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    [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] sitemizdeki iki kategori için 150-200 kelimelik açıklama metni gerekiyor. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Nitelikler; Sen dili kullanılacak Samimi hitap Kısa ve duru cümleler. Anahtar kelimeler (her ...

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    [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] sitemizdeki iki kategori için 150-200 kelimelik açıklama metni gerekiyor. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Nitelikler; Sen dili kullanılacak Samimi hitap Kısa ve duru cümleler. Anahtar kelimeler (her ...

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    We recently bought an oldtimer camper van and will start a travel blog soon. For this purpose we need a logo or mascot design: 1) the style is supposed to be vintage or old school 2) logo or mascot are supposed to incorporate the name of the travel blog: "Paul Hartney III travels" or just "Paul Hartney travels" 3) Paul Hartney is on one side the name of our camper van, on th...

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    Trophy icon Businesscard Design 2 gün left

    We want you! Help us to create a new business card for our vintage onlineshop! logo & and colorcodes available. Please use the #EDBBB9 on the business card. company name: ONAAD Founder: Simona Mandl web: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] mail: office@ [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] mobile: 0043 650 26 26 336

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    I am looking for an artist who can create a mascot for my clothing brand. The clothing brand is centered in the classic muscle car culture. A lot of the work I already have done has drawn massive inspiration from individuals like Rat Fink, or from the artwork found in classic drag racing cars. I do not necessarily have a preferred mascot in mind. I have thought of using a snail revving up in the ...

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    Hello, I have website developed in the Wordpress and it looks attractive too but need to create/modify front page and ineer pages. Not much work but you can suggest better idea too. I have very limited budget as already spent money on the site development. I have budget only INR Rs 3000. This is finial budget. Site details will be provided in personal message. Add CoralRush word at the start...

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    so i need you to find me 50 vintage and retro women pictures(will post some examples) and make them black and white(if they arent allready) with some red elements (nails, bra, cigarette etc.). i need them in high quality so that i can put them on the wall. all the pictures must be in size: 40cm x 30cm

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    The objective of this project is to create two labels based on the provided text and photos. That only original reference photo available, in black&white, attached was taken by the FBI in 1963 during the investigation of a murder (more specifically a magnicide) in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas. The fire extinguisher that you see in that photo was located in the 2nd. Floor Lunch Room. I located...

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    We're running a small business selling vintage clothes online and now are setting up our own website. We need you for editing the photos of our clothes and uploading them on our WordPress website. The photos must be edited as raw and saved1200 x 1800 px (x: 1200px y: 1800px) You'll get the website link and password for uploading the edited photos and the product name (you can copy the...

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    Hi this is a straight convert our PS layout to CSS / theme integration for Wordpress. We are using a premium theme, so it is 'not from scratch'. Will provide all visual assets. Just need the initial homepage setup with WP Bakery plugin. We are using Bridge Theme from Qode for this site.

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    Hello, I am attempting to reproduce a vintage cigarette ad, for a Facebook ad concept that I'm doing. For context, I am a flat fee real estate agent. The ad is humorous, "Your equity up in smoke". I've attached what I'm shooting for: Just a pack of cigarettes that says "6% Commissions and Homeowner Cigarettes", with a blank backdrop. I've attached the image...

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    Hello, We would like you to design the logo of our online drug store called "farmakopolion". It could maybe be a vintage badge type logo that would include the word "farmakopolion" in an easy to read modern and fresh typeface with a symbol embeded all in black and white. The symbol could be from a mortar with leafes and medicine, to a pharmacy snake, a drug store cross or what...

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    Hi there! I need a vintage/retro looking logo for my small restaurant. Name of the place is Outpost 55 and below it should be 3 words: Ribs Grill Beer. Color should be white on black. Something minimalist without a lot of fancy looking stuff on it. I looked online and those hipster inspired logos look neat but I would still like to maintain a vintage retro look predominantly. The restaurant is a s...

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    Hello, This project is for my new clothing store, I have been stocking up some vintage clothes, and sneakers and i would love my own web store to sell them on. Im using shopify, and have illustrated what i want the website to look like on both mobile & desktop - as i have choosen to not use any themes shopify provides, the code must be custom. For the must part the pages are mostly text. H...

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    Description I need first a logo for my bakery : C'est Si Bon i need then that the artist designs from that logo the bakery bags The bakery is a very well known one in Belgium that started 5years ago in Anderlecht, we are moving now to Molenbeek. The new adress will take place in a area called "le canal": water and tall buildings taking place around, 200 meters from the historica...

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    Trophy icon Logo design - 05/12/2019 11:50 EST 1 saat left

    Need a logo for a new company. Logo should include the text "Hole 9 Yards". The logo can also include H9Y. Additional attention will be given to logos that include "Hole 9 Yards" and "H9Y". Looking for a industrial-vintage theme. Please submit stacked and vertical versions of the logo.

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    Custom wordpress plugin development with following functionalities. 1. Code the wordpress plugin page UI using React, HTML and CSS. The page design UI will be provided. 2. Integration with a SaaS (The functionality of SaaS application is extended through an iframe, which can then be integrated on web pages) api for managing login/signup modules and then streamlining steps for wordpress builder id...

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    Golden Star Cookies is a bakery shop for cookies and sweets I need to design logo and cover stickers

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    Functionality of Make offer button Then buyer can accept or Reject 1) Project and Database accept 2) Need to create New table 3) Admin and Customer notification via email 4) Accept, Reject and Count Offer Functionlity (admin) 5) Admin can view all offer under Orders section in backend (this is how admin will be notified of new offers) 6) Admin can set threshold limit amount for make offer button...

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    I would like to create an online platform that allows for current recipes to be entered with necessary columns to create the model by the user. We would then train the model and predict a new recipe which would be tested by consumers and the feedback will be fed back into the online UI. The goal of the project is to create a model to predict a recipe for R&D (eg. cookie recipe at bakery, beer ...

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    Hi, Manitou australia is looking at getting a Logo for it's showroom. The text will be Tha Magical Manitou Emporium of Material Handling. We are after a vintage 1920/30s or retro 80s style with an Emporium Feel. Colors will be the brand color: Red, Black and White. Logo will need to incorporate the world Manitou using the Corporate font as per attached. Please feel free to contact us with ex...

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    I need a personalized logo for my Instagram account, where I review vintage films. I need it to project the essence of timeless classical vintage feel.

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    I need a logo for my instagram account! I review vintage films and I require a personalized logo that projects that. Can you help me?

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    Hi Glitch G, it's a company that is specialised in digital marketing and software development. I want a logo that its' "bold" and show respect. something between a vintage and flat

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    Make a logo -- 2 1 gün left

    I’m wanting someone to make a logo for my company Beaumont Beauty It’s a beauty company and I’m wanting a vintage flower look. I have attached an inspo picture here

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    Make a logo 1 gün left

    I’m wanting someone to make a logo for my company Beaumont Beauty It’s a beauty company and I’m wanting a vintage flower look. I have attached an inspo picture here

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    Create 2 logos 18 saat left

    I need two logos for two businesses I am about to start First logo - Made by Meez - the business is handmade clothing so a logo that is a bit vintage or rustic may suit. Incorporating a needle and thread. Second logo - Appli-K - is a digital fabric printing business, our daughters names start with I and K so we would like to make an accent of these. This logo could be more modern. The name appl...

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    artist required 18 saat left

    look to get a cute vintage carton of a classic 1960 Morris mini ute with a simple vintage background so the car is the stand out and my company name on a building or billboard or sign somewhere in the background as you can see by the photos I couldn't find a cartoon ute so use the photos as a guide or ideas but definitely need a UTE

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    I would like a label made that is a 6" wide x 5" tall rectangle Holiday themed (not cartoonish / I would like a rustic holiday feel) I am giving out holiday bakery boxes filled with 6 cookies, icing, sprinkles etc. it should say somewhere on the box Wishing you a VERY Happy Holiday - Love The Nichols Family Contents/Directions: Fresh Baked Cookies Icing bags (should stay refrigerat...

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    Hello, I was wondering if you would be able to mimic a vintage NBA teams font for me? All I need is for you to put the word “PROSPECTIVE” into the font of the Vancouver grizzlies basketball team from the 1980s

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    Design 2 different tags with in the style graphique of the brand logo etc inspiration on files : etiquette craft in the one we use now for the brand then i send image of what i like

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    We are web developer and creating websites for others. We need a person who wants to grow with us. He must understand the requirement of this job. We will provide you with WordPress admin panel. Where you will get the installed theme. We will direct you to either design the website similar to the reference site or you need to replace the demo content. Maybe you have to create new pages to complete...

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    The design I am looking to create is ment to be printed on a flag or maybe a poster. The project itsself is not that complicated but I lack the necessary Photoshop skills to do it myself. I want to create kind of a "military" version of the austrian national flag. The flag consists of just to basic colours - red and white. In addition there is sometimes a great black eagle depicted on it...

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    We are looking for a graphic designer to design some shirts / stickers for us. We focus on vintage car culture, rockabilly style, tiki, pinups, etc.

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    I need 2 images done in a vintage style for photographs.

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    Trophy icon Chit Chat wine Bitti left

    I am looking for meaning logo not a word logo The logo is for wine, the brand is Chit Chat, the logo should let people see in a clinch that is what chit chat is. if there is a vintage look it would be a plus. I let you have full creativity. the product is for ladies and young trend, and it has to be on the Cramoisy colour tone. There is not draft drawing at this stage draw what you think Chit Chat...

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    I need a logo for my company. It’s called “Veeps’ Garage”. I restore vintage tools and make stuff. Attached is a logo i made on my phone but I need something new. I need something I can easily mark anything I make or restore as well. I post most of my stuff on my instagram. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    I have a range of Wordpress sites that I need some updates and changes done to. I usually do this myself but am short on time at the moment, hence needing a helper! I ideally want someone who is familiar with Visual Composer (WP Bakery Builder) and Elementor Wordpress plugins as I have different sites using each of these builders. I do not need someone who needs to customise or know PHP / CSS f...

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    I want to build a wordpress website will give you a sample

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    I have a bakery. I want a 20(w)x10(H) Feet poster for advertising. Use HD cake Images & some captions like "Our Cakes are awesome" & Happy New Year 2020. Its better to design in Corel V13 or any other version better.

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    I need a logo designed for a thrifting/resell clothing brand named GTB THREADS. GTB stands for Get The Bag as an acronym. The brand represents a vintage sports wear style of clothing from the 90s. I would like a cartoon used in the logo. Something like the attached photos but I would like clothing or air Jordans shoes on the cartoon or in the bag

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    As a gift for our grandfather on his 85th birthday, we were hoping to use an old photo(s) of him to create his own vintage looking baseball card. I’ve attached a couple photos of him as well as an old Phillies baseball card we would want to use. Please advise if this is possible.

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    We're running a small business selling vintage clothes online and now are setting up our own website. We need you for editing the photos of our clothes and uploading them on our WordPress website. The photos must be edited as raw 800x1200px and saved as a JPG with 72dpi and JPG-quality 60%. You'll get the website link and password for uploading the edited photos. We have 4 photos each...

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    AIFBStoryline: story would be similar to [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] - Door of commercial bakery with my client's logo. - Door opening - Characters at work making cookies - NO LIQUID MOTION OF CHOCOLATE (as is seen in link above) - This as is for introducing 3 brands of cookies into the market (the attached script for VoiceOver will give you an idea) s...

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    Hi we need to create 1x LABEL (in INDESIGN OR ILLUSTRATOR ) * design will have to be VINTAGE (see exemple attached) * we need a royaltie free mascot or not Texte will be given when we will chose the FREELANCER Label size 210xx x 90mm Then the label will need to be put on a SPRAY MOCKUP design in PSD

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    I need an experienced WP developer to build a 3-page WordPress website within 24 hours from now. - You must have Bootstrap experience - You must have WP Bakery experience - You must have Photoshop experience Budget: $50

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    Want something similar to the ticket at the top here... similar cut and format, etc. I'd like to be able to edit the wording etc and move layers. The invitation will be printed on gold paper, so it will need to be created in a "grey scale".

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    Hi We are a bakery pastry Wholesale and we need a shopify website. I know this website is not in shopify but is just the template reference we like to have [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] with couple of change and add some thing we need like contact form, career, blog. Thank for your time

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    Hello there, i need a logo design for my new startup business which is a bakery business. The logo need to be minimalist

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