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    kolay gelsin başkan bu uygulamayı ben yazmaya kalktım ama buraya kadar ancak gelebildim uygulama buraya kadar çok basit aslında uygulamanın içinde yazılı olan tex leri butona her basıldığında ( karışık ) olarak bir çekiliş yapar gibi ekrandaki tex bölümüne aktarıyor ama bunun altına ve üstüne birer tane bannır reklam ve jeton sistemi eklemek istiyorum uygulamayı ilk kez indiren kullanıcı 5 jetona sahip olacak butona her basıldığında 1 jeton eksilecek ve jetonlar bittiğinde butona basılınca jeton al diye bir pencere açılacak pencerede 2 seçenek olacak birinci seçenek ödüllü reklam izleyerek 5 tane jeton kazanma seçeneği ikin ci seçenek satın alma seçeneği kullanıcı reklam...

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    ePub okuyucu Bitti left

    Merhaba pdf formatlı kitaplarımızı ios ve android üzerinden epub okuyucuda okunacak bir biçimde yayınlamak istiyoruz

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    romanımı pdf formatında yayınladım. şimdi ePub formatına sokmak ve olarak dijital yayıncılara dağıtmak istiyorum.

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    I need a professional who can implement a method to securely sell an ePub file on a WordPress site running the starter plan. This will need to include: - Creating a secure way for customers to download the digital book - Ensuring the solution uses code that doesn't require upgrading the WordPress plan - Designing a possible PayPal button for transactions The system should also feature advanced customisation: - User authentication is essential, allowing only valid purchasers to download - Compatibility with Facebook Login and Google Sign-In for user authentication Ideal skills for this job include WordPress expertise, understanding of online payment systems and experience with Facebook and Google user authentication.

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    I'm on the hunt for an experienced freelancer with skills in Adobe InDesign to promptly undertake some necessary revisions to my book format. The task at hand includes: - Layout adjustments, focusing primarily on a page which needs to be removed format. The task at hand includes: - Layout adjustments, focusing primarily on a page which needs to be removed immediately after the table of contents. - Working to make sure the e-book operates correctly with cover and table of contents links per KDP and Ingram Spark requirements - I will supply the idd file and need back to completed IDD source file with updates, as well as a completed EPUB file An understanding of print and digital book layout is an ideal skill because I need the job done yesterday! Quick turnaro...

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    ...I need a freelancer skilled in converting a PDF cover file and a PDF document into a cohesive EPUB file. This conversion is aimed at making my book compatible across diverse e-reading devices, with an emphasis on enhancing its layout and readability for a wide audience. **Key Requirements:** - Convert the provided PDF cover and document into a single EPUB file. - Ensure the EPUB version is prepared for distribution. **Desired Features:** - Incorporate a clickable table of contents for easy navigation. - Implement moderate customization, including custom fonts, styled headers, and footnotes, to create a visually appealing and readable format. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in EPUB creation and formatting. - Experience with eBook distribution...

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    I'm looking for a highly skilled individual to transform a PDF into an EPUB format for the purpose of publishing an ebook. The PDF contains images or graphics that require careful conversion to maintain the original quality. The ebook should follow these requirements: - Preserve the inherent formatting as much as possible in the conversion process to keep the original essence of the PDF intact. - Successfully convert all visuals within the PDF into appropriate forms for e-readers, ensuring that they maintain their original context. - Replicate the font style, colors, and layout from the PDF into the EPUB format, respecting the original design. Ideal candidates should have extensive experience converting PDF files into EPUB format, especially those containing ima...

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    I need a LATEX expert. If you are not, please don't apply. IF YOU ARE AN EXPERT, IT IS AN EASY TASK. I have a and two , resume and resume2. I want resume and resume2.tex file in with proper formatting and without any number settling in. I tried with input{resume}input{resume2.tex} in but only one resume shows up.

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    ...along with the details mentioned below. Files have been already provided to you. What I need (a) Chapter 1 and chapter 2 as is there in artwork page 1 and 2. You can use the text, images and rest of the material in the tex/pictures file repeatedly. Create chapter1.tex and chapter2.tex files. (b) Chapter 3 as represented by artwork page 3. Create chapter3.tex file (c) Put these files in allchapters folder (You will need to create the folder). (c) Create file and use include or input in this file to bring in the chapter1.tex, chapter2.tex and chapter3.tex files. Guiding material::: (1) Column 1:Column 1 will be containing all the learning material(Text, images, textboxes, equations). (2) Column 2: It will have dotted lines(interli...

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    ...skilled in converting an unspecified source file format into EPUB. We have left the source file format open and would appreciate freelancers who are adept at converting from a range of file formats. In your application, include: - Past work: It is crucial we have an understanding of your previous conversion assignments. - Experience: Particularly in handling various source file formats. - Detailed project proposals: We value your thoughts and methods on this assignment. Please note that it's currently unclear whether the EPUB conversion will need to include formatting and styling elements. We would appreciate freelancers who have skills in this area regardless of final requirements. This project is ideal for those with experience in EPUB conversions, format...

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    This quote for ePub document version English

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    This quote for ePub document version Spanish

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    For German Bitti left

    This quote for ePub document version German

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    We are seeking a skilled and creative graphic designer to undertake the graphic design and layout editing of our upcoming eBook titled We are looking for someone who can bring our content to life through engaging visuals, a reader-friendly layout...Design a captivating eBook cover that aligns with the theme and content. Format and layout the entire eBook, including the incorporation of any charts, graphs, and images provided. Choose suitable fonts and design elements that enhance readability and engagement. Ensure the final layout is compatible with major eBook platforms (e.g., Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, etc.). Deliver the eBook in both word, ePub and PDF formats Our budget for this project is 40-80 usd . We are open to discussing your rates based on the scope of work and your e...

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    I am urgently in need of an experienced editor who can make some much needed modifications to an EPUB file. The details are as follows: - Formatting adjustments: This includes alignments, headings, fonts, colours among others. Your expert touch is needed to make this document as readable and aesthetically pleasing as possible. - Content edits: This entails revising, rewriting and expanding the material to improve its quality. - Cover image replacement: I would like a new cover image that gives the document a professional and appealing look. If you are good at what you do and can deliver in the shortest possible time, kindly apply. Experience and proven record of past work completed to the highest standard will give you an edge. Your detailed project proposal will be a plus. Apply ...

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    I have an e-book currently in PDF format that I need converted to EPUB. The book does not contain any specialized elements or formatting. It’s a straightforward job, but attention to detail is crucial to ensure that the text is transferred accurately and without issues. Ideal skills and experience for this job would include: - Extensive knowledge of and experience with e-book formats, specifically PDF and EPUB - Precision and a keen eye for details - A strong track record of similar successfully completed jobs - Proficiency with the necessary conversion tools and software Please submit your bids with an estimate of the time it would take you to complete this task.

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    ...project currently rests in a Word document, which I need transformed into an attractive and easy-to-navigate epub file. This involves a thorough understanding of the epub format, including options for reflowable and fixed layout styles. As I am unsure about the presence of all necessary front and back matters such annual title page, copyright page and the likes, a review of the document to ensure it adheres to standard publishing requirements will be needed from your end. Assistance on selecting the most appropriate layout for my book is also required. Ideal candidates for this job: - Have previous experience in converting Word to epub files - Possess a thorough understanding of the epub format and publishing requirements - Can provide advice on the best ...

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    I have published my ebook on Amazon KDP. I have the Ebook's ePub file and already extracted the texts inside the ePub file. I even converted it to PDF. But resizing and modifying are important to me as I'll publish it on Amazon KDP according to their guidelines for paperback books. The book includes some images. I would like to make the eBook's paperback edition for Amazon KDP self-publishing. The work is modifying/creating a print-ready PDF file (+modifying the ready cover) according to Amazon KDP Paperback instructions. The content, images, cover, and everything are ready. The trim, and bleed sizes are important. I tried Canva but I don't want to waste time with it. - The page amount is around 160-190 when I convert it to PDF. - 6 x 9 inches print...

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    17 teklifler retrieve links for images stored in CFIEPUB format from a website. Also, it used token as a way to fetch the images .The site sells magazines and offers free samples, typically consisting of two pages of issues that span over 400 pages. My order is to obtain these images, ranging from the third to the last page of each issue. Specifically, I am interested in stable way to get the pages or the epub file. ...

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    Für die Ausarbeitung einer Idee (Drama) zur Novellen- oder Romanlänge suche ich einen erfahrenen oder zumindest talentierten Ghost. Vorhanden sind ein 15seitiges Exposé mit Handlungsumriß und Charakterskizzen, die Hauptpersonen sind allesamt weiblich. German language oder English (UK or US native speakersO

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    8 teklifler retrieve links for images stored in CFIEPUB format from a website. Also, it used token as a way to fetch the images .The site sells magazines and offers free samples, typically consisting of two pages of issues that span over 400 pages. My order is to obtain these images, ranging from the third to the last page of each issue. Specifically, I am interested in stable way to get the pages or the epub file. ...

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    I am looking for a talented designer to create packaging design for a new collection of frozen food products. The design should be visually appealing and eye-catching, while also effectively conveying the quality and freshness of the products. Skills and experience needed: - Strong graphic design skills and a keen eye for aesthetics - Experience in creating packaging design for food products - Knowledge of industry trends and best practices in packaging design - Ability to effectively communicate the brand's message through visual elements - Creativity and the ability to think outside the box The ideal candidate will be able to bring my vision to life while also adding their own creative touch. I am open to different design styles and themes, so feel free to showcase your creativit...

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    I am looking for someone to build a app that works for android and i phone. The app will be used as a sticker function to download stickers to your tex message platform

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    Word to ePub Bitti left

    Hi Please share word document and accept this quote. Thanks

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    I require an experienced freelancer to convert a Word document into ePub format. While the task doesn't involve any specific formatting requirements, the final output should still maintain the aesthetics and readability of the original file. No interactive content needs to be preserved in the conversion process. Key requirements and skills for the project: - Efficient and effective conversion of Word to ePub files - Attention to detail to ensure original formatting is preserved - No need for interactive content maintenance - Relevant experience for streamlined and error-free delivery. Ideal candidates will have previous experience in similar projects and demonstrate a good understanding of file conversion processes.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me with formatting my ebook. The current format of my ebook is in Word, and I would like it to be converted to EPUB format. Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in ebook formatting - Strong knowledge of EPUB format and conversion - Attention to detail to ensure proper formatting and layout Additional Information: - The project does not require any additional services like book cover design or proofreading.

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    I need someone skilled in e-book conversion and design to take my Word e-book, written in Czech language, and transfer it into various formats. It's about 238 pages including the covers. My ideal freelancer would: - Have experience with Word to PDF, ePUB, and MOBI conversions. - Be experienced in professional layout designs and knows how to wrap text around photos. - Have a knack for creating eye-catching front covers. - Ideally, be able to perform a grammar check on the Czech text. - There may be necessary some adjustments of the texts around some photos, otherwise no change in fonts and colors are required. Recognition of paragraphs would be quite important - all the photos in the book are mine own so I have all the rights and I can supply them in PDF document as t...

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    Poetry Collection Book and eBook Design for KDP Amazon. The project includes: Design of front and back covers Typesetting of interior pages Typography Design of section page graphic Creating a new TOC The proposed completion date is just a placeholder. Deliverables: Ready-for-print PDFs for body and covers eBook in ePub and KPF (Kindle Package Format) Source files in Adobe InDesign

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    Trophy icon Engaging Viral Articles Creation Bitti left

    ...SCttT4o-7DW2eTs856SAQ&utm_campaign=StinkBug2-WW-A-TB-TG#tblciGiCZ5SxHLfbFgbY9H729I6u--8reFWP-B7bNNKBbZQyi0SCttT4o-7DW2eTs856SAQ :// :// ://

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    Trophy icon ebook design and layout Bitti left

    ...designer who can efficiently create a unique layout for a short ebook to provide specific information and establish our branding and identity. The ebook design needs to be unconventional but intuitive, so freelancers with a knack for creativity are highly sought after. Here's what I need: - A creative and unconventional design reflecting our unique brand identity. - Final designs in BOTH PDF and ePub formats. - Experience in ebook design and formatting preferred. - A good understanding of branding and its nuances. - Prior work with unconventional or unique designs will be a plus. I'm expecting a layout that can seamlessly represent our brand and be engaging for the readers at the same time. Potential for continuous workflow for the ideal designer. Can't wait t...

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    Poetry Collection Book and eBook Design for KDP Amazon. The project includes: Design of front and back covers Typesetting of interior pages Typography Design of section page graphic Creating a new TOC The proposed completion date is just a placeholder. Deliverables: Ready-for-print PDFs for body and covers eBook in ePub and KPF (Kindle Package Format) Source files in Adobe InDesign

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    I am looking for a freelancer to format my fiction book for the Kindle KDP platform. The ideal candidate will have experience formatting books for the Kindle platform and will be able to create a professional and visually appealing layout. Skills a...client The project will involve formatting the book for both e-book and print versions, so the freelancer should be able to deliver files that are suitable for both formats. If you have experience in formatting books for the Kindle KDP platform and are able to deliver a professional and visually appealing layout, please submit your proposal. My book is 300 pages long, and I need both PDF and ePub files, for the Amazon ebooks and paperback. I am really low on budget, I can only do $30- $50. Sorry it is a bit low, but that is all I c...

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    Shipmondo shipping plugin, open audiofiles in audioplayer and download/open ePub files in "books" app in iPhone and google play books on android. Existing wordpress website with woocommerce installed. 1. I have installed shipmondo plugin which is a shipping/courier company and setup everything, there is a glitch somewhere and its not automatically importing orders automatically in shipmondo system. It could be that i entered some information incorrectly. You need to find the problem, fix it and make sure the setup is autoimporting orders to shipmondo, so i can direct print labels through their order handling system 2. I have some audiofiles ppl can download, below that i need links "Stream lydbogen" which means stream the audiobooks", which then opens in a...

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    We are looking for a partner to help us convert our back list of titles to fixed length ePubs. To start we have 10 graphic novels and 5 Children's books. The graphic novels are about 100 pages in length and the children's books are about 40 pages in length.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can convert my novel manuscript from PDF to epub and mobi formats. The project details are as follows: Length: More than 275 pages Formatting: I require professional formatting for the converted files. Compatibility: The epub and mobi files should be compatible with any e-reader. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in converting PDF to epub and mobi formats - Proficiency in professional formatting for ebooks - Knowledge of different e-reader compatibility requirements

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    I am in need of someone who can efficiently convert a PDF document into an EPUB format eBook. There's no specific timeline, so quality is key. The ideal candidate for this job would possess the following skills and experience: - Extensive experience with eBook creation and conversion, particularly in the EPUB format. - Comprehensive understanding of eBook layouts. As I haven't decided on whether to go for a fixed or reflowable layout, I'd appreciate some professional advice on this. - Strong attention to detail to ensure the conversion retains the original PDF file's design and formatting. - Excellent time management skills: while there's no hard deadline, a reasonable turnaround time would be appreciated. I look forward to hearing from qualified i...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to create a conversion tool that will efficiently transform PDF files into reflowable ePub 3.0 files, while retaining all original functionalities including interactive features. The tool should be designed to operate on the Windows system. Key requirements for this project include: - Full conversion of PDF features: The tool should translate all original components of the PDF, from text and images to interactive capabilities. This includes any mathematical elements, which can be input manually or cropped and inserted, and all references and titles which should be hyperlinked. - Compatibility: The tool must be compatible with Windows. - Batch conversion support: The conversion tool should be adept at handling both single and batch conversions. I...

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    ...Pamphlet / Book into EPUB for Kindle I am in need of a freelancer who can help me format a pamphlet / book into EPUB format specifically for Kindle. I currently have the content in text form in open office. Specific Requirements: - The EPUB conversion should be compatible with Kindle devices and apps. - The formatting should be visually appealing and user-friendly for Kindle readers. Preferred Skills and Experience: - Experience in formatting and converting documents into EPUB format. - Knowledge of EPUB formatting guidelines and best practices. - Familiarity with Kindle-specific formatting requirements. I am open to suggestions regarding the formatting of the EPUB file. As a client, I trust the expertise of the freelancer in creating a visu...

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    ...conveniently purchase physical books directly from the website, while digital products will be available through a unique subscription model through the website. Features : E-commerce Setup: Basic E Commerce features like Configure product listings, Inventory management, pricing, Shipping and payment gateways. File storage configuration: Determine the optimal location and settings for storing digital EPUB files and audiobooks on the online bookstore platform to achieve the best read/write performance. (AWS Recommended) Subscription System: Develop the subscription management system for digital products. Allow customers to become a subscriber and pay to access the digital products. Content Integration: Add product listings, blog posts, and other content to the platform. Lan...

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    epub fixed up Bitti left

    I am looking for a freelancer who can fix the formatting errors in my epub file. There are specific design elements that I would like to retain in the fixed version. Additionally, I would like the freelancer to validate the epub file using an epub checker. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in fixing formatting errors in epub files - Knowledge of design elements in epub files - Experience with validating epub files using an epub checker

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    Format a manuscript for ebook - I am seeking a freelancer to format my manuscript for ebook publication - This project is for personal use - The final product should be in EPUB format - I have a mix of specific styling and formatting requirements, as well as some areas where I am open to the freelancer's discretion - Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in ebook formatting and conversion - Familiarity with EPUB formatting guidelines - Attention to detail in following specific styling guidelines provided - Creativity and ability to make design decisions where freelancer's discretion is required

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    I need 3 redesigns for 2 alcoholic drink (Modras & Kleopatra) for coffe bars in europe: 1. sticker 2. flyer 3. banner. Sticker dimension: 12x1...5x20cm (bottom 3cm bleed because fyler can be put into a stand and the design is not going to be seen) Banner dimension: 50x70cm; (3cm bleed around the design because of the frame border the banner is going to be put in. What you need to put into the design: - bottles kleopatra and modras - text by modras: Ingverjev liker - text by kleopatra: Borovničev liker - glasses by the bottles - warning tex: UŽIVANJE ALKOHOLA LAHKO ŠKODUJE ZDRAVJU ! --> size of text must be at least 10% of height - delete qr code goes away - delete nagradna igra You can use the sample designs or create your own. The idea is to attract the customers ...

    €36 (Avg Bid)
    36 girdi
    EPUB expert Bitti left

    EPUB expert needed for ebook publishing on Kindle Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in EPUB file format and ebook publishing - Familiarity with Kindle platform and specifications - Ability to optimize EPUB files for Kindle viewing - Knowledge of formatting and layout for ebooks - Attention to detail to ensure proper display on Kindle devices.

    €7 - €14 / hr
    Mühürlü Gizlilik Anlaşması
    €7 - €14 / hr
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    Trophy icon graphic designer for ebook Bitti left

    I am in need of a graphic designer to create a classic and elegant design for my ebook. I do not have any specific images or icons that I want to be included, but I can find some if needed. The desired format for the ebook is both PDF and ePub. Skills/Experience: - Experience in graphic design, specifically for ebooks - Knowledge of creating classic and elegant designs - Ability to work with both PDF and ePub formats I need someone that is good at communicating and that works on edits quickly. I need someone who can take these attached files and incorporate the feel and sentiment into the book cover. Book Title: "Heartbeats of Hope: Overcoming Dysautonomia and Chronic Conditions" By Tyler Mathews The book is about the Autonomic Nervous System and its related Ch...

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    144 girdi
    ePub Converter Bitti left

    ePub Converter Project I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can help me with an ePub Ebook project. The project involves converting files from a google document to ePub fixed layout (that can be printed as well) and reflowable layout . Format of the files: Other (please specify) Specific features needed in the ePub converter: - Customizable layout and design Expected volume of files for conversion: 10-50 Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in file conversion - Knowledge of ePub file formats and requirements of formatting to meet kindle like products - Experience in creating customizable layouts - Attention to detail and ability to meet project deadlines

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    Project Title: Create a doc file from a epub file. Doc file must be in the correct format for Kindle Project Description: I am looking for a freelancer who can convert my epub file into a doc file that is compatible with Kindle. The epub file is less than 100 pages in length. Specific requirements: - Basic conversion: I do not need any specific formatting or layout elements included in the doc file. - Deadline: The conversion needs to be completed within a week. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in converting epub files to doc files. - Knowledge of the correct formatting and layout requirements for Kindle files. - Ability to meet tight deadlines and deliver high-quality work. If you have experience in converting epub files to Kindle-compatibl...

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    I am looking for a skilled designer who can create an interactive PDF and EPDF or Ebook for marketing purposes. The desired format for the final product should be both EPUB and PDF. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in designing interactive PDFs and EPDFs or Ebooks - Strong understanding of marketing principles and design techniques - Ability to create visually appealing and engaging content - Familiarity with EPUB and PDF formats - Creative mindset and ability to work with minimal guidance The client is open to the designer's creativity and does not have a specific design or style in mind. Therefore, the ideal candidate should have the ability to come up with innovative and visually stunning designs that align with the client's marketing goals.

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    Estoy buscando un profesional calificado que pueda ayudarme con mi proyecto. El proyecto consiste en transformar 5 libros en PDF a formato ePub compatible con KDP de Amazon. Los libros de partida están en formato PDF, y no se requiere alguna personalización a la maquetación, solo pasar el contenido existente a ePub. Además, no es necesario modificar el contenido de los libros, solo el formato. Si siente que tiene las habilidades necesarias para este proyecto, contacteme para discutir detalles.

    €21 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a freelancer to convert InDesign files into epub format with fixed layout, 416 pages plus covers, 7 images, and 48 initial caps. Specifically, the output must be in ePub format, without any interactive elements like audio, video, or hyperlinks. I need the project to be completed within two weeks. So I'm looking for someone who has prior experience in this kind of work and can deliver quality results in a timely manner.

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    60 teklifler looking for a freelancer who can create an ePUB from a PDF scan of an old catalog. The scan is in PDF format. This is approx 400 pages with a bit of text on each page. Mostly it is old monochrome drawings or diagrams. I have all the pages scanned and can provide them in whatever resolution, format required with some automated tools. I have removed all the page numbers and blanked out information that should be moved to headers etc. This needs the structure of the ePUB created and fit it all together. I include a PRE CLEANED page as a sample of what it looks like. You MUST be able to create a clickable index from the real index for me. I am not just looking to convert PDF into ePUB, this does require a bit more. Layout: - The ePUB layout shoul...

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