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    ...text or images are required for this but a suitable font (file) would be nice. The main thing about this is that I need it delivered as html that I can use as a template. The corners need to line up with the top/bottom/sides and allow for resizing. Yes, I know that it'll ruin the shape of the "page" but that's my problem. :) The central area of

    €170 - €255
    €170 - €255
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    ...ex. - [login to view URL] href - 5000 hits - 100 sales - % Top Browser Site Page Hits ex. - [login to view URL] - 4000 hits - 50 sales - % I would like to cross reference ALL data with sales stats for any time period by date. The highest percentages being at the top. ex. % sales from country, email addy, search engine, product

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    ...code on the internet but it only goes as far as calculating the days or at the best weekdays. As mentioned on the top the script must also exclude the specific dates in the calculation I can enter then manaually Please look at the attached html file to see the form I am using ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    34 teklifler items must be added to the top of the page. a. Title b. Date c. Brief description d. Pdf document browse/upload [login to view URL] to move existing news articles to the Archive folder. [login to view URL] to delete news items. Awards: A new admin page for the Awards page with the following features [login to view URL] to add new awards at the top of the page. Picture size to

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    10 HTML Doorways Pages I'm looking for a consultant to create doorways pages for 10 keywords that he/she can pick out of a list of 50, which I'll provide. The doorways have to be manually created and tuned for the top 2-3 search engines. If the job is successful I'll extend it for 200 keywords. I will accept bids only for people that can demonstrate

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    ...of HTML files on a PC for compiling by an ebook compiler. It will traverse the directory structure and copy all the files - images, html, scripts, everything - to a single project directory (designated by prompting user to select/create). It must be intelligent enough to rename files when file name conflicts occur. It will parse all the HTM/HTML and

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    ...permissions (like 755) where possible. Backup Cleanup: using the files copied to the hard drive, all the files HTML and script files will be parsed to identify and create a list of "unused" files - for example, an image file that is not used by any HTML file. The user will have the option to check those files they want deleted, and be able to have those files

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    ...code, the following data will also be recorded: a) the URL that was retrieved b) the type of file retrieved (.txt, .html, .htm, etc.) 6. Once all the keywords and phrases have been looked up on the search engine, and once all the top ten pages for each term have been retrieved and stored, a button will be enabled that says "Analyze". 7. At this point

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    I need 12 different designs for business websites selling business services. The designs should speak reliability, quality, competency etc. Modern look to impress top level executives. Quote special effects seperately if you have any in mind. Pls provide some work samples if possible. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

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    29 teklifler stores are limited, hence we would need a customization of the yahoo templates to change the look and functionality of our website. The changes should not be made through HTML, since this would mean loosing the functionality of the Yahoo store, but through the use of RTML (see [login to view URL] ) and the programming capabilities

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    I am looking for someone to design a very simple look-and-feel template for a gift basket sales web site. HTML only. Simple template. -- Followup To clarify exactly what I need, I just need a simple front-end for my gift-basket company. I have exactly zero creative talent when it comes to appealing front-ends. I've been influenced too much

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    ...Here is a sample run of my program with this project description as the input file, to give you a better idea of what I'm looking for. This assignment is a good exercise in top-down design. Consider the problem to be solved as a whole, then try to identify the subproblems that, when put together, solve the whole problem. There are two major subproblems

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    website Ended

    ...(no-flash) organized in 6 main-navigation-points. Every main-nav-point will have an image-graphic that has to be designed (as identifier,modd,...) The navigation will be on top of the pages, then the image, then the contents. There wont be any images within the contents. We will also need links to link-lists (1-5 elements) and/or pdf-lists (1-5 elements)at

    €170 - €255
    €170 - €255
    0 teklifler for women, where I will have a 'channel' bar, each person that signs up to become a channel partner will have a unique code they must place at the top of their site. This code with be in HTML with other items such as my banner, etc but will also include the coding to the banner, I want to offer a commission to these websites that get others to

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    ...logo and a color scheme for a web site. The website is about 4x4 Off-road. The layout of the web-site will be the clasic top banner (sponsor),a left side menu and the content in the middle( the logo in the top left corner). No frames, just a table to distribute the space I need a good combination of colors (matching the logo) The background

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    27 teklifler first, then: (1) Propose a Flash to replace the top banner. Our logo must appear in there somewhere. The Flash animation should be "soothing" as to not grab all the attention from the content that will show below. (2) Propose a top-side menu navigation to replace the current top menu, this new menu must coexist with the flash above it

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    The product OfficeMEGA which is on development, needs a product homepage. HTML, Frameset style, javascript, file based Page setup : Top : Logo and information, Country and Language selection Chapters like Company, Products, Support, Download, Tips and Tricks, Shop, Login, Search Left : Menu depends on the select chapter Bottom : Info line

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    Work requested to be performed on-site in Huntington Beach, CA! * Experience in SQL database queries and minor SQL coding required. * ASP and HTML knowlegedge required. * Transfer existing images, HTML coded descriptions, pricing, PDF files, and other existing Excel database items into Everest platform. * Customization of the Everest website templates

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    ...demos, a software rating area, a download area for Trial Versions, and use PayPal for my credit card transactions. Many of my pages were built with PowerPoint and saved as HTML. I want these replaced with some sort of program browser with picture of the program and links to buy, get more info, view or submit a rating, and download a trial. The program

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    ...[login to view URL] is an id in accessories table I want to have a page whereby I link accessories to a vehicle. The page should be presented like this. Name of the vehicle at the top Then two multiple select lists side by side big enough to show about 20 accessories in each. In the middle I want two buttons with text Link--> and <--UnLink The left side should

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    TGP Ended for my site "autogallery pro" i got the software installed in the ftp by the company i need a HTML developer to fix the softwer in my site. please take a look on my site : [login to view URL] under the "top free latina sites" table i have a link "post your gallery, i need you to lead this link into the software

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    ...d product pages and are looking to improve our ranking on the 10 or 12 major search engines. Our company sells walking aids (crutches, canes, etc...) and we show up in the "Top 20" on only a few key search engines. We would like to improve our (unpaid) ranking on the following keyword searches: - crutch - crutches - cane - canes And

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    ...graphic made a the top and a space for an advertising (rotating) banner near the top of the board. I already have the domain and the hosting setup, just need to get the board going. I would also like to know if I would be able to edit the board and the contents of it on my own once it has been setup. I am very familiar with HTML and some programming

    €87 (Avg Bid)
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    We need a clean, well designed, and fully functional site with no bugs. Preferably flash, html, and XML. We want the functionality to reserve cabins online or buy related items that the user would be interested in during their cabin rental- vacation planning- process. We want to be able to add new cabins, prices, and content easily and effectively;

    €968 (Avg Bid)
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    ...but cannot list that info here. The winning vendor will receive a total "brain dump" of detailed script descriptions for these sites. All directory pages MUST have either an html or shtml extension. Directory Components/Scripts: 1) Batch-mode page generator (Admin script automating “category pages” creation) 2) Site Search function 3) Metasearch functions

    €1276 (Avg Bid)
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    1 teklifler look to it. The persons building this site will not only need flash skills but skills with Maya, Max4, After effects and things of that nature. They will also have to be top of the line in graphics. This will also include female voice overs provided by you. A PERFECT EXAMPLE of the type of look we are after can be found at [login to view URL]

    €5876 (Avg Bid)
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    20 teklifler

    ...start from scratch, created with msaccess 2000 wizard [login to view URL] [login to view URL] Please take a look, the only thing I added was on the top right corner 3 little check boxes, I need to record each company: (Dropdown?) [1] if I called? Call back? have to fax buiss. cert. ? [2] received catalog? [3] received pricelist

    €123 (Avg Bid)
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    ...[login to view URL] On the top righthand side of the page, there is a link "TiVo Forum Post Ticker" once you click on that, it will pop up on your page and scroll through all the new posts that have been posted in that forum in realtime. Attatched I have included the HTML code for the ticker. What I need done is, have this code

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    I am searching for a program that will in the end result allow a webmaster to affix their own banner to the top of a webform. This form must have a place to enter Your Name & your email as well as 6 positions for people to type in email addresses. The form must be able to have a "Fixed" banner at the bottom (My Banner) When exicuted the form must email

    €84 (Avg Bid)
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    9 teklifler look to it. The persons building this site will not only need flash skills but skills with Maya, Max4, After effects and things of that nature. They will also have to be top of the line in graphics. This will also include female voice overs provided by you. A PERFECT EXAMPLE of the type of look we are after can be found at [login to view URL]

    €1896 (Avg Bid)
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    ...via a dropdown select: "newest-to-oldest", "oldest-to-newest", "[specified variable] only", etc., with the default as the former. - I want the above-mentioned choices at the top so that the users can choose their viewing methods and navigate through the guestbook pages, and with that I also want "next page" and "previous page". - I want a...

    €19 (Avg Bid)
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    ...PHP is a bonus Understands the meaning of PRIVILAGED and CONFIDENTAL ------------------------------------------------- I am looking for a Web Designer with elite abilities in HTML GUI design. I am developing a Template based application. Once the project is completed, I will need an Online Demonstration of the product for my [login to view URL] keep in mind I'm

    €803 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a template built like [login to view URL] with the menu up top and the rollovers. We will provide text for the menu, etc. We will expect all art, flash, html to be given to us so we can add the full text in Dreamweaver for the rest of the stie. We require 1 page completed (opening page). Thank you. Please also show 3 URL's to work YOU have completed

    €50 (Avg Bid)
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    ...engine ranking on google and altavista my site : [login to view URL] i want at least in the top 10-15 with these keywords : template templates web templates website templates flash template or flash templates or both html template or html templates or both flash intro and one month of service to keep me on that position since the last coder

    €38 (Avg Bid)
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    ...which is [login to view URL] and a link for email. NOTE: I would like a new logo for the header of the auction site to read [login to view URL] on the top line and keep the same second line... with an image... maybe a auction gavel? The home page should be auction oriented page... emphasizing the heart of the site. Same color scheme

    €25 (Avg Bid)
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    i'm looking for a script that provides the following: i want to put several random images on the top of my sites (they should rotate everytime the surfer reloads the page). all these images should get fixed links (for example [login to view URL] should always link to [login to view URL] and [login to view URL] always to [login to view URL]). i want to have the option

    0 teklifler

    ...for a website. You must have top notch design skills. We need to begin IMMEDIATELY. Please include the following: 1. 2 URL's of what you consider your best work and describe your role. 2. Your hourly rate. 3. An estimate for a ecommerce site that consists of about 10-12 pages. Assuming you do all the design work but no HTML. ## Deliverables 1) Complete

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    ...abuse members Browser uploading for banner ad graphics with file type and size checking (i.e. GIF image at 468x60) Support following banner formats: GIF, JPG, Java, Flash and HTML Multibanner support. Admin can define unlimited banner groups with different resolution. Each member can has unlimited groups (related to different campaigns) and unlimited

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    i want a ebook creator software, if you want to bid then answer to me ... the ebook creator takes HTML files with an [login to view URL] as first page and then carries on like a website with links, jpg or gif, avi files mp3 files whatever... the features: 1. personalised key for each client that buys the software or the ebook. [login to view URL] unlock the ebook the client

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    ...SQL Server. I would need this completed quickly. Preference given to Top Coders. Bidders should include links to examples of simular work they've done. *****NEW**** I will need the back end programming only as I will be handling all the front end and graphics. I will provide all html pages and will need the chosen programmer to code the back end. Please

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    ...[login to view URL] The ROTATOR ADMIN script requires the one-time creation of the Rotator Database and tables. The program will be written in VB Script (ASP) and HTML. The database will be made using Access. The platform is Win 2000. The developer will be given access to the server for development and testing. ## Deliverables I. ROTATOR

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    I am looking to get 2 templates for automotive auctions. They should have a place on the top to have a logo that fits in. The logo will be created by you. This should also be able to be taken out because it will not be in there for all of the auctions. The logo should be rather simple. The templates should include...a place for a photo gallery, description

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    ...people will have a section and will have a set of links associated to thier groups for example for Job Seekers section we might have Search Jobs, Post Resume, Job Search Tips, Top Recruitment agencies etc etc. I want a very neat and creative design. Again I want only the design and not any development itself. As I do not have another means to evaluate

    €87 (Avg Bid)
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    27 teklifler

    ...the program functions, please see the “non-operative?? interface that I have place at: [login to view URL] The program will written in VB Script (ASP) and HTML. The database will be made using Access. The platform is Win 2000. ## Deliverables I. The “PRE-ENROLLEE VERIFIER / ROTATOR / POSTER?? program will do the following functions:

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    I need a very professional look to my real estate site. Coder must be able to incorporate/blend a city photo into the main page as well as create a banner for the top that incorporates a faded office setting. I am looking for curved shapes that blend into the rest of the page. I am also looking for part of the page to be displayed in flash For more

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    This is a pretty straightforward project so I don't see anything that would be too complex. Here is what my company specializes in: Information Design Content Management HTML/XML Documentation Solutions and Training Single-Source Implementations Technical Writing/Online Help System Development Help Authoring Tool Training and Technical Support (AuthorIT) WBT

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    ...recieve HTML or plain text. It defaults to send HTML but if the recipient cannot read html then it loads the text only version. Attached, is a newsletter we just sent out, you will see that the text file, when pasted into the program to be mailed to our subscribers, has 2 sections, the top is displayed in the email programs that cannot read HTML, the section

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    ...documents are items that are required to go with the shipment. Items like MSDS, Certificates and more. We want them to print upon processing of the order. Mostly PDF, DOCS, HTML 3. Establish web reporting from database live so customers can view information and create own reports from our database. We would like to host locally on NT Server. Our database

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    ...thumbnail of that picture then link that picture to an html page with the full size picture centered. The program should work on a template design and I should be able to have the thumbnails show up anywhere on the main page by changing the placement of their call-to code on the template. The html page with the full sized picture should also be a template

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    ...bold and stuff, complete list below). The user enters also data in other fields. The user clicks on the submit button. The data from the editor is automatically converted to HTML. A connection is made with a mysql database and a unique IDnumber is generated (preferable on highest number + 1). Next page the user sees is a preview page where the user can

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