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    Design a fancy home screen for a F1 racing app. Must be colourful, 'imageful', interactive and sporty/racy. Only one screen(home screen) is required. Below are some data to incorporate into the home screen. Also, find attached the home screen to be designed (Thus the grey part). - Type of Race - Start time - Tracks - Track layout - Venues (name, city, countries, track legnth) - Statisti...

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    Write service in JAVA to generate packaging string for each PrimaryDI in AWS environment Access GUDID data at: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Files with packaging information are: Devices and Identifiers Identifiers is a one to many PrimaryDI files reason why the packaging string must show aggregation of the records in a single packaging string per PrimaryDI D...

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    Linux engineer 2 gün left

    Position requires a high level of interpersonal, problem-solving, analytical, and computer skills. Work involves a high level of independent judgment, decision-making, accuracy, creativity and initiative • A minimum of 5 or more years of relevant working experience. • Candidate is emerging as a solution expert in one of the below areas, generally requires a current certification in that ...

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    I wan to create excel file with Automated macros which will pull data from website , and update in excel file after every 3-5 Minutes

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    ONLY BID IF YOU CAN COMPLETE WITHIN 1 HOUR. MAX $10 You work for a company that has branches in different cities and you have been tasked to design the network for your organization. Your initial plan is to show a layer three topology diagram and then cascade down to more details. Task: a) Your first diagram is as shown below: Refer to IMG 1 Assuming R1 is for the central site and R2 is for a bra...

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    Build a website 1 gün left

    hi , i wan to make a website for my hospital only in html , css , no world press , no any cms simple website for hospital including detail of it with some photos ans service and location

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    Hi, please kindly message our assistant manager on whatsapp +1(253) 270-0598 - Emilia Martinez She will tell you everything you need to know about the project

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    STAGE 1 DELIVERABLE IS AN **OPENDISTRO** KIBANA COMPATIBLE PLUGIN PROVIDING THE FUNCTIONALITY DESCRIBED BELOW Visualise data via a bidirectional force directed graph weighted nodes and vertices Stage 1 - Kibana and ElasticSearch (Opendistro/OpenSearch NOT commercial [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) Stage 2- Apache SuperSet (follow-up job if Kibana is successfu...

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    wan to customize a cloud app ui a quick work ( changing color and text front style)

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    Hi, please kindly message our assistant manager on whatsapp +1(434)223-4803 She will tell you everything you need to know about the project

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    Hey, i have two files in which I need two aggregation Patterns.

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    For example [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] My website is [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    Preciso de profissional para configuração servidor pfsense, configuração de wan, vlan, lan, dhcp, captive portal

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    We are a short term rental aggregation platform and looking forward to integrating a functionality where guests can search the properties for available dates

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    Looking for help with companies and market research. This is data aggregation work that would focus on finding comparable companies, products and pricing. All of that would be documented for review and analysis.

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    DAX script Bitti left

    Need assistance to complete a short DAX script. It should be easy for a person with solid knowledge. This is NOT using Power BI, but just plain DAX as the query connects to a PBI dataset to consume the data on another report using PBI report builder. The data is aligned in seven categories, and since it will be utilized by report builder, the lineage must be maintained. In essence, one particular ...

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    • History of providing enterprise support, administration and troubleshooting for Autopilot and Mobile Device Management • Integrating, deploying, and configuring Intune either in a co-management or standalone manner • 4+ years of experience supporting Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite + Security (EMS), Active Directory/Identity, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (D-ATP)...

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    PFSENSE SETUP Bitti left

    1 setup of pfsense, you have to check my setup 2 check of eth config on my machine (ubuntu running vm with pf sense ) 3 Setup an OpenVPN 4 Forward 3 Mac address from the lan to the wan (Router has it's own dhcp for voip phone)

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    1. HLD, LLD, LAN /WAN migration experience 2. SGT time zone work, weekends included 3. 4-5 months engagement 4. Remote support for our customer Cisco, Design, Linux, Security, System Admin

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    1. HLD, LLD, LAN /WAN migration experience 2. SGT time zone work, weekends included 3. 4-5 months engagement 4. Remote support for our customer

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    PCB Designer Bitti left

    Hiring PCB designer with knowledge of LoRa WAN

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    I am looking for someone who can help me translate a ThinkOrSwim indicator, written in thinkScript, into Pine Script that works with Trading View. The functions that you need to be well versed with include: - Hourly aggregation periods (to determine hourly candle high, low, and close) - Symbol-specific data, with variables that plot based on the chart's current symbol - Plot formatting tech...

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    I need to config dual wan failover in isp

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    I need 100 qualified and checked Instagram accounts in niche with over 1000 followers, for Germany, Norway, Switzerland (so 300 total). They have to be type 1 diabetic and wear a CGM (this is normally in the bio or the name of account, so all have to be checked). Would need someone fluent in german, someone fluent in swiss german, and someone fluent in norwegian for each task as the accounts sh...

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    Hi Wan Siti Zulaikha Hanim W., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I have a physical server at home where im hosting multiple websites on it. The server has two internet connections both with different WAN IP. The websites are connected to the first WAN IP. Now the problem is that when the first WAN goes down the websites are also down/ not working even if the second WAN connection is up. So i want a solution so that even if a WAN is down the websites work throug...

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    I have a few pieces of hardware that collect and stream data to the apps and or websites of the hardware manufacturers, this data is available in my accounts there and I’d like to automate the downloading and adding of the data to a database hourly or if need be daily with custom scrips or apps.

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    From a query given as an input from the business user, program should detect verbs, nouns etc. Typical examples of these queries are listed in the test cases tab under column A Verbs will match with the MongoDB operators such as COUNT, CHECK($exists)), DUPLICATE,SUM, AVERAGE Nouns will be the key/field names in the collection. One of the noun will be the collection name The UI should then genera...

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    I need to build a library that visualizes the data frame. you will have the input as a pandas dataframe, target column, and a dictionary describing each column and its type. The type can be numerical, categorical, binary, ordinal or time series (binary ad ordinal will be treated like categorical, and time series will be handled like numerical) . The function should return (1) an image of the pl...

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    Hi Wan Nur Izzah Binti W., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Hello. I have a PFsense device with two WAN connections. I also have two LAN ports. one with the IP [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] and the other with the IP [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I need ports 443 and 80 from WAN2 to go to a server at [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın], but this does no...

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    I am part of a content aggregation platform, need skilled content writers in English who can write content that can provoke thought and drive opinions. The need at hand is a professionally crafted article on the impact that brands with purpose can create.

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    Lütfen detayları görmek için Kaydolun ya da Giriş Yapın.

    Özellikli Acil Mühürlü Gizlilik Anlaşması


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    We require the services of a capable qualified engineer who CAN DEMONSTRATE EXPERIENCE or have a prortype we can use immediately and re-code firmware and build a board with accelerometer, PIR sensor, backup battery and 4G usb &/oror PCI Express modem and / or wifi board. The device needs to detect: - PIR when something is within the vicinity and support adjusting sensitivity and distance max...

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    i need an source code that can plug in to any website that can show push up notification on browser and divert in to any website address. This pop up have to be working even browser is being turn off from mobile the backend should be include 1 how many user subscribe on this website 2 can set divert website url 3 content and title (that i wan to sent) 4 images during the pop up

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    Me: I am a retired coder currently working on an idea for a dating website initially targeting Asian Markets. Task: I need a routine written in PHP which will extract data from a Mysql database and write it to a datamart/warehouse to allow quick access to a users dating matches. Deliverables: A single php file containing a class/method to perform the datamart extraction. I will provide: The ph...

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    Need a freelancer who matches the below Job Description Educational Qualifications: • Any Graduate with Certification course in hardware and networking, having a technical degree will be added advantage. Job description The role is involves the up keeping, configuration, and reliable operation of computer systems, including servers and providing support to remote location team members on t...

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    Hi Esrat Jhahan M., I noticed your profile and I saw that you wan a project for turning photos to Paint By Numbers. Do you still work on this? the most interesting thing for me now is in what format of colors are described: RGB, CMYK, Pantone ? the most interesting for me is Pantone. Regards Cezary Skatulski

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    We own a data aggregation company, we simply need a Professional front-end (UX/UI work) that’ll be sleek, modern, and convenient to use. The UX UI should be fully functional and able to be tested by installation on its own, where we’ll need to test its functionality before our in-house devs work on all the services that’ll be behind it, then freelance will likely be hired for bac...

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    Purpose: The site is intended for the aggregation and shipping of goods purchased from marketplaces

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    This project requires a Phone or Tablet and the Faceapp. Please comment in your bid that you have or will get the App. * You must be able to use the PRO Version of the App called "Faceapp" - you can download from [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] You must have the pro version which will cost you $5 for 30 days. You need pro because it removes their water...

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    1st I have received from the internet service provider the allocated WAN IP along for all our branches (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide along with other configuration information, so we can now begin the 1st phase to pre-configure 4 new Sophos XG125W routers, after that I will ship them to the respective branches. the 5th router is currently in use at the head office (Sydney) wi...

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    Hi Sarim A., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. I wan you to help me to develop a crm mobile app

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    i just wan to customize a rsult system in an exisiting school management system code igniter knowledge is required

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    I wan make a lease agreement between the company and investor the company will pay for their vehicle $500 a week . where the company pays for the driver and gas however company and investor will share the automotive insurance. The automotive general maintenance should be cover by the investor, also there is $200 one time registration fee upon the submission of application. Also the investor wil...

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    I have 2 domains and I wan to have FB pixel integration with both the domains. Clarity required on the below: how many business accounts are required if I have 2 domains and 2 landing pages. Do I need to have 2 FB page

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    Looking for a developer that can create a tool that either leverages United States Patent and Trademark Office open-source APIs, or, data scraping techniques, to automate recurring collection and aggregation of publicly accessible patent and trademark data. * Let me know your quote *

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    Facebook 5p Bitti left

    We are a newly started dropshipping business and wan t help to advertise on FB, Instagram, TikTok [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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