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    Hello, I'm looking to have a job board developed. I currently have a job site, but the actual web application is licensed through an ASP (application service provider) where I have pay a yearly license fee. So I would need to recreate its current functions and migrate legacy data to the new developed app. More detail can be provided once I

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    An e-commerce web site, using PHP and mysql. It will have the functions of displaying misc software products. the visitor to the site, will be able to view misc products. moreover he should be able to add/remove products from the shopping [login to view URL] total amount of the products price should be displayed. an admin interface also should be included to be

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    Web Design Bitti left

    I'm looking for someone to completely redesign [login to view URL] . The current design is in simple HTML, I'm looking to redesign it in PHP or ASP this time. I don't have the specific ideas about how should the web site look like, but im open for suggestions. Every page should contain on the side navigation, with 8 sections: Home, International, News,

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    I am looking for a fairly simple php/mysql application. I want to be able to have users specify the name of a company, their zip code, and then rate the company on a few different things (i.e. customer service, billing, etc.). This information would then be stored in a database. If a user came to the site looking for information on the company they

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    We have a web application that parses a SQL database and creates a downloadable file output in either CSV, Excel document or Access database. The system works great until we added acouple more fields to the SQL tables. Now the Field names and data are not in the right order and we don't know why. For other applications we can not change the Database

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    Spec Sheet For Car Site The site is simple. There is a main page which leads to a forum or picture gallery. The forum is where most of the users go. It will need phpBB customized to a red and white theme with the logo (flag ??" see Main Page below). 3 Pages Main Page (with an animated (wavy) flag from [login to view URL]) with the

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    Flash Games Bitti left

    I would like to add to my web site some flash games. I need simple games but very original, not a game we could see everywhere... The Flash game should be in relation with the database (MySQL)to include a list of the best players. Like this the winner could receive a price sometimes. Please show me some example of your creations and bid for the average

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    One of our customers -a real state small business- need a web simple site, but we haven´t enough time to develop it. We are looking for a programmer to create it using PHP & MYSQL. A little of design is needed. See .txt attached for more details.

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    I need someone/company to create a PHP based Petition/Discussion site. Not really interested in fancy UI for the moment, keep simple functionality. [login to view URL] is an example of what I would like with respect to this functionality. They actually also use [login to view URL] which is free discussion system so the discussion side should be quite straight

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    Dotcom-Dotcom Bitti left

    ...experienced web developer to build us a site from scratch as an improvement on another site. This new site name is [login to view URL] and should be designed and structured on the same principles of [login to view URL] which the successful bidder is advised to visit to get input. PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT REQUIRE A FRENCH ALTERNATIVE AS THE SAMPLE SITE ABOVE

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    We have started a small web development firm and need a small, simple logo designed. We cannot afford much but if we like your work we will send more design jobs your way. If you would be able to send some examples of your previous design work that would be helpful. I can direct you to what we like in a logo design as well. ## Deliverables Complete

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    ...the users to create SQL database tables as well as simplify the management of multiple MySQL tables on a web site and allow the modification of the database and the resulting scripting on the fly. The scripting language is PHP and should be as simple as possible and fully documented. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in

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    We are in need of a simple php+mysql driven web site for our small travel agency with a few pages and small database behind. With the site it should be possible that: 1. visitors should be able to see the list of a directions (countries), regions, hotels we have, text, pictures, prices for the available accommodations, etc; 2. they also should be able

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    We are writing a front end to a web site and we need a very simple little function. We want it to look like the following and be written in C++/MFC. BOOL CheckLogin(CString URL, CString Username, CString Password); We have already written a PHP script that will return 1 if the username/password is in the database and otherwise will return 0. We need

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    I need someone to install and do a complete site design for the PHP version of the freelance script that runs on I'd like the script to be installed on [login to view URL] servers. The site design must be very simple but professional with complete documentation, logo and content targeting web based projects similar to [login to view URL] a...

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    ...who needs a portal web site, driven dynamically from a database, in either perl, PHP or ASP. Below is an outline of what is required, if you feel you could fulfil this contract please email me with prices and timescales. Through a simple secure integrated administration center you will be able to dynamically update the web site. Following are a

    €179 - €269
    €179 - €269
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    ...database to be manipulated with a set of tools, in PHP, PERL or ASP and anticipate it being hosted on a MySQL server. The tools should include a flexible way of displaying information such as skills, availability and previous work, so a relatively non-techie web designer could created a unique site that displays them. The backend maintenance of the

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    €179 - €269
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    website form Bitti left

    I need a simple form built on my website that enables people to forward my web address to their friends. The form will contain :- your name your email friends email a message that says - "I found a site I thought you would like to see: www. ----------" ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as

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    Simple data base with a web interface that has the following: 2 areas: A: Customer Information and place for sales people to put Notes B: Simple Trouble Ticket system where its linked to the customer 2 type of access: A. sales people with access to the customer information and notes B. technical people with access to both, customer info and trouble

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    I have a VB program that generates an invoice, I need the decimal places to show up as 2 ( 15.00, 17.00). now if the numbers after the decimals are not zero (15.22,17.25) then the numbers show up, however if zero's follow the decimal nothing shows up(15, 17.6). I need this fixed and have tried everything! If I use text1(1).text=formatcurrency(rsconn4("cost"), 2)) Then the calculatio...

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    News script Bitti left

    I need web based news script for my web site. This script must consist of simple editor to give newsmaker possibility to create news without any knolage of HTML ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform

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    I am designing a web site that will offer, as one of its features, an information page on tourism and restaurant facilities. What I am looking for is to hire someone to code the search and database portion of this page. I want a search form that will allow the user to choose 1 of 7 states and to also choose from 1 of 3 services (accommodation,restaurant

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    22 teklifler It would be similar to However, instead of Programmers and Webmasters, it would feature "Buyers" and "Sellers". I would need a search feature for the site. I would need it set up so that a "buyer" could be searched for space for sale (such as banner ad, classified ad, link, by dollar amounts, size of space, and length of ad term

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    Database-driven PHP/mySQL web site to be hosted on Unix. Coder to design, build and test mySQL database, web site/database interaction and design web pages (including navigation) from specification provided. We will perfrom user-acceptance testing, review database design, documentation and site functionality. *** MORE INFO *** Site likely to ...

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    Column page Bitti left

    I need a pretty simple php script for my personal web site that will allow me to add users (writers), have them login, and write/edit/delete their articles. Then, have these articles displayed on a page; divided into "sections." Have authors name/nick name at the bottom of his article. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

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    This should be seemingly simple but I can't get it to work. I'm developing a Flash 5 site that has some movie clips with text areas that need to be updated frequently. Without going to a Generator option (too costly) I want to set up either .txt files or an excel file or...(simple database?) that my .swf can pull text to populate the flash movie. I

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    ...project. ***************************** I know most of these have already been done... so IT shouldnt be that difficult. ------------------------ formmailer: Form Handler - PHP How difficult would it be to create a form with the same features as Matt Wright script formmail located at [login to view URL] with

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    ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION: In this assignment you will build an applet that converts a US Dollar value to German Marks or French Francs. ***All the info and specifications are posted in a file called "Requirements" on the attached zipped file, with the graphics and other files needed for the program. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as w...

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    this is a simple program for activex object development. only programmers who have earlier developed activex objects please bid. it is a simple application and i need it as a tutorial for building activex objects. -------------------------------------------------------- I need an ActiveX object for win32. (i think it would be best to make activex control

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    ...thought it would be good to package it together. Most of it should be simple. ----------------------------------- Guestbook/maillist.....simple form to subscribe, username, e-mail address, the ability to handle unsubscribe using a form,using flat file db,the ability to send a simple email to all subscribers via a webform, html or not ---------------

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    I need a simple web based application which involves the use of these 5 programing languages: PHP, Perl, awk, bash, sed ( I know sed is nota programing language, but must be included in the project :)) ) The application could be anything you want, a message board, a bug tracker system, an e-commerce site, anything, but It should be simple, and clean

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    An XML Schema database written in PHP/SQL Server, with add/browse/search capability. Data fields needed (* represents mandatory fields): - * Document id (primary key, numeric; set by server) - * Document type (integer, from an enumerated list of types; set by server) - * Title (less than 60 char) - * Version number (decimal) - * Creation date (datetime

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    ...the results are listed our paid results, back fill results. We would like to have the xml results placed between our results and out back fill results. This should be rather simple. There is the option so that we can have another databases results placed in-between the back fill and ours, so it might be best to have the results go through there. I really

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    2 simple C++ programs:) ## Deliverables Prgram 1) A program with a string copy and string concatenate functions. Write a program to test both functions. The program should not allow buffer overflow. Should test both copy and concatenate functions Should test both good and bad (overflow situation) data. ----------------------- Program 2) Web pages

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    5 teklifler template for a very simple home-based store front web site. Create "look-and-feel" for a simple shopping cart application including site logo and other graphics. Site will be Perl (maybe PHP based) using templates, so deliverables should be geared towards reusability. ## Deliverables * All graphics for site (simple...

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    Looking to have a web site where you can sign up and then track your weight loss. Simple interface needed, but still must look pleasing to the eye, maybe a graph?? Idealy would like the user to ad miles ran/walked, situps, weight, ect.. If the work is clean, would like to hire the coder on for upgrading site in futur! The server is IIS 5, so I would

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    I need some relatively simple script that can do following: I am using one registered shareware program at my site. It holds (most of) its data in 2 separate txt files. The data is delimated by "|" sign. One file is incoming (unverified) data and another is public (verified) data. I would like to have both datas imported to mysql so they can be there

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    I wish to invite outline quotes and development timescales from freelance ASP or PHP coders for the following interactive web application. This project is for a trial site - funds are limited as I am developing and paying for this personally. Project Specification 1) Subscription 1.1 User applies through an online application form. Probably about

    €179 - €269
    €179 - €269
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    I need an asp routine i have converting into a dll, the dll will need to recieve variables and then lookup a database (access) and return the database record content depending on the incomming variable back to the calling asp page.

    €179 - €269
    €179 - €269
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