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    I am developing an AR app that places icons above users heads, currently GPS is not accurate enough to place a marker directly above users head, currently, we are using a Kalman filter over GPS, so we have a maximum accuracy of about 2 metres. we need to be able to identify which user it is in a crowd of people. we decided outfit detection would be the best for this. users will set this by taking ...

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    Trophy icon Build me a website 6 gün left

    I need a website built, Im not looking to buy a template i can do that on my own . we are professional shoppers for VIPS, Celebrities, CEO s of major corporations, Heads ofd States and everyday people the site should have the wow effect as if you were in the lobby of the finest hotel nothing about the site should be about low price or savings we offer white-glove concierge services sam...

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    VrTroopers shirt 5 gün left

    A Shirt Disign in a cartoon style theme with the words Vr Trooper that has stormstroopers with vr headsets on their heads, this is mean to be printed on a shirt.

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    A. CONVERT 12 PDF STATEMENTS TO EXCEL SPREADSHEET - USING ANY TOOL B. CREATE ONE SPREADSHEET FROM THE 12 STATEMENTS C. COLUMN HEADS: DATE AMOUNT Ref. TYPE NAME Expense Account D. Each PDF Statement has approximately 35 Entries E. Enter/Shorten "Name" & add "Expense Account" as shown in the sample file. E. Enter Opening Balance & Closing Balance on the righ...

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    I have a group of 20 family photos that were taken by a friend. 17 of them need to have a basic edit that could include the following where needed: Crop/Straightening Adjust out of place hairs Skin beautification (blemish correction) Teeth and eyes whitening Complete adjustment of exposure Temperature (White Balance adjustment) Vibrance/Clarity/Saturation/Curves adjustment Red eye removal Backgrou...

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    You will be required to trace and recreate all the elements in the attached logo in vector format or something better than that. There are a few more details that you would require. I will send you over what the text in the scroll is so I can make those letters appear accurately. There is a lot of details that have faded out in the original image so I would suggest keeping some of the elements a l...

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    Lead Generation Expert 2 gün left

    I am looking for an experienced lead generator. Find a person who holds the current position of General Counsels / Heads of Legal / Chief of Legal Offices / Head of Legal Affairs of different types of Industry such as Bank, Real Estate, Hotel, Technology and etc. Focus on this Country: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi, and Oman. Leads should be valid, my staff will randomly check your list...

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    Insert a photographic background behind a talking heads video. Video is 2 mins 50 secs long. Video has three angles - front on, front on close in, and 3/4 angle - and fades between the three So the background will need to change to fit that I have one photo for the background - you will need to zoom, crop the photo to match the video angles. It should be quite straighforward.

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    The attachment contains site photos, Cad file and PDF of designs. Need Detailed BOQ under the head:- Civil work Plumbing Work, POP Work, Electrical and lighting work, Woord work (including cabinet wardrobe etc), Wall finishes, Furnishing work, Furniture

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    I need a Cat themed Shopify store. Just a sleek design, i will add the products. I need an about page, faq, home page, product. Colors yellow and light pink. And a unique cat themed design. If you could add any graphics, like raining cat heads on the home page that would be very cool and a 25$ bonus!

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    I need someone to integrate 4 assets together 1 Hit reaction manager [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] This asset turns adds colliders to the skeleton and if a ray hits the collider with tag name, it blends the force into the animator of the shot in real time (I have this working already 90%) 2Emerald AI this is a AI asset that controls the AI in the game [URL...

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    contracting business, full freedom to designer, something relating to a core, any animal heads whatever goes.

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    I want 2 heads of guys wearing polo hats with a beard also with my company name

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    Design following marketing materials that will match with our logo, vision and website. Flier, brochure, signage (rollup, etc), electronic brochure, letterheads, business cards. A marketing or advertising background is a plus. Please reply by affirmative prior to bidding so that we know you read our requirements. This will be the beginning of a collaboration as we will need to produce more market...

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    Trophy icon Logo Revision Bitti left

    Hi, I would like to look at updating, refresh our current logo design and provide additional black and white versions for letter heads, website, email sig. etc. I also would like to make the font of our logo consistent which it is currently not. Also the resolution/ sharpness on our current logos need to be addressed as I would like very sharp, defined lines. We are also open to new logo desi...

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    My company name is Pro-Spec it’s a building trades services company I specialize in electrical and mechanical plumbing, both installations and maintenance. I would also need letter heads and file for logos to be printed on uniforms. It can be simple or use your creativity and surprise me.

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    Hi I have a electrical and mechanical business but I also cover facility maintenance and general building. I have my company name and I’ve a rough idea of what I like. I am looking for prices to design the logo and cover letter heads and file for having workwear embroidered. My logo if possible would be RM but in a mirror reflection so read MR but the R would be reversed... the company name ...

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    we are at present having fully developed and commercially in used VRIDDHI ERP software. The ERP is aimed to handle all services required by any type of educational institutions. Requirements of all stakeholders of educations sector such as Students, Teacher, Parents, Institutional Heads, Respective HEad of the Departments, Librarian, Examination Department of the College, UNiversity are covered in...

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    I want a symbol created for my business 2 men heads with a beard wearing a hat my company name is called LATINOGOG Cleaning services if u can incorporate that with the symbol u create and send me a sketch.

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    Logo design Bitti left

    I'm opening online services for my cleaning company and I would like someone to design a symbol for me I have the name [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] company name is called LATINOGOG Cleaning services the concept I have is two men with a beard wearing a hat.. I just want 2 heads of men with a beard as a logo since I have the name already it will be good if...

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    edit a video Bitti left

    Very simple project. I have a 150 second 'talking heads' video - and towards the end there are two short sections that fade to a black screen. I simple need those two sections cropped out and the talking head video faded out / in with no loss of sound.

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    Only apply for this job if: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] can control a dedicated servers cpanel 2. You can troubleshoot my brand Wordpress install 3. Fix the error of my install in cpanel, then install my new website template i purchased on to the Wordpress error install you just fixed 4. No major Holidays coming 5. No sick relatives 6. You don&rsquo...

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    we are owner of a 2 newly houses in Seattle and looking for site superintended supervisor with 5yrs or more in construction to help us overseen to projects Work include Right of way work 2. HVAC 3. Electrical 4. All Plumbing House 2 5. Finish plumbing house1 6. Tile 7. Hardwood floors 8. Carpet 9. Cabinets 10. Millwork 11. Door...

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    I need you to swap the heads of the babies. The original photo will be added to the second photo (that's it). It shouldn't look distorted or too much photoshopped. sample photos attached. Show me first your work before I hire you. If you cant do the project please don't bid. I'll have a total of 3 photos to be edited. Fixed price $20 for 3 photos. I need it urgently.

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    I am looking for someone really good to fake 4-5 photos. Swap the heads and attach it to naked pics which I will provide. The end result has to be close to perfect, it doesnt have to be 100% perfection but as long as it comes close or as best as you can.

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    Looking to have caricature heads created from two headshots. I want the cartoon heads on either side of a "stop light" with the "green light" lit. Please contact me for further explanation. I'm attaching examples here.

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    Trophy icon Range Time Bitti left

    Hello, I am looking for a logo design that is easy to remember and makes the business stand out. The business name is Range Time and it will be a indoor shooting range. Range Time will offer 12 shooting lanes climate controlled, Training, gun sales, and gun rentals (in the range only). A logo design we are looking for has the business name Range Time with a bullet slicing the name in half as it he...

    €415 (Avg Bid)
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    Need technical drawings with dimensions as pdf of all the parts for 3 sizes of cnc plasma cutting machines, renderings of the final product from different perspectives, freecad or blender models would be nice. There are plenty of those machines on the internet, this has to look better. The cutting area should be 2X1 meter for the small one, 3X1.5 meter for the middle one and 6X2 meters for the bi...

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    A design with five animal heads and the words South Africa

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    I require two templates to be made that I can edit. Discretion is key. You will need to move certain graphics/logos onto letter heads that look professional and can be easily edited pdfs. Not a difficult task but one that must be executed well. ATTENTION TO DETAIL A MUST Both documents are forms.

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    An architectural project in California is in need of a detailed and professional re-vamp. The deliverable for this project would be a complete set of drawings and notes as required by the local codes, regulations, and conditions listed in the Building Site Approval document. I am looking for a professional architect and engineer with attention to detail. Scope of work that needs to be finished: ...

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    Logo design Bitti left

    Cerberus Solutions needs a logo. Three headed dog. One looking forward, one each side. Heads only preferred. German Shepherd type head.

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    Looking for a Circular Sigil with 4 Hydra heads. Something similar to the Targaryen Sigil from Game of Thrones but more simplistic. Attached are Examples of Similar Logos. Images of Hydras and the Targaryen Sigil for reference.

    €18 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi Sandeep, I’m looking for someone to help me with NETO and see you have some experience in this platform. Note: I’ve also been told that Wordpress with Woocommerce may also suit my requirements. I’ve outlined below what I’m after as I’d like to see if you can help and if so, could you please give me an estimate on the time and cost. Background: My husband David...

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    Trophy icon i need a logo designer Bitti left

    My company is called Living Balance Alexander Technique. It's about balancing posture by letting go of tension to lengthen muscles and become more upright. My idea is a logo that has 3 bodies that go from bad posture to good posture. Maybe inside a circle. They could be spines with heads or simple stick figures. In a fun/cute design. (Similar to the screen shot i have uploaded.) With the wo...

    €80 (Avg Bid)
    104 girdi

    I have a photo of two peoples heads I would like turned into an illustration/sillhoute style. This image will then form part of my logo. I require text to top and bottom with this image in the middle. Text to be something like example file attached. I would require the vector file afterwards.

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    A new start up business needs full design of business cards, letter heads, presentation folders, mouse pads, logo, website logos, etc in Adobe illustrator & Photoshop with fonts and in CYMK format. Regards Nandan

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    I am looking for a logo to be built to go onto a wordpress standard blog/website. In the logo, I am looking the logo to bring out the story of the website. Specifically, this is an aviation, data blog. While I am open, the idea of the blog I foresee an gentlemen sitting in front of two computer screens, dazed with airplanes floating around his head. I foresee this similar to the old Saturday c...

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    Trophy icon Logo for new business Bitti left

    Hello, I need help creating the logo for my new business “Blue Serum Consulting Group”. I’d like the background to be navy blue with gold lettering. I’m looking for an elegant and timeless appeal. Although the work I’ll be doing is with women primarily, I’d like it to have a unisex appeal. The logo will be used for letter heads, business cards, social media, and...

    €45 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi Designer, We are in need of designs for our new startup carwash company with Business Cards, Letter Heads, Envelope. Please apply for this if you have the best samples to view. Thanks

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    please make the dinosaur look like the stuffed animal in last attachment. I want this sheep redone and almost exactly the same. bright tongue, crooked eyes, silly, happy. but make the fluffy fur a little larger and fluffier behind his head. These will be round stickers. The round white fur should take up most of the background [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] ...

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    HelIo I have a Graphic Designing Company which offers all type of graphic designing services like - * Event Flyers * Banner Advertisements * Signage * Brochures * Letter Heads * Sales Sheets * Social Media Profiles * Blog Graphics * Website Graphics * PowerPoint Backgrounds * Business Cards * Envelopes * Promotional Items * Email Graphics * E-Book Covers The cost of services is $500 per month whic...

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    Hey Katon, thank you for the 2 additional heads! Best Regards, Niels

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    We need to receive several logo proposals and deliver them all in source format so that we can use the material on our websites, word templates, etc. Heads and footers must also be proposed for document formats. The work must be done today and delivered in less than 4 hours as we have jobs stopped for this. IF YOU CANNOT COMPLY WITH THIS TIME PLEASE DO NOT PROPOSE

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    Whatever we do, we always try to bring a smile to peoples faces. That's why when we came up with the idea of this project we knew it would be perfect for us. We hope you find this project as exciting and fun as we do! Task: I will send you a picture of a pet (usually a dog or cat) along with a historical portrait. Your task will be to Photoshop the pets head onto the historical painting in a...

    €17 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Hi Jason, This is for: I AM PATIENT I AM KIND I AM HONEST If you can center the text above the kids' heads, that would be great! Thank you.

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    Hello, please create a digital version of the 6 heads attached. The design should be very minimalistic, please make a suggestion based on one head, so we can discuss the direction. Head 1: young student face, 2 houses stacked next to it Head 2: young person, curly hair (our draft is not so nice, please improve the hair), happy guy Head 3: medium aged person (25-40 years), very relaxed, working ...

    €25 (Avg Bid)
    10 girdi

    I need: Email signatures, letter heads, business cards, mugs, pens, jackets, mailshots. Company: Trade Motors Website: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] See logo, and also I need a literature jacket to be like this but in the website colors. Infoormation aboout the company: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] supply an extensive ra...

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    Hello- My name is Lance Cary. I’m a writer that lives in west Kentucky, and I’m dying. I’m 41 years old, and just four weeks ago my cardiologist in Paducah, Kentucky confirmed I had diagnostic heart failure. Hoping it wasn’t true, I saw two other cardiologists, only to find out they agreed with the diagnosis. My prognosis: five years to live, plus or minus two. A part...

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    Trophy icon Design LOGO for my company!!! Bitti left

    I need a logo for my consulting business. The company name is L2 SOLUTIONS and it was established in 2019 out of San Diego, California and we are a family owned business. We offer project management and staffing solutions in the utility industry. We need a logo that stands out and makes a bold statement about our company. See the attachments for some ideas of fonts we are interested in, but we are...

    €135 (Avg Bid)
    389 girdi