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    ...(collecting urls) will work on any web site in the world. I've successfully written regular expressions for 4 different news sites. This is not difficult, but it is certainly tedious. So here is my request in pseudo code: Assumption is that the page the code is looking at is a news article. Read page line by line or all at once Replace all "HTML

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    I don't know if this is possible. I am a mobile phones ringtones developper and I need this to convert my midi creations to mp3 format, so the **tedious way** to do that is record the midi files manually using the Windows Sound Record and next use an mp3 encoder or use more advanced software to encode it directly, but always playing the midi file

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    ...simple logic here would be fine to get things rolling. I would be happy with listing all eninges which had the result as a grouping if the algorithm needed for the above is too tedious. I would also like to control the "rules" for each engine in some sort of a config file which is easily modified. So whatever start/end points you use to determine "results"

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    ...given access to sensitive customer data. ## Deliverables 1) Complete keymappings for an open source free software terminal program that works with our legacy application and runs on GNU/BSD systems. 2) Instructions regarding "print screen" of the contents of the selected terminal. The method should not be tedious and involve copy/paste operations

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    ...Discounts. Currently, I have to export the arclist file to DBASE III file, run ZP4 Batch on the file, and then Import that file back into that ARCLIST. This is time consuming and tedious. I want ZP4 modified to read and write the ARCLIST file format. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete

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    ...that I need modified. 1. As it is now, you must enter each question manually by typing, or cutting and pasting, along with each possible answer choice. You can imagine how tedious this is, especially when you are making a large test of 50 or more questions, and you already have a text file with the questions in it. Isn't there a way to simply import

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    ...but we do have a Win98 one, and with the xcopy command we've managed to move several folders into the shared directory. It's a tedious process and a big problem is it makes all our file names 8 characters long. It's tedious because the drive was nearly full -- about 1 GB free out of 30 (yes, we know, another no no) -- so we can't just copy all of, say

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    5 teklifler USA (Including Puerto Rico) Mexico Centro America South America Other The choose state search will be: All the US states. As I said earlier this project is simple but tedious and it should take anywhere from 1-3 hours at the most - but then again, you are the experts! This website service will be offered free of charge for approximately 1 year

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    EXCEL MACROS Bitti left

    ...attaching only a sample portion of the file for your review. Everything is working but it is a tedious process of switching programs from one to another because i do not have the macros set up in Excel. Additionally, can someone tell me how i can find data in a column with duplicate codes in Excel. Thank you in advance for your help. ## Deliverables

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    ...and have offered a live chat service where the user gets to speak directly to us. All of these conversations have been stored and I would like to relieve my staff of some tedious tasks and make it so anyone can come and think they are chatting but getting the same answers we give over and over without even looking at the people chatting. If for some

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    ...images (all complete in jpg files), mask every combination of additional images onto source images, creating hundreds (possibly thousands!)of "new" images. This may be very tedious and labour-intensive - unless someone could work out an automated process. Expect to use an image manipulation package e.g PhotoShop. See document in zip file for further

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    ...discuss. Best regards, Oscar [html version of newsletter] We have over 500 people who have requested our newsletter. Given our business, we need to personalize it, but it's too tedious to put "Dear NAME," manually for each one. Right now, we use Windows98SE, but we are upgrading to a server that will use Windows 2000 Small Business Server, so the program/direction

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    ...customer database without having to go into the server administration and add one by one... We will eventually have 10000-300000 customers so adding them manually could be quite tedious. Let us know ASAP if you can provide the programming to enable us to do this (a similar feature would be needed for creating personal webspace FTP accounts) and we can discuss

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    ORACLE + VB Bitti left The project is dealing with two very important activities of the school i.e. a) Admission system b) Fee management system. Fee collection process of the school is very tedious and cumbersome process. The records of the student fee is validated and checked and stored in various registers thus the objective of the project is to make the admission and

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    ...the internet that requires you to enter tons of competitions to get points, now this can get extremely tedious and annoying because you have to enter them one by one. The website is done in .ASP and I was told that if I created a form to post the data that I could just run the form, loop the class #'s and they would all be submitted, up to 10,000 of them

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    ...collect 3000 emails within 7 days will pay 50.00 for project. I posted this project earlier but was told that I couldn't post day-2-day projects. This project is somewhat tedious because you will be gathering the emails from a website. Once the emails have been gathered you will submit them via a comma delimited text file. one text file for every 300

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    ...emails per day and will get paid $5.00 per day. This will be a day by day project .If you duplicate names the contact will be cancelled immediately. This is a a simple but tedious job. so make sure that you have the time and patience for this. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source

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    We supply you with an existing web page to work from. We give you the characteristics needed for this page. Step 1. Go and download this page: http://TO BE NAMED LA...project begins. ## Platform all work is standard HTML coding. You will need a text editor and be proficient in HTML for this work. You must love doing very detailed and tedious work.

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    75 teklifler Bitti left person to test market a site prototype All work is done via internet. Need not have perfect english skills, just be able to communicate via email. It's tedious work - you have to somehow get Americans to post to the site (that's what we are testing - whether or not US people are are willing to post) We would like to pay 10 cents US

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