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    I'm new to Vue and I have a basic Visual Studio project set up. However I'm not sure where to add various elements. Such as I have a main index page that has a navigation menu on the left side that needs to call vue components to place in the app div. When I created the project it put a [login to view URL] file and that I don't think plays nicely with .js cod...

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    This project is to create a partial 3D digital view of a new construction single family house interior. We only need part of the inside for 3D review but need to see it from all the different interior positions. We need to see the “look and feel” of the interior visual design of the following areas: the common areas that make up the entryway turret

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    ...JSON format), we want each response saved as a .json file in an AWS S3 Bucket. - A method to easily query/index S3 Bucket contents. Some buckets will have millions of files. We need to be able to quickly determine if a filename exists (CloudSearch?) Considerations: - You will have to create AWS API Gateway and simply the process for passing querystring

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    ...have a basic, working, C#.Net Application. I would like to functionality to this application. There are two requirements: 1. The application relies on a "[login to view URL]" file that is currently located in the bin directory whilst I debug in visual studio 2017. a. During development I want the file to remain in this location. b. I want the file...

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    Hello Sander, My name is Jay Gobolos, I also graduated with a degree in architecture and hold two other degrees in medical illustration as well as in visual communication design. My wife and I are currently living just outside Ney York City. I have traveled to the Philippines twice and that’s where I ultimately met my wife. I am currently working

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    Looking for someone to create basic Text / Picture / Video display software. We would prefer someone using Visual Studio 2017 who will supply full project file on completion so we are able to make minor tweaks. PDF attached of basic layout. Software Requirements: 3 Windows - 1 is User input, 1 is Display Output, 1 hidden admin window for setting adjustments

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    11 teklifler do it myself, very easy job simple Visual basic windows form application reading and writing csv format file about storing items and sending report to other ERP in data text file with CSV format. I have a small storage with some items very standard master data in csv ( , separator) structure but I call file extension .amd (a master data) included;

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    This is very simple project. I need following MS Word file to be unlocked so I can edit it. You can also create a duplicate file, which I would be able to edit. I don't mind which option do you choose. I believe that someone need to know Visual Basic in order to unlock it. Here is a link to the file: [login to view URL]

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    ...Applications -Microsoft Word Create a one page document on any topic that interests you and save it with your User ID as the leading characters in the file name -Excel Create a spreadsheet for a payroll application for at least five employees and save it with your User ID as the leading characters in the file name. Include at least one graphic

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    ...We do have our own basic images of the products as a stand-alone, and minimal artwork (like quantity and bundle info). We would like to hire a VA for the tasks below 1) find lifestyle scenarios background where our item could be photoshop in use or display. 2) crop our photos and insert them into the lifestyle images 3) create images and graphics

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    Create Setup File (Prefer InnoSetup If Possible) Setup File Consists Of - Visual Basic 6 Runtime - Crystal Reports 8.5 Runtime - MySQL Database Server - MySQL ODBC Driver Source Code For InnoSetup Required

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    I need to create Request for Quote/ In House Quote / work order (1) /purchase orders (2 or 3 types) /order acknowledgement forms/ Packing Slips and Carton Labels using excel databases to pull customer info /vendor lists / as well as material lists and possibly other similar type databases. Whenever possible, I want to use dropdowns when choices

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    Java GUI Project Bitti left

    ...main method should be named Greeting. The visual elements of your greeting card (i.e. the objects that you will be animating) should be derived from individual classes. For example, if you want to draw a sun, then create a class called Sun that draws the object. If you want to draw a cloud, then create a class for that as well. All of these classes

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    By using Visual Basic, create a simple .exe file which creates a pdf file from the selected data in txt file. We have PLC unit which records some of test values in to a txt file. Every record is saved in to same txt file in order. Every record has unique test ID. We need to show that unique test ID’s and related test results in pdf fo...

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    ...cautious and talented freelancer to complete my convenient error message control that I have started. Download the attached small visual studio project; follow the basic inline instructions which can also be read using the Visual Studio task list using the comments drop down. The instructions are for the completion of an error message box XAML class

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    Non code- Visual Basic Project 1. Name your project Timer. 2. Including the form, your application form will have 6 appropriately chosen and named objects. For this, and ALL other assignments, you are to name your objects using the Object Naming Convention discussed in the first PowerPoint slide show. 3. Your first name and the word "Timer"

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    Trophy icon Piece of cake! Bitti left

    Very basic task: simply create a colored pie just like the one I attached, using the same 9 colors (below) for 9 slices, and make that a JPG and PNG file without background in HiReso. I have prepared the example in Excel, but I'm sure you can do better and nicer, maybe with some little visual variations. But keep it simple - the most basic and nicest

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    ...GIMP, Inkscape & graphics/design topics - Android and/or iOS (Xcode, OS configuration, tutorials, etc.) - ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, C#, MVC, .NET design patterns and other Visual Studio-related posts (also including UNITY, Xamarin and so on) - HTML5, CSS/SASS/LESS, JavaScript, JQuery, Mootools, Angular, ReactJS & client-side development - Node

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    We have a Visual Basic software that was created to handle sales and reports as well as calculating commissions of which we have the source code. The software is pretty comprehensive but there are a lot of features we don't use anymore. We'd like to make a web app version of it with just the features we use and add a front end option for clients

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    ...information which was created in Visual Basic and handles the data via Local SQL data base (we have the source code). Our goal is as follow: 1- Modify the Visual Basic software to run the data base from an online source. 2- Create a One Page website with very basic information with a link for Customers. 3- Create a Front end for Customers...

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    ...looking for someone to create me a very simple visual basic program that does things like: create text file and fill it with question like what is your username and password and save it onto external .txt file. and few other simple things that we can discuss if you bid on it. I will give you the exact tasks, you just create that simple program...

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    Create an Excel macro to format a worksheet   Description: Create a macro named mcrReUpFormat to do the formatting outlined in the instructions below.   Background: The job is part of a reporting solution. The data is housed and aggregated in Access/SQL Server databases. An aggregated dataset is then transferred via automation to a new Excel spreadsheet

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    Hello - this contest is about creating a visual identity for a campaign that promotes "changemaking" at Miami Dade College (MDC), a US community college with a very diverse student population. The college aims to excite its students and its faculty about the notion of "changemaking" which means being entrepreneurial, having the skills and courage

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    [login to view URL] I need to create a script to be used in conjunction with MS Outlook rules. The above link specifies that the code must be created in Outlook Visual Basic for Applications ONLY. I have an outlook add-in that I currently access by right clicking

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    From a Datagrid where rows contains quantity and Descr...where rows contains quantity and Description of product. Need to create a report of barcode labels . For each row depending of quantitiy, need to create the barcode labels with code 39 or code 128. Please check the file.... Need in Visual basic open source code to be run under Visual Studio 2015

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    1 teklifler this - Log-in to existing youtube account (From an file '[login to view URL]' - As example) - Auto-comment video with user-decided comment (From an file '[login to view URL]' - As example) - Auto-comments is being sent to Youtube videos that contains a certain keyword that I can set myself from a text file (Keywords in Title + Tags + description). ...

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    ...items about how the app must function: [1] The app must work through the camera in a Cell Phone or Tablet. [2] The app must be able to see and recognize a new type of AR visual trigger – The type of trigger image will be discussed with the company selected to do the work. [3] The app should run in the background of the camera program so it is able

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    ...terribly made. I need an expert to do the following: 1) Redesign the website to make it extremely easy to edit/add/change content. Content must be able to be edited using visual editor, as I do not know programming. Must be easy for someone who knows zero programming and IT expertise. This is very important. 2) There are around a dozen or two images

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    63 teklifler Of course its code is ready in C++ programming language, but I can't run this code because the code was written in 2002 by other person. When running the code in visual basic 2016, many errors appear. however I search in internet about some and fix them. Not content appearing errors and should probably be changed in the program settings, I guess

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    Create a complete app layout from the sign up page to the different tabs. The app is supposed to be a simple wellness app that promotes the brand image of Forest Essentials. The colour pallete of the app should be according to the themeboard, the content and layout should be simple and should appeal to the brand users. Only the illustrator file

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    ...entails using a template to create a cross roads with traffic lights and a moving car. produce an OSG based viewer application that allows you to load and explore a structured scene file and enact, within this environment, object creation and manipulation, scene graph manipulation, (user interaction) and simulation. Your basic viewer application should

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    Description A java cmdline application (no GUI) that creates, based on input (PDF/A file and several string arguments) an output (PDF/A-3 which contains embedded XML). For the sake of this description, we call the application "pre-convert". The job consists of creating a working "pre-convert" application and delivery of the full eclipse IDE (currently

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    This job requires you to use Unreal Engine 4 to create a flexible prototype that will allow us to prove our core mechanics for a multiplayer arena brawler for the mobile platform. If the prototype is a success, we will be forging full speed ahead to create the project fully for commercial release. For the prototype you will be tasked with creating

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    ...defibrillators. Now we want create our tracking online database. We are looking for someone who can create the project and is ready to work with us to improove the platform (of course each improovement is a new project). The idea is that each local group has a separate access to the platform and can manage theyrs AED. Here the basic spec: Global idea -

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    Create at least FIVE (5) well designed web pages. Things to include in the website: - HTML 5 - CSS3 - Multimedia objects such as images, videos and audio - A web form - PHP Script (Visual Studio & Wamp Server software to run and create table) - Database connectivity (Sql) *This project is very basic for beginners and does not require many information

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    You will need to create a Macro/Visual Basic program that must be executable from the command line (the goal is to be executable from a Python script) and that would take as an argument a directory containing a hierarchy of simple Excel files that should be processed to create one simple Excel Report. It does not involve manipulating or changing the

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    ... 2. Create a simple form app using Java to execute the modified script and display results in a table. Results of the script should be stored in a file saved on a local disk. Table should have 7-10 columns. Table fields should be highlighted and color coded to present information in a meaningful way to a user. The form should have basic features

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    In this project you are asked to create a tool that checks some basic information about a debit or credit card. As you know, credit card fraud is epidemic and many people are trying their best to steal your money. The tool you will be creating is a first step in fighting back. Guidelines 1. You should be developing this project under a Linux operating

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    We need to create a "helper" plugin that can extend our current use of Wordpress, Visual Composer (js_composer) and the 'Salient' theme. This helper plugin will eventually be used to extend and customize to our needs, but initially needs to be created with two main purposes: 1) Duplicate a module in js_composer (Porfolio Grid), adding functionality

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    ...Excel and Visual Basic. I'm looking for a way to quickly do inventory. I want to use barcode scanning with the ability to create a list of needed inventory based on low inventory for the correct vendor. I've attached a sample of something I'm looking for, but it's not the exact thing. There are many fields that I will not need in the file that is...

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    Create Program in .NET, C#, Visual Basic or any language which does the following : Reads an input file and creates visio (readable/editable from Microsoft Visio) document. Milestone1) program which gets input the TEST_CASE_1 and outputs the TEST_CASE_1 visio Milestone 2) program which gets input the TEST_CASE_2 and outputs the TEST_CASE_2 visio

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    Hello, This is a Visual Basic task using ONLY ( Visual Studio ) which required to create a small interface to prompt user to enter a specific values. Description and instruction is attached. Please read the attached file first. Thanks.

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    ...submitted to Blackboard for grading. In our textbook, An Introduction to Programming Using Visual Basic 2012 by David Schneider, complete the adaptation of project #6 on page 174: Write a program to place an order from the restaurant menu below. Create the form and write the program so that after the button is clicked, the cost of the meal is

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    Trophy icon Do some 3D Modelling for my art Bitti left

    I am a visual artist from the Netherlands, I am looking for a new way to create the heads in my assemblage art. If your entry is accepted, your design will be shown as part of my sculptures in galleries and museums. I will post a credit on my website, but you will have to sign an agreement to waive your copyrights to the work you have done. I am

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    ...correction for 2 documents ( company profile ) Need to create company profile and related detail 10/25/2016 at 11:06 GST - Additional information submitted Read attached file, Review, discuss and correct the both company profile ( both companies are linked ) just 1 to 3 hour work Basic information of both company ( Both companies are linked

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    Hello, we are a video game company that out-sources their projects in order to create a collaborate environment with our international communities and hire potential longstanding clients that will grow alongside us. For this next project which is a casual mobile game your team will be responsible for the games user interface art and required to

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    Hello, we are a video game company that out-sources their projects in order to create a collaborate environment with our international communities and hire potential longstanding clients that will grow alongside us. For this next project which is a casual mobile game your team will be responsible for the games 3D art and required to animate the

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    We need someone that has the skills to create a Excel Spreadsheet with Macros. The ideal situation is that when we open the spreadsheet, we click a button to import .CSV file and it will direct the user to select the .CSV file and the it will import that data and arrange it in the way I will provide. The spreadsheet is called "End of Month Closing

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    Hello, we are a video game company that out-sources their projects in order to create a collaborate environment with our international communities and hire potential longstanding clients that will grow alongside us. For our next project we need a casual 3D game in which the user can’t let go of a button on the screen, while their heart rate is also

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