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    39,103 tamil midi song iş bulundu, ücretlendirmeleri EUR

    Genel bir Radyo Dinleme sitesi için şarkı adları göstermek istiyorum. m3u8, shoutcas, icecast, player streamtheworld vs gibi tüm yayınlarda şarkı adları göstermek... I want to show song titles for a general Radio Listening site. Showing song names in all publications such as m3u8, shoutcas, icecast, player streamtheworld etc ...

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    Depressed—need a song 6 gün left

    I have a story to my life, I want a song to describe my life and my experiences. I have a vision of what kind of song I want to make. I want it to be on the cloud rap genre.

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    I need a high light reel for instagram can it be posible ?portrait orientation ? Someone who knows arabic also to edit my videos for future i need something edgy ..electric nice here is the song unless u have a song song is sadna Nwallea by Fares karam one Minute high light if u can do portrait or landscape

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    Elvis Presley designs 6 gün left

    I'm looking for some different unique Elvis Presley T-shirt designs somewhere between 5 or more, with editable backgrounds in...backgrounds later if needed to suit customers' needs based on shirt color etc. and don't directly copy someone else's work. I understand it can be hard to find good quality images of "the king of rock and roll" and you will have to use the same image as others but put you spin on it. I'd love to see something that includes his songs like an image in center and songs around it or maybe something with some song lyrics. My Best friend is his biggest fan and I'm wanting to do her a wardrobe for an upcoming Birthday. But I also have many customers that are fans, and I'm sure once they see her surprise the request wi...

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    Trophy icon Designs T-shirts etc 9 gün left

    I'm looking for some different unique Elvis Presley T-shirt designs somewhere between 5 or more, with editable backgrounds ...backgrounds later if needed to suit customers' needs based on shirt color etc. and don't directly copy someone else's work. I understand it can be hard to find good quality images of "the king of rock and roll" and you will have to use the same image as others but put you spin on it. I'd love to see something that includes his songs like an image in center and songs around it or maybe something with some song lyrics. My Best friend is his biggest fan and I'm wanting to do her a wardrobe for an upcoming Birthday. But I also have many customers that are fans, and I'm sure once they see her surprise the request wil...

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    Below i mentioned current live website URL and also i mentioned what changes i need to change Website URL : Changes to change attribute type while ordering product like actully what in current version customer should be select all attribute after that only they can able to place order - but i actully what i need if customer select sin...there display variation amount and customer able to place order (if you have doubts ping me i ll clear with sample) the final checkout page there's option for timeslot now there's no extra price amount added for that time but i need to change if customer choose some time extra amount need to be add need to fix small bugs Actully i have lots of projects so excepted reasonble rate (Tamil peoples most welcome)

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    I will sing a few versions of a song but then the musician will have to do what is best.

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    It's a song which I will like to transform into a short film as background/music clip inspired by colors and nature.

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    I need a music video done for a song. The song can be heard at the following url I do not have much budget for it. I will be happy with about 10 beautiful copyright free graphics stitched together into a video with beautiful transitions. If you cannot make a video, it will be fine as long as I can get the 10 beautiful graphics. The graphics have to relevant to the lyrics of the song. I will also need a graphic card for the song to be posted on various song websites. I need one video without lyrics and another one with lyrics in Hindi (Roman Hindi - i.e. Hindi written in English)

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    I have several songs that I have written and have sung. I would like to add music to these songs. I just got one song done on freelancer and it turned out great. I would like to get the second song done now. There will be many more songs to produce music for. I am only doing this as a hobby and hence the budget is minimum. You will get vocals from my home recordings. The songs are melodious, and I am expecting nice modern feel to the music with intros, interludes etc while maintaining the melody. Knowledge of Hindi will be required to get a feel of the song I am singing.

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    I need a programmer to create an app where a hit song's lyrics are changed arbitrarily upon a push of a button. So if I choose " Let it Be" by the Beatles, the program will use the song melody and put alternative words in place of the existing true lyrics, creating a funny new song..

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    My partner and I are celebrating 20 years together and I would like to make a professional slideshow/videoclip with our song and photos. I have urgency in this project so would appreciate if would be someone with availability Thanks

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    ...transcriptions from audio (i.e. WAV files) featuring a variety of solo instruments (including drums) to a “piano roll” representation (MIDI files). This is different from transcription to sheet music because (at least initially) we don’t require high-level semantic information like key signatures, measure boundaries, etc. However, we do require precise timing information for each note, within ~100 milliseconds. We will provide a single-instrument WAV file and a MIDI file with our current best automated transcription for each track to be transcribed. The completed work product should be a new MIDI file with all transcription errors corrected. Errors in the provided MIDI file could range from only a few extra notes that need to be deleted to e...

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    Mühürlü Gizlilik Anlaşması
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    Hi - need to translate and dub this 15 second video as well

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    Im looking for an animator to put together an intro tour visual to a song that is 2mins 30 secs long A good reference would be Odeazas intro to the last goodbye tour

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    * Looking for someone, who could do Tamil voice-overs * should have professional microphone * should be able to write Tamil conversational script as well from English books. * should be available for long term

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    I am looking for a photoshop/ lightroom (or similar software) specialist who can improve and change the colors of the attached picture. The sky should become pink/purple, the rest can change to other colors that look good and "dope". As inspiration: The picture will be used as album cover and background in the video for a progressive house song. Thank you!

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    Tengo un canal de Youtube y necesito que alguien me haga midis de la voz o melodía de canciones de youtube, bueno también acordes simples de fondo , pero como empezaremos con un pago de menos a más, por ahora seria sin acordes. Por cada midi que te pida y me envies pagare 1 dolar. Si mi canal de youtube pasa los 1k de suscriptores y 4,000 horas de visualizacion, y veo que va bien subiré el pago a 2 dolares y así veremos cuanto vamos subiendo, todo depende de como le vaya al canal y cuanto ganemos con él. De momento el canal lleva 852 Suscriptores y 1,192 horas de visualización. También necesito que me envíes un escrito (puede ser hecho en Word o escrito a mano) que diga que te todos los MIDIS que me envías te lo...

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    Trophy icon Car Creative Video Edit 2 saat left

    Please read the entire description. Hello! I am a videographer, I shot a car for a car detailing shop before and after work, and I need the video edited creatively with this song: Some examples: (from my previous work for the shop) (from my previous work for the shop) (from my previous work for the shop) Use speed ramping, motion blur, visual effects, stabilization, and more to make the video stand out... But don't overdo it. The video files are large, shot in 10-bit slog 3. So your computer needs to be able to handle large files and you would need to have experience in

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    Sing song 4 gün left

    I want male voice over for song

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    I have a 3 min 36 second video recorded in portrait format on an iPhone. There is terrible wind noise interference throughout. I’d like to get the wind noise omitted without affecting the quality of the song been sung. I also want the video exported in 16:9 (landscape) format.

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    Looking for an alumb cover designer to design our cover for a new music song. Please kindly use the three pictures of artists provided to you to create a cover design for our new single. We will provide you with an inspirational cover, but do not feel bound to it, we are looking for a creative

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    ...all over the world. Needs to be able to differentiate between genres and the various sub-genres Needs to be familiar with and be able to differentiate between various instruments Candidates need to have general music training English proficiency - High - with the capability to write descriptions The task is to listen to 10 seconds of a song, write down elements contained in those 10 seconds and write a caption based on the elements to describe the song to someone who has never heard it before....

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    my first baby girl 3 gün left

    writing a song for my eldest daughters wedding, father daughter dance song

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    We need Tamil audio for videos

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    Tamil voice over 3 gün left

    We need Tamil voice over for our E-learning videos Cost per hour - 1000 to 3000 Per hour audio.

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    I need a musician that can produce a citypop type beat for me. The beat needs to be 3 minutes long with an intro and outro as well as a catchy hook if possible. It should be possible to rap on. I need a song like this:

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    I'm seeking remote tech support to help me configure my midi audio configuration using Digital performer and Omnisphere along with an external mic.

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    I need one unique audio visualizer video with my logo in it and make it possible very good and new for my song. thank you

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    Looking for a Counseling Psychologist with some basic exposure in Narcissistic Abuse Healing. Prefer TAMIL speaking. Long term support. Weekly about 3 hours in the morning before 9am [Removed by Admin for offsiting - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions]

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    Deadline: 1 week Song Comparison Task Overview: our company sells sheet music online. We need to find out which songs in our catalog also appear in the catalog of a publisher. So you will be working from two spreadsheets that we give you: (a) Publisher Spreadsheet - a spreadsheet that lists all of the publisher’s songs (b) Catalog Spreadsheet - a spreadsheet that lists all songs in our catalog Your task is to give us a reusable spreadsheet that will run on a PC on Windows 10. This spreadsheet will be used to compare the two input spreadsheets and give us the matches. It will have two sheets: a “Main” sheet for user prompts, status updates, etc., and a “Results” sheet for holding results. The “Main” sheet will display a &ldqu...

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    I need piano music fitting for different type of albums which can work when doing yoga, medidating, relaxing or just sleeping. Slow and easy listening is the key. If you can make diff...which fit eachother then it will be a huge advantage so for example 8 songs for 1 album in one type of style then 6 songs in another style for a different album. It is impoortant that I get exclusivity and keep all the rights and ownership of the music so I can use it wherever I want like streaming services and youtube. The recordings need to be in high quality and WAV format. Length for each song is 2-3 minutes each. I would like to start off with 10 songs for the 50 USD and then buy many more if I we work great together. I have something like this in mind:

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    We required a manual tester from Tamil Nadu, India. We need you on monthly basis for 2 months. Contract might be expanded if you are good at what you are doing.

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    Convert tamil audio into a word document

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    Trophy icon Tamil Brand Name for Rice 17 saat left

    We are looking for a Tamil brand name for out Rice product. We are into rice wholesale and distribution for more than 25 years. Being an all India Rice procurer we handle huge varieties of rice. Now we a looking forward to create a new brand for our fine rice segment in Tamilnadu.

    €12 (Avg Bid)
    64 girdi

    I have a Christmas song I want to storyboard in black and white like the song "Take ON Me"

    €314 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a video editor for filming and producing a videoclip for my last song. I will need chroma and after effects skills for this work

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    Trophy icon Ink To Spill Chihuly Music Video 25 gün left

    This is a song about the famous Italian glass blower, Chihuly, who has a Seattle museum named after him. Thanks for participating in the bid.

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    Trophy icon Lyrics Video Needed 2 gün left

    Hello - Looking for someone to create a lyrics video for the attached song. Open to any vibe or direction. Song and lyrics are attached.

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    34 girdi

    Please read the project details thoroughly. Everything I am explaining here: When I am submitting to Amazon Video Direct, I am getting this error (see attached screenshot). I think this may be because the song that the video has at around 50:30 doesn't have a subtitle. Your job is to thoroughly check the attached .srt file (attached) as well as the video and put subtitles in English everywhere it is missing and especially the song. PLEASE DON'T EDIT ANY SUBTITLES ALREADY PRESENT as it has been approved, only add wherever you find missing. After your work, I will submit and once approved by Amazon, we will finish the project here. The video is at I have attached the screenshot as well as the .srt file. Also, I need separate .srt files for the video as

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    I have writt...doing both a Childrens and an adult version of this story as theres a lot of alcohol refrences. Theres 24 pages but it keeps getting bigger. ??I’m looking for fun cartoon style art with clean lines and bright colours. I am very sadly on a budget as I only have my husbands money to spend. He told me the story is funny enough and to draw stick figures for it.? I’m putting the words to a song in the middle of the page. So what would be grand is to have pictures around the edges of the book. Jann Brett style but less detail than hers! Like dootles. If you think you would have fun tackling this project (within a budget…I’m sorry) please message me!!!!! Also if its possible to send a sample of Fauci as a crocodile…. That wou...

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    I have the sound tracks and video recording per each instrument (4 instruments) for a song cover (< 4 minutes), I want a music video with good sound balance and video editing element. I expect the delivery to be an MP4 file + the raw editing file

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    i need someone to find/match a similar/suitable 2 x commercial licensed music for my video i have a video with a song added however i need a song that has a commercial license that will flow well. i do not have the time to go and find a song on the various websites. i require someone to do it for me . DEADLINE 4HRS

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    Film Writer 1 gün left

    ...seasoned bilingual writer/editor (Korean/English) to join our team. The ideal candidate is a skilled writer who is an expert on media and entertainment in the Korean market — we are particularly interested in writers who have proven proficiency in writing and editing world-class creative content in Korean and English, and the ability to drive cross-functional projects. Do you love K-dramas as well as song-and-dance variety shows? Did you watch Squid Game without subtitles? Have you seen an outstanding creator's every movie in existence? This is the job for you. You'll be expected to write clear, engaging, accurate copy in Korean and English. You’ll write copy with a special focus on Korean content, and you’ll work with a talented team of entertainme...

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    Hello Folks, Hope you and your family all good❤? i am video editor or director ? nd music director?also If you hire me for work i'll give my best ? My budget is very cheap? #professionalvideoediting Nd now we work on our 1st full song video I am very excited for that video If you want to see our full song video Then please dm me We post it on you tube as soon as possible Thank you ?

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    . About This Gig . I will need this before I start: . I need your audio recordings . WAV/AIFF/MP3 stem files (320 kpbs) . I need the beat that will blind you in the song How it will go : Level, EQ, Compress and Mix and master your vocals that you sound awesome i do what you need in your song like add some plugins in song and effects i upload the song with any musical form you want it MP3 . WAV Effect your Adlibs/Backings the way you want it Master Your Song so its Radio/Playlist/Club/Headphone Ready for the world I correct all errors and problems in the vocals and make it good quality Let's get your song together to a professional Level that it deserves. If you have any questions let me know and send me a message. social network...

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