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    Things needed: > 1. Fix a bug in a User section: In User area under Buy sell user credits, there should be a credits market section which is not working right cause in Admin Area under Credit Market Settings(z=15) is not working correctly. > 2. Re-design in Admin area the look of the User list and Site list. When you go in admin area you will see under Site list and User list sectio...

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    As you may know, there is no control to make life easy for programmers wanting to interact with outlook express I need to be able to read messages in all folders of outlook express, besides the Inbox which can be read via the MAPI control... including sender, subject, message, and date. If possible, it would be great to be able to do this when outlook express is not even open. I know how...

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    Hello, I need somebodys help! I've started looking at ASP.Net (written in VB.Net), but I need somebody to guide me for two things. Namespaces - How to include ones not built into the .Net Framework. I think you have to compile them but I'm not sure. ByteFX (< [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]>) how to link to a database, send SQL ...

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    All-rounder Bitti left

    Freelance all-rounder needed for central london. Win NT/2000/2003 network experience with web and graphic skills (html/flash). ASP or php would be a bonus as would any flavour of SQL. If you were au fait with OS X and all things Mac that would perhaps be too much to hope for?... but extremely welcome all the same. Please reply with cv, skillset and location. This is for a genuine opportunity. W...

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    €178 - €267
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    I have a website almost finished in [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] that is i am selling things and using this solution. Now my webmaster need to make other new projects and let's face it he is not that good with osCommerce. I need to install about 20 modules in to my database / server. And make the website work with some easy installment of forum and hot or...

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    I have a school project partially completed in java and it requires a few more changes, which i don't know how to make. i took this class for a different major and now i have no interest in it, but still have to finish the project. the project is to design a basic airline reservation system. in addition to what i have, i also have to add the following things: -add a GUI with buttons to pick...

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    Logo Bitti left

    Our company Amazing Solution Corporation is looking for a professional logo to be developed for the company. The web site name is We are an IT full service company. Basically, We need four things. 1) The Logo will be used on the [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın], 2) The Logo will be used on the business card, 3) The Logo will be use on L...

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    - First I need to have a registration page with my camps in your area link page. I run speed clinic all over the state of michigan and have a preregistraion online. So after I recieve payment from Paypal They need to fill out this page that sends me there info. This info will then come back to me and tell me what camp they registered for with a name, address,email, phone, high school, ht and ...

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    **Ideally, you will finish this school project before Sunday, April 11.* The following is an outline for a college project that I have. I am having trouble with a number of issues in this project, namely: writing/reading/editing an xml file, sessionID, and randomly generating a list of exam questions. The project has to be written in .net, using xml. I can provide you with my design, dat...

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    Website Design Bitti left

    I'm am opening a very small webstore/ecommerce site and will be using Apollo Hosting ([ [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]][1]) to provide the hosting and the shopping cart for the site. I need the following three things: (1) web site design; (2) logo design for the site and for letterhead, cards, etc.; and (3) assistance in integrating the design...

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    What You Are Working With: I have two scripts currently on my system that need to be used together. One of them is an affiliate system,, and the other is an Autoresponder, called Infinite Auto Responder. Both of them are scripted in PHP and very customizable and easy to work with. To check out the website for the autoresponder, visit here: [URL'yi görüntülemek için g...

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    I have an vb application that runs on a SQL database. I want this to store display and retrieve all emails recieved from known personnel. To do this I need a stored procedure fired each time a new mail is recieved into an exchange server. The parameters for the stored procedure would be : - 1. MessageId 2. FROM Email Address 3. To Email Address 4. Subject 5. BodyText 6. Retreive lin...

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    FLASH INTRO Bitti left

    Hi, I need Flash intro to my web-site [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] and i want the flash to be as a look from the past (diving in the sea & bulding old ships) and then the found of Petrol (oil) and all the old things goes down and new bulding grow up and a pictures of FAR OIL FACTORY, all these things i want them to be about Kuwait, you can get picture from...

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    I have debian sarge installed on a dedicated box. I would like to setup a wiki on it. I'm having some problems and would like some help. I am in the east cost of the USA and tend to work on personal projects like this at night. If you tend to be working on your computer from about 10PM to 1AM evenings and would like to help I would appreciate it. We could email, message or you could log-in an...

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    This project revolves around the WinMOO Win32 port of the LambdaMOO game engine. Our version of WinMOO has been modified with new capabilities and tools, but most of the source available at [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]~cunkel/WinMOO/. Several things are necessary here: - The engine uses up a lot of RAM. I'm not so much concerned with the current...

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    we are looking to have a very proffessional website built for are new project. we wont the website to be very interactive and to amaze viewers. the design we would like mostly in flash but easily editable. the website will contain various forms for contact and ordering we would also like various payment methods implemented. the following is an overview of the kind of thing...

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    Hi i trying to start [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın], i would like to offer 1-800 numbers, hosting, domain names, merchant accounts and other things. Now to the promble as i don't have the time to make the website, and need some one to help with jobs. You don't get money right a way here is hpw you will get paid, get 25% of the money made from hosting, ...

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    I have a homework on distributed systems: C or C++ with MPI primitives (send and receive) on Unix-like machines. If you feel you're good at it and you can do homework-level things within a day, please, bid. As soon as you do that, I will send you further details. Thank you. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source co...

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    €27 - €71
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    Phazed Out Bitti left

    I already have a website [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] which my Wife and I bulit using dreamweaver, but now we have more people visiting it we need it updating. We would like someone to design a template for us and also to design a logo as well, other things we have thought about are, audio playing and flash. we are on a budget so please dont expect a hug...

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    I have a site that needs a few simple modifications. The biggest problem is that for this particular work, I need it done as soon as possible, it MUST be done before the weekend. Given the modifications that need to be implemented, this shouldn't be a problem. I am available online to work with the selected developer to assure this happens. I have had a couple of other developers work on ...

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    PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT SIMPLY A PINBALL GAME. This project is a Pinball Game Engine that allows the user to design and build their own pinball game machines with a drag and drop process. The user will be able to decide on one of several themes, each of which has a different look and sounds. Once the theme is chosen, they will be given an open area (The outer shell of the pinba...

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    pilot-link[1] is a Free Software project to communicate and syncronize Palm handheld devices under Linux and Unix systems. It is covered under the GNU General[2] and Lesser Public Licenses[3] (GPL/LGPL). It was originally created in 1998 by a group of developers and volunteers, and has evolved through the years through many maintainers and changed many hands. The current code needs a thorough pro...

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    Basic Requirements: Need an eCommerce/CMS system to sell our partners products & online courses & to manage their accounts along all accountancy to serve them our best with 100% customizable thru admin panel with few steps setup & backup feature. Terms & Conditions: 1) All documents (mp3 files + PDF flow chart + detailed word documents) can be downloaded from here [URL'yi ...

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    I need an activeX control that basically encapsulates the functionality of the MScomm control, that allows me to make phone calls to a list of numbers, and detect when the person on the other end has picked up the phone and said hello (something more efficient and speedy than the built in 4 second off-hook detect), and then play that person a prerecorded message, and be able to detect telephone ke...

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    Would like to mirror the same functionality as May have a couple additions or subtractions, but that's basically what I'm looking for. * Users should be able to sign up and create a portfolio of the collectibles they have * Users should be able to identify which items they want to trade * Users should be able to create a "want list" * Site should be abl...

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    Website programming and SEO ## Deliverables Full Spec available online at: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Background I have personally developed [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] utilising my knowledge of creating static sites with Dreamweaver MX. My plan is to outsource the future development requirements of the site a...

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    I need a quote for a basic script that will allow my Racquetball league to easily manage players and matches. Currently everything is now done with phone calls and things get confused too easily. Please take a look below, if this is done well there is the potential of other projects as my current developers are booked solid. So you can think of this as a "test" project for us to find ...

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    I currently have a Word form that gets filled out, saved by the originator, emailed to the approver (for approval), emailed out again to a distribution list in outlook and save in an Access database. I now want to have the existing form created right in Access, but have the same functionality it did in Word. When the database opens, I would like two have 2 options, either 1). Fill out a hold ...

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    Peer to peer Java Audio Video chat Application: This application consist in 2 parts : server and client Server features : - video and audio streaming - simple chat with private messaging support and other like (Ban, kick on user or ip) Client features : - this part would be something like an Java applet that shows the video streamed by the server and the chat part The site ...

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    This is what we are looking for: 1) A website that will list out all our services and discusses it a) Shows pictures from different events b) What our mission is, who we are c) A little about the founder 3) Spot lights our new artists: I was looking for a page for each of them with their Bios, picture, contact info(which will be 1 main number and email for all) 4) Number of people w...

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    WebServ Admin Bitti left

    **Details **I need a webmaster and server administrator ??" you can use this bid request to bid for one or the other of both. Two things - you need to be good and you need to be cheap! **Web master/editor** I have several websites and applications which are hosted on my remote dedicated server (Apache Linux). Whilst I can edit some webpage information myself, I am not very good at design...

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    Hi Coders I have been assigned a couple of projects at RAC and I require a web developer/programmer to assist me in this program(s). Program 1: A C++ program I would like a utility that can retrieve my account balance from my bank account automatically. I would like to be able to retrieve my balance without having to log in to my bank account via internet. This utility can log in and retrieve...

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    Teach me PHP! Bitti left

    I am trying to learn PHP, and I am having a hard time trying to laern by myself. I know a little VB, HTML, and a little C++. I wish to learn PHP and MYSQL, and the majority of the useful parts of PHP. I am easy to work with , and pick things up very very quick. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work...

    €27 - €89
    €27 - €89
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    Normal Website Bitti left

    Need a website about 10 pages to be done in PHP. Successful bidders should come out with a few designs for me to choose from. Only good designers please. Although the pages are in PHP it doesn't really need any progrmaming coz it'll be static pages. I would like to emphasize that I want a site that loads up quickly at the same time it should look pretty good. There won't be a l...

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    A small business needs implementation of MS Exchange 2003. Here are the things required: 1. Setup firewall with DMZ support 2. Install Windows 2003 3. Install / deploy exchange 2003 using front-end / back end condiguration and also configure outlook web access. 4. setup VPN to two remote offices. 5. Enable road warriors to connect to main office network, and also be able to use outloo...

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    Hi all, I require an email script. which does the following... 1. a form which i can fill in, with The Subject 2. a section where i can paste the main body, (html or text) (note, i must be able to use things like ~username~, etc, to add the members username) 3. a section to attach a file if needed upon submitting 1. script will open the database and retrieve every members email address an...

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    BACKGROUND We are looking for a new programmer to deal with the programming required on one of our sites ??" [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] . This person will be required to complete the project detailed here with the prospect of ongoing work on the site when the project comes out successfully. The site uses PERL software called SynergyX ( [URL'yi g&...

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    The program I want created involves making the mouse's cursor move to certain coordinates on the screen without having to physically move the mouse. The program moves the mouse's cursor through Hotkeys on the keyboard. For example, I would in put the Hotkeys into the program, such as "CONTROL KEY + W" and then in put where that keyboard shortcut would send the mouse cursor to, ...

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    I am in need of 10 website templates that are all different in style and can be used for many different things. They need to be very clean in design and allow me to add my content to them. I don't need logos, but they should be able to incorporate a logo in somewhere. Maybe put in a dummy logo on each? Thanks.

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    I am creating a Flash project in which I will have 4 main buttons that will need to be programmed with actionscript to do a variety of things. These buttons are placed on each corner of the stage (one in each corner) and will need to do the following: On release: Scroll the background to a determined position (can put in any position, I will change it). This will be my way of changing th...

    €89 - €223
    €89 - €223
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    Hi, I am looking for someone to help me w/ search engine marketing for the Charleston,SC real estate market. I will provide the key phrases and a domain name for you to use. I am very familiar w/ the in-an-outs of search engine marketing, but I don't have time to do it properly. I am been working on the web since 1998, not in real estate, in publications. I don't want anything don...

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    I am building an online ordering system for a pizza restaurant. I decided to use a shopping cart built by CandyPress to get started. You can download the frontend for free at [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] and view a demo of both the front and backend. It is written in ASP. I will provide access to the backend administration part and also let potential coders vi...

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    I have an asp file that generates a series of popunders (10 over a period of about 30 minutes). That part works fine. What I need are 2 things: 1. I need some sort of cookie mechanism set up so that I can adjust how often the series of popunders are displayed to my visitors. Initially, I want to set it at no more often than once a week. What I mean is that if a visitor visits my site twice in...

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    i want to design website for my hotels. The website should be very pleasing and easy to navigate. It shuould have following minimum features. 1. room booking facility. the user can book a room online. for registered users there will be a seprate login and password. 2. there must be a administrator based account, from where user managment can take place. other things which must include are, reco...

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    Looking for a designer to redesign our website. The designer will be given our homepage, the needed links and our needs. He will then provide us a first sample of his artwork that we will review together. If approved, a coded homepage together with an additional pagewill have to be sent. Flash welcome, but not necessary. ## Deliverables Looking for a designer to redesign our website. The design...

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    As the name suggests. We need a program similar to Liveperson. All the facilities LivePerson has and you would be responsible until software is up and running. **ONLY SERIOUS BIDDERS PLEASE!!!** I have a bitter experience when I hired some coders and they came out to be school or college students. And I had to fight on petty things. Furthermore...**You should be online on messengers freq...

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    Hello! This is an amateur home photos submission for an adult site. Looking for price for corrections. Here's how its set up: The 1st time someone submits their pics, the pics go to the first page. They are there for 10 days & then go to their category. When they submit,(the 1st time) they get An ID #. With this ID & their email address, they can add pics & change their person...

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    Hosting Script Bitti left

    I recently started a hosting company. I have an e-commerce account through goemerchant and a domain reseller account through tucows. I need someone to finish the script I have to do the following things. 1. Register a domain name (if it is avaliable) - If not, let give the user the option of domain names that are avaliable. This will both register the domain through tucows and charge the cust...

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    We are USA based South Asian E-commerce site looking for a Search Engine Guru who will work with us montly to help us optimizing our site for search engine. Also person/group will be responsible to do marketing. We are in business for 5 years and we know how this business run, we are expecting more now. To apply for this position: Write a document with following things: 1) Your experience on...

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    What I need: I need a executable program -- with resell rights. Develop a stand-alone application that will automatically log into a Google Adsense account and download available Impression, Clicks and Earnings data (the application should be able to emulate a user clicking on the "all time" report option i.e. should be able to collect all data since the user first began using the adsens...

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