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    Hola necesito algún diseñador creativo, que me ayude con un par de formatos informativos sobre unos productos que venderé en mi website, la cual requieren te algo fresco, original y hermoso. English: Hello, I need a creative designer to help me with a couple of informative formats about some products that I will sell on my website, which require something fresh, original and...

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    Recreate King Pin with my face superimposed... with a chess board on his desk and cigar ...

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    I have some stores in my city. I also have a mobile application that allows home deliveries. I need to create a custom google map with polygons. Polygons are created to indicate the range of action of a store. Polygons can be superimposed. The map must allow querying through an API, so that my application calls the map and allows you to select the location (delivery address). The API must return t...

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    Trophy icon Logo Design for new App Bitti left

    I am looking for a graphic designer to provide some mockups for a new service I am working on called "Diarisor" which helps professionals manage their customer diaries etc. No set colour scheme but ideally will include an identifiable element which can be used independently as an icon etc. I don't want the whole text in uppercase, but have not strong feelings as to the colour sche...

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    The above is required for an imminent clinical trial. As part due diligence a review competing software programs together strengths and limitations is obtained. prototypes will need t be designed and further changes required the program. An enforceable assignment of new coding to the employer will be required. Detailed sketches superimposed on various optical / photogrammetric scans will be provi...

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    Hi I need someone who can add a logo to a product that is slightly moving in a short 10 second video. It needs to be superimposed and look as if the video actually had the branded version in it. It moves slightly but the logo needs to move with the movement of the person holding it. Should be simple for someone who knows EXACTLY how to do this. Is that you ?

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    I just need a few images remastered/re-logo'd with a specific design. I have some fitness model pictures that I need the logo swapped on or superimposed onto the back wall behind. Wherever there is a hat in the picture, I'd like the Macho Mecca logo put on the hat. Where there is no hat and a back wall, I'd like to have the logo put on the back wall (blurred if necessary based on th...

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    The project is to debug a display bug on a site built on a Laravel database. The letters are superimposed on each other.

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    hi I would like to know if you could do the attached . looking at having 2 sketches done with multi photos in black and white no back grounds they dont have to be in this positioning I can leave this up to you as to how ever you feel comfortable they would be best. I would like each sketch to look normal not like people have been superimposed into each sketch also the sizing I was thinking 8x10 or...

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    сканирование реальных сложных объектов (бриллианты, серебро и золото) + перенос их в дополненную реальность (инстаграм маски или отдельное приложение, здесь необходимо и приложение). Good afternoon! I need to create a very simple but effective logic for superimposing 3D objects on real objects using the camera on my phone. If such work looks good through the mask on Instagram, it will significant...

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    I have a picture of a hand with fingernails and I need someone to superimpose pictures of different colors onto the fingernails? I have jpeg pictures of all of the colors that are to be superimposed onto the nails. There are 40 different colors/designs to superimpose.

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    Trophy icon New Enegy Logo Bitti left

    New Logo Required. We are an Australian Energy Company, and are in need of a new corporate logo. I've attached our current logo, and are looking for a new corporate profile/ presence so would welcome any and all feedback. The Company name is AUSENERGY. I would like the colouring of the new logo to be in the Australian Flag colours, and to possibly having the flag superimposed throughout AU...

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    i wont reply generic messages asking for the job without knowing what it entails i have various design concepts, i need a designer to redraw and add life to some existing concept please before you contact me , go through my attachment, if possible do some edits and pitch your ideas to me , i wont reply generic messages asking for the job without knowing what it entails you can check out some ...

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    Building a steel cantilever staircase, I need someone to verify they are compliant to a deflection as per below. Proposed stairs are 1 meter long, cantilevered, constructed of 2xSHS either 75x75x3 or 50x50x3 welded together and attached via a 150x10mm, bolted to concrete wall. I need to know the deflection of of both and if they would comply. Needs to be compliant to this ! Stairways and inte...

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    I have a photo that I’d like to have my deceased grandpa superimposed into. I have a few photos of him you could choose from. Please let me know.

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    This is a software that will utilize Computational Fluid Dynamics Equations to conduct Quantitative Risk Analysis including Gas Dispersion, Vapour Cloud Explosions, Generate Risk Contours. Below are the details of the requirements: 1. Develop a software with GUI Based CFD Code 2. Support geometry import of files DGN, DWG, STL etc 3. Conduct Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) of a Process Plant e....

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    I will need several pictures each showing the BLM flag on a car and in a two-pack (can have writing). I need it superimposed on a car, preferably in front of a large Black lives matter crowd. I am open for ideas. I pick multiple winners and most of my projects lead to Milestones. I have attached several pictures as a reference of what I am looking for. The BLM flag in the photos can also be used o...

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    A website where end users can upload images, crop them to a specific size, add messages and preview a product before printer can download the cropped image and messages to print. The preview of the finished products should allow the images to be superimposed on a variety of products, including more difficult surfaces such as mugs.

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    My name is Craig Robinson, I am a Fantasy Football participant in a highly competitive league with childhood friends. My team is called the Silverbacks. I won the championship last year and I am the defending champion. I am a big fan of Mafia movies. I love the Soprano's. I adopted a character called Don Kong. I have a photo of him to attach below to give you a idea of the character. I need...

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    I would like to create a campaign where each bed sheet is superimposed on a bed to display the style. Each sheet set should show the pattern of each 12 sheets displayed on a bed. Also I would like the image superimposed as a folded up pattern. Examples included (Please try NOT use the examples provided.) Inbox or email with any additional questions.

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    I need 4 designs superimposed onto a wine bottle Each bottle will have two designs representing front and back Therefore a total of 8 bottles Example attached

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    Trophy icon Photo Edit Photoshop Bitti left

    Please recreate the pink image with the 2 images uploaded (ring + ring on model) superimposed? Please ensure the format in instagram story friendly. Instead of he pink could you make it light grey. No writing necessary.

    €8 (Avg Bid)
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    I require a company name and logo (a vector in 'ai' format) to be superimposed onto the trailer in the photograph of a truck. It has to look real and convincing and not like an edited photo. Account for light and shadows etc.

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    Need a NEW URL up and noticeable with information and a working contact page, photos and a Logo superimposed on a pretend store front

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    Trophy icon Image Editting Bitti left

    I would like the visor superimposed on the face of the images and add our logo to the side. All Image in the folder. The image i want added to the faces is named [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] After i have awarded the main prize, i will buy several images. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    I have multiple screenshots of our website that I'd like superimposed on iPhones, laptops, and desktop (iMac) computers to look nice for our website. I've attached pictures of what I'm looking for (these are not the screenshots I need, just things I found online that I like.) I like both ones that are just the device by itself, and ones that are the mobile device with the hand too....

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    Make America Again In five minutes of monologue, with some superimposed photos ( The Declaration of Independence, Statue of Liberty ), I believe I can help redirect some well meaning but misinformed members of the MAGA movement onto a more realistic and humanistic viewpoint, or at least give a clarification as to what greatness really is for our democracy. Relax, I'm not a right wing ranter....

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    Trophy icon Custom Movie Posters Bitti left

    Hello, We would like to create custom movie posters for our customers, and we want to build a gallery of options. The idea is that users will be able to upload a photo online and we superimpose it on a gallery of pre-built movie posters. The main title should be editable and don't forget the movie credits text at the bottom also If you succeed with the first design and we award you - w...

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    Trophy icon Photoshop & superimpose Bitti left

    I need two photos. Two different wines, but the image needs to look the same. Replace the existing wine barrel bottle with the product shot ‘Cru’ wine on one image, and the Clos Oratoire on the other photo. The wine bottles need to be identical in shape, size and placement on the photo, as this will be used on a website slider (the bottle will change into the other when scrolling). ...

    €12 (Avg Bid)
    21 girdi

    I need an animation to be created that does the following: 1) Show blood vessels in the brain we need to show the blood flowing smoothly in a similar manner, for 5 seconds. Superimposed on this will be a brain image, which is pinkish in color. 2) Then it shows a clot, that travels up the vertical part and gets stuck at the beginning of horizontal part. 3)then the part of the blood vessel beyond t...

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    I am measuring sentiment analysis of political elites surrounding Brexit in a period of 5 years from 2016 january to 2020 january. I need someone who can plot a graph in r using tidyverse and ggplot2 to plot a graph of sentiment score (positive vs negative) against a tiemline of 5 years. I have all the tweets data scraped and in tibble format so its really just plotting the graph that is the issue...

    €157 (Avg Bid)
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    I have a google earth image of a house and land. I also have a sketch (survey) of that same land drawn by a surveyor. I need the image drawn by the surveyor to be superimposed over the top of the google earth image keeping all dimensions correct.

    €85 (Avg Bid)
    Acil Gizlilik Anlaşması
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    I need an animation to be created that does the following: 1) Show blood vessels in the brain we need to show the blood flowing smoothly in a similar manner, for 5 seconds. Superimposed on this will be a brain image, which is pinkish in color. 2) Then it shows a clot, that travels up the vertical part and gets stuck at the beginning of horizontal part. 3)then the part of the blood vessel beyond t...

    €30 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for someone to produce me five seconds of lead video (MP4) that I can edit onto the front of the titles of a video. The last frames of the video will match the Powerpoint screen that I use for the actual title ++. I'm looking mostly for an animation of shapes and a superimposed countdown video. Trying to do this on a budget - Please see attached file as endpoint.

    €87 (Avg Bid)
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    I would like four faces superimposed on Mt Rushmore. You can google the names for the band to see more photos. Billy Strings Jarrod Walker Royal Masat Billy Failing

    €41 (Avg Bid)
    34 girdi

    I have existing solidworks 3d models of home office furniture that I want superimposed into lifestyle interior settings.

    €293 (Avg Bid)
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    We are starting an apparel brand, and need to have our logo superimposed onto: 4 colors of t-shirts 1- long sleeve shirts 3- colors of hats 2- colors of sunvisors 10 total images

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    Object To transcribe audio with Hungarian speech of a very different nature. Project goal: training of Hungarian speech recognition algorithms of Google with presence of noise (superimposed speech, poor recording quality, noise). Payment Piecework payment: 1 USD per minute of transcribed audio (not per minute of your work, but per minute of transcribed audio). On average, it turns out about 6 USD...

    €60 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi, We are a design company looking to create Facebook ads and we need someone with expertise in Photoshop to create these ads using our designs. What we need you to do: We will need you to superimpose images of our designs on to photographs of products we have taken. For example, we would like to have the design in the attachment titled "Design A" superimposed onto the white notepad i...

    €128 (Avg Bid)
    87 girdi
    Trophy icon Logo for flower shop Bitti left

    I need a logo designed. Logo must be circular in shape. Have the words “Bangor Floral” centered on the top with the words “EST. 1925” centered on the bottom. The central image should be a classic bee image but with flowers superimposed or made from flowers . The logo is for a flower shop. The images provided were found on the internet and are copyrighted. They are meant to...

    €82 (Avg Bid)
    96 girdi

    Hello. I have read some of your many reviews and thought I would try you. I create politically incorrect clothing. I need a T-Shirt design with some text and an original picture design. The shirt will read "I OFFENDED A" (top) Then underneath there will be a picture of a snowflake with a crying baby face in the centre of the snowflake, crying little baby snowflake tears. Down the bott...

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    Trophy icon Superimpose logos onto images Bitti left

    Needing someone to superimpose logos onto the clothing people are wearing in stock photography and make it look natural. This is a test project for a company who sells customized gear. I need a designer to mock up what those logos will look like on clothing (stock photography. There are 3 photos I'd like mocked up and 3 specific logos I'd like put into the clothing on the models in these...

    €54 (Avg Bid)
    Acil Garantili
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    I have a client that wants to see what their remodeled kitchen and great room will look like so I need an interior designer or architect to visually render modernized versions of these two rooms in 3D rendering, complete with furniture and accessories. Style to be contemporary / modern-contemporary. For both rooms, you are modifying / augmenting the existing pictures with your design, so your ...

    €156 (Avg Bid)
    13 girdi

    It’s for a life coaching company. A Comic logo depicting a high kick with several high kick legs - one in a sexy high heel, another in a dull house slipper, one barefoot with painted toes and an ankle chain, one in a military boot - it should represent different women kinda kicking ass - one superimposed on another - and a dude in there too - The name Katana should be displayed

    €64 (Avg Bid)
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    We have a base image and need to have parts of another image cut out from the image and superimposed on the base image. Angles, color, proportions of added image have to be adapted to fit the base image as good as possible. See quick description attached

    €86 (Avg Bid)
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    Job Description: Extend Web Page with "Text Room", “Ship Room”, and “Map Room” choices The jimaworks website is designed to sell a product called “RelationShips”. A RelationShips product is an interactively-specified, framed, map-based print superimposed with a 2D- or 3D-printed ship. The current interaction is organized a long sequence of pages, e...

    €441 (Avg Bid)
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    Please photoshop the head from image 1, onto the body of image 2, in a seamless manner, so that it does not look photoshopped. Could you also create a separate image, with a photoshopped smile. So the output for this job should be two pictures - one with the head superimposed onto the body, without the smile (the status quo photo in image 1), and a second one, except there is a smile.

    €18 (Avg Bid)
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    37 teklifler

    Please read the entire way through otherwise I'll know and I won't reply to your bid. Similar to virtually staging an interior 360 panorama, I need you to place 3D objects on the ground from a drone 360 panorama. Specifically, we are looking for virtual buildings. We'd like to take one panorama and have 3 different versions rendered out. One version will have a commercial buildin...

    €216 (Avg Bid)
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    8 teklifler

    We have some drift in sampled signals that needs to be removed. Signal is sampled with 0.82MHz. Superimposed to the signal a digital signal with about 1/4 of the sampling frequency, some trend data is superimposed too. Some kind of simple filtering (digital signal processing moving average, fir, iir) is needed that fits on a 100MIPS class cpu. Algorithm might use several such cpu if needed. Raw da...

    €259 (Avg Bid)
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