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    Experience with GPS accuracy is important!!! Application to be used by truck drivers. 1. Sending gps positioning. 2. Send the activity carried out. 3. If the truck has an assigned route, the route must be shown on the map, it must be traveled on this route, if it is going on another route, notify the central office and the app itself with "Off route". The experience and use of the map m...

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    I am looking for a freelancer that can assist me in developing an application and deploying to iOS and Droid an application that is focused on connecting people to mobile drivers. To provide a location of both, allow for grading (stars), profiles of the mobile drivers. The purpose is to help the people meet the mobile driver. There would be profiles for the people, the mobile driver, and links ...

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    Trophy icon Wedding Site Bitti left

    I want a responsive and simple (but original) landing page as a wedding invitation. Includes: details of wedding, RSVP, links to Waze and Google Maps, links to gift stores with instructions, a Hashtag at the bottom and other details that will be specified when hired. (Puede ser en ingles o español, no importa) Reference Websites: 1. [URL'yi görüntülemek için gi...

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    Hi Bhadresh S., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project for the funcitonalities of waze navigation integration and other design changes in ios app.

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    Hello! I am seeking your expertise to create/develop an application for me. The basic idea of this app is to show the user where the nearest *insert place* is. So, when they open the app, the main page shows them a list of where the places are. When they tap the place, it leads them out of the app and brings them to google maps/waze/etc and shows them how to get there. The design is kept t...

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    i work for uber and lyft but do have a few clients who want only me to drive them and uber and lyft don't allow this so i am looking for an app that will allow me to put in my prices (base fee, cost per mile and cost per minute--which they would not see) and my client to put in their destination see the price for that trip and then allow them to put in their credit card info and confirm the r...

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    Website and iOS and Android App. The concept is as follows - [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] - website and Apps for Afro-Caribbean restaurant bars night spots eateries pop up restaurant, markets, events, hairdressers, beauty spots, events and leisure activities in the United Kingdom. Concept - Online Directory with east fill in form for registered users to update...

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    Location finding app, that can be use to share location by app and send text or message by text format. Web page will act as location viewer and share the right coordinate to apps like Google Map, Apple Map, Waze.. Will use API and Location Saving, Recognising by camera or voice.

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    Como dueño de un restaurant veo necesidades que aun no están bien resueltas. El proyecto tal como lo dice el nombre va orientado al rubro gastronómico y deseo hacer un sistema integrado como corresponde (Todo en uno). - POS Web Restaurant: - Toma de Pedidos (Servir, llevar delivery) - Modulo Delivery Integrado Google Maps, Waze, donde se pueda ver los despachos y donde ...

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    Looking for a developer who can help build an app for streetfood vendors who move around a lot eg ice cream vans – kind of like a ‘Waze’ for ice cream vans so customers can find them a bit easier and even make contact like on waze… All designs will be provided. Please send full proposal and costing

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    Nuestro proyecto consiste en desarrollar una APP que utilice geolocalización con algunas funcionalidades que puedan replicarse de Waze y es para el uso de conductores de vehiculos. estamos buscando un desarrollador que cuente con un porfolio visible de otros proyectos en los que haya trabajado.

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    I need to edit rum for smamung A11 And also for xiaomi redme 9 A I actually want to enable the following: - Lock the entire phone - It is not possible to access any application on the phone (a black screen will be displayed with the waze application only. - Lock the option to reset or delete the phone Lock the option to delete or burn a new rom - Lock the option to receive phone calls / message...

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    A Route optimisation app 1. Should be able to get the shortest route between 2 points(starting and finish time)with up to 300 stops regardless of the distance between the points. 2. Should be able to read addresses using QR code or enter manually but pre-populate the location so it picks up addresses quickly. 3. Should be able to optimise the route and once the route is optimised we can print it ...

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    Hello , I want to some one , to building gps app like waze or maps me

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    Landstosell Bitti left

    Hello, i want to create an application to allow to people to find lands, houses, villas, appartement etc... ) for sell around the position where the user Of this application IS. With a control of the radius of its research. the seller can give informations on this application ( coordinates (x,y,z), pictures, description, price, phone number etc) And this application can show to the eventual buyer...

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    I need someone that is able to create a program that scans Waze or incadenta in a small area and will email me when an accidents pop up and it needs to be done within 30 seconds to a minute or showing up

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    I'm looking to build a website that have the following capability :- Equiry form, Social Media Integration, Responsive on different devices Having Waze or Google map , whatsapp, ecommerce and online payment capabilities. SEO and SSL implemented. To be hosted on google cloud. To apply, please send me a sample of past work / website link which you have developed before so I can evaluate if i...

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    Here is a really rough outline of the website: (Note) Brand image is already completed, but I need web design that integrates my graphic elements into website.--- Home Page: Logo & Name Sponsor Names (links to sponsor websites) Are you 21 Y or N? Menu (Home Page): About - Goes to 1 page “about us” page Register or Login- Enter name, email, phone (optional), zip code (optional...

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    TotamGas is a gas refilling app that allows users to search for gas stations and refill gas. We are looking to develop in-app driving directions feature development that allows the user to select the desired gas station and drive to it with directions using TotamGas instead of other apps like Waze, Maps or Google Maps. Just like Uber does inside their own app.

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    I need to maintain a WEB system, including the development of a WEB page, integrated with IOS and Android app oriented to logistics of withdrawals and online deliveries through an app for drivers and / or dispatchers, a control center and messaging services to Users, must include direct communication with end customers through chat or videoconference or phone call and also be aimed at business cus...

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    Necesito desarrollar una aplicación android que realice lo siguiente: - Al abrir la app identificarse (login) conectando a un servidor - Mostrar ubicación en mapa (ej. google) - Ir marcando la ruta que sigue el usuario - Grabar a una base de datos MySQL (en el servidor) puntos de ubicación cada X segundos (por ej. cada 10 seg.) hasta terminar un recorrido La app debe conect...

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    Hello! I am using dokan multivenndor and plugin Sg Woocommerce Checkout Location Picker, Actually I can show the maps and coordinates on the order in woocommerce because I am admin, but in orden vendor dashboard it dont show, so I want that this información show on dashboard dokan vendor order. Also I want that in email that recived the vendor when the customer do a buy, the maps and coordi...

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    Hello, I would like to develop an application for ios and androit with a motorcycle theme. A combination of waze, snapchat, rideology. To monitor the route of the rider, to be able to make a list of friends with whom he can go for a ride, to inform if there are obstacles on the way and to have an S.O.S. If a motorcyclist falls or needs help, he can give an S.O.S from the application to the police,...

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    I need to built an app like waze app (gps system) with social and gamification options.

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    So i need the following to be done. 1.) Bugs fixing and optimizing the code for better performance 2.) Implementation of Hypretrack API for better tracking of driver's from rider's app. allow admin to monitor and track drivers live and track the routes of the trips that were taken by drivers. 3.) Make changes in the apps(design) to show driver their weekly earning information showing ...

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    Necesito desarrollar un sistema WEB integrado con app IOS y Android para emprendimiento de logística de retiros y entregas en línea mediante una app para los conductores y/o despachadores, una central de control y servicios de mensajerías a los usuarios, debe incluir comunicación directa con los clientes finales y también estar orientada a clientes empresas a tr...

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    bawa2u logo Bitti left

    This is a sparrow the wing is the location marking as in waze or google I want a futuristic design in 2D logo must be editable for webpage,IOS APPS,Android APPS Full source code required The bird is Brown and the Location marking is red The google pin location must be as if a location pin u might see uploaded and the design have smtg like a eye brow. please remove it in the design

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    Create an app just like WAZE app I need to add so-called African American voice commands/lingo Also, I need to add extra features that are not offered on Waze, I would need to add my sounds using my voice for the commands. I need a splash screen and my color theme is yellow and black

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    I want to make a standard Android device For waze navigation device only So you can't browse the web If you can do it

    €43 (Avg Bid)
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    *Freelancer can select go online/offline options *if you are customer you can open app and post your request *if your are freelancer you can select online/offline. when you online you ill get request from customers. *if you signup with both. customer you can post any time /you want to earn money with freelancer you have to click go online buttion. *if your are customers eg you have issue with co...

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    WazeReader GitHub app is designed to Fetch the coordinates of events (accidents, traffic jams, closures, etc...) displayed on a Waze map for Bogotá, Colombia. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] This application need to be re-configured to work in Perth, Australia instead of Bogotá, Colombia. The application is installed on the AWS EC2 server. For...

    €11 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Create an IOS and Android App to serve as a A business directory with interactive ability similar to yelp or Waze to allow users to not only put reviews and rate the business but also allows the user Or business to link with businesses in a local area for messaging and networking For example the tool would allow users to request services in a local area category and businesses could respond to i...

    €814 (Avg Bid)
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    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. hi there I would like a simple app that would work like Google lens. I would like to scan multiple adresses directly on each parcels to deliver with a mobile phone and report all addresses to a maps or Waze with route optimizations and logical van loading order. so the last delivery will be at the back and the first deliveries will be in...

    €2632 (Avg Bid)
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    I need an iPhone/iPad/android app. I would like it designed and built. I also needs a website All should work on both English/Arabic languages. Live tracking, gps navigation using google or waze API is mandatory. The app will have to parts: enduser/ business owner Price is negotiable Thanks

    €2640 (Avg Bid)
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    Travel app Bitti left

    I want to have an app to integrate with waze, to identify the vehicle state, such as -on highway -in traffic -parking

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    Necesito una app para Android. Debe gestionar los procesos de una empresa de mensajería. Debe permitir ingresar cada paquete con los datos del cliente que envía y recibe. Ademas me gustaría poder incluir las ubicaciones de waze enviadas por loa clientes para poder calcular la mejor ruta y lista de entregas. El app debe poder generar orden de servicio y facturar múltiple...

    €520 (Avg Bid)
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    For Developers with Ride-Hailing/Taxi-Hailing Experience Only please I'd like the following changes in my cab-hailing app please: 1. Show ETA from/to Rider after ride request is made 2. Add PROMO Code feature 3. Integrate Google Maps Navigation/Waze options after ride starts from Driver 4. Show vehicle movement/tracking after ride starts {on app) 5. Integrate analytical tools/charts for r...

    €313 (Avg Bid)
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    I'd like the following changes in my cab-hailing app please: 1. Show ETA from/to Rider after ride request is made 2. Add PROMO Code feature 3. Integrate Google Maps Navigation/Waze options after ride starts from Driver 4. Show vehicle movement/tracking after ride starts {on app) 5. Integrate analytical tools/charts for reports The experience required is for Freelancers that have designed rid...

    €10 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I need you to develop some software for me. I will load a list of addresses and get back the fastest driving route

    €630 (Avg Bid)
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    App delivery para Android, IOS (opcional) y panel web (administración - obligatorio). App Cliente: El cliente busca y elige por filtros platos y comidas. Elige los productos y agrega al carrito de compras, delivery , reservacion, recojo en tienda, paga (efectivo - tarjeta - online ). El cliente registra comentario del producto y califica con estrellas. Se mostrará ofertas y product...

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    I need a webview that will display the content of my website. This app also should: - when the user click on my number, the phone dial sould open - when the user click on the whatsapp button, whatsapp should open ready to send a message to the number - when the user click on my address, the app should open Waze pointing to my adress Any modification needed in my website's code to work wit...

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    Delivery App for iOS and Android with PC control panel (project including all 3) User: browse category and add to cart products, select delivery and pay by card Shop (multiple shops suport): recive order, prepare it and ask for driver Driver: accept order, drive to location (waze suport) and take the packages Admin panel: see all orders by drivers or shops, see payments, can edit orders

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    [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] can make me a mimick of waze but I need it to have a few tweeks to it [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] doesnt have nothing to big just a few little tweeks if you can check out waze app then apply for my. Bid that woukd be best to do [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]...

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    All the functionalities of the website [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] + convert to english language button or any other language + search by project tab hostgator is the host and website to be made by wordpress on their site 1. chat with us pop up 2. 4 to 5 pages with one or 2 pages with drop down 3. click photos to videos 4. mapping location on waze or ...

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    Navigation app Bitti left

    I need navigation app similar to google and waze.

    €1182 (Avg Bid)
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    EXCLUSIVO PARA QUIENES ESTÉN EN ARGENTINA Buscamos una persona super organizada, metódica, con atención al detalle, innatamente curiosa, ansiosa por aprender, y con capacidad analítica para trabajar de forma permanente entre nuestro equipo y clientes. Este rol requiere tener una pie en la estrategia-planificación y otro en las operaciones-implementació...

    €10 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Hello there, I'm the head developer of an integration between our data server and a on-going phone app based on React Native using Expo SDK v36. This app was being developed by a 3rd party that's gone, the endline of the project is near, and we miss some features. The app consists on a Parking finder using a custom API on our server, that will provide Geocoding, Directions and all you ca...

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    1 mini web images adjustable 2 Location add on which can trigger waze and google maps , show the address with font

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    We have an existing app that needs to have WAZE built into it. This app will display a location of a main issue, other users that are included (their locations) and finally the best route from their location to the main location. Data should be pulled from the WAZE Platform to show traffic, closed roads, and other impediments. This will need to be done for each alert that comes through.

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