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    I require a professional voice to record a telephone system greeting and announcement. Around a minute or so, script will be provided. Final recording needs to be a .wav file.

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    A full problem description is included in [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] which I will upload later. Problem: when using Fade In or Fade Out in the Titler Plugin and the Dissolve Transition, there is a temporary black flash that is not supposed to appear.

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    Hello this is Reem a graphic designer I want to make an Arabic version of dua lipa Levitating using the Arabic drums and oud instrumental here is an attachment of an acapella version of the song the version i want is WAV and also MP3

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    Needed slideshow with special requirements, I am a photographer and use slideshows to display images for my clients, I am working on a case for on-location viewings. I am in need of a custom slideshow program that would run on a Raspberry PI or similar, the concept would be a program with arcade style buttons for user interaction. Clients would watch a short video that would explain what to do the...

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    - Mix for Tears song as discussed in previous chat. - Masters for video, radio/CD and streaming (.wav and mp3)

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    i have a video [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] From 3mins till end, Fade 1 animation effects: Keep Aimin logo First Trial at only $68 (UP $459), Enjoy 90 Minutes of Guaranteed Weight Loss Treatment Today Fade 2 animation effects: Call to book an appointment display two outlets below Fade 3 animation effects: Visit [URL'yi görüntülem...

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    Alpas Aesthetics 2 gün left

    I am starting a new business and I have an idea of how I would like the writing of the business name (which will be the logo) to look like. However I only doodle it, and need help making it a graphic. I am wanting to start the alpas in a bright pink and fade to an orange. I would like the A to be a capital cursive A and the l to be a cursive l that curves into an infinity sign of the base of the p...

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    Take about 15-20 still jpegs to create a :45 second looping video in vertical format. Video will have transitions (fade, etc) between images No sound

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    - El archivo debe ser entregado en Moodle formato WAV o mp3, estéreo entrelazado - La duración del tema debe ser de mínimo 1:50 minutos. - La composición debe tener incluir el uso de drum machines, sintetizadores substractivos, samplers y sampling (de una canción popular) - La pista debe tener varias secciones claramente definidas, con varios elementos que vayan...

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    Fully produce 5 songs. Buyer to supply raw wav audio files

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    Hello I need a bat file, you must have to meet the following requeriments: - Drag and drop pictures (22 pictures in one file directory if the number is less it must work) - Drag and drop pictures ("A [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]" and "Z [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]") this files must shown at the start...

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    i have a portfolio website built on cargo that i want to have a fade in hover effect of the title when you hover over a project thumbnail. at the moment it just the title that comes up, but i would like it to be centered and for the background image to fade to black. i would also like to include tags underneath the title. lastly i need the right hand menu to be fixed there and responsive

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    Trophy icon A Funny Fart! Bitti left

    Guys I am looking for a funny animation/clip/gif/image that demonstrates the funniest fart. The smellier the better! Please include the Fart Sound ofcourse too :) Duration: 0-5sec Format: jpg, png, gif, mp3, wav, flac, mp4, pdf Have fun with this one haha!

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    *** YOU ARE EXPECTED TO REPLACE THE AUDIO INCLUDED IN THE VIDEOS WITH PROFESSIONAL AUDIO, USING THE SAME CONTENT.*** By replace , what is meant is you record fresh audio into the video and remove the old audio. This is not a project for creating a wav file. Hi i need a voice over to be done for TWO 3 minute app explainer videos, these currently have audio which is not professional grade, and...

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    808 VST Plugin Bitti left

    After someone to build me a 808 VST plugin 32 bit 64 bit and AU can provide wav samples for job. Would like to be build like the photo provided.

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    Hello, I represent a small start-up in Greece and I am also the back-end developer of the project. We are trying to build a Desktop Service for both Windows & Mac, but at this time we need more the Mac Version. This service has to record the audio from the soundcard (internal or external), save it as an audio file (.mp3, .wav, etc) and upload it using some APIs that I will provide you. This...

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    Hi, For our movie posts we would like to produce an intro and final credit sequence with our corporate logo. The sequences should come in the following formats: .mp4 and Adobe Premiere Project including all the underlying source files in order to be able to adapt the sequence in the future. The intro sequence should come in the following 2 versions: The intro sequence should be fade from blac...

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    This Project has a fixed price of $130. $10 per SFX. I need 13 Sound Effects produced. The sound effects will be used for a plinko board and a plinko chip going down the board and bouncing around. This game will be played on Alexa speakers & is a gameshow. Think of a The Price Is Right theme =================================================================== List and description of audio ne...

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    Trophy icon Logo design Bitti left

    Logo designing after understanding brand positioning PURPOSE/BELIEF - We believe that the best memories aren’t meant to fade away on the “cloud” – they’re meant to be saved, celebrated, and most importantly shared. What we are ? Photobook printing App A fast , affordable and most easy way to get those special memories off your Phone and into a book you can hold i...

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    Hi travellerstudios, I need a sound technician to help record a translator in a 3 way radio interview in HK (not live) 1 - 2 hours work. Rhode NT or better, recorded to Wav. (we will set up the 3 way on Cleanfeed between u in UK, the interview in another location). chris@ [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Chris +7512794122

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    Monthly Based Work I need professional english male voice over. Number of words per month ( 9000 word ). I will use this voice over for my youtube channel. Format : HQ Audio File ( WAV ) Budget : not fixed ( we will discuss this subject )

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    I am looking for a permanent video editor that can edit 1-2 videos per week. My raw footage is anywhere between 7-20 minutes. Here is a first project: _______ I have a 10 minute Full HD video that needs to be edited, cut and sliced. Here is what needs to be done on the video: 1) Color correct 2) Cut when I am looking down, make mistake, or between topics. 3) Resize frame (remove extra space ar...

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    Looking For A Long Term Contract With Producer. Need Expert Juice Wrld Beat Producer Requirements - Listen To Juice Wrld Beats On Daily Basis - Listen To Our Playlist Which Fit Our Style (Which our playlist updates everyday) - Needs To Be The Best Quality Nothing Less Mp3, Wav, and Stem Looking For One Long Term Producers To Specialize In These Juice Wrld Type Beats (We prefer juice Wrld ...

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    This Project has a fixed price of $130. $10 per SFX. I need 13 Sound Effects produced. The sound effects will be used for a plinko board and a plinko chip going down the board and bouncing around. This game will be played on Alexa speakers & is a gameshow. Think of a The Price Is Right theme =================================================================== List and description of audio ne...

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    Looking for an experienced Bengali composer to work on an original Romanic Bengali Classic song who will work with own studio, male vocalist, instrumentalists, and mastering. You must have previous experience, your own studio and unique ear to tune heart touchy melody. You need to arrange and work with your live musicians as needed, and delivery of fully produced audio tracks. Composer maybe locat...

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    Hello, I am looking for a programmer who can develop a plugin for OBS Studio that can fetch/get the stream of text from the public chat window of the site [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] ( an adult camming website ) and play a custom animation and sounds on the stream, live, based on certain criteria/words from that text stream. This involves knowledge or getting...

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    Please do a phonetic (sound) translation of the foreign songs listed below into English. You don’t need to know the foreign language, all you have to do is translate the foreign “sounds” into English so the songs sounds the same/similar in English as in the original. Successful freelancers will get a lot more songs to translate in the future. As part of your entry for each so...

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    vaultMix2021 Bitti left

    I need a software for video mixing setting up the start, fade in, cue (can be more than one), mix, fade out, end. I had done in as3 but its no longer available.. The thing is that in as3, I had multiple layers over the video with graphics which have their own timelines...but now all this is impossible to do with this code. I need it to do it for windows essentially and later on osx. Maybe some one...

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    I am looking to build a website for a DJ RECORD POOL. A record pool is a website where DJS pay a month, bi-annual or yearly subscription service to be able to have access to download new music to play in events, clubs or radio. I need a solution specifically for the Music Library with these functionalities below. MUSIC LIBRARY *Must have these functions. (FILES are .MP3, .WAV, .TIFF) * MUSIC SORT...

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    This Project has a fixed price of $130. $10 per SFX. I need 13 Sound Effects produced. The sound effects will be used for a plinko board and a plinko chip going down the board and bouncing around. This game will be played on Alexa speakers & is a gameshow. Think of a The Price Is Right theme =================================================================== List and description of audio ne...

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    Alef company has already set up AWS ec2 servers in Singapore location and China Beijing location for its multilingual speech recognition, text to speech, and translation http web services. The Alef APIs offered to our clients are json files through the endpoints located in AWS Singapore and China. This project is about Face animation and Talking head lip sync and 3D simulation. Deepfake uses...

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    I need to have a 30 seconds video with footage I have. I need to have hollywood action movie music added my video intro needs to be added also ( video intro already made ). video footage found here [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] TEXT TO BE ADDED in the video: text will fade in and out ________________________________________ NOUVEAU dépôt de te...

    €17 (Avg Bid)
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    Edit 6 short 1 to 3 min videos. - Colour grade, warmer, brighten up, remove the shine. - Fade in / Fade out - Add backing track, a nice volume between the voice and music - edit 3 out of 6, remove errors, repeated words

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    Write a program in C that opens a .WAV file, aplply a low-pass or high-pass filter on the audio file and save as another file.

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    Hi Umamaheswari P., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I am working on python pyaudio web development app for pronunciation assessment using microsoft azure. I am recording and saving audio using pydub is not detecting by pronunciation. But, when i pass other wav file, the app is working. So, i need help on this.

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    I need code in flutter to record Save and play recorded audio in either PCM Codec and WAV format or OPUS codec and OGG format for IOS & Android

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    Hey! I need a 20 minute video sales letter produced for a Chrisitan life coaching training course. I am providing a voiceover that could be edited to minimize pauses, mouse click sound, and "umm", if possible. I'm looking for a video created using the voiceover along with subtitles. Here is the .wav voiceover: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] T...

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    .NET Developer Bitti left

    This is an exciting opportunity to work with a forward-thinking and growing UK based software company on a diverse range of interesting projects and using the latest technologies. As a .NET Developer, you will be a full-time member of our technology development team which is in charge of expanding our products and tools. You will be working from home on the tasks assigned to you in daily online co...

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    Make a jingle Bitti left

    We need a Spanish, Engish 15 s jingle for music on hold in our phone system. Format WAV, : Usted se ha comunicado con Cespedes De Col, por favor manténgase en línea, que su llamada será atendida en un momento... You have reached Cespedes De Col, please stay on the line and your call will be connected momentarily. Los/las proponentes favor proporcionar un archivo de ejemplo en...

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    Hello freelancers, I am working on a mobile app with Flutter and I need help to implement some native code with Swift. Flutter knowledge is not required but appreciated. The task will involve wave file creation and seamless looping playback as well as audio and video recording. The freelancer should be familiar with the WAV format and PCM data. Please post in your proposal some links to your Git...

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    Trophy icon Create file format icons. Bitti left

    I want it to look something like this for example [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] but you have to make it your own do not download other people's work. You can see they have a transparent background and the white file icon bent at the top right corner with gray file logo then colored label with the capital letters file formats. That how I want it. I want it...

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    Looking for a podcast editor to work with me on Byteside podcast projects, both internal shows and contract work for other media outlets and companies. Most projects are simple interview format shows recorded with separate audio tracks for each speaker. I work in Adobe Audition and would like someone who can receive WAV files and deliver the cut and polish (tidy up pauses (not too tight) and redu...

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    We are an agency. We provide dance experts for individual wedding choreographies. We require a music mix with some sound effects for one of our customers. Here are the required songs with the time stamps and the description. If you think that you have better ideas for the transitions between the songs, you can try them, because I tried to imagine, how it would sound in my head, but I might be wron...

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    Hi! We're looking for an experienced app developer, who will create an app for us from sctratch. Both iOS and Android for the budget price. The app should be pretty easy and simple to build. The budget includes: -Entire coding + providing of source code -Entire graphics made by you -Sound effects -Entire U.I -Both apps uploaded to App store and Google Play by you -Ads set up by you -The op...

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    Need on premise/open source/text-to-speech engine/python or node. Which you can implement today? one program can give a text string as input and wav file shud be output. Through api interface.

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    *****Web app developer/designer wanted***** This is a light system using 32-34V 100W COB LEDs controlled by a web app via bluetooth. Every single Light has its own Child ESP32 which controls via pwm a MOSFET that controls the COB. The Child ESP32 boots as a fixed channel and connect to the Parent ESP32 via bluetooth. The Parent ESP32 executes orders from user via the web app via bluetooth . The W...

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    [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I want to write audio from receiver socket that includes repo I shared. this repository provides voice call application over wifi I want to write caller's voice into local wav file, its such as call recorder of callers voice or writing input stream onto file

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