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    Project Table -- 2 6 gün left

    Need a VBscript to loop through a client list on Sheet1. For each client, grab a range of cells from table (Sheet2) and Insert into data table on Sheet3. Sheet 3 will have client name on ColumnA and the data from sheet 2 start on column B. Loop until client list is done.

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    Project Table 6 gün left

    Need a VBscript to loop through a client list on Sheet1. For each client, grab a range of cells from table (Sheet2) and Insert into data table on Sheet3. Sheet 3 will have client name on ColumnA and the data from sheet 2 start on column B. Loop until client list is done.

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    Taking a Payroll csv file (same source file as QB project) and turning it into a Workbook with each Candidates "timesheet" on a separate tab(sheet) and name the tab with the corresponding name and date. I will want it to be saved in a specific folder on our Shared drive. I will share a diagram explaining it once we get ready to start.

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    I have 1 timesheet in excel. The deliverables list is too longer. I required the list to be i drop down and searchable. The list can be found in last tab named as 'Deliverables'. There is two package, 4 & 5. Every package have type of document such as Datasheet, Report & Drawing.

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    OWC Canada -- 3 1 gün left

    Its gonna be a app for work hours tracker with real time location status of job site name with job-codes. Main page will have a company logo with clock in and clock out button. It should be simple and user friendly Number of employees can be between infinite. Every employee will have a unique identification ...different users. Admins should be able to see a map in their apps showing real-time locations of every employee till they sign out. There should get a warning sign if user is 500m away from their assigned job location. Every user should receive a clock-in reminder at 6:45 am. Pay periods will be semi-monthly and monthly and at the end of every pay period everyone will be able to check their hourly timesheet report and they should be downloadable in pdf with total hours and j...

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    I have 2 x excel spreadsheets here that are used to calculate pay rates for drivers based on where they drive etc. The main spreadsheet itself is only 127kb but has a pile of macros etc, then there is a driver timesheet spreadsheet (108kb) which has the rates for each run (no macros in this one). What we want to do is get rid of Excel altogether and create a new web based (php) frontend with MySQL to run the whole process instead. What we need is a an excel expert who can decipher all the macros and convert them to php/mysql queries and design a new http php based front end for the payroll operator to use instead of excel. I will create and give successful applicant the mysql hosting space and php space info/passwords for hosting on for dev (if required) and ultimately for pro...

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    looking for a custom or good & user friendly time sheet calculator

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    Note: This job is 9 AM to 6 PM Central Time. The ideal candidate will be familiar with the full software design life cycle. They should have experience in designing, coding, testing and consistentl...Collaborate with engineering team and product team to establish best products Follow outlined standards of quality related to code and systems Develop automated tests and conduct performance tuning Qualifications Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or relevant field 5+ years of experience working with .NET or relevant experiences Experience developing web-based applications in C#, HTML, JavaScript, VBScript/ASP, or .NET Experience working with MS SQL Server and MySQL Knowledge of practices and procedures for full software design life cycle Experience working in agile developm...

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    ...this workbook: Timesheet Template and Settings My objective is to 1. Split Sheet1 from Test Macros by Resource name into separate workbooks and save them into another folder 2. Copy worksheet Timesheet Template to each of the separate workbooks newly created 3. This is the step where I got stuck: FORMULAS ON SHEET TIMESHEET TEMPLATE INSIDE EACH NEWLY CREATED WORKBOOK SHOULD LOSE THE REFERENCE TO THE MASTER SHEET AND TAKE THE REFERENCE FROM SHEET1 INSIDE NEW WORKBOOK (BASICALLY TRIED TO COPY FORMULAS AS TEXT) Inside the Test Macros workbook, there is a Settings worksheet with 2 buttons that run 2 codes I created. First code is working fine. The issue is that the second code does not copy all the formulas correctly. The formulas in cells F4:F11, F12:F18, U4 and V4 ...

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    Cerco per cliente italiano un Sistemista azure che parli italiano per un progetto in ambito PA. SKILLS cloud Azure sistemi operativi della famiglia Microsoft Windows e Microsoft Windows Server microsoft Windows SQL Server e Azure SQL competenze di Networking (TCP IP) active directory Services e Active Directory Federation Services Office 365 linguaggi per lo scripting: Bash, VBScript, PowerShell redazione e revisione di documentazione tecnica

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    Hi, I' am doing weekly payroll for a small business and we have a system that they employee on the construction site can login and out. I then pull a report on Monday the following weeks on excel to work out the hours they worked. I need this excel sheet to have 2 tabs, one which i can copy and past the report and another to sort out the report with employee ID going down the column and dates worked across rows.

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    1. Add Schedule and Events to backend. Users can see a list events and add them to their schedule 2. Add Agenda. Upload a Timesheet Schedule/Agenda to be uploaded Dynamic Reports: All a Report Page to be created that has the following attributes: Name of Report Presented By: YouTube PDF Reader 4. Make certain files public/private based on permissions 5. Maps 6. Hospitality Details 7. Spirituality. Theme Song 8. Voting All Admin to post multiple questions and users select yes or no

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    i need to make a google sheet that calculate hour plus different type of payments

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    I'm looking to analyse timesheet data for 30 employees from the Harvest platform which exports data into excel by entry (0.25 / 0.5 or fractions of hour). Analysis needs to be by team member and by client and task and ideally we'd like a template that we can use each month once data is available.

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    I would need a timesheet built that can be accessed via mobile phone with entered data saved to an accessible Google Sheet or similar. Timesheet to be accessed by QR code (I am open to other options). Timesheet template to be used with pre-defined Service Codes etc is attached.

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    Our small company need a very simple and stand alone (no admin page required) timesheet app. Here is a summary of the basic requirements: 1. Opening page should allow you (with large PLUS icon) to add name of project. 2. There must be default projects like, holidays, sick leave, admin etc. 3. The app should be able to remind you (adjustable time scale, default, 30min) of inputting the project that you are working on now. 4. The reminder (What are you working on?) start and stop time should be adjustable. It should remind you with more frequency if you are ignoring it, getting louder and more annoying. The app should open and the set start time and close at the set stop time. For extra hours the app should be opened manually and a project started. 5. When a project is active, the tim...

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    A 360 support to employee management. This app enables employees to fill out their Timesheet, apply for leave, and can add expenses that can be reimbursed. Now WFH can be more productive.

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    we are working with Classi ASP (VBScript) under IIS web server. didn't touch anything , and since last month the website can not send anymore email from my form. i am using a gmail account wich i didn't touch, logging in credentials are good. the exact message of error is: error '80040211' /, line 523

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    Being a part of UpRizeNow, you will be able to aligned to get niche skills technology projects at anytime. While our mobile application facilitates sometime extras that increase extra earning: • Avail IT projects faster and at your rates • Communicate more effectively with company • Share real-time information & timesheet for faster approval • Get Instant payments & ratings That being said, if I can provide more insight or support on how to leverage UpRizeNow to get into new way of work, I am happy to help. Do you mind taking 20 seconds time to download our app? Explore Mobile App Now: App Store: Play Store: Register through Web: I look forward to talking with you.

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    Need to find a developer who can create/build a timesheet capturing system with specific functionality for our organization.

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    I need a custom timesheet entry software to capture timesheet information and turn into invoices as pdf extracts

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    Add timesheet details from Excel to 2 different systems. Work is once per month. Approx. 1-2 hours per month.

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    i have an excel scraper that uses selenium and vbscript, the issue is that it's giving the data in the wrong row so for example result of A(row) = A (row) but it's showing result of A = B so it has changed the rows of the result so everything is upside down

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    Hi ...contacted with further details. Details: Word document (1-5 pages, depending if you use diagrams or not) Document headings: - Business problem & persona(s) - Software Solution - Non functionals to be considered - Steps to be taken to validate the solution *Make any assumptions you like to constrain the topic and solution Why a timesheet system? We don’t want anyone to think we are asking them to do work for free. We believe everyone is familiar with timesheet systems and thus will not have to do any research on the business problem and personas involved. We are not looking for any revolutionary designs in timesheets. We just want to make sure that members on our team can effectively communicate business problems and conceptual design ideas. Let me know if...

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    Person who has experience in managing projects. Do not need a project manager. As this is to manage only one single project with a single resource. But timesheet and tasks status needs to be regularly updated

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    timesheet app Bitti left

    Timesheet App to track employees needs GPS tracking and chance for employees to sign in

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    Looking to get a quote for someone to format the google sheets to organize the information gathered from google forms. Looking for it to automatically add up individuals time for each week/biweekly Organize the information by individuals names (can just be alphabetical) And provide the information in a way that's easy to process for billing. Also be modified / Individuals added without it causing conflict

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    Includes a place to add new employees, Includes employee hours for the week also calculates the total pay at the end of the week, sites they’ve worked

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    Need to Build a Project management tool with User, Client, Project, Task, Timesheet Based on task. reports

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    We have a software developed in ASP.net/ SQL. Need a Mobile app to connect the same. Requirement *Need to develop a Mobile App (Android/ IOS) connect with my existing SQL Software. *Create Web API *Mobile App will have 2 IP/ URL *Mobile app will work as per the Users/ Date allocated to that company. *App should cater to multi Company & Companywise Users data. *Push Message for Timesheet Submitted/ Approved/ Rejected. *App will need to work on Android and Apple. *App will need to be user-friendly with good UI *App must be bug-free *App will need to be able to be updated just like all other apps on app stores so that we can add features & upgrades in the future *Need ongoing support for updates/maintenance/bug fixes.

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    To program the payment gateway for an online shopping site. Start page will be a secure SSL page with form fields for credit card information. The page will send the information to the HSBC API interface and interpret the resulting response. The shopping site is programmed in ASP VBScript. The HSBC API payment gateway uses XML documents to send the required information and sends an XML document back with the response. HSBC API documents can be supplied. Skills: ASP, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, PHP, XML

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    I have a web based PHP/MySQL online time and attendance developed 12 years ago and I am looking for a freelancer to update the Administrator Interface (brief overview provided in attached file) and have code be compatible with latest PHP version 7 (currently 5.6 only). It currently only runs on 5.6. This is the initial project to verify freelancer understands the project. Additional project milestones will be added at the completion of each milestone as needed.

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    I am looking to create a database for our timesheet entries each week that will generate a daily timesheet and a rolled up timesheet roster.

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    Scope of the project 1. Project Management of the product 2. Maintain the timesheet recorded 3. Have the requirement recorded and check for the status on the same 4. Manage crypto wallets

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    Uses the day and date to determine hours worked on a shift. Daytime hours are 0600-2000hrs during the week Nighttime hours are 2000hrs-0600hrs during the week Saturday hours are midnight to midnight Sunday hours are midnight to midnight Bank holiday hours are midnight to midnight SATURDAY HOURS AND NIGHT HOURS CAN BE COMBINED INTO ONE TOTAL (SAME RATE) SUNDAY HOURS AND BANK HOLIDAYS CAN BE COMBINED INTO ONE TOTAL (SAME RATE Breaks taken during the shift are deducted from the longest portion of the shift. We export a spreadsheet which produces the report attached (excluding the calculation of the breakdown of hours). I am looking for an easy way to paste something to the export (which we do several times a week) and it will calculate the breakdown of hours according to the above, also ...

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    I'm having 500 internal error when saving the popup form and it looks like its saving after the error msg but when i try to pull it, its showing the same error I'm looking for a classic ASP expert. (VBscript) Should be quick fix if you know what you are doing.

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    Timesheet Programme An app and programme that can record workers' time and calculate normal hours, travelling time, overtime automatically applying different rules, to different circumstances. Must be very easy to use.

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    We are opening vacancies for freelancers as programmers. Expertise in erp odoo version 10 with modules: accounting, purchase, inventory, invoicing, project, timesheet, attendance, payroll, etc. We've been using odoo since 2021 but need a programmer to develop it. Our company is engaged in construction services which is located in south jakarta.

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    We are looking for a talented and professional Freelancer to Develop a MYOB API Integration for our worker timesheet application. Importing employee information from MYOB and exporting employee timesheet information to MYOB. API to import/export employee and timesheet related data between our application and MYOB - Required experience in MYOB API architecture. - Previous experience in Authentication and Authorisation. - Ability to work with our development team with project specifications, milestones and timelines. This is a full time project requiring full focus and daily reporting. We look forward to working with the successful applicant. Thanks for considering our project.

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    Please see the top part of (i.e only the calculator at the top) the following: We need the same time card calculator built on one of the pages of our website, , with the following differences: 1. You will not be given a designer, but we need the broad design to be similar to our own website design (so use similar fonts or , etc...) 2. Instead of advanced options, all the options should be displayed (so no advanced options). Instead of a list of options, the options should be horizontally displayed. 3. Change the order of the options buttons. Note we need ALL the other functionality of the calculator including those related to printing and exports. Note that the code must be clean and will be checked by our development team. Feel free to bid lower or higher than the proposed budget as...

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    We are using to track billable hours in Jira. We want a configuration where we can update a Google Spreadsheet each date for a specific Project by issue, month by month. Current period Monthly Daily Export in Google SpreadSheet Tempo Report Billable hours for a specific project Month by month

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    week 1 hours Bitti left

    Payment for week 1 hours (8 x $6) as per timesheet

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    Looking for an automation of a process to take info from a timesheet system, and create an invoice. Involves reference to various additional data sources for clarification on pay rates, margins etc. Various steps (currently manual) including for example populating blank fields, copying rows etc New process needs to be clear as to what steps are i.e. not hidden in a complex VBA script that a user cannot understand

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    i need a developer who can do a timesheet project using laravel. Send me a message so we can have more disucssion. PLease only serious workers.

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    Will you please help me with formulas? 6th consecutive workday = Saturday If an employee has already worked 40 “reg” hours for the week prior to Saturday, hours should calculate as follows. Example EE worked 13 hours 0 hrs. reg. 12 hrs. DT 1 hr. DT *Sunday will need to calculate this way as well if EE did not work Saturday 7th consecutive workday = Sunday If an employee worked Monday through Saturday and has already worked 40 “reg” hours for the week prior to Sunday, hours should calculate as follows. Example EE worked 10 hours 0 hrs. reg. 8 hrs. DT 2 hrs. DT

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    Invoicing App Bitti left

    Hi, I want to create a branded app French+English for contractors. They would log in their own space, own clients, own products, database. I DO NOT WANT to start from scratch. Must be a proven solution, adapted to my needs. Either from open source solution or a solution you have already developed. Leads management > CRM > Estimate > Invoicing > Project Management > Timesheet > Payment > export into accounting software.

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    Hi, I have a simple VBScript that I want translate to PowerShell. If you have enough experience in both languages please tell me that in your proposal, so I can send the vbs source for you check and tell me how much time will take to translate. Thanks

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    i need someone to create a Simple VBScript to export data to .cvs DM for more informations thanks in advance

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    Heavily Experienced Coder - excel project - scraping etc 1- need to fix mutilple instances of ie not being killed correctly, causing system lag 2- need to fix the statuses scraped, since they are not correct 3- need to fix the error's in arranging the data after scraping

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