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    I would like to create a website + an iPhone application for online women clothing store. The mobile application must be synced with the website (Any item added to the website the application will update automatically). Website: *Backend: - Product and content management (create categories) - Items with different price management - Discount management - Registered users management - Use...

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    Start a blog for Regency International Clinic - A world class healthcare centre in central London Regular blogs on healthcare issues in medical areas of our clinic 2 weekly blogs in a chosen topic

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    Need to write at least 50 blogs/articles of 500/1000/2000 words for us. At Start (i.e. First Month or 35000 words) We will pay you 65 INR for 500 words. For Second Month we will pay you 80 INR per 500 words. From Third Month you will get 100 INR per 500 words. From Forth Month You will get 130 INR per 500 words. From Fifth Month 150 INR per 500 Words. Articles must be informative...

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    I need some changes to an existing website. Purpose: a form for users to submit requests for educational aid w/ payment functionality​ Form will require the following functionality: 1. Math will be default subject but users will select their subject as per their requirement. This will be a required field. 2. User enters contact info. (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number) We will...

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    Hi all, I need a freelancer with professional experience in statistical analysis and research methods. I conducting analysis on hospital radiological reporting times pre and post implementation of PACS - I need you to determine the best form of analysis to conduct and then conduct that analysis using SPSS. I will send you the files once you submit your bids.

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    I just need to insert a search form to a slider on my wordpress website using slider revolution. My wordpress back-end already has slider revolution installed and i have managed to create buttons and sliders but having trouble with inserting a search bar that had tabs. My wordpress site is a real estate site. Currently it has a search bar however i am creating a new slider and i need is the buy, r...

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    web and mobile project, you have to install, configure and customize logo, using the script [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın], all in Spanish language, only the milestone will be released when the entire project is running SUBMIT and full compliance. proyecto web y movil , se tiene que instalar , configurar y personalizar logo , utilizando el script de [URL�...

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    A SWOT analysis is to be written on an organisation . The organisation can be either a Singapore or an international company; that produces physical products for consumer markets. You should provide information about the organisation’s background, current operations, product offerings, product positioning, geographic markets, financial situation, distribution network, etc. vis a vis its comp...

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    I need an existing App or script that able to validate any email add that is valid or invalid. Valid means that email add being inputted really exists otherwise, it is invalid. All you need is create an input field and submit button as a GUI. When I input any email add then click submit will popup a dialog Email is valid or invalid. Really a 100% accurate data results. You can use the following...

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    Design a Logo Bitti left

    Budget is very low so no big bidders. I want to have the logo of my below website. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] About what it is. 1. General Classified ( jobs, properties rent/sale,vehicles sales,fashion, comunity, general classified etc) 2. I also have very strong blog for ( business, social, international affairs, trends etc) The logo should ...

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    Hello i am looking to have designed and created a facebook funnel. From the facebook ad they will land on the 1st landing page which will have a video and text offering people to submit email in order to obtain a free e-book and then from there it will redirect to thankyou page which will have another video with a 1 time offer (buy now button) . Thanks

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    Our project is a very soulful project therefor we want the design aspect of the website to be very creative and artistic yet minimalist. We have come to the conclusion that we will hire a Graphic designer to make the website look aesthetically pleasing. What we need from you is the technical side of it. It demands a lot of programming and someone who is experienced in database developing and ...

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    I need someone who can submit a grant request for a non profit.

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    I am in need of some writers who can submit daily work on an ongoing basis. Please apply if you are willing to work long term. Payment will be released after successfully completing each task. The writing rates may be a little low to start with but we can increase them once good performance is seen. Only serious writers with good writing skills apply. The rates for a start are: $2/500 words, Th...

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    Assignment Bitti left

    Provide your views and reasons as to whether or not the London or New York stock markets will ever become completely ‘semi-strong’ efficient as defined by the efficient market hypothesis. Submission Requirements  You need to submit a 800-word report on your trades, including full referencing according to Harvard APA.  It needs to be submitted to Turnitin.

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    We are Chinese mobile app developer company. Now we need to focus on international marketing to publish articles in magazines, or blogs, etc.

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    Create a flyer for Marketing services and products. I will require creative designs that would promote packages to target customers, for both domestic (India) and International travel. Attached below are samples and the logo to be included in the flyer.

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    Search the Web for Something

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    I need someone to submit some articles for me.

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    We will give you a list of names and numbers, of associates who are performing certain tasks. For the set of people you are assigned, you would need to follow up regularly and have them submit the required data, which you will check and forward to us

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    The Project description is as follows and need to be submitted today, i.e. 28/08/16 7PM Sharp (IST). You have to conduct a business background research to illustrate current market situation and evaluate business initiatives/potentials. Google and find out more about the industry mentioned in the PDF file. • Conduct a critical review of the survey and its outcomes. Suggest improvements ...

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    We have completed a project that required some data collection and research. I would want you to put this analysis together as a report for me to submit. Will be about 20-25 pages with graphs and images.

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    1.) i want you to Compile a list of 10-20 relevant sites in my niche i can comment on( Drones/quadcopters). And also find an additional 10 sites that aren’t 100% relevant, but have a few relevant articles, this can be gadgets sites/news/etc that have lots of stories but feature drones in some blog posts Just google: Drone + leave a comment Drones blog + leave a comment Quadcopters blog +...

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    1. I need location wise display of categories and products for my website [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] . Place location wise search option like [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] . Already, if u search location wise on my website , it is displaying related products but not taking is as permanent and also not reflecting in ...

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    You are to choose one drug from the list at the bottom of this page and do a minimum 2,000 word research study about that drug. Please be aware that numerous typo errors (spelling, grammar, sentence structure) will detract from your being able to earn maximum points since it makes it difficult to understand what you are trying to express (so the reader won’t know if you really know what you ...

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    I'm looking for foreign Business Inspiration. You can use that TV-Show to collect inspiration to submit ideas, which will earn you up to 64$ for a great one. Please contact me so I can send you the worksheet, with which you could start immidiately.

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    Hello, I am looking for SEO Freelancer for my new [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I wants my website to appear on Search Engines such as Google,Yahoo etc.

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    This is a upfront pay without job finished. The job include: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] and SCI IF tool and Chinese journal Search tool

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    Need to write at least 50 blogs/articles of 500/1000/2000 words for us. At Start (i.e. First Month or 35000 words) We will pay you 65 INR for 500 words. For Second Month we will pay you 80 INR per 500 words. From Third Month you will get 100 INR per 500 words. From Forth Month You will get 130 INR per 500 words. From Fifth Month 150 INR per 500 Words. Articles must be informative...

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    I want to create a Magento webpage which allows me to display 10 states and then the available store locations in those state. There are a total of 20 locations in 10 states. To get an idea, visit our website, [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] This is one of our online store. We have another store, [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] ...

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    Hello, we need a person who can submit review on our Google app though you don't need to write any review but have to submit them with different rating. We want to start right away so if you are the right one then don't hesitate to BID on us. Let me know the price for each submission. Thanks

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    Hi Ganjar, This is the project for the next section as uploaded to GDrive "Section 2.2" total of 55 pages, however there are 6 pages with only one sentence on them, so for the project I am paying $490. As usual, please proof read every page before finalizing and I will do the same after you submit. Thanks. Alistair

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    We are expanding our residential HVAC business in the Ottawa Ontario area. We require effective B2C appointment lead generators. Our scripts are written to pre-qualify home owners for the purchase of furnaces, air conditioners and hot water tanks. Only experienced cold call appointment setters with a proven history need apply. Preference will be given to HVAC related professionals but we are open ...

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    I need facebook pages that will post my startup website, which currently post trending videos/content. I can either pay per click, per link or revenue share. I also need to know how to contact the page to setup the posted link Also if you know of a website where I can basically submit a link and they post it, that will work..

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    Hello, I need an Visual Search Engine which detects Image Parts and provide me similar images of fashion products. The CBIR should be able to index millions of images and send me back similar images from uploaded one based on - color - shape - pattern If you can build a software like this, please apply on this project.

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    My wife and I have a nonprofit organization that provides material support to the international orphan community. We need money to help feed, clothe, house, and educate this deserving population. The name of our 501(c)(3) organization is, Kindness and Care Beyond Borders, Inc. My home number is: 301.355.4454. I need someone who can write a grant for my organization and present it to potential ...

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    Hi.. my name is John. I am a small medical device distributor that represents multiple manufacturers at dozens of hospital/facilities. I would like to modify the Invoices Starter Solution to accommodate my needs. For the purposes of this database, our business works like this: 1- A surgeon/hospital uses our product. 2- We submit the order to the hospital and manufacturer (via pdfs generated on...

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    I need a spreadsheet of 1000 chiropractors in the state of Kentucky in USA. I need the Doctor name, address, phone, and email address. The email will require some research, googling, facebook lookup, etc. I need the spreadsheet within 3 days. Please send me an update when you have acquired 200 contacts including their email addresses. Thank you.

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    I need someone who can prepare article and submit in our site in wordpress (easy to follow process). The process is very easy and you donot need to write entire content. You need to apply some skill to shortlist good content and submit. The process will be discussed with winner.

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    Looking for a SEO and SMO Expert to help me drive traffic to my newly built website and rank it on the first pages of certain search engines. The countries I will be targeting are USA, Canada, Australia, and UK. (About 15-20 keywords) For SMO, I'm looking for someone to post blogs, online reputation management and handle accounts for : Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. ** Please c...

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    We got a website deployed on Heroku. It uses a Bootstrap template, node.js and express. I also have MongoDB collections with some data. I need to create a search bar where I can search the data on MongoDB collections.

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    Looking for a post graduate level writer for HRM, International Relations and marketing dissertation. The ideal candidate should be a research fellow and have extensive experience in academic research and writing, including qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis. If you have a team or you outsource then it is humble request don't place bid on this project and give a proof that you ...

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    I would like the freelancer to create a business plan based on Hydroponics in order to submit to the bank including projection of cashflows etc. It is critical the project appears feasible with realistic projections to suit Oman Market. The Freelancer will be provided shared access to google drive to download an existing set of such data etc but the freelancer must adapt the data to the our pr...

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    Looking for a writer who would be comfortable to submit articles on men fashion, lifestyle and fitness for an upcoming blog. We need bloggers to write articles (10 articles a month). You also must be able to write and research topics given to you. A background in fashion is a plus point.

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    I am looking for Native English writers to join our writing team. The job will be long term and it consists of writing articles, ebooks, literature reviews, webcopy, press releases, article rewriting etc Your main task will be writing articles up to 4-6 articles per day. you will get ebooks to write as well but they are not that frequent and it will be given like every 2 weeks or so but main t...

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    This project is for developers familiar with Contact Form 7 AND ALSO Thrive Themes/Thrive Leadboxes. I want to add a more robust form to the thrive leads pop up so I have taken CF7 form code and input it into a leadbox. This looks like a great fix for having multiple fields of info to collect (since the API cant send out more than 3 fields), and you can even add custom CSS to the leadbox to ...

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    Trophy icon Design a Flyer Bitti left

    I would like a flyer image that has the musicians Stevie Wonder and Prince as the focus. As you can see from the A3 Flyer Template, part of the flyer will be obscured at the bottom and the column of text will have 85% opacity. This means that the stars must be mainly in the clear area to the top left of the A3 size flyer. However, because the rest of the image will still be partially visible,...

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