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    ...have about 5-10 ring images for now, will send all to the relevant candidate. please write 123 in the top of your offer, so I'll know you read, and better send example. Explanation: [login to view URL] - original image. We need to: 1. remove the center diamond from the image, and have only prongs left (of course needed photoshop), see an example

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    ...PAGE in : 01 high / 01 acceuil / [login to view URL] On the root, you will find two .txt, witch explains where is what. High means : the 'Header menu', and all pages from top; low, means : 'footer menu' and all pages from the footer menu... WORDPRESS + DIVI PARALLAX SCROLLING WEBDESIGN WOOCOMMERCE (Will sale only 30 products) SHOPPING CART

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    ...long-term collaboration: *** Super urgent work (update of our files, preferably this week and no later than next)*** - Make 3 new silhouette images to use. Need to be in the same style as current images (photos are taken, and clipping path made. Might need polish and need texture). - Finalise 3 box covers for expansions (art and text are done, most

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    ...plant/tree 6. worm crawling 7. flying bird 8. cow & calf 9. man in meditation pose All the below elements should form a circle, counting in the clock wise direction. Total of 10 elements, starting point in the circle at 12’o clock should be left blank (depicting space element) remaining 9 elements should be drawn clockwise in the numerical order described

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    ...[login to view URL] but use the home and inner page design .psds provided for colors image placement and text etc. It will need to be fully responsive-mobile ready. Use the same top home image area as [login to view URL] for the home page with text under it. The other pages will include a blog, work, and inner image page so we can add content templates for pages

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    ...processed with Photoshop to make them more "magazine quality". The improvements would include some degree of: 1. Remove green tint due to color of ocean water 2. Remove defects or blemishes 3. Improve color saturation, lighting and contrast of the objects in the picture foreground and background. The goal is to make the images look better so

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    ...([login to view URL]), with courses on a range of subjects: photography, video production, video editing, cinematography, motion graphics, websites, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe InDesign, YouTube, WordPress Websites, digital marketing, email marketing, business, personal finance, etc. Each day I

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    I need someone to photoshop 6 images Photo #9: Show roof in place of the black tarp on the house to the left. Hide driveway cracks for the house on the right. Photo #10: Show roof in place of the black tarp on the house to the left. Cover-up the missing shingles (roof) on the house to the right. Hide driveway cracks for the house in the center.

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    ...dark or light enough for your needs, feel free to select colors that fit within the green/blue/teal/beige theme. Attached please find filler images for the flower (top left of the web page) and the person (top right of the webpage) that you can insert into the page. THE CLOCK: This is the most important part of the contest/page and where I'm hoping

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    hi, I would like to hire you again to deep etch 10 images and photoshop one image for me- very basic (just adding an image on top of a plain white tee. Let me know if you're free

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    ...A similar product that we are selling, a competitors, and example can be found here: [login to view URL] 4) The colors we want to use are gradient purple/blue on top of a white background (open to suggestions on this) mix such as example: [login to view URL] 5) We want to incorporate polygonal shapes if possible, but not required

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    Trophy icon UForza upgrade Bitti left

    ...the logo and words at the top of the package so it is exactly the same color and patterns. I have uploaded images of the existing design. I want to have these matching words added on the side in very high resolution in both adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator 1. Create 2 new word sets that say "30 Day Supply" and "10 Pack Case" they must ...

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    We are redesigning our website and need someone to put together 2 mockups of the home page. All text content and images can be pulled from the current website. I can send a link to the current website to those interested in the project. For one design we would like it based off of this Wordpress theme: [login to view URL] It won't be exact

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    ...normal pictures. In that case I want you top copy / paste the screen content from the dark picture to the chosen one that you work with so that the LCD is (kind of) readable and not just white. I will provide the pictures in JPG format in original resolution. You will clip the machine and provide 1. Photoshop file in original resolution with clipping

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    Trophy icon Logo for Nose Surgery Website Bitti left

    First of all Thank You for joining in my contest. Here are the descriptions: 1) Need a logo that goes on the top right corner of the website that is currently hosted on [login to view URL] 2) The picture of what the doctor has in mind is drawn on paper and is attached as an image here called DFW. An additional sentence needs to be added to

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    I have 10 .exe files that showcase a fair stand and it´s colours. The app makes it possible to switch the colour of the wall, floor and the background. Because I can´t use .exe files in a website I need them to be converted to html5 for example. I don´t have the original images so I suggest you downñoad the 10 .exe files and make screenshots from

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    ...There will be some changes needed, especially few css, I am attaching the theme [login to view URL] current sites and content and adding new [login to view URL] optimization(I will send resized images), you need to do the code part, it has to reach over 80 on desktop and close to that score on mobile 7. Additional 2 hours of SEO work, I will provide content like titles

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    ...Adobe Photoshop or Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premiere Total Problem Statement Is to Create a Modular Portfolio with the following specification Modular Portfolio – as part of the narrative include a modular portfolio of (10) slides to represent the narrative description with the following requisites: Portfolios shall be limited to ten (10) slides

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    We would like to style our Wordpress site homepage to match the attached design. This design will be provided as a Photoshop file with layers for the images. We already have a theme installed that is very versatile and can be used to replicate the layout. The current site is installed here: [login to view URL] Requirements for this project are below

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    Website Design Bitti left

    ...shown similar to [login to view URL] to show 10 scenarios specified on product website. - Six views (front, back, left, right, top, bottom) should be created for the product in four categories in the product detail page. Also, the product comes in three colors (gold, silver, metallic gray). So total of 6 * 4 * 3 = 72 images should be created for product detail

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    50 teklifler should be looking like a force - strong, clean, serious. Top notch programming is required to go hand-in-hand with fantastic photoshop/corel/general design skills. All content writing and texts will be provided. There will be 5 milestones released as following : 1st: 10% - If required, winner will provide 4 completely different sketches

    €1539 - €3077
    €1539 - €3077
    42 teklifler [login to view URL] needs an overhaul, including the addition of content that has yet to be written. Parts of it are fairly solid but other parts - e.g. dropdown tabs at the top of the main page - are just plain missing. Site as a whole needs more and better calls to action. We're a growing company and do offer services that the site has yet to articulate

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    ...have over 600 Images. For that I need 6 person who knows photoshop. Each person will be 100 images. You need to remove background, watermark and shadow in the bottom if needed. For details see the attachment. Duration 5 days maximum. Budget $10 per 100 images. If you agree in this budget, then write top in your description "$10 per 1...

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    ...some copies of the CD. The band is Visage who have sold over 10 million records world wide and has Steve Strange as their leader. Steve Strange sadly died in 2015 and the proceeds from the release will be going to the Steve Strange Collective and his family. There are LOTS of images of Steve Strange on the internet. We are looking for an album

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    ...Back-wall banner with Dimensions: 9’ w x 8’ h. So it will be very big, so the resolution of the text and images must be very high. Below are some of the specifications for the project. I also attached my logo and some graphics I did in photoshop that may help you. You may have to use a larger world image, because I do not want any pixelation. Also I

    €31 (Avg Bid)
    8 girdi existing website at As you can see, at the top there is a photo of me and a poor quality logo that says "best beard oil'. It does not look very good or very professional. This project is to create a new logo and graphic design for the top "block" of the website, incorporating a new high resolution photo of me that

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    ...Part 1 Design 1 unique 3D liquid splash model, as is when an object falls in liquid creating a splash. Imagine a strawberry falling in milk and creating a splash. Create 10 different variations of the above model, varying its intensity, thickness, height, look and feel of the splash. Each variation is up to the designer, but all of them must look

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    32 teklifler designers. I am a leader of mobile game application team. We have a mobile game development team ,but no designers. We have already built a poker game app with dummy images and assets, but can't share. Because of the license. So I need someone who can design poker game screens and assets and if you complete it we will change with your designs

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    24 teklifler designers. I am a leader of mobile game application team. We have a mobile game development team ,but no designers. We have already built a poker game app with dummy images and assets, but can't share. Because of the license. So I need someone who can design poker game screens and assets and if you complete it we will change with your designs

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    Trophy icon Design Flyers & Business cards Bitti left

    I will pick a winner based on 1 flyer design. I will need 2 flyer sizes. Disregard business cards in title. This is a marijuana related flyer. Images must be fully editable in photoshop during the handover process. If you are going to design with another program be sure you are capable of converting to PSD and making sure everything is fully

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    I have created a single image consisting of 8 separate images photoshoped with Gaussian blur of about 10 pixels and Posterized for 10 levels. I am looking to have 5 key colours of this image extracted to create a colour pallet which will be used to create our corporate identity. The colours be used to guide our logo createion and be included in our

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    Hi, For this work, I will provide you 10 images of figures like this -> [login to view URL], I need to have a Photoshop file (.psd) created for me with fashion sketch design like this -> [login to view URL] Color is not necessary. I just need each apparel e.g. top, bottom, shoe, belt to be in different layer that I can add color to it

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    Please take a look at the attached image of one of our pages. This is an educational website for little kids 4 to 10 year olds... As kids advance thru levels, we show them their roadmap and progress on top of the page which we call My Journey... Each level is represented by an insect... But we would like to replace that with an image of an abacus and

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    20 teklifler can't write a Photoshop script and are planning to do the job manually. It would take years. The steps for the script are as follows. If they are unclear, see the video. 1: Import the first image from the images folder. 2: Center the image from side-to-side, and align the top of the image to the top guideline in photoshop. 3: Place the image

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    ...icons used throughout the site. The diagram file is the illustration from the Developers page. PSDs This folder contains all Photoshop files for each page of the site. The styling for the "sticky" nav (which is the top navigation that follows a user as they scroll the site) is found in the 01 Homepage file. The styling for the Case Studies drop-down

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    MySQLi to pdf Bitti left

    ...unique image from the database (can be a URL if you decide it’s better to upload the image from the form into a folder on my site, and just use the URL’s as a reference), on top of the background image. 6. On my back-end, the PDF doesn't need the background image, as I PRE-printed the background image on A4 pages already. So when ill click "print"

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    I have 1800-2100 Pictures (not sure on exact amount) in 10 word documents. In each of these files a number of pictures, after each picture there is a number followed by a name. The task is to: 1. Re-size the picture within the word documents themselves to make it bigger, don’t worry if its slightly distorted when larger I have tested and

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    ...would be a one day job. Its just a matter of building the right new layout and transferring the content over. Also, I need a logo made for my name (the current one is in the top left hand corner of the homepage and I feel it looks too 80's with the font, I also use it for my business cards, comp cards, and email signatures so that's why I say please

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    ...want to redo the whole site. Total ~10-15 pages.I have a general theme in mind, but before I start I want to ensure that you are capable of the following (since a lot of freelancers do not provide a one-stop shop) 1. general web design 2. photoshop and illustration images 3. web publishing i.e. I provide raw images and written content, you put everything

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    ...the mailbox in the file. I have some 40 images that I need pasted into this new template. I'll need a blank of this file for the future. I need a second blank template made to be 11" tall and 18.25" wide. The wide to have a .25" bleed. I need to be able to place a mirrored copy of the same image on top so that the tops of the image touch, with

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    PLEASE READ FULL MESSAGE BEFORE APPLYING. THANK YOU ================================= Hello, We run a YouTube channel that which shows top 10/20/30 etc facts and interesting pieces of information. You can easily find these on the internet ready made... ================================= 3 SAMPLES: 1. 45 Seriously Awesome Halloween Costumes

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    Trophy icon Father Blog Art Bitti left

    Hi Everyone, I'm starting a blog about being a stay at home father and need some help with art. The prize may be only $10 but I may pick more than one winner and/or it may lead to more work for my site. I'm going to be asking for a pretty specific art style, but I'm open to anything if you think it will impress me! So here goes, what I'm looking

    €9 (Avg Bid)
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    ...advertisements Here is info for first billboard Phat kebabs and Takeaway (logo) [login to view URL] NOW SERVING CHARCOAL MEALS Phone/Internet orders welcomed Add halal symbol top right corner (doesnt need to be big) 3713 7722 1/66 Ashridge Rd, Darra 400meters on your right (with arrow down the bottom) with pictures of our meals (yet to be provided)

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    ...our warehouse space even further • No minimum order quantity – we’ll accept orders of any size • Extensive stocks at low prices – constant market-checking means we offer top products from stock at highly competitive prices – all year round • Highly competitive contract and bulk order pricing – our purchasing power means we can pass on th...

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    ...TAMM's Board of Directors. These images are not personalized, so there is only one of each to be updated. So this is 44 total places ((10+10+2)x2) where "2013" needs to be changed to "2014". Also, since we will definitely be awarding 2015 awards in early 2016, we would like to receive a second set of the same 22 images with the date cha...

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    We specialize in crafting a complete line of bathroom vanities to the top industry standards, emphasizing design, quality, and functionality for our customers. Our bathroom vanity sets are professionally designed to reflect the industry's leading trends, and are carefully hand-crafted by skilled artisans. We require a hardworking specialist graphic

    €262 (Avg Bid)
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    ...n-jennings-fakes-garrett-temple-into-next-week/ [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] Voice The voice we’re looking

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    ...elements of our product website are preserved and rendered beautifully. 1.4 The interaction between product and smartphone should be shown similar to [login to view URL] to show 10 scenarios specified on product website. This interaction is shown as user scrolls down/up the homepage. 1.5 The product logo and caption should be redesigned to match the

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    ...look for. Given the images I want designed will be fairly simple. I will do image research so please keep it original we don't want any copyright infringements. We need 14 custom designed photos for $50 or less. I do have Photoshop and know basics so please send image files as .psd and take into consideration that I need the images 1080px x 1080px with

    €160 (Avg Bid)
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