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    Sprouts oyunu Bitti left

    PASCAL dilinde Sprouts oyununu programlamak [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] 2 farkli modu olacak; birinci modda bilgisayara karsi, ikinci modda ise 2 kisi birbirine karsi oynayacak. Bunun yaninda programin aciklamasi olarak bir text ve programin algoritmik semasi olacak.

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    I need help from a freelancer to help on finishing a simulation ( 19 scenario ) using TRNSYS and Sketchup, this will be a thermal simulation for Wall based materials. I have all the use cases and the required values. Must have a Trnsys license that can create the work and have simulated for us on a shared RDP session online ( amazon-workspace access )

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    Ready program in Pascal, you need to write in C # Forms.

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    Literature Review 6 gün left

    - Do not bid, if you are not completely familiar with the following topics: Convolutional Neural Networks, Pooling layers, and doing research - Do not bid, if your English is not exceptional. - Do not bid, if you are not happy with the rate or going to ask more money for doing this project - Your work should be plagiarism free -----------------------------------------------------------------------...

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    The implementation of an online application that implements the following: Project output by setting a predefined template (eg: core-ui); Routing setting: the application must include a login page, a landing page, a search page; The login page should simulate the call for a vacation authentication service; the client call must use JWT technology to send authentication information. To simulate serv...

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    This is for non-business use. I have multiple similar Excel files. They have currently 9 input columns (side by side and in same position) and 1-3 output columns. Python needs to read these inputs and predict missing outputs and write them to Excel. I can install whatever you need for Python (I have Anaconda already installed), but I prefer Keras and TensorFlow. Requirements: - Read certain E...

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    Matlab Coding 4 gün left

    Hi, i am zack, a researcher. I am looking for someone able to do matlab coding on vehicle routing problem using ant colony and simulated annealing method. You can refer this coding as a guidance [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] and as attached is the paper related to that coding. Please let me know if you interested.

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    you are going to read some text files and classify them according to their labels. The Reuters corpus is one of the most famous datasets for text categorization tasks. We provide a subset of this dataset on Brightspace. You apply these files to make your classifier. There is more information about this dataset available on [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] 1- Down...

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    Looking for a developer with ML skill. Requirement: - create a model to be implemented into Neural Network. - MatLab, OpenCV, Predictive Modeling, PyTorch

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    We are looking for an ‘A-team’ Frontend Web Developer who’s seeking to build their portfolio with full ownership of the code and design of our new website’s animated/transition elements. We’re a 3 year-old startup with an exemplary 7 person team who are building an app called Otium Circle. Currently we are doing a lot of re-branding work (at the moment the app is call...

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    I want a project based on Artificial Neural Network which will extract several features such as R-R interval, QRS complex, Q-T interval and Heart rate from the sample data MIT-BIH arrythmia database, Fantasia database. Based on the features that will diagnosis arryhthmia from the ECG sensor AD8232 and give Decision/ Prediction . Such as tachycardia , bradycardia, ventricular tachycardia , supraven...

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    Using data files in compressed format, to build “Vanilla” Artificial Neural Network to classify clothes , and also Keras.

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    Hello Freelancer, I need to solve a differantial equation using FEM software ( preferably Ansys ). The Equation represent diffusion ( is also same as heat Equation ) but in which is an additional term is added to make the diffusion ( or Heat Transfert) depending from this term. the equation is joined in the Upload Files. the Additional Term is linear and not time depending. You can use simple geo...

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    Part 1: Build a convolution neural network in TS Keras from existing PyTorch code (45 USD) Part 2: Employ Invasive weed optimization on resulting model (155 USD) See attached description

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    Hybrid genetic algorithm and simulated annealing algorithm for optimizing cattle feed composition using codeigniter

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    CNN recognition 22 saat left

    Urgent need to implement 2 questions python neural net working

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    Neural and Adaptive Systems 21 saat left

    please look at attach file Neural and Adaptive systems -- Mini-Project: MNIST Digit Classification

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    Neural Network 9 saat left

    I need help in Neural network. If you know it, please ping me. I will share details with you.

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    €22 - €31
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    I HAVE ALL THE CODE FOR THIS TOOL!!! (Attached to competition) I need help getting it back-online. The team I developed this and had it actually running online is no longer available. StratoStar Balloon Flight Prediction - Phase 1 (Plan) I created this tool which was working online at one point, but the team who build it with me is no long doing this type of work. I would like to have have...

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    We are developing different types of subsea pipelines. To ensure that the pipeline is reliable we need to test them firstly via CFD simulations. In this case the task is to create 3 different meshes of pipes and simulated them in certain conditions.

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    Need a C# .net wrapper or class to send keystrokes to a game in directx. I have tried InputSimulator wrapper, SendKeys, keyboard event api but has been unsuccessful. The only way that keystrokes can be simulated thus far is having my application trigger a macrorecorder script to click to the game and do that work and then click out of the game to be triggered again. Success on this project is d...

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    Creating a crime prediction system using artificial neural networks, This system should work on any data for any city.

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    I am looking for someone who can help me to create a simple demo in a form of a website that will act as an endpoint for Recurrent Neural Networks with Long short-term memory layer Keras model that solves a multi-class classification problem by parsing through IT help desk support ticket textual data. Back end of the project is somewhat complete.

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    You need to retrieve the weights of a few neural networks. The model is already developed. Your task is to simply retrieve the neural network weights. The project budget is INR 7000/USD 100

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    I need a software engineer/programmer with experience in voice activation and deep neural networks to develop a new type of software for me. I'm in Chicago, and prefer someone that I can work with locally, face-to-face.

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    The Project: We have 3 pieces of 3D magnetic sensors around a sphere. On the sphere there are some magnets. If we rotate the sphere the sensors can detect the magnetic field's changes. The task is to build up a neural network what can estimate the sphere orientation based on the detected magnetic field. We can provide CSV files with 3 sensors data (X, Y, Z levels) and the exact orientation d...

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    We are looking for an ‘A-team’ Frontend Web Developer who’s seeking to build their portfolio by full ownership of the code and design of the animated elements. We’re a 3 year-old startup with an exemplary 7 person team who are building an app called Otium Circle. Currently we are doing a lot of branding work so we can connect better with businesses to join our app (it&rsquo...

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    PSpice CAD Bitti left

    This project with the PSpice CAD tool, as well as schematics and plotting simulation results. Circuit to be simulated A schematic of the test circuit

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    I’m looking for a developer to take a script and import a gui to it. Will provide all the code. It’s a content generator, based on neural networks. It can be feed with data to train the networks, and will generate text ouput based on its knowledge. I need a gui for this including the following features: - Import data sets to train the neural network - Generate text option, which wi...

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    Hello, I am looking someone to help me for image classification. The person should have strong knowledge on Image Classification using CNN and Python programming. The classification is to automatic check whether the machine is ON or OFF. So, we train the model with 2 kinds of images - ON and OFF. Although we may need to classify using color of the image. Train the system based on this ON and OFF i...

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    I am attempting to build and LSTM neural networking using keras in python. The code is supposed to take in a array and predict the output based on 5 labeled categories. I keep on running into an error with my fit function. I am using python 3.6 in anaconda. The keras version is 2.4 i believe. I need the code repaired asap. I have already missed a deadline.

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    I require assistance in recreating accounting records for a course I am teaching. I have overall figures but need Audit reports, management reports etc simulated to reflect values supplied. The reports must be in line with the UK accounting standards and reflect reports generated from a top 4 accounting firm. Therefore reports need all the waffle not just the values. Therefore if you have a temp...

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    need a person who good knowledge in AI related field especially Artificial neural networks

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    We need to simply customazize a desktop page: adding function button and logos, moving and resizing existing object,

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    The goal of my project was to build a machine learning model, using supervised learning on historical data provided by amazon, that predicts an employee’s access needs, such that manual access transactions are minimized as the employee’s attributes change over time. The model takes as input an employee’s role information and a resource code and outputs a prediction of whether or ...

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    I need data scientist with experience in Python, Convolutional Neural Networks , MLPs and PyTorch. Please reach out with relevant samples.

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    build a neural net to classify iris plants

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    We need 7 educational augmented reality videos that will work on hp reveal apps, both on smartphones and tablet computers. The vidoes are about biological topics at middle school level. Here are more details about video subjects; 1. Skeleton systems 2. Digestion systems 3. Circulatory (Cardiavascular) Systems 4. Respiratory Systems 5. Urinary Systems 6. Neural Systems 7. Sense Organs

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    I want to have a Deep Learning (Neural Network) model that can extract all technical words from an article. Help and guidance can be found at: - [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] - [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]@nikkisharma536/white-paper-job-skills-extraction-with-lstm-and-word-embeddings-d71d1f96024f with [URL'yi gö...

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    I need my developer to be able to use Neural Networking to train a network to recognise a cheater within the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive. There are "demos" made at the end of each game and I would like my developer to be able to use the already available decoding software to find points to measure and to see from the data returned whether the previous player is a legitimate pla...

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    I'm looking for a professional proposal writer to bid on online projects for our company, Superior Data Science LLC. We specialize in data science and machine learning projects. We need a proposal writer who can find long term (6 month) and short term (1 week) projects that help other businesses grow in servicing data science and artificial intelligence. If you know how to discuss tools such...

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    Hi, I need a neural network expert who can create a decision making program for a portal which will filter users based on previous data. I will give more details in chat if I like your profile and bid. Please mention your previous experience regarding neural network in your bid. Please write "NEURAL NETWORK" at the begining so I see you read my description properly.

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    The problems covers some classical physic. One of them needs to be solved using Euler-Lagrange equation. The project needs to be simulated or visualized using python.

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    I would like to pursue a relatively complex project that will involve designing and building a recurrent neural network. This will also incorporate the following criteria: - Modelling historic prices of various time-series data - Adding in numerous commonly used technical indicators - Measuring and applying sentiment analysis with aggregated social media information Thank you for your considera...

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    I want to design a solar panel system for road lighting with a distance of 6.5 km Number of lampposts 296 Each lighting pole has two lamps   The total number of lamps = 2 * 296 = 592 Load each lamp = 305 W I assume one PV power station to power all the lamps. **Report from A to Z about what we need and all calculations with types of materials and advantages&disadvantages **The report sh...

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    build Neural Network and analysis provided data set and write a detailed report please see the attached document for more details

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    I have a 3D CAD model of a product I need placed into a simulated outdoor environment using Adobe Dimension. I want a high quality photo realistic image of a person using it outside.

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