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    I need to analyze data from database and decide which is the best way to do it. An statistician would be great.

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    I want to make path modeling (SEM) for 5 variables based on 100 data points.

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    randominized controlled study. need statistician who will help explain brief statistical analysis and sample size jusstification based on power analysis

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    [URGENT] I need a data analyst/ data miner or statistician to describe the performance and the comparison of sales and balnace remaining for each travel agency in the data attached. Advising how to improve and boost the sales. Charts (needed mandatory ) and other columns may also be needed to support description. The Goal: We want see how covid 19 Pandemic affected the travel agency sales and how...

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    I need a statistician to generate insights from a 100 points data points across 5 variables by trying the different relationships on SPSS e.g. moderator, mediator, etc

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    A skilled statistician needed for medical data analysis. This project is a 1500-word data analysis report. The project details are confidential and will be provided later. The report needs to be submitted by Aug 6th 11:59 Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) Excellent skills in statistics, data analysis, minitab and academic writing, along with fluent english are required. The price cap for ...

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    I am a medical student undertaking research, I have 2 weeks worth of data (315 patients). This is very preliminary, once the statistical analysis works on this, we can expand to more than a years worth of data but for now we are sticking to two weeks. I have no experience in statistics, so I need help on this. Basically, we are using two clinical scores to see whether we can use these scores to ...

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    I need a statistician with audit sampling experience. Experience in US Federal government is a plus

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    Hi, l need a professional statistician who is very professional.

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    Hello I need statistician for multiple projects related to problem solving . More details over the chat. Regards

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    MCDA MCDM Multiple-criteria decision analysis more details on DM

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    €13 - €21 / hr
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    I need you to do analysis in SaS.

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    We need help devising a reliable and robust way to forecast losses under refund guarantee programmes which we manage on behalf of a number of clients. (This is a contractual guarantee between the vendor and its clients to refund their purchase in certain specified circumstances). We currently hold a working balance to settle claims on the Vendor's behalf. We want a way to forecast the amou...

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    I am a master student in computer science and I need an expert in statistics to help understand statistical formulas in research papers that I read.

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    Simple stats for a simple cross sectional observational study

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    Experience data analysis, report writing (English) and recommendations.

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    ordinary least squares regression involving 8 variables. SPSS

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    Hello, I am an Occupational Therapist and I implemented a small research project in an elementary school in 2017. I hired an online statistician and she was an absolute flake - for my $900 I have partially completed statistics!! She used SPPS to analyze the data. I'm wondering if you could refer me to someone to get a quote for completing this. Thanks, Phillipa

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    Hi I need statistician to create curves for COVID19 for a country. Thanks

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    Need help in running p values in small sample (two groups of people)

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    Problem 1: We run an exam marking company and need help creating a statistical model for evaluating the 'inter-rater reliability'- between teachers that grade essays. By this I mean, if several teachers grade the same essay, how do we work out how reliable the marking is? This includes working out the mean, standard deviation, and "cronbach's Alpha". This will help u...

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    See [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] . This is a real estate website that has 4 sections -Price, Supply and Demand, Hotspot, Forecast. I was an economic statistician and market researcher so writing the Price, Supply and demand section is OK. Its the Hotspot and Forecast that needs editing. Please view my site and zoom in on those sections. I require a modern we...

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    Need a statistician who have knowledge of these topics Point Estimation of Parameters and Sampling Distributions Descriptive statistics Joint Probability Distributions

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    Recommendations Needed for Quantitative Analysis as part of doctoral research. Multiple regression is not an option.

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    DO analysis of my data, feel free to you use any analytical tool(e.g SPSS,STATA,EVIES,R,SAS e.t.c)... find the attached cv data set.

    €6 - €48
    €6 - €48
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    We have a database of 1,000 brand names (spanning 12 sectors), broken down by 10 parameters (word-class, length, root etc.). We would like to establish which brand names appeal to which people and why. How big should the sample size be and what is the best way of asking the question?

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    A very experienced statistician with skills in visualization is urgently required to work on tasks related to mean, standard deviation, normal distribution and visually-exciting visualization. It is an urgent task of 2-3 hours delivery

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    I would like a statistician to discover how much faster the homes my company has photographed sell compared to the industry standard in my location.

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    I need an expert on statistic to build a project

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    I need a good expert for my current projects. If you have knowledge please bid. Details will be shared in message with the freelancers

    €8 - €25
    €8 - €25
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    I was hoping to hire someone for a small project. Our game studio is creating a leaderboard system that ranks players by skill. But the issue is, how do you calculate skill? Here are some of the statistics we are considering using: Total wins, Total losses, Win/Loss percentage, Fastest Time, Average Time, Total kills, Total deaths, Kill/Death ratio, total hits, total misses, and hit/miss percenta...

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    Working on data analysis for psychology research. I am an undergraduate biology student with limited experience in statistics so I need help doing and interpreting a mixed model anova in r studio and extracting relevant values to incorporate in my paper. I already have a bit of code developed in r-studio. Research description: I investigated the effects of study format (screen vs paper) on reca...

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    Hello I need a Statistician who can solve problems based on maximum likelihood, hypothesis testing cramer rao. It is theory based and need someone to provide complete solution. As an example take the following question 1. Assume X_1,. . . , X_n are i.i.d. Poisson-distributed random variables with parameter λ> 0, and you want to test the hypothesis for two different specified values &lam...

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    I need a statistician to help in doing more statistical analysis mainly regression analysis to delineate the impact of the different con-founders on the significant results obtained in a research project manuscript Regards

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    We want a statistician and data analyst expert to examine our data and find the appropriate statistical analysis to tackle the problem of measuring the impact of strategies to control the spread of the virus. Strategies include: Stopping flights in/out, Closing restaurants, cafes, clubs, Partial ban 11 hours per day, and so forth.

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    I have a sample size of 6 subjects and 10 dependent variables. Due to degrees of freedom limitations in the Hotellings T2 test, I have assigned the 10 dependent variable into 2 groups of 5 dependent variables. I ran two Hotellings T2 tests to compare each of the 5 dependent variables to 5 known values (one-sample Hotellings T2 tests). On the first test, when I run individual one-sample t-tests on...

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    Develop a Item Response Theory based model that can predict patient health outcomes.

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    I am looking for training in medical statistics specifically spss training and tutoring

    €724 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi I am a doctor, I have a research project and looking for a data analysis

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    I am working on a short fiction project which features a statistician main character analyzing a small dataset (eight criminal cases) concerning uxoricides of African spouses in the United States. I want to present this data in graph form and incorporate appropriate usage of basic statistical notation into other parts of the text.

    €24 (Avg Bid)
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    We are looking for an experienced statistician who can help us analyze our medical question bank at We need to calculate r values, alpha coefficients, and extrapolating the data to help show students performance on standardized medical exams. To learn about our project [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] pass: comlex Make sure you have watched th...

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    We are looking for Statistician or somebody who especially in Actuarial Science to build a probability of default on a company using Transition Matrix Model. He/She should have knowledge in credit risk scoring or rating model.

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    We are a consumer and social research agency with an increasing demand for segmentation analysis so are looking for some additional resources to help out during busy periods such as we are currently experiencing. In a couple of weeks we will have completed a UK nationally representative survey with 2,000 adults. The topic is travel and how attitudes and behviours have changed pre and post Covid-...

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    will send via the chat.. Thanks

    €5 - €9 / hr
    €5 - €9 / hr
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    Survey analysis, principal component analysis

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    We are an e-Commerce technology looking for a keen Mathematician and problem solvers to help complex Mathematical business pricing and purchasing problems. A Mathematician/Statistician that can turn data into information (graph, table, or anything that would interpret the data) A Bonus if also have skills - Business analyst - Python or R languages - Statistics - A team player - Has experience wo...

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    .................details confidential....... I will share via the chat. Thanks

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    I am a masters Student at EMU and working on finishing my thesis that focuses on microbial biology in freshwater wetlands. I am doing a few different nested ANOVAs and need help making sure I set everything up correctly in SPSS.

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    Professional statistician required. A survey report of 516 population size. Need it within 2 days.

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