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    Assembly Programming - Palindrome checker Introduction : This project aims to introduce you to simple assembly programming. Read Appendix A of the text book to familiarize with the SPIM simulator. The SPIM simulator has both the UNIX and Windows version , you are free to use either of them for this project. In this lab you will write an assembly code

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    This is a simple data capture application. The data will be captured via 2 methods: 1. five fields [enter manually] model# order# pick ticket# po# qty# 2. then a new recoard is created this this type of id# 072202S001 first 6 characters are date, next 4 are skid#, which increases sequentially. 3. last two fields are barcode scans 4. then output to a

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    We need a simple asp application that will pull data from an SQL 2000 server to create a monthly precipitation report. This application will include an administration form where and admin can add/edit/delete values from the database ## Deliverables We would like a very user friendly application that is visually stimulating as it is functional. We

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    What I need is fair simple. I need procedures (SUBs that is) that will do the following: - Extract the database schema to a XML file (from SQL Server) - Create a database in SQL Server from the very same schema. - Extract data found in the database to XML (the same SQL Server database). Backup purpose. - Restore data to the database from XML. - Only

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    ...view a log of web and email access for each individual pc on the network. There should also be the ability to set up alerts for any particular user. The program must be as simple as possible storing the computer/username in an access database together with the web site/email address accessed and the time/date and duration. The system must run unnoticed

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    ...requirements in point form! More instructions are given in the pdf file.) "Quick Summary" PROJECT DESCRIPTION I am currently in the process of designing and planning the release of a simple yet powerful commercial program, (which is the purpose of this auction) within the next month. I have therefore divided this project into three parts: PART 1: Coding and documentation

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    In a nutshell, I plan to emulate a bulk email software package like [login to view URL], add data merge and database connectivity capability; and run the package as server based rather than client side. I need a consultant to help me select that programmers that will do this and then transfer knowledge to the programmers. The consultant

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    Please read SPEC Document attached. It's in a zip file. The site is simple, but uses a mYSQL and php backend that must be designed. We are easy to work with but need everything done 100% correct. Any "GENERIC" bids will be deleted. This site will be built and all examples of the front page that needs to be built will be given priority. Show us what

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    I would like just a very simple MAC application that serves as example app. It should be written in C/C++ and should work on Mac OS 8, 9, and 10. I need the source code and need to know which compiler you will use (please specify this in your bid!). ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as

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    Jukebox Bitti left

    I require a jukebox program for parties, The ones I have found on the net are to complex and reliant on the mouse, I just need something very simple.. With a song list, automatic loading of my mp3 files and reading the tags, and a que list where I can que songs, also want the current playing song scrolling across the top of the screen. I dont want Play

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    ...nortons ghost you change it so there should be a small way like that to jsut grab one serial and overwrite next I need to be able to change mny harddrive serial number one like a simple prog where i put the number i want it to be n on box and it changes it to that and also has a option to get harddrive serial number Thats it!!! w00t ## Deliverables 1) Complete

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    ...(Detailed description in zip file attachment) I have nearly finished coding a publication database that helps me keep track of the journal papers I read. The databse iself is quite simple and is made of two forms. The main form which keeps most of the publication details, and the Notes form which allows me to make comments on a paper I am reading. There are

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    I need a simple shopping script with 3-Tier affiliate program, with flat rate payment per sale. This should be paypal and conventional shopping cart enabled. With the ability to disable either one. Shopping cart should hold multiple catagories and products. Also, have a alphabetical list of all products. A similar site can be found here: http://www

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    ICQ sound pack Bitti left

    Need a pretty simple project completed -- this application will launch a window and display a list of many ICQ sound schemes that a person can select from (found here: [login to view URL] ) . Once selected, the sound scheme will automatically be installed on to their ICQ program. On this window, the person should have the ability

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    ...done in Macromedia Director. Basically, it would allow the user to start the app and select an MPEG. Once selected, that MPEG would 'load' into the Director app, along with a simple text file that lists a series of timecodes. Each timecode is to be shown onscreen, allowing the user to click, and then be shown a 10 sec clip beginning at that spot. The user

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    Virtual Image Bitti left

    A simple Ipix type virtual tour that can be made online. I provide interface etc. I wish the programmer to become a partner with me in this to sell. I have clients but need the program that is webbased and clients can upload there images or it can be a standalone program and they can upload there finished files to our servers. ## Deliverables 1)

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    ...don't know. I just need to track: 1. How many downloads collectively a user has made from folder "upload". 2. What their most recent download was. Hopefully this sounds pretty simple. I'd prefer a SQL server solution, since that is what I am using. Contact me if you are interested, this only pays $15 but hey for some of you this is a cakewalk. More business

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    ...rating yet - file [login to view URL] to add visitorcount and redirect to precise url - images are storend on server, so should be dislayed based on link id [login to view URL] - simple page for update or add a link for each of sites, nothing fancy just some page with name and password and then as basic as can be. - people should be able to log in and ad a

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    It's a simple C++ project on creating files for the main program. The whole thing is about clock. It shouldn't be much of a problem but I need it done asap - the latest by this Thursday (Sept 12) probably noon (US Eastern Time). Though it's only one day, this shouldn't be too difficult. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

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    ...Update graphical gui interface to give a more modern feel. A duplicate of the tool with the additional features is necessary. Bonus payment for superior quality work. This is a simple duplication exercise with some modifications due to unforeseen circumstances with our programmer absconding without notice and leaving us in this situation with no programming

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    ...interface should be simple and the backend needs to allow the admin to specify unc addresses for each directory -they may change from time to time. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run

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    ...RENTAL MANAGEMENT PROJECT Target date: Two weeks from assignment Project is now urgent due to inability to deliver by first assigned Coder. Synopsis: THE CODER The project is a simple one for an experienced commercial application Coder with prior experience in programs of similar nature, Motel Management, Hire Companies, but ideally with this type of exact

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    ...the pro. ----> I can't see this taking more than 10 Mins. I have nearly completed a Journal publication database to keep track of the journal papers I read. The database is simple and made of two tables. One contains the journal paper informtation. (i.e. Title, Authors etc..) The other stores "comments or notes" I make for each paper. ( Have a look at

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    I need a simple time sheet and ad-hoc transaction system that generates invoices. The system will be based on the time taken for each item. Each item will be based on a rate (say $50 per hour). I need something that I can just enter a number of units and it will give me an answer eg 6 hours at $50 an hour would be 6 X 50 or 300. Jobs can also be based

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    ...the site at [login to view URL] it is about 10 very simple pages. Just want to keep it a simple website ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified

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    ...look or table layout. I want it to give more better look. If you click the button New Product then you will also see another page - so poor ! You can see the search pages at : Simple search : [login to view URL] Advanced search: [login to view URL] You can make this two search pages combine into one pages

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    Data Bitti left

    -Write a simple Web page applying Python and CGI -Use the database provided -Do the following tasks which allow the user to do: 1)basic tasks on single item add delete alter data 2)basic tasks on collections add delete 3)basic tasks to search on genre name composer performer So when the user enters the command from the Web interface, it will search

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    ...8. There is only ONE table in the database with 9 field of data that will be exported. Part 2: We want this application to do everything as formentioned above however the software provider is configuring a beta utility that will Export new records every minute to text files (CVS and HTML) to a folder. We want this application to ALSO be able to as a

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    I need someone make me a very simple Flowchart program in VB6 with HTML upload capabilities. Basically, I want to create simple flowcharts in this program and upload the finished flowcharts in gif/jpg form to a URL I specify in the program. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete

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    I need someone to redesign a logo for my website at The current logo is located in the upper left corner of the site. The logo should be simple yet graceful and original. I also need 2 banners to be created. The banners should be standard size - I believe it's 60H by 480W. One banner should be for the whole site - and should say

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    We need a software that hides a certain process (e. g. [login to view URL]) in the Windows NT/2000/XP process list. "[login to view URL]" is our main application, a filtering software. Our suggested approach is to create a system-wide hook DLL that can be hooked to the [login to view URL] process. In this case the hidden application will under the context of this DLL and us...

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    I'd like to create a small database using our current web page host's server. (needs to be simple to install on a typical ISP host without additional software or plug-ins). This would be secure, private data, at this point just for one of our clients. The data involved is a list of mailing addresses that tend to need updating somewhat frequently. Existing

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    ...what other software is included in the installation. We need a linux guru to ensure all of these services are running over these two-four machines. If possible I also want them to be hardware and software redundant, so if one machine fails in any way, the other automatically takes over, so they need to be mirroring each other's software services and

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    This is a very SIMPLE project of offline advertising. Made with VB6, the purpose of this software should be to AUTOMATICALLY update offline and replace the current desktop background picture (wallpaper) by a new picture, each time the user is actually able to see the desktop background (minimizing or closing the applications he's working on). Up to

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    I am looking for direction in how I should go about designing a piece of software for a small business. I am looking for a very simple program which will run on several computers in an office. The only thing this program will do is allow one user to click on a green button on their computer, and when he does that, simultaneously on all the computers

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    ...this feature validates, and filters all bounced mail you get, saving HOURS of your time! Remote Management - create subscriptions from your other software ANYWHERE online! No complicated function, simple point click and use! Double Opt In Sign-Up option. This lets the list administrator choose to have their subscribers not only sign up but also confirm

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    This spec has been updated on 30August. Looking to develop a simple "meal planning generator." Nice, clean Windows-style interface with common icons, pulldowns, etc. Want to incorporate our logo into interface. Program to work like this: 1) Upon executing for the first time, the user can signs in. (This would allow for multiple people to use the program

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    Programming for a content management tool and search function ## Deliverables We’re looking for a server-side software application. Here’s what’s necessary: XYZ Company wants a website that has a "Job Listings" section that will be accessible by the general public. XYZ Company wants a select handful of their employees to be able to update this section

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    We are a small business providing services such as Customised Software development, Networking and are also involved in manufacturing and selling Business/Personal Computers. We need a simple but professional looking website designed to market our services, the website does not have to be very complicated but a front Flash page is needed..furthur info

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    ...Allows More than one primary partition on the hard disk 6. Copies, moves partitions. 7. Copies whole hard disk to another one. 8. Works with big hard disks. 9. Must include a simple boot manager type of program to manage multi-boot situations. 10. Native Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP executables. 11. Must be 100% compatible with Windows 9x/ME/NT/XP This

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    ...directly from the CD before Installing, and now I have run out of available Space to have both the Actual Software and a Installation file of the same data. One of the Programs takes up around 200 meg of Files and Images. I would like a Simple VB Application that looks like it is installing the Package onto the Users Computer but really just Copying

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    This is a very SIMPLE project. Made with VB6, the purpose of this software should be to AUTOMATICALLY update and replace the current desktop background picture by a new picture, each time the software owner turns on its computer. 30 jpeg pictures will be included with the software and will display randomly but never doubled and one picture per day max

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    31 teklifler clone and a basic logo for my website: My company is a documentation consulting firm and I have listed here all of the links that I need built for a simple website. The only real programming is the basic links and I also have a form (already developed) in PHP that you can add to the [login to view URL] page. Details: I need this done

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    ...for listing either optional or required. 7) Thank you email for listings needs a link to the ad. 8) System requirements same as the example software. 9) Simple set up instructions included. 10) We own this software if modification of the code is eaiser we would be agreeable to that as well. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

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    Consultants in Action is a new company with a modern attitude to implementing Global ERP (Enterprise resource Planning) software products in to the worlds major blue chip corporations. Offering consultancy services, business management and process re-engineering servicesalong with ongoing support and review, Consultants in Action need a clean and fresh

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    I need movie review software developed with a backend. Please see the spec sheet attached. Do not bid unless you will support the software you build and you must speak english. We will be chatting on AOL IM or ICQ. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done

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    software app Bitti left

    ...someone make a software application that can use internet explorer and ms word and allow for a user to type in a search (ex. palm pilots) sorta like a search engine and take the first 10 webpages that results from the serach engine (ex google) and bring those 10 webpages into microsoft word and do a word count on those 10 webpages? software application

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    LIST MANAGEMENT PROGRAM Description: I'd like a simple application for managing email/phone# lists. The program's MAIN FUNCTION is to remove duplicate/unwanted entries. The program should be SIMPLE - The description below is somewhat lengthly, but I wanted to give a complete description to avoid wasted worktime. SEE ATTACHED GRAPHIC FOR SAMPLE INTERFACE

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    This project is having two phases/modules canned into one. We are a software company based in north India having clientage in US UK CANADA & few Arab countries; we also handle e-marketing for our clients. To strengthen our market position & add new services in our group we are looking towards a partnership or per project bases agreement for a long period

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    I would like a simple Password/Usage meter. The purpose of this program is to limit the amount of time a person had access to my own VB6 program. The code you supply must be simple and clear (well commented) as I will need to take your code and copy it into my own VB6 program. How I think it should work: After my VB6 program (with your code included)

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