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    ...efficiently while ensuring full compliance with German laws and regulations. I seek a proficient tax advisor and lawyer duo specializing in German business law, with significant experience in e-commerce and dropshipping models. **Essential Services Required:** - **Business Setup:** Expert guidance on the optimal structure for my dropshipping business. - **Form Filing:** Complete handling of necessary paperwork for business registration and operational setup. - **Dropshipping Expertise:** Advisory on the best practices for dropshipping in Germany, including supplier relations. - **Tax Registration:** Assistance with registering for taxes and understanding the German tax system regarding e-commerce. - **Legal Compliance:** Ensuring my business adheres to German legal standards, pa...

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    I'm looking for a specialized real estate agent who can assist me in effectively to attract the right audience swiftly. - Ability to advise on pricing strategies that align with the goal of a quick sale while ensuring a fair market value is achieved. - Excellent negotiation skills to handle offers and counteroffers efficiently. - Familiarity with all legal requirements and ideally, connections in the sub-registrar offices in Tamil Nadu and knowledge of paperwork involved in land sales including rectification of documents ensuring a smooth and speedy closing process. A fixed remuneration of INR 3000 for 20 hours of work plus 2% of the deal value is offered. An additional 0.5% if the target sale price is achieved. Timeline 1-2 months. Additional projects possible...

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    ...various administrative tasks and coordinating the logistics of property transactions. The ideal candidate will have a strong attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and a passion for real estate. Responsibilities: 1. Administrative Support: Provide administrative assistance to the wholesale real estate team, including answering phone calls, responding to emails, and managing paperwork. 2. Property Research: Conduct market research to identify potential properties for acquisition, including analyzing market trends and property data. 3. Marketing Assistance: Assist with marketing efforts to attract potential buyers and sellers, including creating marketing materials, managing social media accounts, and coordinating advertising campaigns. 4. Transaction Co...

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    As the owner of Soul Comfort, I am in need of a talented designer that can create a logo that embodies the ethos of my business. - Preferred Color Scheme: Cool and calming colours. Primarily focusing on blues, purples, and greens to communicate our focus on comfort and tranquility. - Image Conveyance: The logo should communicate a traditional and trustworthy image. It should depict our brand's steadfast role in providing comfort solutions. Ideal candidates for the job should possess the following skills and experience: - Extensive experience in logo design. - An impressive portfolio that showcases a range of styles, particularly containing examples of work with cool and calming colors. - Proficiency in using design software. - An understanding of color psychology in branding a...

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo 12 saat left

    Please read i have already provided a icon Hi, We are looking for logo for our company. We want something trustfull and soft. Our Company name is "Almas" Meaning in other language Diamond we have put the icon of the logo text of the logo we want black but we want the font to be soft and trustfull Please add the trademark registered at the end of the logo and use the icon at the beginning of the logo white background 1. icon 2. logo text 3. registered trademark icon

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    As a professional in Argentina, I need local support to efficiently manage my administrative tasks. This involves assisting in paperwork, schedule management, and other office-related obligations. Key roles: - Manage day-to-day administrative tasks - Efficiently handle paperwork - Keep schedules organized and updated An ideal candidate should possess: - Strong organizational skills - Exceptional verbal and written communication skills in English and Spanish - Proven experience in an administrative role. Having someone in Argentina for on-site assistance will greatly contribute to smooth operation of my administrative needs.

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    ...safeguard our logo by obtaining a comprehensive, nationwide trademark to prevent any potential infringement issues. Our goal is broad coverage to ensure our brand is protected across various domains without limiting ourselves to specific categories. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in US trademark law - Experience with trademark application process - Understanding of broad vs. specific category coverage - Ability to conduct comprehensive trademark searches - Expertise in advising startups on intellectual property matters **Requirements:** - Conduct a thorough search to ensure our logo is unique and trademarkable. - Advise on the potential need for broad coverage across all relevant classes. - Prepare and submit the trademark applicat...

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    I need TWO additional versions/variations of the attached logo (registered trademark we own), namely: - A bear head (instead of wolf head) - A Mjölnir (Thor's Hammer, instead of wolf head) Each new version/variation must be in the same style. I still want to retain the same elements of the old symbol/logo to ensure brand continuity. Files to be provided as VECTOR/EPS. This must be completed very quickly. Do not contact me unless: 1. You have fully read and understood project 2. You are online to discuss 3. You can complete project very quickly Ideal candidates would possess: - Extensive experience with logo editing - A strong portfolio of past logo modification projects - Strong understanding of subjects adaptation within a logo's aesthetic parameters - An abili...

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    ...Indian software development company and its CEO for trademark violation. My primary goal is to safeguard my intellectual property rights and prevent further unauthorized use of my trademarked assets. **Key Requirements:** - **Trademark Expertise:** The ideal legal representative should have extensive experience in intellectual property law, specifically in trademark disputes. - **Communication Skills:** Must effectively communicate through legal channels to issue the cease and desist order. - **Analytical Skills:** Ability to analyze provided documentation and build a strong case. **Documentation Available:** - Trademark registration certificate - Proof of trademark usage - Screenshots from websites showing the unauthorized use of my trademark...

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    ...Responsibilities:** - **Attending Appointments:** Accompany me to various appointments relevant to the dual citizenship application to ensure clear communication. - **Document Preparation Assistance:** Help in preparing, reviewing, and organizing necessary documents for the application. - **Local Residency Procedures:** Provide assistance in navigating the local residency application process, including paperwork and any required appointments. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Fluent in Italian (spoken and written) - Excellent organizational and communication skills - Experience in documentation preparation and procedure facilitation - Knowledge of the Italian legal system, particularly in the context of residency and citizenship - Based in or able to travel to the Lake Como are...

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    I'm seeking an experienced professional to handle vendor registration for my business with a list of 10 specific companies. Our business deals with offering machinery and equipment. Here's what this project involves: - Contacting the companies on our list and completing the vendor registration process - Ensuring all paperwork and requirements are in order - Providing me with updates on the registration process status It would be ideal if you have: - Experience in handling vendor registration especially in Saudi Arabia - Great communication and organizational skills *payment is only against full registration and issuing a supplier number

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    I'm seeking an experienced professional to handle vendor registration for my business with a list of 10 specific companies. Our business deals with offering machinery and equipment. Here's what this project involves: - Contacting the companies on our list and completing the vendor registration process - Ensuring all paperwork and requirements are in order - Providing me with updates on the registration process status It would be ideal if you have: - Experience in handling vendor registration especially in Saudi Arabia - Great communication and organizational skills *payment is only against full registration and issuing a supplier number

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    I am in need of a professional RTO Agent, well-acquainted with the Haldwani RTO in Uttarakhand, to assist me in obtaining a Sale NOC for my four-wheeler, which is already registered in Haldwani, Uttarakhand. My requirement is for the agent to manage the entire process, from the initial paperwork to the final acquisition of the NOC, aimed at facilitating the sale of my vehicle in another state. My priorities are efficiency, reliability, and thorough knowledge of the local RTO procedures. Neither vehicle not vehicle owner will be present in Haldwani. Agent has to manage it. Only signed papers will be provided. Moreover, the process can not be done online, so one has to visit Haldwani RTO office and get the things done. So send proposal accordingly. **Ideal Skills and Experience:*...

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    I’m looking for a professional with expertise in trademark registration in India. I've chosen a specific trademark and already performed preliminary search for its availability. Nonetheless, reassurance on this matter is key and should be part of your responsibilities. Key Responsibilities: - Confirm trademark availability - Handle the entire process of registering the trademark under my individual name in India Ideal Skills: - In-depth knowledge of India's trademark laws and registration process - Previous experience with trademark registration in India - Highly detail-oriented and meticulous, providing reassurances on TM availability.

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    ...registered falls under 'Typing', which might involve textual documentation, including but not limited to literary work or any kind of written material that requires legal protection. - **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - Proficiency in copyright law with a focus on literary or textual works. - Experience with rapid copyright registration processes. - Understanding of the requirements and paperwork needed for a smooth registration process. - Strong organizational skills to ensure all documentation is correctly submitted in a tight timeframe. - **Objective**: To ensure that my work is legally protected against unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution, via an official copyright registration. I am looking for a freelancer who has a solid track record of handl...

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    I need a specialized trademark attorney with a deep understanding with experience in the biotechnology industry preferentially. Given the rapid pace of innovation in biotech, securing our intellectual property quickly and effectively is paramount to maintaining our competitive edge. Here’s what I’m looking for: - **Trademark Search:** Comprehensive search to ensure our trademark is unique and has no conflicts with existing trademarks. - **Trademark Response:** to USPTO request. ### Ideal Skills and Experience: - **Proven Experience:** Must have a solid track record with preferred experience I n the biotechnology domain, demonstrating knowledge of industry-specific legal challenges and solutions. - **Responsive and Efficient:** Given the urgent n...

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    I am seeking a knowledgeable professional well-versed in copyright related services, for my product descriptions. The tasks involved are primarily: - Trademark Registration - Copyright Registration - Intellectual Property Consulting By employing your skills and knowledge, I anticipate the process to be completed within one month. The ideal candidate must have extensive experience in copyrighting and intellectual property laws, particularly as it applies to product descriptions. As a fast track project, familiarity with the key requirements and process of trademark registration is almost a requisite for this job. Your adeptness in the field and efficiency in delivering tasks will be of exceptional value. I look forward to working with someone who can guarantee a smooth and ...

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    We are a company located in Gurugam, Haryana, India. We are seeking a Company Secretary to fulfil several responsibilities within my company, focusing on drafting legal paperwork and other related work. The ideal candidate for this role should have: - An LLB qualification from India. - Less than 5 years of experience as a company secretary. - Ability to draft a well-worded legal document based on the input given. - Fluent English language skills.

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    ...our students and readers in the broader Boston area. Our primary goal is to secure the maximum amount of advertisements or trades for our popular parties. Here’s what I’m looking for: **Ideal Advertisements:** -advertising in the Harvard Lampoon magazine, advertising in the Lampoon’s online email newsletters, subscription services for the magazine and newsletter, party sponsorships, Lampoon trademark licensing deals, content production services (script writing, web series, book parodies, etc), advertising on the front of the Lampoon castle in the flagging space - product in exchange for the equivalent amount of advertisement space. Not only will we feature you in our most popular edition of the year–our upcoming Spring edition–but we'll only se...

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    Trophy icon Modern Golf Clothing Logo Redesign 7 gün left

    I'm seeking a talented graphic designer to inject some modernity into my current logo. This will mainly be for branding purposes, specifically in relation to golf clothing. The features I'd love to keep from the old logo are the 'JF' combined with the bird, I feel it imparts a unique trademark. Updated versions should be provided in PNG, Vector Files (EPS, AI). An adaptable and creative approach to fonts and colours is desired. Ideally, I'm aiming for a slightly more modern spin while keeping the key elements intact. I appreciate your interest and look forward to viewing your work. Relevant experience in modern logo design, and an ability to clearly understand and implement brand identity is highly desirable. Visit for a better understanding of the project.

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    I'm currently searching for an experienced paralegal to assist in filing our joint divorce paperwork in Canada. My partner and I have agreed on all terms, and there are no children involved, making this a straightforward case. However, we're looking for professional assistance to ensure the process is handled efficiently and correctly. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong knowledge of Canadian divorce law - Experience filing joint divorce applications - Attention to detail, to ensure all paperwork is completed accurately - Ability to advise on any required documentation - Excellent communication skills, for clear and concise updates **Requirements:** - Complete and file divorce paperwork on our behalf - Provide guidance on the timeline and what to exp...

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    ...Review:** Crafting clear, concise, and fair contracts for my initial team, partnerships, and service agreements. Ensuring all documents comply with U.S. laws and industry standards. - **Company Incorporation:** Navigating the best structure for my startup. Guidance on incorporating in a manner that's beneficial for a digital tech company, focusing on liability protection and scalability. - **Trademark Registration:** Assistance with trademarking my startup's name and any proprietary digital solutions or branding to protect my intellectual property right from the outset. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Expertise in U.S. business law, particularly within the technology and digital services sectors. - Proven experience in contract law, corporate formation, and IP ...

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    ...smoothly as possible with professional assistance. Here's what I need: - **Visa Application Assistance**: Guidance through the entire visa application process to ensure accuracy, and completeness, and maximize the chances of approval. - **Document Preparation**: Expert advice and help in preparing and compiling all necessary documents for a work permit in Luxembourg. This includes ensuring all paperwork meets the specific requirements mandated by Luxembourg's immigration policies. - **Appointment Scheduling**: Coordination and scheduling of all necessary appointments throughout the visa application process. This may include appointments at the embassy, consulate, or any other relevant authorities. **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - Proven experience in facilitating th...

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    Develop a app Bitti left

    ...unique credentials. Dashboard: Upon logging in, users are greeted with a personalized dashboard displaying relevant information such as upcoming jobs, notifications, and recent activity. Job Site Documents: Users can access all necessary documents for each job site, including Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), toolbox meeting records, daily pre-start documents, permits, and any other relevant paperwork. Document Management: The app allows for easy uploading, storage, and organization of documents. Staff members can quickly locate and retrieve the required documents for their tasks. Search Functionality: Users can search for specific documents or job sites using keywords or filters to quickly find what they need. Offline Access: To accommodate job sites with limited internet...

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    ...protect our intellectual assets. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - **For Marketing, Financial, and Operations Consulting**: - Proven track record in business consulting. - Strong analytical skills and strategic thinking. - Exemplary communication and presentation capabilities. - **For Business Registration and Legal Writing**: - Experience in legal writing, specifically in NDAs, trademark, and copyright law. - Knowledge of the latest regulations and procedures in business registration. - Attention to detail and the ability to work under uncertain deadlines. This project demands a freelancer who is not only knowledgeable in the technical aspects of business management and registration but also possesses a keen understanding of the legal frameworks that protect i...

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    I'm seeking an me through the process of changing a custody order as part of my move out of New Mexico. I understand the process fully, but require assistance to ensure it goes smoothly. Key Tasks: - Provide advice on any legal implications or potential obstacles that could arise - Liaise with appropriate legal entities, if required - Assist in paperwork preparation Ideal Skills: - Knowledge of family law, particularly custody arrangements - Experience with legal paperwork preparation - Solid understanding of New Mexico's regulatory context - Excellent communication skills allowing for easy coordination between parties Please apply if you have proven experience in similar situations and make sure to provide relevant work examples. Being a certified pro...

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    I'm kick-starting a new online business, and I need a logo designed to convey our trademark of professionalism and efficiency. Your role will be to bring this vision to life, which involves not just design expertise, but also a deep understanding of branding. Ideal candidates should have: - Profound experience in logo design - Understanding of online business branding - Ability to incorporate professionalism and efficiency into design. The perfect logo will not just represent our brand but will be an emblem of our commitment to efficiency and professional services. Highly skilled designers with a firm grasp on business ethos are encouraged to bid.

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    As the creator of an exciting product (denoted as Choice 1 for confidentiality), I'm in need of an expert logo designer. The design should be able to be trademarked, embodying an essence of professionalism and uniqueness. Your Task: - Develop an original logo for my product - Use the distinctive color scheme of gold and black Skills & Expertise: - Proficient in graphic design - Experience with similar projects - Understanding of trademarking requirements - Ability to deliver quality work in a deadline-oriented environment I'm working within a one-month timetable. Creativity, prompt communication, and the ability to adhere to this timeline are essential to this task. Your design could become the face of my product - a symbol of its uniqueness and quality.

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    ...**Objectives:** - To reclaim taxes deducted from my wife's investment earnings. - Advice on optimizing tax returns for stocks, bonds, and bank interest income. **Key Tasks:** - Analyze previous and current tax deductions from my wife's dividend and interest payments. - Identify opportunities for tax refunds. - Provide strategy for future tax deductions on investments. - Complete and file any necessary paperwork on our behalf. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Certified tax consultant with a strong background in individual tax deductions. - Proficient in investment tax laws, particularly regarding stocks, bonds, and interest income. - Experience in successfully reclaiming taxes for similar cases. - Excellent communication and analytical skills. I look forward to part...

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    ...accepting a role, and then, after a conversion to full-time partner, the identity theft perpetrated by the company. Document the thousands of dollars paid to this stolen identity and then the expectation that the partner, who was victimized, reimburse the company. Include his story about the threats from his director, the refusal by his manager to get involved or help, the attempts to have him sign paperwork on behalf of the other identity—essentially attempting to force him to commit fraud—and the isolation and high demand leading up to multiple medical providers putting him on medical leave. Cover his psychiatric decompensation and psychosis, all occurring after the company stole his identity, admitted it, and then demanded that he make them whole. Now, they are att...

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    our company a leading firm in the construction and real estate sector, is seeking a highly organized and proactive Administrative Assistant to join our team. This role is pivotal in supporting our core business operations through meticulous paperwork management, effective communication with vendors, and ensuring the smooth operation of our digital platforms. Key Responsibilities: Vendor Communication: Act as the primary point of contact for various vendors, initiating calls to coordinate tasks and ensure timely service delivery. Paperwork Management: Prepare, review, and sign documents, ensuring accuracy and compliance with our standards. Website Management: Assist in maintaining and updating our WordPress website to keep it current and functional. System Updates: Regularly...

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    Register a new trademark and the IPO in England.

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    In the midst of addressing employment law and worker's compensation related matters, I need a proficient paralegal to lend me a h...compensation law. - Document Drafting: As an approximation, you'll be working on less than 10 legal documents, which will include briefs, pleadings, appeals, agreements, and other legal documents. The ideal candidate should have: - Relevant experience or qualifications in employment law and worker's compensation law. - Robust legal research capabilities. - Proficiency in drafting and reviewing legal paperwork. This project is a chance to exploit your legal acuity while contending at the coalface of employment law and worker's compensation. If you have excellent attention to detail and you enjoy delving into legal complexities, thi...

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    ...individual entrepreneurs/companies and in applying for residence permits. We are looking for someone who lives in Serbia and who can speak both Serbian and Russian, understands all the processes and local peculiarities, and can guide clients through the entire process. Key Responsibilities: - Advise on the most appropriate type of Serbian visa for client's circumstances - Complete and Manage visa paperwork on my behalf - Schedule and manage appointments at the local embassy - Navigate me through the entire Serbian visa acquisition process - Assist in the registration of a company or as an individual entrepreneur in Serbia Ideal candidates will possess a thorough understanding of the Serbian legal landscape and have previous experience assisting with international relocati...

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    I am in need of a proficient graphic designer who can help me redesign my current logo in accordance with trademark requirements. Essential skills include: - Expertise in minimalistic design - Ability to replicate current font style and graphic - A thorough understanding of trademark laws and imagery restrictions Specifically, I am looking to retain the font style, graphic/icon, and overall minimalist style of the current logo, but need significant changes in its visual imagery to meet trademark standards. I look forward to creating a robust, legally compliant logo that encapsulates the essence of my brand. Experience in trademark registration process will be an added advantage.

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    I will register trademark (logo, word and image mark) in uae in Dubai

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    As a company in the technology sector, I'm seeking an experienced intellectual property lawyer or trademark specialist to assist in registering a product name as a trademark (logo and name) in the USA. We prioritize understanding and experience in the tech industry's unique requirements and challenges. **Requirements:** - Strong background in US trademark law. - Experience in registering trademarks for technology companies. - Ability to conduct comprehensive trademark searches to ensure the uniqueness of our product name. - Skilled in preparing and filing trademark applications with the USPTO. - Knowledge of the possible challenges and objections that might arise during the trademark application process and how to address them. **Idea...

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    ...Individual Entrepreneur Seeking Cost-Effective Trademark Attorney for US Registration Description: As an individual entrepreneur embarking on a new venture, I am in need of a skilled and understanding Trademark Attorney to assist in registering a mixed trademark (logo and text) in the United States. My aim is to navigate this process with a professional who is familiar with the USPTO system and can offer services at an affordable rate, considering my limited budget for legal expenses. Requirements: Specialization: Must be a US-licensed attorney with a focus on trademark law and a thorough understanding of the USPTO registration process. Experience: Looking for someone with a track record of assisting individuals or small entities in trademark regis...

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    Premium logo for online selling brand. also for my trademark

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    Trademark Attorney Nature of the trademark issue: Trademark registration Assistance needed for conducting a search to confirm availability of the mark: Yes Required trademark registration: UK Skills and Experience: - Experience in trademark law and registration - Knowledge of international trademark regulations and procedures - Ability to conduct comprehensive trademark searches - Familiarity with the process of international trademark registration - Strong attention to detail and ability to handle legal documentation accurately - Excellent communication skills to liaise with clients and relevant authorities

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    I am encountering a peculiar problem with MySQL where instead of the special characters, a "?" is being inserted. The identified characters are the registered trademark symbol (®), copyright symbol (©), and the degree symbol (°). The strange thing is that I have two insert scripts for this table. Both files have these same special characters but only one of the files imports the characters correctly. Both files have been attached to this project. We have defined our MySQL table using utf8_unicode collation and the import files are both referencing utf8. We need someone to determine how to get the second file to import correctly with all special characters intact.

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    I'm seeking a talented freelancer to revamp an outdated medical form. I have a medical practice. This is a new patient form that patients fill out themselves with their basic medical history. I have attached the original form. I need the new form to look a bit more modern and simplified, while still collecting the same information....graphic design, particularly in creating modern document templates. - Experience with designing forms specifically for the healthcare sector. - Proficiency in PDF editing and design software. - Ability to work efficiently and incorporate feedback. Experience in healthcare-related design is a bonus, but I'm open to anyone with a strong design portfolio. If you've got a knack for making informative paperwork look good and easy to navigate,...

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    I'm seeking an HR professional to assist in hiring for my steel manufacturing unit. This position involves the recruitment of administrative a...hold significant HR experience preferably within the steel industry or similar manufacturing environments. You're also expected to streamline the hiring process and attract the best talent in the industry. - Industry is located in Uganda, Africa. We hire from India. So, you need to pick candidates from Naukri, call them, set up interview with MD and once both parties agree, you have to manage paperwork , so that candidates reach uganda safely. After that day to day HR tasks need to be done . This will be an ongoing project. You will be working with us for atleast 2 years. So, only bid if you want long term work. This is only fo...

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    I am in need of an experienced UK accountant who specializes in income tax and payroll. The key areas of support I require assi...specializes in income tax and payroll. The key areas of support I require assistance with include: - Tax Filing: This task primarily involves handling income tax and payroll. I require someone who is meticulous and has a solid understanding of the UK tax laws to ensure all filings are accurate and comply with regulations. - Tax Refund Handling: I am not completely aware of all the required paperwork and need someone who can work through the process of claiming a tax refund. The ideal candidate will have: - Familiarity and understanding of UK tax laws - Experience in handling income tax and payroll - Strong knowledge about the process of claiming t...

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    Our aim is to help you going paperless with our cutting-edge dematerialization software! We've pioneered a groundbreaking dematerialization software that empowers organizations to seamlessly transition from the age of paper documents to the era of digital data. Say goodbye to cumbersome file cabinets, lost paperwork, and endless stacks of documents. With our software, your documents are securely stored, easily accessible, and fully searchable, all in the digital realm. We’re a forward-thinking startup poised to disrupt the digital document management sector, seeking a talented Logo and Website Designer. Our mission is to create a standout logo inspired by the attached image, embodying dematerialization, corporate social responsibility (RSE), and security, which are the pi...

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    I'm in urgent need of a skilled typist to transform a substantial amount of printed material into a digital format with custom formatting. My project specifics are: - Source Material: Printed Paperwork - Word Count: In excess of 10,000 - Final Output: Custom format and design What I Require: - Fast and accurate typing abilities - Proficiency in word processing software (e.g., MS Word, Google Docs) - Strong attention to detail for custom formatting - Excellent formatting skills for creating organized, professional documents Experience: - Prior project experience involving large volume typing - Familiarity with designing and applying custom layouts My Ideal Candidate: - Timeliness and clear communication - Consistency in meeting specified formatting requirements - Responsive ...

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    Trophy icon Eye-Catching Packaging Design 10 gün left

    ...prominently. - Highlight product name for immediate recognition. - Feature an attractive product image. - Include nutritional information, clearly legible. - Detail our company address for credibility. - Add a space for batch numbers and dates for product tracking. - Optionally, provide a brief product overview to inform consumers. Company Name is "GRACE Technology Bangladesh", "GRACE" is registered trademark in Black color. all packages should have 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 25kg size. need both side design and back with option for nutrition information Winner will be announced 5 days after the contest closure. Winner will have to submit .ai or .eps format. files will have to well organized and print ready. Size of all items has to be standard (i.e brochure will be A4...

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    I'm in need of a creative and experienced graphic designer who can bring my brand, "Domain Noble", to life through a professionally designed logo based on the provided attachment. I want to keep the crown icon provided in the attachment as the "o" in "noble". I will need the font for both words "domain" and "noble" to be the same (current attachment has two different fonts and differe... We may add a slogan - but we are still deciding on that part. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong portfolio in logo design with color variant expertise - Ability to create modern typeface logos - Experience in designing industry-specific icons All formats including vector formats will need to be provided. We will also need versions with .com incl...

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    ...Management: Our system should be designed to handle all aspects of commercial property management effectively. - Efficient Tenant Management: A crucial feature is the ability to track tenant payments and lease terms. This requires a well-organized and reliable system that offers real-time updates. - Lease Agreement Generation: The system needs to generate lease agreements seamlessly, reducing paperwork and our manual workload. - Rent Payment Management: Another crucial function is to allow tracking of rental payments. Experience in developing similar systems or property management software will be highly advantageous. We value efficiency and accuracy, so attention to detail and a proven track of delivering high-quality work is a must. Our existing system is developed on Codeign...

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