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    ...Everytime it turns I want the other side to show. Then to have a neon sign above it that says: heads or tails. With nice lighting and a gaussian blur background. I also wanted a few templates to be made for Youtube, Facebook Video, and IGTV - so that I could show what each side means if you land on it. If you look on this page: https://www.instagram.c

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    Hi Matthew, I wanted to see if you are available to help out with a job in coming days. Basically i have these t-shirt mock up files [login to view URL] And I want to get the images customized to feature the colour palette I have for my t-shirt collection (9 colours total) and also add the

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    I wanted a mirror of domain [login to view URL] to -1-Create a website in my Hosting WordPress with 9 main templates pages and Form -2-create around 9000 pages/posts according to the pagination on this this link [login to view URL] (1to-1101) -the pages will optimized with Yoast plugin References ; -http://mendmyiphone

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    ...Ghent (Belgium) and launched 2 years ago as an ex- spinoff from the University and imec. We started our commercialization as a Big data automation platform for companies that wanted to start with or optimize their Machine Learning, Microservices or IoT applications. We delivered a back-end platform where they could install, integrate and configurate all

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo For A Porn actress Bitti left

    I need a logo for a porn actress who will have her own website. Her Name is "Kim Rose" so she wanted to have her name as her logo. PLEASE DONT USE A ROSE ALSO DONT USE DESIGN TEMPLATES I WILL LOOK THEM UP AND NOT AWARD YOU Colors: Nothing too dark. Looking forward to your offers!

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    Website monitors that monitor sites for product stick and alet via soack webhook when changes or detect new item - I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using C or C++.

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    I have an after effects slideshow template see here: [login to view URL] and a number of photographs which I need including within the template. I also have music which I would like to be used and a logo to go at the end of the video. I require someone skilled in after effects and who can turn

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    ...endless typing. We can use mobile, Skype, this site's internal system, whatever. I had someone bid on this project, I accepted their work, received preliminary templates, liked them, said I wanted to talk with her on some points and finish, and she flaked out of the project. This is the second time this has happened. If voice communications frightens

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    Hi bro, I noticed your profile on O...Network as primary. I have Business listing template and will be purchasing Social network Template files from Themeforest. Just wanted to know, If you can build a cms/php site using Olympus HTML and Business HTML templates Or you can suggest any other flexible platform to easily add additional features in future.

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    Hi Souvik T., I noticed your profile on Olympus job and would like to offer you my personal project. I require a website with B...Listings and Social Network as primary. I have Business and will be purchasing Social network Template files from Themeforest. Just wanted to know, If you can build a cms site using Olympus HTML and Business HTML templates.

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    Hi I wanted to open up a large marketplace with templates for elementor, ONLY GOOD DESIGNERS, I will need to see some work! Let me know if you are interested

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    Personal Branding Site to representing my career profile and rss feeds from the sources that i wanted to add them/ modify them suitable for any hosting ( godaddy). Much prefered to use php templates.

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    Help needed to create a fun alternative catalogue for our non-profit, Library of Things: [login to view URL] Ever needed a drill just for a one-time job, or wanted to put on a film night and needed a projector? We lend out these kind of useful + joyful Things through community spaces like libraries and put on skill-sharing events for people

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    39 teklifler Notes - A blank cell for me to input notes Template sheets These are blank templates that I can fill out if wanted. They must be coded in such a way that I can copy and paste these templates so I can have even more spreadsheets if needed Please only bid for the project if you can complete all aspects of

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    31 teklifler using a default template but i wanted to design a new professional looking template like "[login to view URL]" not exactly like rutube but similar to front page and single page, i have wireframe for main page and single page how it should look like, i am looking for someone who has experience in designing joomla templates, also i am looking for some who

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    Hey quick question about what you offer. I have a business I'm starting and the name i wanted to introduce using motion graphics. Something like the templates for titles that adobe has. I have a flat .ai file my logo. It's named AdvisingOm, it's an anagram of my dad's name Govindsami who passed away right before i was going to launch last year. His

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    1 teklifler Notes - Just a blank cell for me to input notes Template sheets These are blank templates that I can fill out if wanted. They must be coded in such a way that I can copy and paste these templates so I can have even more spreadsheets if needed Please only bid for the project if you can complete all aspects...

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    ...with someone, via video chat or in person, so I can get a run through at the same time and just provide them with my login details to help with construction I have a few templates we can use and happy to buy another one. But also need help just polishing off my business logo. Want it to be sharper and more vibrant. I used to be in IT and pretty savvy

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    ...participants, but not too much movement needed here, more just keeping in the same style of the intro. We've been playing around with Renderforest, but the templates didn't allow the flexibility we wanted. Something along the lines of this: [login to view URL] , but more lighting-specific (i.e beams of light moving around) and

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    ...and developing and deploying web services projects. It lacks expertise in professional design of mobile graphical user interface screens in native technologies. Therefore, we wanted to outsource the front end work of mobile GUI screen design (Android & IOS) without dynamic functionality or back end work. We will take the GUI screens and integrate with

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    ...I already have most of the content. Just matter of formatting it and structuring it. I have it as responsive HTML and not wordpress etc. Instead of using standard templates, I wanted to just convert what I have to this structure. This is a project to understand market size by attracting potential clients and not a full fledged e-comm website.

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    11 teklifler Django-Egde skeleton and posted on public github repository: [login to view URL] The forms and models are not complicated, though we didn’t wanted to show the models. We intend to make a repository private, adding collaborator and missing models and admin. If you wish to see them, please write to me, but I don’t think

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    6 teklifler the templates found on [login to view URL] or [login to view URL] (I just would rather have my own than depend on these platforms). Website doesn't take up the the entire width of your browser. I'll be selling clothing for women only at this point so would like it to look a little lady like yet chic, smart and new yet have room to change it if i wanted to add men&#...

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    Help wanted to complete two academic/research documents related to tech management and leadership based on given scenarios. 8 to 12 pages total, the works must be 100% plagiarism free. Document templates, required sections, and detailed instructions will be provided.

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    Trophy icon DesignPrintShip Bitti left

    ...I need a site mockup... The attached jpg. I created and is what I originally wanted the site to look like, but feel it needs to be more professional. The download link for the psd file is [login to view URL] I really don't like the standard templates (or haven't seen one I like). You will see that what I'm doing is unique and I'll

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    ...db. This will not be used for commercial use at all. I am just designing a simple way for me to learn the ins and outs of getting data from a db and showing it on the templates. We will keep the design very straight forward, no AJAX or complicated form verification. I just want to learn how to setup a database and then submit objects to it / query

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    ...someone who can do this project quickly. REQUIRED: 1). I would like to see examples from previous videos done. 2). No templates should be used for this project. As mentioned, I could easily go to RawShorts and Moovly if I wanted too. 3). Video needs to be unique with unique images. 4). Unlimited Revisions If you have any questions let me know

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    . Only bids then include samples will be considered. Contemporary and sophisticated design wanted, for customers that are well-educated, with higher disposable income. To produce 5 sample logos, and once agreed to work up final logo. Then develop corporate identity document including, fonts, colours and patterns (see attached screenshot examples) for

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    I'm looki...someone who can do this project quickly. REQUIRED: 1). I would like to see examples from previous videos done. 2). No templates should be used for this project. As mentioned, I could easily go to RawShorts and Moovly if I wanted too. 3). Video needs to be unique with unique images. If you have any questions let me know. Thanks

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    ...these results by distributing high-quality content within our Exclusive Media Network that includes more than 200 high Authority News Sites like; FOX, ABC and Wanted: We are looking for an Experienced Sales Manager with a successful track record in sales. This is a work from home, full-time long-term contractor role and requires very

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    Hey kamal, I wanted to know if you have any templates that you are willing to sell. I'm interested in buying a total of 100 templates in various categories. Points to be noted: The quality of the template should be at par with *[login to view URL]* If my team likes your work and we have good compatibility then we are gonna go a long way as my team

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    Hi kultarkalsi, I know you worked on some email templates for StartCon before, I wanted to get your help coming up with a standard newsletter template for another brand, can you help?

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    1 teklifler, white, red primarily. The previous person working on setting up the podcast page and the podcast episode template page was unable to convert the Divi Builder templates to the look I wanted or to create new ones. A lot of the work has been done but she couldn't complete. I think that it should take an hour or less. Example of the podcast home

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    ...working on a variety of new and unfamiliar projects on a regular basis. Inputs Provided: You will be provided with: -Scope of Work Details -Original Content -Ideas and Templates for Fast Layouts Outputs Provided: We will require the finished website be published and rendered from our live web servers. Application Requirements In your reply/application

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    Finish template work and configuration to finish standard: -ju...reply with your best price, as this is the first requirment, i can but templates if required and maybe photo stock because they would have to be original photo's, please see [login to view URL] upwork freelancer [login to view URL] [login to view URL] for finish look and style etc.. original theme and design wanted...

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    54 teklifler teacher and wanted to make an app for TPT and my class. as its first attempt i want an app with multi targets initially animals, when students put a tablet over the trigger image then an animal with some simple animation comes out of the paper with AR. I will then use these images on worksheets, or booklet templates. If its good i will

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    Hello, I would like a Russian-propaganda photo of my face. I have always wanted to have one created for fun. I am looking for an enthusiastic and skilled drawer to bring my ideas to life. I have attached a few templates as inspiration.

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    Hi evadevlopers, I notice... I am building a website with neto but I do not like any of their website templates so I have designed one on Wix that I like. To make changes to the Neto website template it is done through SFTP access. Would you be interested? Please dont worry about the bid, i just wanted to start chatting to see what you think about it?

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    I need html templates that contains all pages i wanted for my online store website

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    ...2) The user interface once logged is very slow (again because of the graphics) 3) We want a simpler and faster method of drilling down to select documents. 4) New features wanted: A) We want to be able to create a custom cover page by filling in some boxes and generating the page to become the 1st page of the combined pdf. B) Add headers and footers

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    8 teklifler for our startup cake business in Karachi, Pakistan not launched yet. I found a theme that is close to what we wanted as it's simple, clean, mobile responsive, and looks professional. Freelancers can offer their design templates as well but I will expect only professional, elegant, and easy-to-load designs. [login to view URL]

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    ...its my check to confirm you read the project rather than autobid. Below is hat has been suggested to us to do - the detail and the URL are given in the attachment. I wanted to suggest you to work on your dating sites you have running on Dating Factory servers in order to improve your sites rankings on Google Hope you’ll find the following

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    ...contents. So in total it will be able 3 unique page templates: Home Page, Content Listings (for each category), and Content page. Freelancer is expected to have a preliminary introductory conversionation, and check in a couple times throughout the build to make sure design/function is what is wanted. However, it should be an overall hand-off approach

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    127 teklifler for models offering adult cam services, so if working on site with adult content is a problem, do not bid. I have a combination of customizations that I want made to templates so that the terminology etc shown on the site matches up with the nature of the site, formatting changes to adjust size and spacing of elements on pages, customization of

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    ...registration form, email delivery with customised templates, and post delivery reporting. The various parts of the system can be from different plugins or sources as long as they all work together. The software needs to be licenced for 1 to 5 websites. No monthly or ongoing services are wanted, the system should be comprised of elements which are

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    I have some products to sell, so i wanted to create a simple e commerce site which i need to link to my business website. I was going to do it myself so i signed up to Weebly as they not only offered a great deal, but they would link up with my existing square merchant account for all the credit card payments. As it turns out, im not really a techie

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    We have 2 ongoing projects that should be finished in about 2 months. Both projects are bootstrap templates that have been modified and should run with Django backend. The templates need further customisation so Javascript / Html / CSS is essential At least 3 years of Python / Django experience required. If successful you will be required to

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    ...Andres, well, lets go to business; i am wanted help, to put a SaaS solution, The idea is to put templates of financial plans so that potential customers can access them and download a PDF file with the information. The software must have the capacity to generate dashboards and in a first stage only 5 templates would be developed to put them in line.

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    Hello, I have a shopify website [login to view URL], I wanted to get help to : 1. Create an search bar which should be like [login to view URL] or [login to view URL] website. 2. Have a product templates that I can duplicate for each new products, which looks beautiful and customer experience oriented: [login to view URL]

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