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    Merhaba, örnek sitedeki gibi kalem simgesine basılınca açılan bir iletişim formu istiyorum. Daha sonrasında müşterilerden gönderilen mailler benim mail adresime yönlendirilecek. Örnek site: .Sağ alt köşede ki kalem butonuna basıp iletişim formunu incelemeniz gerek.

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    Fix PHP Website Contact Form. Getting success message but email not getting delivered. Will provide FTP account access.

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    I own a marketplace and multi vender website. What I would like to happen is that when some one purchases a good or service they receive an email with the bank details to pay money. Currently the site sends them my administrative bank details. I would like to instead send the customers bank details.

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    I have a webpage built with Wordpress Full Site Editing. I need someone to add a Contact Us form and wordpress or PhP email functionality to my page. In addition, I need a bigger font for my front page title "Dackcountry". I also need to change all my web pages from IDs to names. From this: To this:

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    Scrap Facebook Page Business Contact Number In My Country - Any Business Category

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    * Need to generate list of 300 freelancer individuals/small teams offering beauty services in Chennai * The services they offer need to be one of the below (minimum 40 freelancers in each category) 1. Haircut, hair styling 2. Makeup 3. Face, skin 4. Mehndi 5. Nails 6. Spa * T...Chennai * The services they offer need to be one of the below (minimum 40 freelancers in each category) 1. Haircut, hair styling 2. Makeup 3. Face, skin 4. Mehndi 5. Nails 6. Spa * The freelancers need to be intermediate in popularity (not too big artists, not too small artists) * Geographical location = Chennai, India * Details needed - Name, contact number, contact email id...

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    Looking for someone that collect contact data from WhatsApp and input data into excel.

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    Looking for someone that collect contact data from WhatsApp and input data into excel.

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    I need to scrape info of my contacts who have moved to other organizations and store it in a place and send triggers to people of the movement.

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    We need a lot of influencer who take the ad for vapes products. If you interested. Please message me

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    I would like you to create erc-20 smart contract for my company. The job scope is similar to this website @maxnachamkin/how-to-create-your-own-ethereum-token-in-an-hour-erc20-verified. I also need you to list my token on exchange, and guide me to do the exchange thank

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    Looking for Magento 2 freelancer who can work in our budget. We need to create a price splitup in details page

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    i need four pages research proposal for Recycling Karachi plastic waste . i will share template with you. you will have to do the B1 titles will be the same and the given template should be followed.

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    Fix small simple Php form on contact page. Will provide cPanel access

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    i want readymade matka Play App. Only Redymade code developer contact me

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    Hi Md Mahadi H., Per our discussion I would like you to compile a list of crypto influences starting with Instagram and the Twitter and lastly Facebook (if time permits). The criteria is that they have 10k or more followers and they reference crypto in their Bio, name or the content they post. Collect their handle (Username), number of followers and an email (only if they have it listed on their profile but most will not).

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    In the account of our project we would like to subscribe to the standard on-premise version of GLPI which will allow us to meet our needs. Apart from the functionalities of this version, the idea is to deploy and configure GLPI taking into account: -Configure the automatic creation of tickets on GLPI following receipt of a customer request by email, call, WhatsApp or from the service center website.

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    We need a structural engineer to finish up the house design to include foundation, calculation, and connection details of the house so we can get a building permit. The last thing is to add HVAC design.

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    WHO IS NOT READING AND HAS AUTOMATIC RESPONSE, DONT EVEN ANSWER! Find me this photo in very high quality and you will get little job to make a business card from it. there will be some work on it Who has the photo in HQ, chat with me and we can start work

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    Find contact Number on Given Target company, In Google, or any Search Engine , Then Enter data into Ms Excel, or google Sheets. And Finally Send to given address, sample fill is given below

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    i need an html page for a website ( contact us page ) contaning some information and a google map location in it somthing simple

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    We are wanting to build our contacts on linkedin. It's a simple job, copy and paste an intro message to Linkedin contacts based on our leads list. This will help grow our contacts and business.

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    Find and help me to find a suplier/wholesaler/dealer/grocery stores in Germany that can provide the product that I want. Must good at Dutch and English I am looking for "Nestlé Beba Supreme Pre 32x70ml" Make sure they can keep providing large amount of the stock, provide Certificate of Origin and CE certifcate.

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    Need Landing marketing contact form page for word press website

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    Hi Tanmay, the contact forms on my client's website are not functioning as they should, my client is not receiving emails sent via them. Regards, Steve

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    I have a contact page with the appropriate php and js pages, but it's broken. Need you to fix it using your own SMTP settings, then show me exactly what code (and where) I need to change, to accommodate my own SMTP settings.

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    ...specialized project as these fireplaces and ovens will be used and must function safely and properly. Not only must you have structural experience using cement block and real stone but also experience with smoke/gas. I'm currently building a 1700's reproduction house with two very large stone fireplaces each with their own brick beehive ovens. These are not Rumford fire places! My mason needs details concerning the flue, throat size, damper, smoke box, throat angle, structural supports, etc. for these two fireplaces each with their own flues. The size of of the fire box, hearth, bee hive ovens, lentil are given. The foundation has already been poured and the framers are currently building around the expected location for these fireplaces and common chimney. The ...

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    The issue is in our websites Contact Us Form, when someone fills out the form we don't see the senders address, the websites email address is support at , so we I check the email in cpanel web mail, it will show From: support at to support at I don't see the senders name and address, it ONLY works when I send mail to support at using yahoo or gmail, then will the senders name and email show up, but not when sending mail thru the websites Contact Us form. I am not expert so don't ask technical questions about codes, pathway etc,,,see attachment Contact Us form of website to get an idea what I mean. I need this fix without guess work. Both site have this problem price $30 non negotiable

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    I am working on a website that is using a customized theme with acf plugin where i need to create one similar page like the once are already there and also have one contact form in php where i need to add one more input field of file where use should be able to upload multiple files in database

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    Hello there, 1. I need to create an Export Tool that works with FluentCRM Advanced Filters. This tool should also follow a very specific XLSX template that has a fixed set of Rows and Columns, depending on the Advanced Search results. 2. Implement Cascade Dropdowns (Country/State/City type) for specific Custom Profile dropdowns created in FluentCRM. 3. Finally, a development for "FormidableForms" in which a Lookup Dropdown field dynamically changes its number of options depending on it very own lookup result, which is an integer. If the resulting integer is "10" then this dropdown should have "10" selects.

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    Need an agent can contact China Auto Game Tool Developer!

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    Hello, i am working with a bootstrap html theme called Sandbox. I need you to fix 2 things: 1) Make menu work on mobile, at the moment it is not visible (I think this is css problem) 2) Make all forms work (Newsletter on every page, Contact form on contact page and request form on the product pages) Need fast and good work

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    Hi, i have a wordpress site using contact form 7, i just upgraded and i have this issue. "Note: on_sent_ok and on_submit have been officially removed from Contact Form 7 5.0. You can use DOM events instead of these settings." OLD CODE: "on_sent_ok: "location = '/get-a-quote-step-2/';"" What would the new code be? this is under the additional settings tab.

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    Hi i need the contact number of Alex barman

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    I have a problem with the forms on my website. It all works perfectly fine on every device other than iOS.

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    i can give you only 100rs so keep it in mind i created a form in my website which is not working i don't know why i'm using php smtp i will provide my plesk user pass so you can edit my files

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    We have an event website that is displaying block for individual event and when you over that is displaying block for individual event and when you over your mouse you are able to click the event card to open more details as a slider to the bottom. The issue is that most people don't realize that you can click the entire card to view more details. We need a custom hook to add a "view more details" link to open the event card with full details. There is already a close icon once the event card is open. So just need to add the "click to view all details" It's a Wordpress website with a plugin called EventON. You can see a demo here that if you click on an event, it will open but we need a link to show people tha...

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    Need to Add Conversion Code for Google Ads on Contact form ( Html Website)

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    We have damaged concrete beam and slab with fire, we need detail to show additional support to add steel beams while extra support the concrete beams and columns. We adding additional steel beams to support the top concrete slab Need repair method for the slab and beams and columns

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    Hi, I need an expert in automation that can develop a web application to help us scale our outreach campaigns to the next level! Actually, we use Roboform to submit contact forms on our prospect websites, in a semi-automatic way. We have developed in the past an outreach platform but it was slow and most of the time, the software wasn't able to fill the contact forms automatically and most of the prospects were lost. I don't want to repeat the same mistake I did with the first platform so now I want to hire a real expert in automation, with past experience in contact forms finder & automatic submissions. So here is the process; 1. We import the domains list in the platform (We need a duplicate prevention feature). 2. We filter the domains by metrics ...

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    Confirmis () is a Singapore-based business information provider...working at the premise, loading/unloading of goods, etc. REQUIREMENTS: • Must be living near Allama Iqbal Colony, Mehmoodabad, Karachi • Has a phone/tablet with a good quality camera, internet access • Must have a WhatsApp for communication The site visit guidelines can be found in the attached file. You are only required to deliver the pictures/video, observations, and information and are not expected to make a report. For your reference, you can check the sample report of the site visit here: Note: Milestone will be released the following week (Monday) after the site visit to give us time to organize the report and contact you if we need additional clarification.

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    Need some freelance tele callers who can help us convert our leads. 5-10 Leads to be contacted per day.

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    I need someone who is able to take the company name from a blog post and find the founder's name and email address.

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    I need an android script that will select multiple contact only and holds the values in a array.

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    Addition on existing house, need cross sections and framing detail

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    We need to build a short 3D animation to be use on a live streaming platform as gift animation (viewers click on the icon to open the animation as gift to their favourite streamer during a live) Title: Piano animation Duration: 6 seconds Style: Stylish / Epic Environment: No background; Dynamic effect: to reproduce the same animation as on the video example in attach, with similar particle effect style. Animation process and output: - 3D modeling and animation with any 3D software. - Special effect and output in After Effect. - Video to show us the progression and result in MP4 - Final output format in SVGA () 1/ make the 3d modeling ready (provided in the link below) 2/ build the effects and animations using 3D software and AE (after effect) 3/ extract the result on video fo...

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    Hello again this is Mark from last week. I was wondering if you could take the spreadsheet, you did for me last week and find contacts' names with email addresses for those companies in the spreadsheet?

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    ...TASK ONE: Help us build a giant Mummy style blogger/media website database. In the USA, Canada, UK and Aus. We don't want our VA to just use Scraping software to throw together a list. We want relevant, popular bloggers and media sites that people are spending time on everyday. You'll have to search the web and social media to find the best options, including their website, location and contact details as well as links to their social media and following. TASK TWO: Amazon storefronts. We want to create a list of Amazon storefront bloggers who actively list their fav products on Amazon. You'll be briefed on this properly. You should also have an interest in Mummy bloggers and media websites. You should have knowledge of web research and be able to ide...

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    Contact Form update We have a website There is a contact Form on the same form can be found on We want to update the form to a multi page form in the same style as: "Click here for a quote" tab The multi page form should be in this format: Page 1- Enquiry details What activity(s) are you interested in? Please add any additional details (Message Box) What date do you want to book? The date field should have a calendar box option What is your group size? Page 2- Contact Details Name, eMail and Mobile we also require an additional multi option field "How did you hear about us?" Recommendation Trip Adviser Google Search

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