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    I need someone to convert or rewrite ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] compatible) an applet I wrote myself on 1.3.1 to print forms lines and true type text, 0.25 inch margins. Printer other than default is required. applet is embedded in html with parameters containing the required text. The applet simply prints in the required format and orientation. ActiveX con...

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    We are a radio station by internet with teh system of shoutcast, so we need a MP3, WAV, Midi, Real Audio, Player to give to us listeners free, with access buttons to ours streams. ## Deliverables We need the coder program an MP3/wav/midi/cd/real audio player, with a playlist, with some butons that are direct access to our streams (shoutcast), a window with a small browser to display a webpage w...

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    Looking for a program that works as internet filter for restricted web sites, Program will run in the icon try and need a password to access/close it, and works as database inside the [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] caracteristics - Selectable blocking of WWW, Newsgroups, Chat, Mail, Messaging programs. - Detailed log file of user violations. - Control Internet a...

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    A file uploader that will display a progress indicator while uploading. It must be able to handle large size file uploads (5 megs) while displaying progress idicator and not timing out. Here is a demo of exactly what I need, but I need something that is based in PHP and will run on a Unix/Linux server. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I will also accept quote...

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    The java applet to be coded is to be integrated into a content manangement system: Here it is required, to create a "simple", easy-to-use interface for typing text into a form INCLUDING easy formatting options (fat, cursive, underlined, link with target, font, font size, paragraph, quotes, enumeration). The java applet shout output the formatted text in RTF format. ## Deliverables - T...

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    Java applet similar to the logo designer on lycos ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) Purpose of which is to provide logo and picture painting of images for Nokia mobile phones. ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done. Sourcecode in Microsoft Visual J++ project form. All functionality present on the lycos version must be present in your...

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    Program Goal: Create a Java applet that would allow visitors to my website to download a mini version of that site into the Microsoft ActiveSync directory on their local drive. The program also needs to generate an e-mail thanking the visitor for the download. The user would initiate the program by typing their e-mail address into a form and clicking on a Submit button. The program would then look...

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    Need a Java based application which will allow spell checking to be performed. I will need multilingual support for spell checking Thesaurous(sp) synonym lookup I would like the unix aspell dictionaries to be used as they are multilingual and in the public domain but I am open to other data source suggestions Communication will be done with a Java side applet(already completed) via http so port wi...

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    Need an application similar to the SMS logo designer service offered by lycos (see their site for an example). Application must give basic image manipulation tools such as rotation, flipping, inversion etc. Preference will be given to offers which include items such as text to bitmap conversion, fine degree rotation (ie. rotation angles less than 90 degrees). Bit of a time pressure on this so the ...

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    A local port is opened by an applet and is receiving data via the TCP protocol from a remote server. I need a program that can read the data that this particular applet is receiving over the connection, while the applet is connected to the remote server. Any way of displaying the data is fine (i.e. continously dumping to a TextBox or file). For the program, define the local port over which the app...

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    I have a website which allows members to post photos. The photos must be in (1) jpeg or GIF (2) less than 300x300 pixels and (3) square in size in order to fit on the site. The problem is that members do not have the right size and don't have the ability to change them. I need a "converter" which will take their submission, convert it to the right size, and then post it. The program...

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    Intro java project...Adding features to a Navigation Applet ## Deliverables disclosed in the attached file "Directions" ## Deadline information must be completed by noon on Wed. 6/27 EST.

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    I need a simple two-color bitmap editor class extending [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] that I can use in an awt (not swing) applet. Should be able to draw shapes (using mouse) and write text (using keyboard). These links might give some ideas: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] [URL'yi görüntülemek için...

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    We require a java applet writing that allows browsing by the user of local files on their machine using a windows like folder metaphor. The user should be able to select several files and see an estimate of how long they will take to upload to the server. The server is Lotus Domino. Hopefully this can be achieved using same mime upload as regular browser fil upload control does for single file. If...

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    This java app will need to automatically calculate bowling scores and display them on a website. MUST BE REAL-TIME CAPABLE AMD DISPLAY AS SCORING AS IT HAPPENS. Think your local bowling center with automatic scoring. The app would become exclusive property of the buyer. This is a repost to allow for more bid time. ## Deliverables The app must be able to be updated via a remote control panel or ...

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    i need a program using java jdk1.1.6 any program that can store, retrive, delete, exit, data such as particulars of a person. it may also uses java applet but must be able to be compatible with java jdk1.1.6 and also please include the source code and documentation. ## Deliverables i will recieve the whole program using jdk1.1.6 and be able to run without any error. preferbaly a documentation a...

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    Update: I have made a deal with a contractor outside of Thank-you to everyone who posted although quite a few people do not seem to read everything properly, because after I stated that the maximum should be a few hundred dollars, people posted in the thousands once again. Just a note for the ones that did, because its not very professional to quote without reading all the messages...

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    Looking for a Java developer to do 2-3 days development work on an applet for use in pano photography Apply to Simon at info@ [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] with details of experience, references, examples for further details

    €169 - €254
    €169 - €254
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    I need somebody to design a format (repetitive) or java applet that looks like the mouse over on "programs" in windows 95 or 98. If you place the mouse on the listed item, it lights up further items in rows or columns. See Windows (programs). Thank you. Paul M. Eko

    €169 - €254
    €169 - €254
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    We have been approached by one of our clients in the Motorsports Industry to develop an online system that will produce a detailed graph. The maths to produce the output is fairly simple, however the final graph output may have upwards of 30 - 40 lines, hence a rather complicated graph. We consider this could be done either in C++ or as a Java applet. Final output need not neccessarily be on-s...

    €169 - €254
    €169 - €254
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