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    Hola, necesito un logo para un anueva empresa, se trata de un servicio de consultoria que analiza el riesgo que tienen las empresas se ataques informaticos y robo de informacion. Estoy pensando en un logo sencillo , minimalista y que de un vistazo de a entender que hacemos. Os adjunto un modelo que he montado.

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    ...immediately. EA will send a limit order when the price is x points from the Stop Loss level. EA will modify the Stop Loss when the trade is in profit by x points. However, if the SL is updated manually, EA should update the manual stop loss level. 3. TP input required. If TP is changed, it should reflect the new TP level. 4. Lot Size input required. 5. Order

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    10 teklifler sending unwanted requests to other sites. I need an experienced professional to resolve this situation as soon as possible. Log send it Abuse Team - Comvive Servidores SL 2019-03-12 04:21:11 Hi, We have detected a network attack from an IP ( [login to view URL] ) from your network, a computer connected to it is probably infected and being part of

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    Hi, I have a problem on my CentOS 7 server. The server has a Dualcore CPU and both CPUs are around 100% non-stop. I need to know what is causing this. A..."Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:62.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/62.0" Date: Tue Mar 12 09:25:34 CET 2019 Unix timestamp: 1552379134.33 Abuse Team Comvive Servidores SL abuse@[login to view URL]

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    Se trata de calcular la base imponible del impuesto de sociedades contando con el Balance de situación y la Cuenta de Pérdidas y Ganancias.

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    Se trata de calcular la base imponible del impuesto de sociedades contando con el Balance de situación y la Cuenta de Pérdidas y Ganancias.

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    Create an Excel Address-List with 4 sheets (each website 1 sheet) including the...websites to collect the data from are: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] We estimate a total of 500 addresses.

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    We have a small Mobile App created by our in house developer (source code available). It's basically a [login to view URL] App containing web view....e. Android, IOS, and UWP. The details of the project could be seen in the link below: [login to view URL]

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    I have a telephone exchange model Nec Sl1000, i need someone that to change one setting (the voicemail time in the setting that we are able to get from browser IP) May the setting module is this (www) .[login to view URL] (.html) If you u have to search I need a reply like this . Open this setting . Change this field

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    Hi. Have you heard anything back from freelancer about the refund of the milestone? Either you can fix the SL part or refund me the payment. Speak to you soon. regards Hnerik

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    ... termed SL XAMARIN. This Apps is expected to support atleast 3 platforms: Android, IOS, and UWP. The current capability of the App is elaborated in Section 1. We wish to make the following improvements as elaborated in Section 2. See the detail here: [login to view URL]

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    ...recently translated a text from English into Arabic and I need a specialized freelancer in translation studies whose Arabic is his native language to make a comparison between the SL and TL. I need to apply one of the translation theories, either Nida, Piernie, or Newmark. Those who studies translation can recognize the main objectives of this project.

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    Small add ons for an EA like sl etc.

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    ...---------------------------------------------------- Trade Parameters: Hide/ visible TP/SL - false/ true TP: manuel or daily pivot (ADR), if 0 EA will track and find TP -> entry/ exit strategy SL: manuel or daily pivot (ADR), if 0 EA will treck and find SL -> entry/ exit strategy Max spread Slippage Magic Number Pause after a lost Trades (minutes)

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    ...Instructions: - They can not be derivative works, they must be original. - A total of 4 original designs are requested. - Each design must be compatible with the 2 measurements of the cabinet (19" and 24"); so once you have the design for a measure, you should make a new version where you resize the vinyls that affect the width (Bartop: marquee, bezel, control

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    YOUR CHOICE OF PR...screen standpoint the following will be required: a) Dashboard for live trades b) Reports for weekly, monthly and yearly P/L c) Settings configuration (eg. profit percentage, SL percentage, total capital, credentials, Brokerage charges etc) Payment will be released after 1 week of trading to find out any bugs and iron them out.

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    cryptography Bitti left

    ...following input (named [login to view URL]) in separate files via Blackboard by the due date. No zipped files allowed. Input to decrypt: “bf vjrhmsgseqlal, xkwjmxfvq tftdrkbk tdlg dfhog sl uhmglbfz dxlmwkk bk mzx kmmwq hx mzx xkwjmxfvq hx ewmlxjl gk ykgnhl gy dxlmwkk bf t ubhawklxpm law fwmzhv bk nkxv tk tf taw lh tkwtcbfz ueslkbutd vaizxjl xkwjmxfvq tftdrkbk

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    ...required. PETROL SAE 5W20 API SN SAE 5W30 API SN SAE 10W30 API SN SAE 10W40 API SN SAE 5W20 API SM SAE 5W30 API SM SAE 10W30 API SM SAE 10W40 API SM SAE 20W50 API SL SAE 10W40 API SL SAE 15W40 API SL SAE 20W50 API SJ SAE 10W40 API SJ SAE 15W40 API SJ (DIESEL) 15W40 API CJ-4 20W50 API CJ-4 10W40 API CJ-4 15W40 API CI-4 20W50 API CI-4 10W40 API CI-4 SAE

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    Android app 1) Administrator 2...Agents by City Name 1) Shimoga 2) Bhadravathi 3) Sagar 4) Shikaripur 5) Sorab 6) Thirthalli 2) Customer Login Full Name Mobile: E-mail Product name Sl No Purchase Date Book Complaints Complaints History Agents Received Completes Shoveled Completes sms integration and etc.....

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    Hello , Please develop an EA with expected SL and Tg based on various EA and update

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    ...separate panel with enough space so that the sprites do not overlap each other; game option buttons - difficulty level options (Easy/Medium/Hard) Website window - 1st 2 layers from sl# 5 above; progress status with colourful graph; title of the topic along with number of level and lesson; icon representing which subject (maths/reading/science/social studies)

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    ...///////////////SL stands for some languages. SC stands for some countries///////////////// SL : Germany, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Hungarian, Swedish, Luxembourgish, Polish, Dutch SC : German, Italy, Portuguese, Spanish, Hungary, Sweden, Luxembourg, Poland, Netherlands. I'm looking for someone who can help offer advice on what to include in SL resume

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    Need a PCB with 2 relayes ...k-Kickstarter/282661530121?hash=item41cff0aa09:g:ZxwAAOSwe0NZwh8I:rk:4:pf:0 Link to Relay.: [login to view URL]:g:l9oAAOSw-0xYUXyy:rk:18:pf:0 Input is going to ac 30v or 28vdc . the realys will switch the input power

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    ...installation for me, went inside and I believe he erase everything from the VPS, so I need to install it again. Can you please help to do that or go inside the VPS and fix the issue sl the interspire program so it can work properly. Abd help to change all access passwords as well please, I will really appreciate it. Let me know Cynthia Whatsapp (+51)949-461082

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    Hello , Please develop an EA with expected SL and Tg based on order i place .

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    ...custom positions (e.g. orderID, open-close order type, open-close time, open-close price, volume, gross-net profit, open-close slippages, open-close processing time, exit type (SL or TP etc) etc) should be stored in external trading log file (according to MC features) Eventually, total amount of Profit for MC log and custom one should be equal, nut number

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    ...done via a simple user interface built on the customer website. The software will need the ability to connect with 1,000+ accounts After each TP target has been reached, the SL will need to be adjusted to the previous target. Ultimately, I am looking to create 100% automation for my customers so they no longer have to manually input the trade data

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