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    Complete my a logo 3 gün left

    Im looking to ...idea is some kind of roman style sword with wings for handles. if it could have some lighting and or a laurel incorporated that would be cool too but not essential (see the image of my attempt at design). I want it to be simple enough that the logo can be embroidered but also something different and very "cool" looking. I suppose it may have a simple base (as I want to also offer a pendant of the design, e.i just the sword with wing handles). Then a more complex design building on the logo for future t-shirt prints. My main concern is a simple logo that feel coherent with the brand. I am a cancer survivor and have had a tough few years but am well known for my perseverance. I want my brand to embody that. Its cal...

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    A survivor reality tv show on YouTube. 20 participants compete to build a self-sustainable homestead.

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    ...tall building in the back. I can use Gimp 2.10.28 (Filters > Edge detect > Edge > Blending options: Color erase) to create a sketch that highlights the color of the jacaranda flowers as shown in the attached file Fig2-GIMPoutput.jpg. I like that result, but the excessive light in the background building remains a problem. I am therefore posting a task to correct the lighting of the original photograph, particularly the contrast between the facades in the foreground and the wall of the tall building in the back. I would like the tall building in the background to be a lot less intrusive, but without compromising the rest of the picture, namely the facades in the foreground and the jacaranda flowers, which must continue to be visible as shown in the Gimp output show...

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    Ferrous Design Inc. is a small company with a handful of diversely skilled contractors. We provide data management services to small businesses in the southeastern United States. Our product is a mix of traditional “management as a service” techniques mixed with new technologies as they trickle in from the enterprise market. General job description: We are looking for a versatile artist who can work with our team across several styles of cartoon, cell shading and graphic design. Our main design tool is blender/gimp, we are an open-source design shop, however if you have to use other design software that is fine, we just required that the final files (source) be exported into blender/gimp for future use. Our core contractors work...

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    HTML Tables Bitti left

    To make fillable tables (forms) in html, from fillable tables made in odt (LibreOffice) with existing open source software like GIMP, without any coding.

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    This should be quite straightforward if you have good photoshop skills (or gimp, idk whatever you use), I would think that it should not take more than an hour. No design really. I can explain.

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    I have a design that has 1000 layers. Task is: 1. Go through spreadsheet 2. Change image of elephant 3. Change layers of clothing based on spreadsheet 4. Change layers of background 5. Save as png and upload to google drive Hiring multiple people * Will need someone with good bandwidth * lots of free time * can start now

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    No artist or amazing design skills required, I have a boring job, where you are to 1 - import an image 2 - move a few layers around based on a spreadsheet 3 - save file Need 2-3 people

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    ...every person is free. Please include the Copy below: When you subscribe to freedom, the lives of survivors are transformed every month. If you believe in a world where everyone is Free for Life, you belong in the Compassion Collective! $5 per month: educates a care worker through human trafficking prevention curriculum $10 per month: provides tutoring to an international survivor $20 per month: supports a survivor living at long-term safe home $50 per month: intercepts and rescues an individual from exploitation and abuse Attachments: This is the typical style of icons we have used....

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    I want to be able to open the logo file in GIMP and change the color of the logo without losing the crispness. See attached.

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    I need a gui element designer who can help me design a clean looking radial menu for a mobile app. Budget: 20 Preferably,. I would like the design to be made with an open source tool such as Inkscape or Gimp.

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    Redo my logo Bitti left

    I created my logo but now need a professional to draw it up as vector files and at scale so that it’s useable for products. I did my best using GIMP so have those files if it helps but I’m a novice. Could lead to further work on my website or merchandise. Many thanks.

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    Trophy icon Company logo required Bitti left

    A brand new company requires a unique logotype. It's going to be involved in robotics, IoT, and AI areas. The company name is GerTat. The logo is need to be minimalistic and industrial. It should be associated with reliability and technological competence. No fancy and bubble things should be used. No brain symbols. It must be a combination of graphics and the name. The attached file contains logotypes of the famous brands that should be inspiration. The source file must be GIMP and/or Blender compatible.

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    script writer Bitti left

    We're looking for a dramatic scene approximately 1 minute that we can use for a reel. We don't have a scenario but we do know the types of characters that we'd like to play. More info below: Drama: Could possibly be in the procedural, mental thriller (not horror) Female character: 29, Jaded, mistreated, survivor Similar Actresses: Jennifer Lawrence (Winter's Bone) - Julia Garner (Ozark) Similar shows: Winter's Bone - Ozark Male character: 33, Psycho, creeper (always the quiet guy that did it), perhaps misunderstood Similar Actors: Edward Norton, Christian Bale, Tom Pelphrey (Ozark role) Similar shows: Primal Fear - American Psycho - Ozark

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    Se requiere 3 disenos para publicidad de venta de cámaras de seguridad. Creativo y llamativo para audiencia Experiencia en diseños de publicidad Documento PNG Editables preferencia compatible con Gimp o Inkscape

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    The hand drawing shows the homepage, I need it in html or pdf format to show it in a presentation, I will need two minor changes...minor changes to what shown to simulate functioning (so doesn't need to really be functioning) we will show: 1) how result would show on map after clicking icon on map, 2) and after clicking in the list I will share Drive folder to those interested The icons we have may be used, we also need to show those ON/OFF (ON are the coloured version, OFF the grey version of the same icon) They are in Gimp format (openable in photoshop): The hand drawn image is this one:

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    Hi. I would like to get a design that would suit the most the next description: my daughter had a heart surgery, she is now well, therefore I would like a big tattoo on my thigh to represent this big challenge in our lives. A heart tattoo is not only what I am looking for, I want to use something creative to represent a patched heart, a survivor, a recovered heart. And a small sign where it represent my thank you to God! If you think you can help, pls let me know

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    About the race: The Alpaca Race takes place on a loop in a park at Hisingen island in Gothenburg, Sweden. The loop may be interpreted to resemble an Alpaca (the lama). The race loop measures about 10.6 km and co...completed in 1.00.42 and we are still awaiting a runner to complete one lap in under 1 hour. In summary, The Alpaca Race is one big party where everyone get the chance to get really tired. Requirements for the logo: The logo should be simple and preferably include a stylized alpaca and the text "Alpaca Race" or "The Alpaca Race". Pictures of alpacas included but please feel free to use or create other ones. No dates or year in the logo. Creative words for inspiration: Toughest endurance race in Sweden. Strength High-altitude High-energ...

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    I Want 3d short animated movie for a marriage proposal / Duration max 01:00 minute This is not commercial project DETAILS SCENARIO Scene 1 Our theme is a pessimistic atmosphere like the post-apocalyptic world, we will have brought the world to light again by rescuing the kidnapped girl in the final. OUTDOOR Cinematic The main character approaches and descends by ca...general guide for ideas. HOUSE SAMPLE CRATE The main character, on the left, wears a type like the one with glasses, coats, pants, etc. The girl character in the room may be like the one on the left, brown eyes, light brown hair, if you have it, I would appreciate it if you could send it to me. Concept clothes survivor filthy or something

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    ...holding on, run- Matthew Mole Shotgun- George Ezra I need you- John batiste Meet me at our spot(basic but good), Wait a Minute- Willow Smith 99, you and I- Barns Courtney Close, jealous, chains- Nick Jonas Talking body, habits-Tove Lo High Enough- K. Flay Speechless- Dan and shay Say love- James TW Unforgettable- Thomas Rhett What ifs- Kane Brown You worry me, S.O.B., hey mama, time stands, survivor, redemption- Nathaniel Rateliff Friends- Big Gigantic, Ashe Travel in’- Shwayze Lot to learn- Luke Christopher Misunderstood- Xuitcasecity Gold- Kiiara Hallucinogenics, cringe, put it on me, go easy- Matt maeson Issues- Julia Michaels Figures- Jessie Reyez Booty swing- Parov Stelar Sunshine, one day- Matisyahu Crickets- Drop City Yacht Club Rocketeer- Far East Movement Cap...

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    Drawing of 50+ Unique '2D Sprites'. Required categories: Mobs Mobs with Limbs (Humans/Human species) Turfs Objects All reference art to replicate and lots of examples will be provided. But mastery of GIMP is definitely required. If you have read this description please get in touch with us, as we have a monthly requirement for this work and regular work can be provided based on performance.

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    ...Please note that the module is not expected to load images from disk but to receive images as or variables as described above. Compatibility --------------------- The module has to be compatible with Python 3.8+, should depend only on public domain software (licensed under BSD, Apache 2.0 or similar) and should work on Linux (Ubuntu Server). The module must not depend on Gimp, QT5, GTK or any other similar software/libraries. You can share a dependences list so we can check all elements are compliant with our requirements. Result ---------- As said above, the expected result is a fully compliant PSD file. If required, detailed PSD specifications can be found here: Benchmark ---------------- The module is

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    I’m a domestic violence survivor looking to tell 400 words or less how I went from domestic violence relationship to mental behavior in patient and lost everything in need of help getting a car and little travel travel trailer like scamp, teardrop or airstream to start my new life on the road and maken money helping others with my story

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    We are repainting the exterior of a 3 story house and need 5 exterior pictures masked using Adobe photoshop / gimp or similar so we can try different colour combinations. Note that there are trees obscuring section of the house so the masking will be not entirely straight forward. The pictures will be taken by a full frame DSLR camera and the images up to 24megapixels.

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    I am looking for someone who can take the artwork attribute layers that I have created on GIMP and code them so that they can give me 321 randomly generated pieces of artwork that I can use for my NFT project(currently in early stages). Additionally I would love to learn to code NFT artwork in the future so someone who is happy to chat about that with me would be fantastic! I will gift you 20 of the finished NFTs when the project is completed.

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    I have received 2 files (208MB and 347MB) and need to open them in GIMP. I don´t have Photoshop.

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    I am looking for a billboard design that has a vintage feel. Consider these sources: Please create one design that is for a fictional diner "Stan's Diner" that features Malt Shakes. The design should have a 50's vintage feel and should reflect some wear on the billboard since these should look "old". Your design MUST be original and not a copy of other copyrighted material from the Internet! Size should be 1004px x 484px and 300 dpi. You can use whatever graphics package you want, but the file type must be compatible with GIMP.

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    Hello all, I need 5000 images of Pookkalam (flower decoration on the floor for the festival onam in Kerala (India)). If you do a Google search for Pookkalam, you will find ...the festival onam in Kerala (India)). If you do a Google search for Pookkalam, you will find a lot of images. The images should be good quality and should be free from humans or other distractions. But things like lamp and para are OK. I need all the images to be 1024X1024 size. Images smaller than that should not be included. Images larger than that should be resized to the above size using Gimp or Photoshop. You can take the images from anywhere such as Google, Facebook or Instagram. Images with copyright are also OK, but should not contain any watermark. Please let me know if you need to know anyt...

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    We have a beautiful podcast episode (1 hour) recorded from a holocaust survivor, however there's some static from her tissues that I cannot remove and we didn't have the heart to ask her to stop during her share. Wondering if this is something we could get cleaned up so we can publish the episode!

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    €22 - €185
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    ...DLC’s or sequel games. In this, you get to be two characters, a brother and a sister, named Zackery Zaminski and Lily-Anna Zaminski. You both wake up to a zombie turned world and need to learn how to survive and find your parents, as well as recruit other survivors, but some will already be sick and or infected with the Z-Virus. It will be the players rescission to recruit, abandon, or execute the survivor(s) that you find that are infected. The player will have the choice on where to build ahelter and what to put in it. For example, they can do a sick bay, a garrison, armory, home gym, chefs kitchen, car depot, and many more. The players will also be able to gather parts to build weapons, vehicles, even there own shelters (but the shelters will take a while because of amou...

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    Award badges Bitti left

    Award Badges Update Platinum Award: - The color should be updated to look more like platinum, which is essentially a very light silver color. Lea...special as well. Genre-based Awards: - This is the biggest change. For the genre-based awards, I want to display an appropriate icon fitting the genre in the left box of the award, where currently the Cryowolf logo lies. There will be awards for 15 different genres in total: Action Adventure Card Game Competitive Graphic Narrative Horror MMO Platformer Puzzle Racing Role-Playing Shooter Simulation Sports Strategy If you need help figuring out what kind of icon to use, I am happy to assist you. Some will definitely be easier than others. Everything should still be easily customisable in GIMP, just the way you have done it b...

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    We have a Shopify store where users upload images to personalise products. We need you to download these images and follow instructions to process them using either GIMP or Photoshop. Some products are simpler to process using GIMP, just involving resizing and running a script we have written. Others involve more steps in Photoshop, taking up to 10 minutes per image. It may be possible to improve our process for these images, so we would be keen to get your views on this. This is an ongoing requirement, currently for perhaps an hour a week (<10 images per week), but growing to hundreds of images per week between October - Christmas.

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    I am a Movement Trainer...Gyrotonic, Yoga and Breath. Also a survivor of Past, present and chronic Lyme, I was paralyzed, unable to speak and lost my life as I knew it. The work that I teach has brought me back full circle and even better. 30 years later, I'm 30 years younger. I now work with people with neurological issues, rebuilding, restoring and rejuvenating cellular memory. I am having superb results!!! From unable to stand or sit up straight to walking without a walker, standing up straight to pursuing a new hobby! I work outside the box. I am alternative, having lived in an Ashram and studied with some of the greatest natural healters in the world such as Yeshi Dandana, the Dali Llama's healer, Deepak Chopra, Yoga Bajahn, and was one of the forrunners to help s...

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    I need a professional 3d NFT Character Animation artist who can help me with my video projetc. This is what it’s about The name is Survivor bunnies My mom died from cervical, my wife is in remission and a survivor of cervical cancer, my aunt died from cancer So the theme is to illustrate the survival of cancer I don’t know how to go about this how to put this but it’s my passion so can you help me I want the video to be of 15 secs duration maximum

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    N...Umiesz pracować przy kilku projektach jednocześnie - Spostrzegawczość i dbanie o szczegóły jest dla Ciebie ważne Obowiązki: - Praca w dowolnym programie graficznym do obróbki 3D (np. Blender, 3D Max - pliki wyjściowe w .fbx): -- Tworzenie i modelowanie obiektów 3D, głównie LowPoly i MidPoly -- Pozyskiwanie materiałów do wykonania tekstury: - Znajomość oprogramowania 2D (np. Affinity, Photoshop, Gimp itp): -- Łączenie zdjęć produktów w jedną teksturę z zachowaniem poprawnej widoczności detali -- Korekta kolorystyczna EDGE NPD jest spółką działającą na rynku polskim i zagranicznym od ponad 8 lat, w tym czasie mieliśmy przyjemność współpracować z klientami, którzy wyznaczają obowiązujące trendy i progn...

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    I have a GIMP file and I want to set up 4 layers with text, I want to be able to use a python script to change the text of those layers and export the image. For example, - Imagine my .xcf gimp file is called template.xcf. - It has 4 layers of text, layer1, layer2, layer3, layer4. - I want to add texts: "10:50", "rafa@myemail", "Thank you for sending this to me", "Bye" - I want to export it in JPEG with quality 90. I should write: python --template --layer1 "10:50" --layer2 "rafa@myemail" --layer3 "Thank you for sending this to me" --layer4 "Bye" --out --quality 90

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    I am trying to grow my brain injury survivor Facebook group and gain more members.

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    We need an image processing script developer. We mainly prefer to use ImageMagick or Gimp on their command line versions. - - Other options can be used but need to be validated by us before start the development. The script we need to do will do an automatically split and straighten scanned photos. The input will be a .ARW, .Tiff or .JPG file of open books or two papers on the same picture and the script has to generate two separate images, one per side of the book or one per paper, the output will be a TIFF file uncompressed and the image has to be straight and we need a value to set the margin on the side of the images. The project scope is to generate a script on bash, perl or python to do those tasks. To complete the project, the script

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    We need an image processing script developer. We mainly prefer to use ImageMagick or Gimp on their command line versions. - - Other options can be used but need to be validated by us before start the development. The script we need to do will do an automatically split and straighten scanned photos. The input will be a .ARW, .Tiff or .JPG file of open books or two papers on the same picture and the script has to generate two separate images, one per side of the book or one per paper, the output will be a TIFF file uncompressed and the image has to be straight and we need a value to set the margin on the side of the images. The project scope is to generate a script on bash, perl or python to do those tasks. To complete the project, the script

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    I am trying to work out how to convert line art into a sashiko template. This requires that the line is converted into a dashed line of a particular length and pattern and a fixed size. See image for example of a sashiko template. I only have access to entry level image tools (GIMP etc).

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    2 pictures need to be edited with GIMP (change colors, correct angles)

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    2 Pictures need to be edited with gimp

    €8 - €32
    €8 - €32
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    Looking for a High resolution poster design to illustrate graphically all the countries that I have visited. i.e. USA, Canada, Mexico, England, Germany and etc. The countries that need to be represented will fall in to two categories 1 visited as family and 2nd visited as individually. The illustration must demonstrate that. The poster can be a representation of flags with a famous landmark and the date of visit or the poster can be a map with the name of cities, flag and date. The poster will be printed in color in 40cm x 50cm size. The resolution should be high enough that if the size needs to be doubled it can be with out a problem. List of the countries, category and dates will be provided to the winning bidder. In general there are 11 countries for category 1 and 13 cou...

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    A freelancer is needed who supports me in optimizing a girl's face from water color paintings. In total, 11 different images/positions/feelings are to be modified. 1 file in the attachment contains 3 images of faces to be optimized, this will help you to understand the task. What needs to be modified: Onl...attachment contains 3 images of faces to be optimized, this will help you to understand the task. What needs to be modified: Only face, not the hair. brown eyes, normal nose, normal mouth - not too detailed, but should express feelings, as indicated. Finally, the face for each image should be a separate layer/image, so that it can just be used to overlay the entire original image. I work with Gimp, or I can easily process tiff file. Feel free to ask any other question ...

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    I need 4 pictures edited with GIMP. There will also be shown how the result should look like (before-after).

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    Trophy icon Mobile game icon design Bitti left

    Design an app icon (1024x1024 pixels) for a new match3 type of game. Flat design is required. Game is a typical match 3 game but it's based on alphabet letters instead of candies and diamonds. You need to submit the source files, i.e. psd, xcf (prefered GIMP), etc. as well as png and jpg.

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    I am creating a home automation GUI using sweet home 3-D to create a 3D floorplan for lighting and controls within Home Assistant. I’m looking for someone to create a 3-D floor plan using sweet home 3-D. I have a basic blueprint of my home with sizing. Will then need to be exported to gimp to create lighting effects, then upload it to home assistant. I have a full tutorial showing how to do this, just no knowledge of using these software. Including video tutorial.

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