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    I need someone to log into a website I subscribe to and perform the following tasks for 19,000 zip codes. Note: Each zip code requires 2 searches and downloads. It MUST be done by zip code because search result downloads are limited to 5,000 and if done by some cities they can often exceed 5,000 results leaving with only a partial list. I included a video to show steps. I also included the zip cod...

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    I need template to convert into HTML

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    ----> I have a project with: 1- training script with saving of 4 models to user_dir/modelN and returning metrics 2-classification script for 4 models with returning the results (random forest, MLP, LSVM and logistic regression) 3-java code to invoke the scripts and display results 4-bar charts (plotly or else) for classification of several tweets ____________________________________...

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    We need to convert the attached AI logo into pure black and white that can be used for engraving.

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    I have a backup of a SQL zip file and I need to extract the images of stock from it. The live site isn't displaying all the stock and I need to access the old zip file from 2017 to obtain images from stock items missing. You can upload images on here or on dropbox. Will pay if you can complete quick. I have a list of urgent items needed

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    I have a backup of a store and need images extracted. Needs to be done immediately and all uploaded to dropbox. Specific 2 images per product you need to load immediately as priority are: SKU 48-1 52-2 52-4 56-2 61-2 63-1 63-2 63-3 63-4 64-1 64-2 81-2 85-3 89-1 92-1 92-2 93-1 93-2 93-3 100 224-2 232-4 258-1 262-4 262-5 334 335 336 337 339 340 341 342 548 549 550 551 552 553 554 555 556 557 B4-8 B...

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    Create a powerpoint presentation slide show with the attached file for a presentation to investors on [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    U see this is the page i need to edit: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] 1. Thing There is craousel of events: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I need this not craousel, it shows 3 events at time and then goes around. It just need to show all events 3pcs in row. 1, 2, 3 4, 5, 6 7, 8, 9 and so on.... All is need to be show. 2. ...

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    I need to build an web application for files and media sharing with users, so i need to know what is the best way to build it to get a higher performance

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    can someone remix this audio file into a short song that I can upload to iTunes and Spotify!

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    I have a simple record and play audio application (on web) but am unable to save the file. I want to save it to my server. Code is attached.

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    We are a residential heating and cooling company. We currently use excel for quoting. Would like to covert to Filemaker.

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    I need SSIS Package to read flat files per spec provided. Step 1: SSIS reads excel document formatting attached or another flat file you create from formatting. Creates Tables in Database Specified. Step 2: Read in flat files provided in a directory and load it into tables created from step 1. Step 3: SSIS Package 2 based on step 2 in this step option to loop through a directory and load new f...

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    I need my clients blogs added to a csv file in order to upload them to a new site. the html must be accurate in the text fields. Blog url: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Start with this article "Financial Steps To Take Now To Set Yourself Up For A Productive 2019" and work back in the history (6 pages) approximately 50 blogs in total

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    Hi, I have a full modeled object in Rhino and I wanted to export it as solid object with stp/step format and using it in Solidworks. At the moment, it has some errors and some surfaces are damaged when I'm importing it in Solidworks. We need you to correct the Rhino file and create a correct (solid) export from the model with stp/step format so we can use it in Solidworks.

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    Hello, my name is John I am professional in converting file to MS Words. Just have to try my works. I can also write Ebooks on Techinical analysis.

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    I need to get a old project file from Adobe captivate converted to a newer version. The old version is approximately 10 years old and may have been created by Captivate version between 2-4. It contains text and swf images. I have uploaded a single cp project file, a directory of assets associated with the file and a SCORM zip file. As a deliverable I require a .cptx file that will open in Adobe...

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    I need to 3D print a model of a small building but the STL isn't working due to some inside out triangles and too many shells. I need a cleaned up STL file that will print correctly. I can provide the original SketchUp model and/or the current STL file.

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    Scrape all exhibitors from the following website. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Exhibitors A-Z Capture the following fields Exhibitor URL Company Name Address Address City Zip Country Telephone Fax Website Contact Green Button - Email address About Us Our Services Our Product Groups File attached of example - To bid mention the word peanut in your quote t...

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    i need 3d printing model its very easy model need in few hours..

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    Create a LCOE formula, add in an excell file which i supply See the 3 methods as explained in this video: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    I have a Node.js Website that has been 95% finished by a developer however have an issue that they couldn't solve. The issue is we are trying to download a file from a FileMaker database, it gives me connects to the database and get the information required, Eg a Link to download the file. This is where the previous developer got stuck he was unable to download the file and save it locally ...

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    I need help building a proper HTML file from a PDF.

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    All the details are inside the zip. Please read it and get back to me. Please write the very first line from the file, without this your bid will be treated as a spam and get reported. Password is: 12340987 Happy Bidding

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    Hi Freelancer, Need to convert ASM, DFT file to FBX accessible by 3dsMax. Need it urgently.. Kindly check the link to check the file : [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    Hello, I need a Wordpress site like the attached video This is a reservation site. Who can make the same website within 10 days? Do you have the such theme now? If you have the same theme, I can work with you without delay. Deadline is very tight, so you should have the theme or similar theme already. Please provide the same theme url or zip file if you had done before. If you can not provide it, ...

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    I have some swedish document, need to translate it into English, Native speaker prefer. Top urgent

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    I need you to block some ips so that only few ips can visit my site. I want to restrict my site to my clients only. I want you also to put DDoS Protection in my site.

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    - Need to be able to work on ASANA project management - give good price - accurate ETA and completion - work with project management platform and team - good SEO practice - work with divi

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    Project Objective:- To add Outgoing Call reports to existing ACD Report System 1. The existing program is written in C#. The Outgoing Call report function should be in the same language. 2. The database used is MySQL. The following items will be provided to you: - A zip file containing the source code of the ACD Report application - A database with sample data for testing purposes See details i...

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    To build an e-commerce app that reflects modern, contemporary atmosphere for women. More specifications will be given to chosen designer. The app should be able to handle 1000 products and must be able to add more in future if needed. BID YOUR REAL PRICE ONLY. Attach your portfolio to be taken into consideration. Thank you

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    I have a step file that I need drawings created for manufacture.

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    Hi Freelancers, I've attached a file that includes all the relevant information regarding this project. Please review the [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] file before placing a bid. I look forward to working with the winning bidder and if this project is successful there will be many more to come. Kind regards, Cody Codes

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    We are looking for a developer to build a file-sharing app. following are a few technologies you need to be familiar to apply for the project. - File sharing similar to google docs or box. - iOS and Android development. - Barcode Scanner. - geolocation technologies. we will discuss project after you sign NDA.

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    I want a simple Windows-based program that when you launch it, it displays a window which is filled with just one solid color. The window can be resized to full screen. Once the window opens, it automatically begins cycling through a set number of audio files, playing one after the other, in a random order. And I want to be able to assign a hex color to each audio file. So, for example, every t...

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    I have 29 pictures from a scanned document that needs to be cleaned up. These images are schemes, tables and maps, that need to be recreated from scratch. Some images maybe just need some editing, and text being removed and typed with illustrator. For most pictures the background should be discarded. Included is a zip-file with all files, and a description of the work to be done is part of the ...

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    I have an [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] that loads a java menu that work perfectly in 32-bit Firefox, but if I try to open the [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] file with 64-bit version of Firefox it will only load first option. Pic #1 is the [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] working in 32-bit Fi...

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    I created an image that contains words and I want to put a colored border around the letters/words. Also want to change the background color of the image. Don’t have the time to do it myself need someone who can do it quick, will probably take someone who knows what they’re doing 10-15 mins to do!

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    Dear all, On [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] it is possible to change shipping locations by 1) clicking in the top left corner on "Deliver to" 2) in the upcoming window entering something into "US zip code" The location is stored in a cookie that Amazon saves in the users browser. We would like to have a script that takes a cookie from [UR...

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    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. Hello, Looking for an app developer like GETT TAXI, Uber, etc. The app should work just like the taxi reservation apps - only it is for the restaurant and there should be a food menu. The app user orders the food and pays for the food through the app only! The user of the app can see at any given moment how much time is left until the fo...

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    Need help with designing my project to a single pcb. Design attached. Will look to evaluate ideas to compile multiple components to one pcb. Thanks!

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    I need someone who can deal with these subjects: *Introduction to Artificial Intelligence *Programming Languages : Design and Implementation *Human Computer Interface *Software Architecture: Requirements and Design

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    I need help to convert the 5 lines of php code into Cold Fusion. This is about saving the file on server

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    We have Magento Community version 2.2.1 with 2 customizations that change the page (with Javascript) when selecting a color in product and category pages for SEO. That is the main point that needs to be fixed. We also have 2 points (#118 and #117) for which we can pay no more than $100 if they are to be fixed alone (without main point #115) Check the attached zip with notes in an HTML file for m...

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    We have a working ASP/.NET/SQL web app that has been retrieved from a previous server and we need to deploy it on a brand new Windows Server 2016 (I will give you ZIP archive + .BAK SQL database archive) We have also a Wordpress website that needs to be deployed (zip archive + mysql database dump). I will give you the RDP credentials and you will have to install ASP server + SQL Express Server +...

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    I need some graphic design. Must be unique something you made from scratch without any copyright or tradmarks. I will be using this on product I sell

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    I need a website created as follows: 1. User will upload a zip file 2. Zip file will be of a folder that contains image files 3. Maximum zip file size will be 1GB 4. A progress indicator will be displayed to user, with the option to be sent an email once it is finished 5. Each image file should be uploaded to Amazon S3 and then be available at a public URL 6. I want to use a custom domain name ...

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    Required to Build File Sharing Website. Need Professional Developer who can Build a FileSharing Website Required Guest Upload Registration and Login API FTP Upload Etc. I will Send Reference Site in Chat.

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