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    I would like to get simple Java based knowledgebase application build that - searches for the user-entered-questions in the database and displays the related solution/answer to the end-user. Using Spring modules for server side, AngularJS on the client side, and MySQL database. Front end should be just like a simple Chat window with one text input field

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    Client application The application supports the ability to work in portrait orientation of the screen. Localization of the application provides bilingual version of the user interface. The version of Android supported devices is higher than Android SDK 4.0., IOS is higher than 5.0 Android and iOS screen resolutions: mdpi (320x480 px), hdpi (480x800px)

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    I need an android REST client, built on Java using [login to view URL] Milestone 1: 1. The API server uses OAuth2, the client should authenticate with the API with correct grant. (On the bid, Please mention which grant you should use in this case.) 2. Authentication should happen securely 3. The tokens should be stored securely

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    Implementing own Encryption or Digital Signature Technique or Algorithm, Description Nowadays, security by encryption is done using either a third-party application or the database’s native digital signature processing, the former being too expensive, while the latter offers weak security. The idea is for the students to formulate their own

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    If you are a [login to view URL] client you can see the monitor [login to view URL] (see pic 1) there you have a list of shares, there you can select 1 like for example BBAS3 [login to view URL] and there one you a new page with the price in real time of this share, buy options and sale options (see pic 2).

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    ...use simple apache libs with maven. The target of this task is to create backend code which is going to be used in existing open source application and will be functional and also with simple documentation of how to use it -> Keywords: backend code (connid, java [best if its in eclipse], rest), maven build, TestNG automatic tests, https client ->

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    ...features like news feeds, email subscriptions, video/file uploads and checks, forum(designed as investigations), standard action scripts, as well as web-design that's elegant yet simple. Advanced features such as multiple live streaming sources and seamless way to publish data (p2p/mesh) to many computers: This publicity mechanism is going to be wrapped

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    ...project. We do not want compromised data in our network. Standard features like news feeds, email subscriptions, video uploads, forums, as well as web-design that's elegant yet simple. Advanced features such as multiple live streaming sources and seamless way to publish data (p2p/mesh) to many computers: This publicity mechanism is going to be wrapped in

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    Create an application to capture biometric data and store on server with following method and functions(will provide sdk for each device): Required Module: Web service, Desktop service client, Web app Method: Access biometric device using a desktop hidden service client. when web service send request to desktop client, it should capture biometric

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    The...exclusion algorithm: Ricart and Agrawala’s. Your program will use client-server based simple application using sockets in Java programming language. After completing the project, you will have a basic understanding of the working of mutual exclusion, Ricart and Agrawala’s algorithm, Client/Server architecture as well as socket prog...

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    Simple version of a 'hangman' game as a web application. Requirements As a user I want to be able to start a new game. As a user I want to be able to guess a character for an ongoing game. As a user I want to be notified when the game I am playing ends (win/game over). As a user I want to resume an incomplete game. As a user I want to be able

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    It is very simple mini java project. But challenging one and very [login to view URL] database required Server side ============= Create simple web application which will accept user name and password which already hardcoded in the servlet or java bean. For Example: Login page Username :Admin Password : password while clicking on submit

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    ...(provided) web service Requirements: -Read a simple table (i.e. User) from a database (must be configurable as Postgres/MySQL/SQL Server depends on client deployed environment) -Transverse de User list and post a JSON to an external webservice -Run as a Windows service -Auto update the application from an external URL -Windows 7 & up -Record

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    design a simple client server chat application using java, swings, javafx in eclipse. u can use windowbuilder plugin in eclipse. Scene Builder for javafx. for complete detail check attachment.

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    design a simple client/server chat application in java and javafx. for complete details check attachment.

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    Hello freelancers, I have this Java/Android Project below and a budget of $80 USD. I give you the steps you should follow under the project's description. IMPORTANT: I would like to make mistakes as a student created it. I don't want it to be perfect! Description: Implement a very simple implementation in Android environment, which makes

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    We need to build a simple web application and host it on Google Cloud Platform. Database : Cloud SQL Server side coding : Java Client Side : HTML/CSS/JS The web application requires user log-in, sign-up, travel search page and travel options page. The details with mocks are given in the document attached below.

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    ...I need the Application for my college in 56 hours: A camera with built-in motion detection sensor "watches"' a space controlled by an RMI server. Whenever the sensor detects motion, the server generates a motion event, giving it a time stamp and sends it to all RMI clients that have expressed interest in such events. Besides the server sends motion

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    ...Freelancers, I have a Java excersize with two parts. I want the first part for $24, and the second (the small and easier one) for $6. So $30 for both of them. I have zero time and i need it in 48 hours from now. Max 56 hours only if you have a serious problem.. You should have such experience as the requirements stated. (Java, RMI, Remote Sensing or

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    ...who can do java programming Develop a working example of a Java RMI system. This will involve developing both the client and server side of a distributed application: a simple reverse Polish calculator server. The calculator server operates a stack and clients push values and operations on to the stack. While, usually, each c...

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