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    Yapılması gereken iş basit, ama kodlar uzun. Kullanıcıya hangi direnç tipini hesaplayacağını soruyorsunuz. 4 band resistor, 5 band resistor veya SMD resistor diye, sonra kullanıcıdan direncin renk kodlarını istiyorsunuz, hesap yapılıp direncin kaç olduğu yazılacak seçilen direnç çeşidine uygun şekilde. The work to be done is simple, but the codes are long. You are asking the user which type of you to calculate. It will be designed as 4 band resistor, 5 band resistor SMD resistor, after or from the user to design the additives color codes, designed to be designed.

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    Donanım Tasarımı; Atmel ve PIC Serisi Mikrodenetleyiciler, SMD Malzeme Operatörlüğü, Analog ve Sayısal Devre Tasarımı Elektronik Kart Çizimi (Şematik-PCB) - Basımı, RF modül kontrollü 8 Röle çıkışlı Donanım Tasarımı ve Yazılımının yapılması. USB, RS232, Can-bus, DC, step motor uygulamaları, Timer ve İnterrupt uygulamaları. Osilaskop, Sinyal jeneratörü Ve Avometre Kullanıımı. Yazılım Tasarımlarında; MikroC For PIC Arduino c# FPGA Sistem Tasarımı ile ilgili referans çalışmalarımı web sitem üzerinde inceleyebilirsiniz.

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    A power supply board design required. Board will have an AC input which will be able to work on 115V and 230V mains voltages. Board will have 6 different isolated 24V DC outputs, these outputs will be able to supply 1A of current typically and 1.2A on burst condition. Also there will be 5V 3A and 3.3V 1A non-...outputs will be able to supply 1A of current typically and 1.2A on burst condition. Also there will be 5V 3A and 3.3V 1A non-isolated outputs. There will be 2x 12V Lead-Acid battery connection for backup the mains input. Power supply will be controlled with an integrated microcontroller and will support security functions. Design will be performed with avoiding obsolete parts and will utilise SMD technology. In the first stage, detailed system plan needed prior to elecric...

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    Soldering specialist -- 2 6 gün left

    Need tovdesolder and resolder components

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    Soldering specialist 6 gün left

    Need tovdesolder and resolder components

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    I just need two small solder joints made.

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    Repair/refurbish antminers 2 gün left

    Look for someone interested in crypto mining and can do delicate soldering work on mining machines. Experience is a must. Fixed price per repair, work out together pricing based on types

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    Tech pulled the 4 pads off the motherboard when disconnecting the right speaker connector. Need someone to help me solder the connector back to the board. Must be in or around Sunnyvale, CA.

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    ...associated with each of the 5 switches to illuminate when each switch is engaged, and the unit sends out a “to ground” output from each of the 5 functions, via the connector leads in the attached image. I tried to just solder on leads to the switch contacts of the larger board, but the leads and solder would not adhere. One can see in the image where the large board was burned at the unsuccessful soldering of leads. It would be great if we could turn off the previous function when switching to a new function. So for example, when in Drive and then switching to the Park position, it will automatically disengage the Drive function. I can do this with relays, or if you can come up with a robust automotive design to do this, we can discuss that function as well. I pre...

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    I have a simple teens...of my knowledge but I am doing something wrong. I am trying to put together but somehow cannot seem to get it working. I would like someone to guide / assist me in what I need to do to get the project working. I would also like someone to modify the code to port from a teensy to esp32/8266. For a professional this will be easy work. For me I don’t have the attention span. I am confident with soldering circuitry and simple code. But I am not a c+ nor a micropython expert. So I require the services of someone who is competent in arduino, teensy, c++, python and circuitry / pcb. Also have another project looking to reverse engineer a pcb where to the successful applicant will receive a nice cash reward upon completion. Look forward to working with you. ...

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    65 PCBA need to be reworked at an off-site CM. Two micro BGAs need to be replaced with a new component. CM is based in Austin, Texas, United States.

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    diseño pcb Bitti left

    necesito que me diseñen un pcb con componentes smd para leer sensor de carga o celda de carga

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    Simple soldering needed to attach a left handed throttle

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    LEDs on PCB are placed in Matrix format like 2D array. (see the stl file attached.) LEDs comes like in reels like ( ) We can have may reels to accommodate one reel per row. We need a hand operated mechanical rotating or sliding tool to place these leds from reel to pcb in desired place(just placing is sufficient). Please propose any design for placing leds on the board.

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    I need website developer like this website

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    ...CEV certification(s) · Familiarity with Autocad, Vizio and/or MS-Project desired · Familiarity with ITSM Service Management process desired · Superior communication skills including the ability to communicate effectively with team members, non-technical persons and customers. He/she should be good at conveying concepts/ideas and explaining things in an easy to comprehend manner. · Excellent soldering skills · Self-motivated & Resourceful - Ability to solve unusual or unexpected problems · Ability to work all shifts associated with 24x7x365 production environments · Must be willing to be on call for coverage of critical technical systems Physical Requirements: · Ability to sit, reach outward or above the should...

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    I need breakout boards for DRV10974 by TI, it should fit standard 2.54mm breadboard. Filter capacitors should be included on the PCB. Power input, and motor output connect to right angle JST 2.54mm connectors. All other I/Os connect to breadboard pins. Requirements: Software: Solidwork Electrical or KICAD. SMD and underboard thermalpad design/manufacture knowledge. Preferences: Someone in or around Saigon, Vietnam (for future projects). Able to understand Vietnamese for local part sourcing.

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    ...can be done with out any arduino or systems. I need. Push a button, large and strong. Then activate two stepper motors. Motors have a adjustable speed pcb pot. Adjustable time running pcb pot. Between 2 seconds and 1 minute. Second button the returns the motors to their original positions. Needs to run with 12vdc. And i will wire the board directly into a cable. No socket needed but connection soldering ports. Im build a desk, which will have a pop up power bar of sockets. The power bar will raise using the stepper motors once a button is pressed. Then it will return to being flush with the desk when a second button is pushed. The push to start switches/buttons wont be wired into the pcb. I will fix them into the power bar with wires to the pcb. So will need connector for solder ...

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    LED soldering Bitti left

    SMD LEDs need to be replace in PCBA boards

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    Workin 1st switch Single press torch on Once again single press torch off long press fan on On again long press fan off Double click battery level indicator on for 10 second after that it get off. Second switch for ldr Long press servo motor on Single press servo motor off At any click buzzer give a beep sound very small time . Pcb size 2/3 Double sided Double layer Smd And relay when switch off all component servo motor get off on its perfect position. Battery level indicator coding with charging percentage in one RGB bulb Ok but comparator use for compare when solar panel activate then battery power get blocked and and solar panel give current to pcb board. Add solar panel direct to the battery.

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    I want to build a wifi jammer for an 802.11ac 5G wifi camera (its on channel 149). The camera is about 20 metres away. A 20 to 30 metre range would be ideal. I dont want to jam anything els...very experienced with electronics and I don’t know what items to purchase. I dont expect the assembly will be very complex because it’s not being made from scratch but I'll still need basic guidance. If it is relevant I've done some very simple tinkering with an ESP8266 NodeMCU V3 board (which was when I discovered I could only Deathur a 2.4gHz wifi camera with it). I can do basic fine tip soldering but I wouldn't enjoy building something from the ground up using electrical components and a circuit board.) The attached file shows the sorts of things I&rsquo...

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    there is one PCB have components on both side, and most of the parts on its top side are all THT footprint, we would like change them to SMD footprint, of all, right now the docs possessed included schematic diagram, gerber file and layout drawing

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    The project is to produce 6 pcs of embedded devices assembled in a proto PCB. The design is complete so Most of the work is soldering the embedded devices to each other in a acrylic PCB then assemble all in a plastic casing. The project is located in Hong Kong.

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    Hi, I'm preferably after someone that has previously designed a 2.1 AMPLIFIER circuit. Am after 2.1 Amplifier. 2 x Main Speakers 2 x Satellite Speakers 1 x Subwoofer out. SMD Components. With quality amplifier chips. Thanks

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    black bird Bitti left

    - PCB Redesign; - Change from ESP8266-01 to ESP82266-12F; - Add 2 new sensors (temperature, humidity and gas); I accept suggestion for sensors (sensor Mq-2 and Dht11) - Add 3 Push Button Switch 3*6*2.5mm smt Tactile switches 3*6 smd tact switch ( 1 mode setup / 1 (+) / 1 (-) ) - Update BOM componets with end of life; - Work on tentative the remain within PCB same size. - Ultimate goal is to make the PCB with the lowest possible cost of production and manufacture 10 samples for test; notice: currently i am using MCU Mega 2560 and isn't possible deploy FOTA (firmware over the air) with ESP8266-01 (Serial3). So, if identified any concerns please, let me know before start - milestone #1 Design(SCH, PCB, BOM, Gerber, Pick place, Assembly Drawing): 2days - milestone # 2 componen...

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    Inspection and modification of the existing "ATnoX" PCB Link: Requirements: * Two PCB's on an area of 100 x 100 mm, separated by mouse bites (one e.g. 50 x 100 mm). * If possible, replace all SMD and SMT components with through hole components, if not possible, replace with as easy as possible to solder components. * Components should be soldered and installed on one side only * As an alternative to the 14 pin connector, create the option to solder screw terminals. * There should also be a hole in each corner for fastening with a screw. * Delivery as KiCad project files (or comparable open standard) * Also generate all files necessary for JLCPCB board fabrication and assembly e.g. with the KiCAD JLCPCB tools >

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    PSA Repairs Bitti left

    Advanced curbside tech repair specializing in computers (desktops, laptops, custom) and mobile devices (cellphones, tablets) as well as water damage, software repairs and soldering for all of the above. Just looking for something basic and to the point. Thanks for your time!

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    ...kit Installation and configuration of operating systems and software Packing and loading of equipment for transport On site installation and testing of Install hardware and software Remote and on-site maintenance of TFP events Hosting capture experiences and directing the public   KEY SKILLS Relevant work experience in a technical environment is a must Experience in basic electrical repairs and soldering Knowledge of networking Excellent troubleshooting and fault finding skills Knowledge of MacOS, Linux a bonus Excellent verbal communication skills, patiently explains complex technical issues in an easy to understand manner Knowledge of photography, film making or lighting a bonus Comfortable interacting with the public and liaising directly with clients   APPLY In the ...

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    Its a starter modual that needs 3 switches and a relay replaced.

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    I need a EAGLE routing expert for a 220 x 150 mm board with 245 components. The board has top components only and should be routed on 2 layers if possible. Smallest element is 0805. Connectors and mouting holes are already positioned and can no longer be moved for enclosure production reasons. Requested work is placing the remaining components and routing the signals in an visually appealing manner. Trace width must be set accordingly.

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    I have a powerpoint presentation that should be adapted. Would have to be done by friday 10 june...features Page 10: & Upload Gerber File -> (Upload Gerber File) Upload BOM and Pick&Plac Files and Run BOM Search -> Upload BOM, Run BOM Search (upload Pick&Place Files) Page 12: Deliver your components -> Deliver your components and PCBS Pager 15: 26000 -> 65000 Page 17: change titles and pictures of people Between pages 18 and 19 addition of new page with: Summary First time right No hand placement of SMD components for the hiegiest reliability and repeatability Aim: to be ready for mass production Roadmap: - addition of new suppliers - improved management of customers components - increase pcb possibilities - alternative components - life cycle management - ...

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    I need someone to solder a connection in a cable.

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    We need the scraper tool to copy down our competitor's compatibility list. - Copy the compatibility list from existing listing to an excel sheet (up to 1000 multiple pagina...compatibility list is copied down, we would like to know the most effective way to upload the list to ebay directly or use another software to input it so we do not have to input them one by one. I am willing to explore all options. let me know what you think and if you can do it. other ideas are welcome. Here is the link of the competitor's ebay list. We want to find the effective way to upload that compatibility list into our listing

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    Trophy icon Retail Store Signage Bitti left

    Hi I am looking for Signboard Designs for my shop, Please find enclosed the picture with Sizes I want to use front top and bottom and Door for signage Brief about us Company Name Gadget Repair Point We sell Old laptop and phone Phone Accessories Chargers We repair Phone Laptops Desktops Headphones Drones Play stations Water Damaged Gadgets Soldering We Replace Screen Battery Charging port Motherboard Please come up with your brilliant ideas, Signage must be attractive and eye catching, the shop is in MElBOURNE CBD Australia Please do your best and all the Best

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    We are a manufacturing and trading company, based in mumbai. we are now on a peak to expand our business and products, so we are looking for a technically sound and well versed with engineering concepts. Kindly get in touch with us on bellow contacts . 8291657077 8591088188 Regards, Pradip Kasar Sales Officer

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    PCB DESIGN Bitti left

    PCB includes digital inputs, digital outputs SD card interface, SMD mounted components.

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    I have a gaming mouse which I would like to have the mouse switches replaced. I required some desoldering and soldering experience which I have none. I will supply the switches but I just need someone to do the actual job of switching them out for me. I am looking for someone in the Boston Massachusetts area.

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    Good morning, I have made a project with a pcb composed of a nodemcu V2, a resistor, a 5v power input and a connection to ds18b20. I would like to have that project with material that does not need soldering.....

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    Electronics repair shop specializing in Computer, Phone, and Tablet repairs offering advanced Micro soldering services, Motherboard repairs and Data Recovery. Not sure about the colours to be used, please suggest. Name of the business: Aletex Electronics Don't need a super complicated logo, something simple but attractive. Please don't copy other existing logos.

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    158 girdi

    Project description: Ruggedized, gamepad-style drone controller PCB. We need EAGLE Schematic divided into A4 frames + PCB design + clean BOM + PCB production files + 3D model. Needed features: - 2 pins on main SF8-B Weipu connector are meant for VCC and GND. VCC will be...available should be selected since we need to make 100 pieces of the device after confirming the prototype works. Chinese manufacturers can be used () PCB and components requirements: - smallest elements: passive 0402 - elements preferably on one side, both sides allowed only if necessary (allowed after consulting) - temperature range -30+50 - 2-4 layers - 1.0-1.6mm thickness - HAL lead soldering - smallest via drill: 0.3mm We will provide consulting if needed as well as PCB dxf outline matching with enclosur...

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    I need to do 3 modifications on a electric board that i designed: 1)change the green connectors into jst ph 2pin smd female connectors 2)switch the +and- pole of the "pv" output 3) add two screws

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    I coordinate a design te...every 50 s) • 7.2Vdc power supply • input power 100mW (20dBm) • two-phase modulated input signal • input impedance 50Ω • output impedance 50Ω • efficiency ≥ 70% • operating temperature between -20 and +55 • the output power must go from 10% to 90% of the max power in less than 5ms • must work with VSWR between 1: 1 and 3: 1 • must not be damaged if the load is shorted or open • must be made with SMD components • preferred amplifier component (without constraint): AFT09MS007NT1 I am looking for an RF circuit designer who is able to assist me in the realization of this circuit and who can provide me with schematics, formulas and PCB layout to allow me to create the device (PCB realiza...

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    Looking for an individual person based in the US who has an electrical engineer background, just on the simple level. The project is about - iron soldering of electrical devices for US-based customers who will be getting a service All of the details about the project will be given after the bid. This work requires about 1-2 hours of daily work at the beginning of the project.

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    I need someone for approximately one week to hand solder 3, 0604 resistors to a circuit board. we have a large number of circuit boards and we think the work will take approximately one week. to do. We are based in Mentone but the work work can be done anywhere in Melbourn.

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    In the ppt file, you may see 4 thin wires at the pipe output. The wires can not be pulled out anymore. I want them to be connected to 4 pins head socket (green circle below) via wires on the right. The tricky thing is to solder 4 wires to 4 wires. The wires are insulated outside currently and should not be electrically connected with each others.

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    This project needs someone with professional soldering skills. The rework consists in replacing an existing SMD resistor by one with a different value. Ideally, someone based in San Antonio TX would be the perfect fit. Please apply to get in contact.

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    I have a multisim of a circuit and I want to know How to put it in pcb board and soldering it

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    I want power supply circuit in SMD Components input 220vac output 5vdc and there is 22vac supply will be break than the input supply will be switched into 6vdc supply that is AA Size Battery Cells (Qty - Four Numbers). Application is Sensor Type Water Tap.

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