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    ...hydrologic model output file. [login to view URL] needs ability to select file (will always be called [login to view URL] although in different directories). [login to view URL] optional starting month in one textbox, and year, in seperate text box. This file is a monthly ouput file with the month no. (1-12 listed, then the year following in the same column. [login to view URL] to pull o...

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    ...coder thoroughly understands the use. The coder will have to determine the correct equations to do this. The coder will bid a combined price The coder will make a basic gui (textbox or whatever_ to demonstrate the calculations in response to varying process values All flows should be in mass units ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working

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    ...client that tells me the clients diagnoses. The list has all diagnoses this person has had and might be something like this: 250.9 777.5 780.2 778.4 401.9 454.3 Next, I have a textbox that some or all these codes may appear. Here is an example of the data in text1: # SYNCOPE AND COLLAPSE (780.2): doing well. on aspirin. sugar getting controlled. Taking sugars

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    Number Dialer Bitti left

    ...a number. What we need to do is add code to it to make it put the caller on hold by using the flashhook command "!", dial a number which may be hardcoded or input from a textbox and then using flashhook command "!" again, connect the new call to the call that has been put on hold. If the number being dialed is busy, then MSCOMM plays a "beep" to the

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    Project Coffee Bitti left

    I need to create a project that calculates the amount due for individual orders and records those orders in a textbox. Call the project “NU-Coffee Shop?? [login to view URL] a checkbox for takeout items, which are taxable at 8%. [login to view URL] option buttons for five coffee selections ??" Cappuccino, Espresso, Latte, Iced Cappuccino, and Iced Latte. The prices are: Cappuccin...

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    ...When a link(underlined item) is clicked (hand cursor), I would like to show a hidden multiline textbox under the item that was clicked. This textbox should be totally customizable with fonts, colors & borders, and a descriptive image like a msgbox. The textbox should expand to the amount of text inside. It should support the majority of the standard events

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    How can I click on a populated list box and have that selection appear in a texbox? I want to add multiple items from a list box and have them appear in a textbox. Can't figure it out. ## Platform MS Access 2000

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    Enhancements Bitti left

    ... (Check out the piece of code that is the ActionListener for the Full-Screen menu item. It is in the MainMenu java source file). 6. Fix Problem 3 (Problem displaying a html web page in an EditorPane) Clicking on the ‘Contents’ menu item in the help menu should display a help page (in html), but I am having problems getting this to work. The ActionListener

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    I require an ActiveX control (OCX), that will take an ordinary textbox and when the user types more than the visible portion or clicks on the 'expand' button, a large multiline portion drops down below the textbox so that the user can continue to enter more information in a multiline format supporting new line characters, scrollbars as necessary, custom

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    ...down) 5. Rich ToolTips Support (already implemented, but tooltips don't appear in correct position) Please note the following : 1. You should NOT care about drag n' drop over TextBox (drag icon), I don't have this problem in my application. 2. Drawing process should remain flikerless (as the demo) Demo : [login to view URL] (attached)

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    I need a ordinary textbox control with integrated Command button with the following properties: Ordinary textbox control with look and feel and behavier, ALL properties, events, methods of the standard textbox control of visual basic. An INTEGRATED Commandbutton with: an right arraw, ... (tree dots) or a free mini icon. Outside this picture, there ist

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    ...independant of Internet Explorer shell functionality.. Meaning I dont wana have to set the socks server in internet explorer.. I want each field settable in the code as a textbox etc... ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Complete Visual Basic

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    ...example on how to edit the text of a textbox in a compiled vb executable. I would like it to be able to change the text in text boxes. I will need 2 executables. The first executable will be the one to be edited. It will need to have 4 textboxes to be individually edited. The second executable will be the editor. It will have 4 textboxes to enter the

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    ...following: In a nutshell, the function will compare each Instructional string that is stored in an array for a similar occurance withen the textbox (comparing the instructional string to each individual line in the textbox searching for the exact sequence and strings) when a match is found it will parse out the text fields and then put those parsed fields

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    ...screen will prompt the user to input their name into a text box and then proceed to the main screen. The MAIN SCREEN button is to remain disabled until entry is made into textbox. Splash scr. will terminate when MAIN SCR. button is pressed and take user to the MAIN Screen. The Main form will greet user by name and prompt. user to enter # of tick. and

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    ...set up now, may require the use of arrays. It is an embellishment of the original assignment. The HTML form displays a listing of 8 television sets in a table. Each has a textbox (for entering a quantity) and a checkbox (to select the item for ordering). There is a button to place the order and brings up a cgi reply. I am having a problem is setting

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    Data base work Bitti left

    Step 2. If there are services available in this area display a search engine that corrects the spelling of the user input. Example Step 2. Enter the service you are seeking $textbox (submit). This input is matched with the available services in the database and available service providers are listed. The person that wins the bid for this project will be

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    I need a Textbox control .NET WinForms component with the following features: 1. It should be able to display a set of keywords (specified in an XML file) in a specified color 2. As and when the user types in a text, the control should display the text in an appropriate specified color (as specified in the XML file). The set of keywords will be read

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    ...whole area upon resize, keeping same %) 3. [BUG fix] :: Uniform distance between tab groups Please note the following : 1. You should NOT care about drag n' drop over TextBox (drag icon), I don't have this problem in my application. 2. Drawing process should remain flikerless (as the demo) Demo & images : [login to view URL]

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    ...that has a problem. The problem is it when it loads up, it sets focus to the command button. I do not want this to happen. I know a person can simply set the tab order to the textbox first. However, the problem is I have a project where the only thing enabled is the command button and images. It does not look very professional when they go to a program

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