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    Required skills: Photo editing, Retouching, Vector tracing, Graphic design Only For Bangladeshi freelancers.

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    I would like to integrate Logging,Metrics and tracing with AWS using OpenTelemetry and .net core.

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    I want to hire someone with expertise in Adobe Photoshop to modify pictures of appartment buildings. I have pictures of what the buildings look like now. I want someone to modify the pictures to show what the buildings will look like in the future after some renovations. Typical modifications include : replacing the door and windows, painting the walls, landscaping, etc. I would like to proceed on an hourly basis. For each picture provided, the freelancer will provide an estimated amount of hours to complete the required modifications. I will provide a detailed account of modifications to be made, but I want to work with someone creative who can "recommend" additional changes as well. I have a very good reputation on Freelancer, and I will only work wi...

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    I just start a new business as a candy and soft supplier. I will provide local salons, college dorms, property buildings with snacks on site.

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    Hi Công, I am preparing to begin this installation. I will provide to you the lot dimensions, the position of the 2 buildings on the lot, and the parking lot with offsets. Are you able to specify the lumber type and dimensions for the roof changes from the current 4x10 pitch to the desired 8x10 pitch? I also want to position a 20x20 carport on the lot too and I will require the lumber type and dimensions here also.

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    My Company Logo 4 gün left

    I need a professional logo for my new structural engineering company. Company name is: White Trillium Engineering Inc. So I need a professional logo that includes the white trillium flower together with buildings / houses, in a smooth, artistic, and professional manner.

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    Hi guys, this one is location specific. I need a photographer in the Pacific North West (Close to Seattle / Auburn) to take a few photos of a recently completed architectural project I worked on. Definitely looking for experience photographing buildings in their best light. Thanks!

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    Hello everyone we want hire 3D environment artist for create our textures for some buildings we have using unreal and Quixel Mixer lets do it :)

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    I need Analysis and calculation of Frame metal tempory buidling. low budget more info in DM

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    Photos to New Buildings coming up in our country, scrape High resolution photos from online sources and place them in a google drive.

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    I am working on a personal project about Magical girls, and while I have made concept drafts and rough sketches, I am not good enough to make an excellent finished product as I rely quite heavily on tracing. I am looking for someone who can draw beautiful characters that regardless of body shape or size looks gorgeous. There are seven characters that need to be drawn for this project, each being a different race and/or body type. I've attached one of the seven character's magical girl forms, it is simple however it is from early on in the process before the character's body type was set. The character is meant to be a large woman with a figure similar to Lizzo's. The art style should still make her look beautiful, without making her look extremely cartoonish. ...

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    I need a 3D object from the new construction project of two apartment buildings. Drawings are attached

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    We want to launch advertising for real estate in new buildings in Baku. We need a specialist. In the response, indicate through which traffic channels/platforms you can set up advertising and how much one client (contact) will cost.

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    Advance steel 2 gün left

    laser model tracing work in advanced steel

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    Its a construction company that construct both residential and commercial buildings all over Kerala, so we need a freelancer for the lead generations and if those leads get closured they will receive 1% for each closure , for example: if the project budget is 50 lakhs you will receive 50000 ) Leads from your side and closure by our company

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    Hello everyone we have some buildings models need to create Texture for it inside unreal, the 3D models ready with UV, we wait your profile in unreal to start

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    Specialist Commercial Buildings need design documenting to construction issue drawings

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    I have a ski drone shot below that I need to have animated as a gif where it looks like it's moving (like a video) so the traffic going along and lights turning off and one in buildings.

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    Trophy icon Build Us an Alternate Logo 2 saat left

    PLEASE READ. Our company, ‘The Hive Collaborative’, has our original logo (which we love) but we recently remodeled our stage and created a cool alternate logo design on the wall. We’re looking for someone to take our des...Collaborative’, has our original logo (which we love) but we recently remodeled our stage and created a cool alternate logo design on the wall. We’re looking for someone to take our design and make it into a workable logo. Basically keeping it as the picture in logo form, but can be stylized. The image does not need our name per say. We like this alternate design because it utilities our buildings colors which are a huge part of our brand. I’ll post pictures of our original logo, colors and the new wall design below. If you...

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    ...electricity or heat to important city functions - city hospital - residential building - large office - mall? - Maybe a darker setting of the city (evening/dusk) would do the trick to showcase electricity distribution in the city (lit windows etc). Maybe give a glowing light to the TEXEL container as an illustration of the energy hub/supply. - Try to incorporate roof tops solar PV panels on buildings or and a wind turbines 2. Remote Island In this picture we want to: - Illustrate the possibility for TEXEL to supply energy on a remote islands - using it´s energy storage system combined with wind power and solar PV to serve the island with electricity. For the picture we suggest: - An island with no established crossing (no bridges etc) to the mainland - surrounded...

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    Are you skilled & experienced with working on projects (Google, FB & IG PPC Ads, Web-Designs, Copywriting, Lead Gen, Skip Tracing, Cash Buyer List Creation/Custom Audience Creation, Posting Ads On Property Listings Sites, Branding, SMM, SEO, Landing Page Design, Promotional Video, Image Editing, 3D Plan Design, and anything related to Real Estate) in the Real Estate Industry - specifically Realtors & Real Estate Agents? We are a creative digital agency helping Real Estate Agents/Realtors close more sales, get more seller leads, grow their online presence, and dominate their competitors (basically save time and make more money). We want to provide more value to our Realtors/Real Estate Agents - we mean value in closing more deals, making sellers come to them, and growing...

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    ...the following Shifts Available 1) 05:30am - 03:30pm Central Time 2) 13:00pm - 23:00pm Central Time 3) 18:00pm - 04:00am Central Time Responsibilities Organize office and assist associates in ways that optimize procedures Sort and distribute communications in a timely manner Create and update records ensuring the accuracy and validity of information Dispatching and Route Scheduling Tracking and Tracing Specialist Schedule and plan meetings and appointments Monitor level of supplies and handle shortages Customer Reporting and updating Resolve office-related malfunctions and respond to requests or issues Coordinate with other departments to ensure compliance with established policies Maintain trusting relationships with suppliers, customers and colleagues Skills Proven experience...

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    Logo Design 22 saat left

    Required to design a creative Logo for my company, the company field is an interior design company. Company name : Modern Integrated House I need to use the first letter from each word to be a company logo and each word shall be written under it's letter with using a buildings figures. Also i need to merge the 3 letters together.

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    We are BÖGERSHAUSEN CONSULTING SRL from Burarest and we are searching for engineers for our projects.

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    I need a code that will store the activations of all buildings in the game. An example is in the picture When he gets too close to the console, a widget opens if he clicks ok, the decision is saved, and if he clicks several times, the button is not active any more and prints the buildings working or buildings are activated if it is not ok x, the parameters are deleted and the building does not work. It is necessary to work in UE 5 and Blueprint I will send you the code BP_ECHO - character and overlap sphere code - when the character gets too close to the building

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    Lütfen detayları görmek için Kaydolun ya da Giriş Yapın.

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    Hello everyone.. I need to extrud a city map to be 3D printed as protruding ayout a and represented as a gift The city map has been scanned as you see attached, and what we need is the following: - Extrud the buildings the best you can, and propose to me your thoughts (in yellow) - Find a way to represent the palms farms (in green) - Making sure of the streets & passes visibility in a natural manner, in both buildings and the farms - Adding some ready models over the layout - Some terrains - Ready for 3D printing (STL format preferably) Clean work is the the objective, no small details that creates noise to the work and challenges me on 3D printing part. The model must work and get fixed everytime it has issues, you can check its printablity on or other pla...

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    ...cost of transportation 5. User will see the all drivers who accept this request as card as below 6. The driver will get notification that user select him then user can trace the driver on google map 7. Driver can call user 8. All journey saved for 3 months and admin can browsing on google map and see all history of journey 9. App will use google map and the tracing will use google app to be instantly tracing ...

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    I need a slider, for my website. Need a creative idea, SEA, OCEAN, Mountain, SUN. and Buildings (real estate) We are an international broker real estate company. We need good ideas for the background. *Example size and photo:

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    We redevelop small independent residential buildings in Mumbai. Currently we have an upcoming project of a 14 story composite building in Parel, Mumbai. I need help with Interior Styling.

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    I need to have made a 3D topical graphical survey Revit model of the Lincoln Center theater outside area with the elevations of the Lincoln center buildings in the background. Please go on Google Earth for any measurements if needed The topographic survey captures and records the topography of the ground surface together with both natural and man-made features within the built environment. It is intended to provide the accurate extents and location of a site, site buildings as well as a good understanding of the levels, physical features, boundaries and drainage in the immediate adjacent area. Providing this information in a 3D format greatly improves the design accuracy by providing a coherent and integrated solutions which deliver considerable cost savings. Please look at...

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    produce CGI's Bitti left

    We're looking for a new designer to create our product cgi's which we give to customers to demonstrate what their product will look like. An example of one of our modular buildings is shown in the attached document in cgi form. Price we're looking to pay is per cgi and we require a regular service.

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    Trophy icon Facade 3d - Event complex & Casino 12 gün left

    I want to draw in 3D the outside of the event complex that contains 3 wedding halls, a terrace, a casino, two tennis courts and a swimming pool with water slides. The drawing helps me to give it a graphic direction, it will not be a final shape but only an inspirational one. In my drawing you can see how I divided the existing buildings and how I gave them the desired destination. Thank you, I wish success to those who will participate!

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    I am looking for someone...looking for someone who can edit watches. This will include: - changing the language of the numbers - the texture and colour of the dial - adding logos and pictures to the dial - change the colour of the bracelet, case and bezel of the watch I will need the following formats for every watch that is designed: - png - jpg - ai for the designs on the dial (face of the dial) . This will be tracing all elements of the dial there will be over 100 watches (and each will need the above formats) to edit and design and my budget is 80$ (this is for all 100 watches). I am happy to negotiate also. I need a sample made first and for you to follow the steps in order for you to gain the contract. We have over 10,000 design that are required for a multiyear co...

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    I want to create a lightmapping project that calculates lightmaps for 3D Scenes including static meshes, animated meshes etc. It will have a bunch of features which includes: 1. Radiosity and Path Tracing on the GPU and CPU 2. Supports Fixing Light Leaks and UV Seams 3. Supports Sky Lighting via Skybox, HDRI and SkyDome 4. Supports Albedo, Emissivity, Refraction, Projective Texturing and Transparency 5. Supports Directional, Spot, Point, Area Point and Area Spot light 6. Supports Complete and Indirect Lightmap baking and mix of complete and indirect 7. Can produce Shadow masks 8. Supports Directional Baking(HL2 or Custom Directions), Per Pixel Spherical Harmonics, High Frequency Baking 9. Supports Light Probes, Normal Maps, Principal Direction, Spherical Harmonics, Average Value 10...

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    I am after some help with modifying a 3d print file... I purchased an stl map of Melbourne, Australia ,however, after printing it I realised that the height of the buildings, houses exct are far too small. I have been playing around with the z axis and scaling it that way but that scales everything up...

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    Trophy icon Design me a logo Bitti left

    I am looking for a logo for my cleaning company. The name of the company is C‘est Nickel. We offer services to public buildings and private households. The logo should include "C‘est Nickel Reinigung" which stands for C‘est Nickel cleaning. Reinigung can be separated from C‘est Nickel for aesthetic purposes. I have attached a preferred design as a reference, other colours would be appreciated. The logo should be changed a bit and not be copied. Additionally it should include something with a garden because gardenworks are also one of our services.

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    We have real context photos of our site from a survey that require a rendered building to be photoshopped into the context. This requires pulling some trees into the foreground and layering the building behind them.

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    Hi, I need some character and environment 3d models to use in unity. The 3d models I need will have a very simple style as you can see in the example pictures I attach. the models I need are - 5 different troops - 10 differents buildings - 5 environment elements ( trees, stones etc. ...) check attachment before bidding, if you never have modeled in that style don't bid. I appreciate some example work you have done to be shown to me.

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    grey scale pencil drawing of a real winter soldier, laying down, sniper position, gun in hand, amongst blown up buildings, ww1 landscape. focus should mainly be the solder/sniper. just the one soldier. buildings dont have to be detailed and can be blurred into the back ground 8x10 size or similar

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    ...Please submit a Location Plan - based on an up-to-date map, to a metric scale (typically 1:1250 or 1:2500), with a north arrow. This plan should identify sufficient roads and/or buildings on land adjoining the application site to ensure that the exact location of the site is clear. The application site should be edged clearly with a red line; a blue line should be drawn around any other land owned by the applicant, close to or adjoining the site. Please submit a Site/Block Plan- similar to the location plan, this plan should also show the proposed development in relation to the existing boundaries and/or buildings on site. This should also be drawn to a metric scale Please submit existing and proposed elevation plans which are clearly labelled and drawn to an identified sc...

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    ...Please submit a Location Plan - based on an up-to-date map, to a metric scale (typically 1:1250 or 1:2500), with a north arrow. This plan should identify sufficient roads and/or buildings on land adjoining the application site to ensure that the exact location of the site is clear. The application site should be edged clearly with a red line; a blue line should be drawn around any other land owned by the applicant, close to or adjoining the site. Please submit a Site/Block Plan- similar to the location plan, this plan should also show the proposed development in relation to the existing boundaries and/or buildings on site. This should also be drawn to a metric scale Please submit existing and proposed elevation plans which are clearly labelled and drawn to an identified sc...

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    Looking for someone to create a maintenance manual for metal buildings. We have one from a competitor that we can use as a template.

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    We are looking for a 3D architect/ 3D modeling designer to create concept art for the development of a luxury residential project. Currently there are 4 villas already built on the property and those buildings will need to be modeled to look the same as they appear in the photos. Additionally we are adding; An extension to the existing 4 villas, 5 townhouses, 1 condominium that has both residential and luxurious amenities and last there will be a luxury amenities facility that will have a gym, spa, music room etc. Please refer to the PDF. You will need to design the exterior of the buildings and what the residence would look like. We are looking for luxurious beautiful designs. Roads and Terrains are also required to make it visually stunning. At the end of the PDF we hav...

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    I will privide you with tree small maps to trace and convert them into vector base (Adobe Illustrator) and unite the color them of theme.

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    This project is for creating an interactive site map with the rendering of a 3.8 acre community farm. The map will include each of the buildings and farm features as a single image and the ability to click on each area to zoom in on each building and to see the inside of the buildings. The buildings and features include, chicken coop, goat house, large greenhouse, barn with living quarters, 4 camping cabins, 1 farmers cabin, 3 ponds from small to large, 2 covered shelters, meditation deck, hot tub, workshop and crop fields.

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    This project is for an video animation of a 3.8 acre farm with multiple buildings. We would like a video and animation "tour" of the farm .. We have both real photos of existing buildings and rendered images for future buildings that are to be constructed in the future. Voice Over will also be provided. Video Editor or Artist may need to help create some animation, rendering or stock photos to fill the gaps. Video will be about 15 minutes.

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    Required Data Bitti left

    Hi I just want to buy some data and contact related to delhi / Gurugram - workers like Ac repair/car repair/buildings/plumber/electrician....etc

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