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    Note: This is not a single job. (budget is per job) This is a longer-term series of easy to hard jobs. All done in the ArkAPI with C++ and AtlasAPI C++ You must have or make a discord add me, and join our 1650+ person discord community for our servers. I will provide via PM a plugin we have already made, it is easy simple, and should be done in Ark

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    ...shim for a C/C++ library to be accessed from Python 3.6 on Windows 10. I am failing on the first step - getting the basic "hello world" C/C++ extension to load in Python and work. I am looking for someone to create that example source code and create the instructions for me so that I can run the hello world. Specifics of what I need: - Visual Studio...

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    ...job, haverá oportunidade para trabalho de longo prazo com ou sem participação no negócio como desenvolvedor ou CTO. Já foram concluídas as etapas de prototipação, identidade visual e design. Já temos o wireframe concluído. Especificações: • Descrever claramente quais tecnologias serão utili...

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    Since our external developer has dropped out, w...interface is so to say the translator between our CAD-Plugins and the CAD system. The plugins are in C++ with Visual Studio 2013. Note; Please only developers with CAD experience. We are interested in a longer-term cooperation. We have many other jobs in this CAD direction. Only with Teamviewer.

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    I need a Good Qt C++ programmer who knows inside and out of QT for multiple projects with extreme knowledge in windows operating system. I will have TOO MANY MANY little Jobs like this Tags: Qt 5, Visual Studio 2015 This is a small project and ofcourse, there is going to be many (weekly projects) if one completes.

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    ...deCFEmail($c){ $k = hexdec(substr($c,0,2)); for($i=2,$m='';$i<strlen($c)-1;$i+=2)$m.=chr(hexdec(substr($c,$i,2))^$k); return $m; } Find this line on [login to view URL] $meta_input[$key] = $value; Add these code lines before that: if($key == "your_custom_meta_field_name") { $value = $this->deCFEmail($value); } And in your...

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    ...Experienced in team work for front end integration with specialized developers team for .NET - PHP - AngularJS - Node JS - Objective-C / Swift - Java - c# Excellent with the most popular dev-suite and tools such: - XCode - Visual Studio 2017 - DreamWeaver - Git What do we need: Me and the dev team want to start a test with the new [login to view URL] who is called

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    ...solution publishing specific apps instead of a full windows desktop. b) Capturing LPT1 and LPT2 jobs from visual fox pro running on NT based windows systems (xp, 7, 10 , etc) sends jobs directly to default windows driver. Would like to capture jobs sent from this legacy software with NO support to individual USB printers. As of now anything sent

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    ...stack developer. * A sound foundation in .NET framework and related technologies. * Experience of developing applications using .NET, C#, ASP.NET, [login to view URL], Forms, WCF, Entity Framework, LINQ using Microsoft Visual Studio in latest versions of .NET including 3.0, 4.0 and 4.5. * Strong knowledge in JavaScript, JavaScript frameworks such as Angular 1

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    ...wholesaler # Imports product descriptions and images from IceCat. We would like these C#.Net console applications migrated to Azure web jobs. These are currently scheduled to run on a virtual machine. It is anticipated these will be able to be migrated to Azure web jobs relatively easily. In addition, each if these should have a "test" version that

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    I am a computer programmer, able to write windows and mac applications, as well as... Skills I do have: Java, browser game development, backend web development Skills I don't have: Flash, IOS development, C++, Visual studio, Unity 3D You will receive a cut of my profits if I choose to take up your jobs. I want a long term business relationship.

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    ...hours) work for someone familiar with C++ programming. I need a small application (Visual Studion 2015 or Visual Studio 2008) that will perform the following: 1. Check every second if the PrintUI_PrinterQueue dialog class is present 2. If yes – Get Window title – that is the dialog name and get the list of print jobs listed in the list item control

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    ...per-click/per-engagement (CPE) tracking, PayPal, role-base security and delegation functionality. Refresh Bing-map integration Technical Skills: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, SEO Visual Studio, C#, ASP.Net, VSTS, a few Azure services. MS SQL, Redis Initially 3 moth contract for trial period. These positions are not for a company, body shops or subcontractors

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    ...since fallen to ~13, likely due to inactivity). Rules and payment information below. Please let us know what methods you will use. If successful, we have several other jobs opening in the near future. Keywords supplied by PM. PLEASE NOTE: To ensure you have read the full message including information about payment/milestones and rules below

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    ...more jobs on the road when it is on Production development. 2. High-Level Requirements In order to win the bidding, you must have stream video and HTC Vive SDK experience. The system must include the following: • The software application will preferably be written in C++ and compiled with Visual Studio or alternately be written in C#. •

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    ...•Experiencia en algún lenguaje de programación como Visual Basic, C#, JavaScript, JScript o cualquier lenguaje de programación para entendimiento de flujos de información, pensamiento estructurado, diagramación de procesos•Conocimiento de Transact-SQL, base de datos, estructura de datos, Store Procedures, Jobs de Base de Datos&bu...

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    Hello I need full time or partial Developer for Multicharts . NET C# Experience for Trading Internship Knowledge require "C#" or /and "Visual Basic" Please send your CV + previos jobs list We will test you live / in case you never have work on/with Multicharts / Trading please dont subscribe .... [login to view URL]

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    ...code, while not compromise in speed - High security - Able to create multiple listing type like Business, Shop, Events, Jobs, Hotels, Restaurant. - Predifine listing type for user. - Compatible with Bootstrap, WPML and visual composer - Comptible with IE9 and above, Firefox, Safari, Chrome - Advanced google map function with Map view and street

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    ...have a desktop application that manages jobs for a team of trades people who work at many different locations. (In house developer can assist as a technical resource as required). Sometimes the tradesperson will work at the one job site all day and/or for many days. Other times that may work on several jobs on the one day, typically 1 – 3. This mobile

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    ...not add the new stuff on the games. here is your work to do. you need to reverse engineering only 1 Games Files (player side). The games is build with maybe delphi or visual c++/c. i need someone who understand to reverse engineering the files , understand the code and rebuild the new 1Games Files (player Side ) we called it a client executable files

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    ...differences. Also take notice that the lists merely cite what the benefits are. When you present the benefits to your client, explain what they mean to them. Again, paint the visual picture for example telling the client a vehicle has good fuel economy is not strong as depicting the extra money in his pocket each moth Another example, you telling the client

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    ...types of mounting options: Full-Motion, Tilt, Fixed, and Extra Slim.{We do not do ceiling TV mounts} Please see this link for visual examples: [login to view URL] We are very skilled in our workmanship and professional technicians so we are able to also offer services of

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    Build an website with Visual Basic 2010, 2013 or 2015. Website should interact with MS SQL Server database to store or retrieve information. Must have a page to pay thru PayPal. I wanted to build a web page of my business with the following features: 1. Presentation of services the business offers 2. Customer portal with the following:

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    ...Description for this Position • Ability to complete all phases of software development life cycle including analysis, design, functionality, testing and support. • Fluent in C#/ASP.NET WebForms, Javascript. Winform, , Angular.js • Strong command on .Net Framework. • Development experience with databases including SQL, stored procedures, and triggers

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    A c++ class library for Windows. Visual Studio 2013. Runs in a separate thread. First enumerate all scanners. Per each scanner wait for it to be used. When a document is scanned, it should silently capture the scanned image / doc into a multipage .pdf file and place it in the current directory from where the software runs. Should not require any external

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    ...Required Experience and Skills: ? Strong graphics / UI design experience ? Strong WPF experience ? Strong Expression Blend experience ? good knowledge of XAML (and Visual C#) is an advantage and completes your profile! ? Desktop application GUI design ? Bind to an external data source (to seperate content and presentation) The

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    ...basic to start out with: ============================= 1) You help me choosing a responsive theme/child theme that supports WooCommerce and, importantly, supports a very visual homepage - we have a very strong photograph to use here. Your theme recommendation or creation is a crucial part of what I'm looking for in this project. Ideally I'd be using

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    ...written that extract data from a series of tables in MS SQL Server database. There is some C# code written that process the data and upload selected records to [login to view URL] via its API. [login to view URL] sends surveys to the emails uploaded via the API. The current C# code makess sure no person receives more than 1 email in a given period of time. We need

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    ...oder mehrere Backup-Jobs definiert. Dabei kann der Anwender folgende Auswahlen treffen: a) Name des Jobs und zu sichernde Partitionen b) Wann soll die Sicherung erfolgen (Vollbackup und Inkrementelle Backups getrennt definierbar, z.B. So. 19h Vollbackup oder am 6. des Monats Vollbackup, Mo-Fr 9h, 12h und 18h inkrementell) c) Aufbewahrungsrichtlinien

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    ...declined, exit program. 2.) Prompt user for install directory and register directory for future reference. 2.b) Ask user if they would like to create start menu shortcuts 2.c) Ask user if they would like to create desktop shortcuts - Update Process 1.) Check server for directory to download from. 2.) Check directory on server for manifest file

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    ... &back end Java&ASP.NET-MVC&C++&PHP programming(Y/N)___ Q. 2 A. Which company, project and technologies are you working with? B. Are you working on form-design thru Enterprise App programming? C. Which of the following technologies have you been professionally using on your jobs, for which companies, for how long

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    ...Form-Design thru JAVA, ASP.NET-MVC, SQL, PHP and C++ programming experience. JOB NAME: Earn$3/hour: Demo via Skype Webcam 'ON' Screen Share Your live development while explaining Form Design thru Enterprise App Coding Testing In all:- ASP.NET-MVC, C#, Java, PHP, C++, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, IIS, Tomcat. Netbeans and re...

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    ...submit and echo the posted data. There will be no JQuery nor CSS used for this test but will be required for future contracts. The business logic will be written in standard C++ (not .NET). If you have not used ATL Server before, I can help answer questions you may have to get you going. These are the fields for the HTML form: Name: ___________

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    ...submit and echo the posted data. There will be no JQuery nor CSS used for this test but will be required for future contracts. The business logic will be written in standard C++ (not .NET). If you have not used ATL Server before, I can help answer questions you may have to get you going. These are the fields for the HTML form: Name: ___________

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    I use Visual Composer for site development in Wordpress. I'm looking to create a custom add-on --- A way for me to dynamically generate a background row image that takes advantage of VC row-background features. The plugin needs to let me select a row and add a background image as per the current workflow. Until the selecting the image! Instead

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    ...CSV and Excel XLS(X) files that contain search parameters and keys for input used by the scraping applications. These input files are uploaded by our client and converted to jobs in a database. When the client decides to start the saved job, the Job Manager begins executing as many multiple instances of scraper applications as needed, or possible, and

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    ...analytical skills are essential for success Lead and mentor a team of junior developers Required Skills & Competencies: Strong understanding of ASP.NET Web Forms development, C#, VB, application architecture and object-oriented programming Understating of SOAP and n-tier application architectures Experience building RESTful and SOAP Web Services using

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    An on-line recruitment system designed in C# using SQL Server as a database. The system must be compatible with the .NET framework. What I want the system to do, User (Applicant) * Log on to the system * Be able to register details even if thee is no job available * Complete a CV and be able to save it to the database * Complete and application

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    ...past but it's based on fastcopy. Both are similar and it's just a matter of changing few lines and re-compiling the old VB project.. This is a simple GUI project and the source code is available already.. because of that we prefer low budget for this

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    5 teklifler take up the space. (except for Dumping Materials - see Task B1 below) Task 3 - Add a faint (Gray?) dotted lone to seperate task field from next line. It is just a faint visual split between the two lines and the next two lines. Line shown in red on daysheet version [login to view URL] Job B: [DUMPING RECORDS] Task 1: Add a Weight field between TO/FROM and

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    ...Quality: ---------- The images are product-images of a) ~95% very easy shapes c) only ~4% normal shapes d) only ~0.9% alpha shapes e) only ~0.1% complex shapes See attached examples of product_shapes . Concrete Job/To-Do/Volume: -------------------- Only visual and manual work is allowed (no automatics; quality is important) 4,971 total

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    ...engines; • To have an idea, visit (a) [login to view URL]; (b) [login to view URL] (c) [login to view URL] • People will upload their audio and/or video files to our website which we'll download, work on them and upload the finished jobs. Clients who desire this service will create personal accounts on our website. Documents

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    Prefer someone using Visual Studio. Must use Visual Basic. Must use Word 2010 or 2013. 1. Tiny SQL db (People Table. ID, FirstName, LastName, Address, Phone, City, State, Zip) (Jobs Table : ID, JobName, Salary, Location) Relationship on ID (or without using ID as key) so that each person has more than one job. 2. Create Webform

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    ...representative in USA in the year 2014. For detailed requirements, please see below. In the year 2014, GEL shall recruit a sales representative in USA, whose scope of duty and jobs is as below: (a) Make use of the marketing materials and info provided by GEL headquarters to contact and visit new potential customers at their offices in USA. (b) Make use

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    This is an ongoing Personal Budget project done in C#, and built within MS Visual Studio. There are a few small jobs to be done, probably only a couple of hours work. please contact me for the list. This will be a lump sum job, no escrow, no part payments, payment will be made in full once the tasks are done & have been checked.

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    I have an ongoing C# project built within Visual Studio and I need some work done to tidy up the project. There are about 9 formatting tasks to do (Probably only a few minutes each) A couple of popup jobs to do Add a filter to view accounts (by account type) Add columns to view bank account summary & include script to view data. This is a small

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    Hi fellow freelancers! Im looking for someone to develop a Visual Studio 2012 AUT0P0STER for C-R-A-I-G-S-L-I-S-T, My budget is 160$ Must include: - Source Code (commented) - Post in all subcategories of PERSONAL, SERVICES, FOR SALE, JOBS, HOUSING and GIGS - Post in single US city (Use any one of your choice) - Simple GUI -Hanlde with webrequests

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    Hi fellow freelancers!rnrnIm looking for someone to develop a Visual Studio 2012 AUT0P0STER for C-R-A-I-G-S-L-I-S-T, My budget us 150$rnrnMust include:rnrn-Source Code (commented)rn- Post in all subcategories of PERSONAL, SERVICES, FOR SALE, JOBS, HOUSING and GIGSrn- Post in single US city (Use any one of your choice)rn- Simple

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    Hi fellow freelancers! Im looking for someone to develop a Visual Studio 2012 AUT0P0STER for C-R-A-I-G-S-L-I-S-T, My budget us 150$ Must include: -Source Code (commented) - Post in all subcategories of PERSONAL, SERVICES, FOR SALE, JOBS, HOUSING and GIGS - Post in single US city (Use any one of your choice) - Simple GUI -Hanlde with

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