files. I have a simple website with approx. 10 classic asp pages, with simple code. The old code contain includes files and functions that should be transposed as well.

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    Simple Website Bitti left

    5 Pages/Tabs Required First 3 pages will have 2-3 dropdown/filters depending on which database will be queried and result will be displayed in a table. Page 4 will have aggregate of the first 3 pages result. Page 4 result can be exported to simple CSV file. Page 5 will contain diff of 2 results from the page 4. Filters should be saved so that

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    simple asp mvc project max 4 pages with sql server as database table structure + sample queries will be provided further details will be shared later PS: the project need to be complete with in 5 days

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