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    1. Basic Recursion a. N elemanlı bir generic diziyi ters çeviren (ilk eleman son eleman, ikinci eleman sondan bir önceki eleman ile yer değişecek vb.) recursive bir fonksiyon yazın. b. N elemanlı bir stringi her elemanı sırayla 3 kez tekrarlayacak şekilde 3N elemanlı bir string olarak döndüren bir fonksiyon yazın. Örneğin girdi ali ise çıktı aaallliii olmalıd...

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    2-3 Milyon verisi bulunan 2boyutlu yüz veritaban?ndan 2-3 saniye içersinde sonucu döndüren bir yaz?l?m yaz?lacakt? [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] önemli olan performans esas al?nacakt?r.rnrnKullan?labilecek yöntemler : Yüz bilgilerini hash data olarak tutup iyi bir ?ekilde indexleme , Binary tree yap?s? vsrnrnK...

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    We are currently using tf2-yolov4 model with pre-trained weigths ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) to make inference from images. We compiled this to a tensorflow serving model (.pb) and made it availible with docker image and http REST API endpoint. This works well and we can send images to the REST API endpoint and get the predictions back. At the moment we ne...

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    Break the Encrypted File 6 gün left

    Break the encrypted file you have been given. Money will be given for a clearly argued explanation of how you go about breaking the code as well as for correct identification of the key and recovery of the plaintext. The task may require bit-level programming, a basic appreciation of encryption concepts and a little independent thought. Download the encrypted file (attached below). The encrypted...

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    Computer_scince_networking 6 gün left

    1. a) A computer network can be designed following a connectionOriented architecture or a connectionless network architecture. Suppose that in the network layer, routers are subjected to "stressful" conditions that might cause them to fail fairly often. Explain the actions that would need to be taken on such router failure at a high level, and which architecture better suits such a netwo...

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    Even we upload the binary successfully. its not showing in activity after sometime. We need an expert opinion. Would like to have it done within 1-2 hours

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    Need someone who is good at working on computers, knows the linux enviorment and shell very well. Must know the binary and heximal.

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    Hi, Myself Raghavendra working for a Private organization. Day - In - Out, I work with excel files and created few Macros on my own. Organization is now looking to introduce Python for Automation. Hence, I seek assistance to automate my same activities using Python. I have two such activities. First Activity: Do Reconciliations. We get the data in a CSV extension, In this file, will be having f...

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    Build a logistic regression model in R, explain steps taken to validate the model, e.g ; what predictors were used. Explain p values and odds ratios and etc Explain the overall fit of the model. Need to link tables at the start.

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    We Need 1 Experienced & Specialized MLM Software Developer for our upcoming all MLM ( Binary, Level & Auto Pool commissions) Softwares including complete Backend web based Admin Control Panel & Mobile App development too on urgent basis. The Developer must have Sound knowledge & experience in Various MLM Software development alongwith both front-end designing & Back-end ...

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    Pangea is a translation, localization, and content service provider focused on delivering a high-quality product, professional service, and fast turnaround. We specialize in a few limited, but targeted sectors of the online world – iGaming, Online Trading (Forex, Binary, CFDs), Cryptocurrencies/ICOs, Games (mobile, social, PCs/consoles), Real Estate, Legal, and Tourism. We need a female voi...

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    ONLY FREELANCERS CAN BID. NO AGENCIES AND NO PROJECT MANAGERS. THE PERSON WHO BIDS MUST DO THE WORK. NO ONE ELSE! If you do not have experience in MLM, please do not waste your time and mine. Please see [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I am drafting out a MLM plan. I need inputs for Binary Planner and Binary Calculator. You should understand and explain why y...

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    Hi all, I have a dataset which needs to be processed. It needs to be automatically labelled with either (TRUE) or (FALSE). Ideally I want it to be done using a Machine Learning based system and NOT-A-RULE-BASED one or NOT-REGEX. Input: should be a CSV file with many rows of text and no labels to start with. Output: should be the same CSV with a new column added and correct labels of either (TRU...

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    Write code to build an AVL tree by inserting Book nodes and detecting imbalance. If imbalance is true, then call the proper rotation function provided in the lecture slides to fix the imbalance condition. Create a random binary tree (not binary search tree) and verify BST order property and AVL balance condition.

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    Looking for tutoring in Multinomial and Binary models concepts for a couple of hours.

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    I need help fixing legacy code in old ecommerce site. It began throwing this error ten days ago. mcrypt_decrypt(): Key of size 30 not supported by this algorithm. Only keys of sizes 16, 24 or 32 supported I have binary files stored in the database that I need to locate key to decrypt and also fix this issue by changing key size to 32 as opposed to 30. Budget is $40.

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    You need to know how to use Stata and have access to this software. There are 6 projects I need your help with. While the tasks themselves are not that difficult for someone who knows what they are doing, an evaluation of 5 other do-files per task(files from other persons) is needed as a follow up to each task. Apart from knowing your way around Stata you need to have a pretty good knowledge of re...

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    I am looking for someone with Light GBM / Catboost knowledge and who knows the ins and out of setting custom evaluation metrics, custom losses etc. If you do not know in detail about this please do not waste your time or mine with bidding/applying. Making a traditional model you would have RSq, MSE, AUC etc as custom evaluation metrics, and binary accuracy for classification problems. What I am l...

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    [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Need this binary multi level marketing plan mlm mlm software and ludo app

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    I am an affiliate with the Worlds Largest Network Marketing Company, Crowd1 with a membership of over 11 million members as at today. I happen to have purchased several slots for more inflow of cash and I require sincere Network marketers to Partner with me so we can grow together. There are amazing Bonuses, unbelievable you may call them but very real! * Binary Bonus * Matching Bonus * Strea...

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    I'm trying to create an "alarm system" with a PIR sensor (HW-316-B), a buzzer and a RPi 3B V1.2 as the controller. This is a personal project and an experienced programmer should find this relatively simple. Since this is a personal project I'm looking for someone to provide the .ASM script (with detailed comments) that achieves this. If you're considering bidding for th...

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    We have a software running on rpi4. To shorten the compilation time we are to setup a cross compilation system on a desktop computer with Ubuntu. Our sw has following dependencies: Eigen 3 OpenCV 4 Boost spdlog nabo ceres gflags gtest yaml-cpp We will provide you: 1. Ubuntu 18 os image running on VMware 2. Copy of RPi4 files so that you can use it to set up the cross compilation system 3. Examp...

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    Binary MLM with source code

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    Hello, i´m looking for a programmer who can add a download function to my existing program (binary newsgroup poster) . like the program "sabnzbd". [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Furthermore, a few adjustments should be made and the usability improved. stability and security should come first. please keep in mind that changes may still be made du...

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    there will be 7 files submition Since the headers for the crc libraries are in C++ format, you need your file to be called crc.cpp. Even if you plan on writing in regular old C code, you'll need the .cpp file extension and need to use the C++ compiler (it can compile C commands, but the C compiler can't compile C++ headers). You will compile it with: g++ [URL'yi görün...

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    Trophy icon NFT Halloween/pineapple MEME Bitti left

    EDITED TO ADD: There is a game called MEME located at [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın], and everyone always tells people not to buy, its on all the art 'do not buy". It is like a reverse psychology kind of thing. So this piece, it will be a zombie, she/he is a zombie because he bought meme and now he stays up all night counting pineapples (points). He...

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    Batch numeric conversion: create a batch conversion process(Write a MIPS Assembly Language program which runs interactively to convert between decimal, binary, and hexadecimal. 1. Request input data type. 2. Request input data. 3. Request output data type. 4. Output the data.) which reads input data (input type, input data, and output type) from a file but still outputs to the console window...

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    Dear Freelancers, #Only Developer that have experience developing complete Binary MLM website will be accepted. #We prefer PHP We are Marketing Consultancy and IT Company We are looking for a solution where we can easily customize Binary MLM Software and sell it further. We want you to create an environment where we can set the following things without any programming knowledge: 1st Payout Rat...

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    I have 2 requirements: 1) Modify my current binary option tester into forex tester indicator: +) The current binary indicator tester will count arrow signal and give the win rate, but now I want indicator count the win rate with the expiration time in bars or in minute/hour with how nay pips that I lost or won. Example if arrow generated at 3:30 and after 25 minutes or 5 bars (TF 5M) that the re...

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    MLM DEVELOPER Bitti left


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    Hello, i´m looking for a programmer who can add a download function to my existing program (binary newsgroup poster) . like the program "sabnzbd". [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Furthermore, a few adjustments should be made and the usability improved. stability and security should come first. please keep in mind that changes may still be made...

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    Hello! I want to buy a modern binary mlm script. If you have already developed a script and you have a demo, show me, maybe I will make a deal with you.

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    Hi, Looking for a one time consultant to help with this error. Recently moved old project onto new server. The Django server worked fine, running it through apache worked fine, but when the SSL certs were installed this error has been popping up. [wsgi:error] [pid 417362] /home/production/.virtualenvs/hep/lib/python2.7/site-packages/psycopg2/ [URL'yi görüntülemek için ...

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    There is a really basic problem with registry key overwriting. Fix it, gimme binary, make pull request. I am not from C# world so I can't build this project (external unknown libs?). Otherwise I'd fix it myself as the problem is really a basic one. - Fix registry setting write from GUI - Make sure daemon reads correct data [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın...

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    I know this can be done with imagej , i want to be able to open it, select a file, and the program give me the % of black pixels on an image. this would have to make the image binary when opening so it can grade between the two colors properly. attached is a sample of what i would like. please leave price and time frame

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    Implement 2-3-4 tree, and invert binary tree

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    hi everbady i need two codes work. sevensegments will counter with three Display and binary counter and you have the code. elavetor code works but not in machin so i thing the problem with clk, Elavtor simulation work but not on the real machin. and last WS2812 LED WITH rapport i sent pic two. plzz not while,for loop in the codes. FAMS for the elavator. if it does not work i will not pay i need t...

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    Need a software/plugin for MLM - Binary Matrix

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    Simulate transmitting a signal using binary phase shift keying

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    I have an react/redux (typescript) application that read/write files to a number of cloud storage (e.g., azure, firebase). I have an extra requirement to integrate this with [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]). I know where to add these changes (there is a general interface API for all cloud soluti...

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    Request details It's an academic assignment, I needed expert Perl developer to my work. If you are able to work, let me know. Assignment Due: Week-5 (Class Demonstration) [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] the following program so that it asks for an exchange rate and three prices to convert. #!/usr/bin/perl # [URL'yi görüntülemek i&cce...

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    This is a very great opportunity to help people trade their Bitcoin in the right place

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    This is to help a lot of people trade with the best trading expert

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like MLM Binary Software developed and a website that has checkout available.

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    *** PLEASE READ BEFORE BIDDING *** automatic bids will be removed and reported This is a binary analysis job. Not an app development job. We are looking for an expert who can modify the bin of a Samsung e1200y feature phone. We have a bin from another phone which works on this model and that you can use. You will need to disable these apps and make sure they will not work: text (sms), calander, g...

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    I am not sure if you can get this phone on your country. Can you work on binary analysis without the phone (just on the bin)?

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    i want someone to trade on my platform in forex, binary, cryptoetc.i ll pay daily 10% of profit to the virtual assistant.i ll increase the perks as per dedication of the [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] are on daily [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] experienced trader in forex and binary contact plz.

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    Name to incorporate in the logo Huge Binary NO Slogan to incorporate in the logo website name : [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Description of the organization and its target audience we design and build clean websites for new mid level and large companies. our style is fairly modern with clean lines and style for days. we are open to ideas on the type of ...

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    I need you to help me submit the app for review by Apple. Specifically, I will provide: 1. Source code 2. Metadata You must have: 1. Proficiency in using Xcode 2. Ability to submit the app for review and approval by Apple 3. Your developer account

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    €8 - €25
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