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    Blender CGI Film Making 5 gün left

    Reserved for Hassaan Bin F. for cgi movie.

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    Hi, I'm looking for someone who can create a custom search engine to search files by user (uploader) the website already has a search engine but it doesn't filter results by user (uploader) the website has a public api. Message me for more details. Thanks

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    I need a CGI movie to be made with VFX and Background and noise all in Blender or Unreal Engine with game graphics, fantasy space type movie. Need modelers and who can 3d model props and scenes. Scene needs to be animated I will provide the screen shots but you need to edit them, we can plan together how it will workout and flow. I have green screen to use if need so.

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    I need app developer 15 saat left

    I need Android mobile app with admin panel plug and play. 1. I need videos ? viewing reward app. 2. app must be viewers must earn money in there and they withdraw after 24 hours there there own wallet apps. 3. spin and win end customer must pay for spin and win the amount or Vochers. 4. videos uploders have to pay to company a fixed amount for a month like, 5 . Admin will fix the amount for ...

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    I need a simple website, that has an upload app that upload a video file to 4 sites an auto poster/video uploader

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    We have the CAD, 3DS Max files and several renders already completed. Due to planning permission, we require some of the renders to be edited to accommodate the changes. 2 x exterior CGI’s of the main property 2 x exterior CGI’s of the Coach House 4 x interiors divided across both buildings. These images are to be produced to a high-quality, photorealistic CGI output. To enable ...

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    Cgi Photo shop Bitti left

    Hi I would like a cgi of a marina super imposed on to an image

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    Need to install Mapserver and PHP Mapscript on our CentOS 7 VPS. It needs to be accessible via HTTP or CGI-BIN.

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    1. you will require an arduino pro micro to perform this task. 2. ideally the programmes will be desktop applications... 3. would need to be compatible with mac os mojave and higher and windows 7 and higher. 4. the upload will happen via a usb cable. what the programme requires, 1. a drop down menu to select the arduino pro micro. 2. a way to select the hex file being used. 3. and upload bu...

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    if you are expert in vfx and cgi then bid please and details send on inbox.................................................................

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    Here's a sequence of events I would need the program to do: 1. I add torrents to qbittorrent to be downloaded to a specific place 2. The program copies the torrented files to a .zip 3. The program uploads the .zip to google drive (to a specific folder within a specific drive account) 4. Then the program deletes the torrent, the torrented files and the .zip file once it is finished uploadi...

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    Hi there, I need someone to help solve the problem of this error message related to sub-domain creation. Thanks

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    1) Briefing We are looking for a CGI or Unreal specialist to delegate a task of 3D modelling and add VFX effects to a 360º video where you fly through Lisbon city (Portugal) on a jetpack. 2) Project Reference This 360 video will be used as a virtual reality experience similar to this: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] We capture the most amazing a...

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    1) Briefing We are looking for a CGI or Unreal specialist to delegate a task of 3D modelling and add VFX effects to a 360º video where you fly through Lisbon city (Portugal) on a jetpack. 2) Project Reference This 360 video will be used as a virtual reality experience similar to this: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] We capture the most amazing aerial vie...

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    Desktop Apps Uploader data from Mysql (localhost) to Firestore (online) upload all new data from table1 (Mysql) to table2 and stronge (Firestore) Table1 (Mysql) - id - number - date - currency - blob (picture in table) Table2 (Firestore) - id - number - date - currency - url Firestore for image Storage The application runs on windows (localhost, hidden), automatically uploads new data in table...

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    CGI Hillcrest Bitti left

    Developer requires CGI for marketing

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    I have attached detailed requirements for a PHP script to upload a web image to a website server then process the image to create different versions suitable for a responsive website to display on different screen sizes. This script shall allow the user to crop out any part of an image whilst maintaining the aspect ratio. We are also looking to hire recruiters for future work.

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    We are looking for a CGI specialist to 3D modelling and add VFX effects to a 360º video where you fly through Lisbon city (Portugal) on a jetpack. This 360 video will be used as a virtual reality experience similar to this: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Please see in detail the list of tasks and deadlines below: Task 1) 3D modelling of the first Locatio...

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    I want to get my products uploaded on the website made on shopify The excel and content and pics in folders will be provided to the uploader I want per product uploading charge

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    I'm Martin J Lammer. One of my enterprises is a shop on The Sage Mage ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]). I am needing a short, which to me is to about 3 minutes, fictional/creative video spot. Similar to a commercial spot. CGI, computer-enhanced, PhotoShopped, or whatever. Video for hosting & posting on my website. (Website is under constructio...

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    *E-Library – Features* 1. General Public: Can download or upload available PDF books. 2. Bulk Uploader log-ins: Can upload in bulk, after log-in. 3. Publisher log-ins: Publisher need to (i) input books which are under copyright and (ii) input books with sales link, which are under sales. 4. Vendor log-ins: Vendors, including publishers, will be allowed to input their sales links on books. 5....

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    Hi there, I have a website developed on MeteorJS + React JS; I need your help to 1. Upgrade it to latest meteorJS with reactJS's 2. Replace its existing routing to latest use React’s in-build SSR functionality 3. Develop a working custom JS file uploader (or use a plugin) to replace existing filestack one, it should deliver same functional as filestack one. (Currently filestack is ha...

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    Hi. I need to find someone with the below experience to start immediately and assist fixing my website [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] At least 10+ years experience in Wordpress At least 10+ years experience in PHP Core PHP Mysql - at least 10+ years of experience. Can Optimize Query You need to solve custom plugins, Custom PHP Code and WordPress Understand Cron...

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    I need a project tracker, estimator and invoice generator for my specialty contracting business. it would be helpful for it to include cut lists, have default vendors/customers and a list to add them to along with the ability to make templates to re use specific quotes/ projects. the files uploader are from the crm i currently use, and would like to keep about 50% of the features.

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    Need the absolute fastest way to have slider at top of page. (revelation at the moment/want html I think?) fastest loading. Hi guys, just had some work done on the site to optimise speed. (Wordpress with elementor). However the slider is really bugging me down. It takes very long to load, and we are sure this is the final issue for the moment to fix. I have a revolution slider currently, on a...

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    i have an tiktok like app(tictic). i need some functions in my app. 1. native ads in all swipeup videos( after every 5 videos native ads will show). note. ads need to be loaded already before showing so properly configure ads load request in swipeup because every time users min. swipeup count are 50 to 100. 2. bulk video uploader from admin panel( admin will search from users database and select ...

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    Very simple CGI/Hyper realistic render project of a display box for a retail store containing 9 rolls of product. Dimensions and size and high resolution artwork to be provided. See attached image of what we are looking for. Final images to be provided in high resolution and a variety of angles

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    a website with provided design is needed for a restaurant. the total pages are almost 4 with creative motions upon scrolling and loading. You can find the layout needed on the attachments and use below links to know what type of animation is needed. Sample : [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] scroll to section La Carte, check the scrolling svg draw line animation ...

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    Hello, I have a web application that required 4 pages and it is very similar to the typical file uploader you can find on Github. Please read my document before sending me offers Budget 50 Euro, time = 1 day. I am not negotiating on this, so please do not! Thank you

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    I need someone who can be my go-to for several items: 1. Editing articles that are written for me 2. Uploading the articles in Wordpress, including formatting 3. Finding Images that are permissible and relevant to the content 4. As part of formatting, creating simple tables in Wordpress to demonstrate product comparisons, using a common Table plug-in Please respond with your specific qualifi...

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    I am having problem with my recruitment job board not working on our website Our software is “Bullhorn” and currently on our Job Search function we get this error [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Bullhorn have recommended that we contact a developer as they would be better suited to troubleshoot this issue. Bullhorn h...

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    Hallo zusammen, ich möchte einen kleinen, Privaten Imagehoster für mich, Familie und Freunde realisieren. Im großen und ganzen möchte ich ähnliches wie [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] haben. Windows uploader welcher local auf den PC installiert werden kann. Über diesen Uploader muss auch der Screenshot gemacht werden können...

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    we are looking for someone to help us deploy sendy uploader [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] is seeking a content manager Tasks include: -Sourcing strategic video content -Uploading content -Writing detailed descriptions on large range of learning topics -Seperation of timestamps for categories of learning topics -Building amount of microcategories -Strategically decide which topics to cover for best marketing to future H...

    €8 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I manage a number of content websites. They are typically all Wordpress websites. We are always uploading new articles to the website. I am already working with authors who write the articles, but I am looking for a project manager/editor to help me take the articles from the authors (via [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] cloud server or similar) and upload them...

    €5 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    We are looking for assistance to build several full CG shots of a Submarine going through the ocean and a missile flying through the sky for our small film. - Shots need to look photoreal and high quality. - Must have a solid background and understanding of CGI, modelling and Composite. - Ideally, a generalist or a small team that can work together to complete the task. TIMEFRAME: 8 wee...

    €5278 (Avg Bid)
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    I want to create a collection of animated cgi graphics for use for NFT (non Fungible Tokens).

    €8 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Company immediately needs a CGI / high-end graphics artist for short term project that can lead to a longer engagement Deliverables: 1. 4-5 interactive/animated Illustrations for web pages. 2. Work w/ Co executives to refine and optimize web illustrations drive intended b2b traffic. 3. Ad hoc collateral based on final web illustrations for company materials.

    €843 (Avg Bid)
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    Looking to work with someone proficient with CAD/CGI to produce 3D modelling of a Houseboat from some basic floor plans.

    €7 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    We currently use Dropzone file uploader with a presigned PUT URL to send a large file to our Digital Ocean Spaces bucket using XHR. I have tried to use chunks but I can't get it to work. We would like to find a faster way for our users to upload. Specifically, I think using asyncronous chunks and retrying a chunk on network failure would help. We don't have to use Dropzone - if something...

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    We're looking for some basic CGI effects on a scene in a short movie that we're producing, which revolves around a magical sketch book. The effects will need to last for six seconds and are broken down using the screenshots below. 1 - Close up of sketch book - When the book is opened we a warm yellow glow on the sketch book and then several balls of pale yellow light to jump from the...

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    This project is addressed to PHOTOSHOP, ARTISTIC RENDERING, 3D, CGI GENUINE PROFESSIONALS! Please do not bid, unless you are an EXPERT in PS , 3D, CGI and Artistic Rendering. Genuinely interested in a medium-term collaboration with a PS expert. Wireframes of the designs are provided for all the design-projects. Projects at a frequency of 1 up to 2 per week. Starting immediately!

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    We are an agency and we are looking for a full time hire in India only Job Description: We are looking for a skilled Perl Developer to join our engineering team. This role focuses on the development and growth of a unique hosted application that serves hundreds of millions of page views per month. Collaborate with our talented team to learn new tools and technologies and be a leader by owning pr...

    min €28617
    min €28617
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    Looking for help building a social polling app that compares artists, footballers, music etc.. MVP 1 Allow comparison between choices and display of results in graphical format 2 Inititally develop on Iphone 3 Develop front end using template provided and enhance 4 3 types of accounts- Admin, marketeer, User 5 3 main wireframes: Poll, History, User Profile/ settings 6 Marketeer creates poll: ...

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    AI based car manufacture and if possible model and year detection. The model should be hosted on a flask server. It should have a simple web page allowing for an image upload and showcasing the prediction. The AI is using Google TensorFlow. Additionally, every uploaded image will be saved with a simple feedback of the uploader into the server using SQL database.

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    A DIGITAL PRODUCT CREATOR FOR ETSY My company is starting an etsy shop in addition to our shopify store. The Niche is hiking, camping, adventure and outdoors WE NEED SOMEONE TO CREATE TOP SELLING DIGITAL PRODUCTS that we can upload and sell on etsy. EXAMPLES ALL NICHE RELATED: - Blog Content Planner - Trip Budget Planners - Hiking/ Camping Meal Planners -Trail/camping tracking - Artistic Ma...

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    I am looking for someone who can do the job of passing a photo (face) to CGI, UNREAL Engine.

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    We have an enormous project which is already modelled in Revit, some design changes were made, and these impacts will need to be reflected as updated CGI shots. ideally we are looking for a company, experts in rendering large scale projects with render farms or clouds. also they should know how to take advantage of the existing REVIT model and import it into their software for adjustments regard...

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    Looking for someone that has experience uploading products to a woo commerce site (WordPress). We are going to provide you with the links to the products and you post them. You will also take the photos and upload them with the product. I only want someone with great experience and please have a what(app) to communicate verbally.

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    app developer Bitti left

    i need one cloud uploader app android base and window base

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