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    I need a single webpage to show multiple stock charts based on a list of Australian (ASX) stocks. This information is freely available Operation: A list of up to 50, 3 letter ASX (australian) stocks is pasted into an input box on a web page and the webpage would then display a list of graphs and info for each of these stocks. Inputs would

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    Hi, I am working on a website of my own, and the languages that I mainly use in it are: php, mysql, html etc (the typical stuff). Now to the problem: I have a mysql database and I would like in a webpage to: Create 2 dropdown menus that: Dropdown menu 1 filters the results of let us say column 1 Dropdown menu 2 filters the results of column 2, based

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    We want to create an SEO optimised webpage about our Social Impact Initiative on our website - [login to view URL] Ethan & Harriet is an educational toy company. We design and manufacture Nigeria-themed educational toys. We have developed a (CSR) Social Impact Initiative – ‘Ethan & Harriet Pals’. The 'Ethan & Harriet Pals' initiative has

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    I am having problem passing input data from my webpage into database. I have done this many times before, so I'm hoping you spot my error. This is one simple INSERT command in MySQL. I am using [login to view URL] to host this free site. Form url is [login to view URL] The last thing I did was change php file from ANSI to UTF-8

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    Small, quick and long out every 10 seconds to an webpage which will enter it into a SQL database. The app seems to work but the location changed event doesn't seem to fire as far as I can tell, but I'm not really an expert in Android and someone who is good can probably figure out the one small problem i am having fairly quickly

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    I need to scrape a webpage. I'm using beautifulsoup and try to get the content of it. However I have problem in using the findAll method. Apparently I can get the table but not the td elements. I suspect it's soemething very easy but I can't figure out the solution. I checked everywhere online. I'm very new to Python and web scraping. I have started

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    I need to grab text from some website, and put it into txt file on my server. Problem: this text need to be distributed to 12 txt files, according to specific rules. This procedure is doing daily. Example: from this webpage [login to view URL] go to link "Dnevni Horoskop za 25. jul 2016". On that page there is some text for

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    ... We have just started culturing consistently and successfully. We need a solid landing page to convert prospects to customers. They have a problem. We have the solution. They click BUY. Our webpage: [login to view URL] Some competition and info links to create the best copy: https://reeftown

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    I have an existing webpage that uses JW Player to play videos. The videos are passed to the page via the URL. ie. [login to view URL] will display the video on the page. Currently, JW Player is the default player and Flowplayer is the fallback option. Your job is to remove JW and upgrade the code to the latest Flow. Care will need to be taken

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    ...IPAD FOR TESTING! 1. When browsing to this specific page on iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus (only plus model) [login to view URL] this error shows in safari "A Problem Occurred with this Webpage so it was Reloaded", and the page goes in reload loop. 2. Menu navigation ("PLAKATER RAMMER KAKTUS KRUKKER GAVEIDEER") has problems on Apple devices. When

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    ...countdown timer that when it finishes, starts a new countdown in it's place. I have a form that submits Date1 and Date2 to MySQL and updates the countdown on the webpage. My problem is I cannot display multiple timers on the same page without modifying some of the code, that's where I need you. To allow me to have multiple timers on the same page

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    ...until you scroll down over them. The problem is that it makes it seem like nothing is below the picture and there is something there, so people won't scroll down. I want the four boxes to appear all the time and not just when some scrolls over it. When you are on a mobile device it looks like I have no webpage. I do not know HTML or PHP and would

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    ...with the design as close as it could be to the supplied examples. Copy large parts of the examples is no problem for us. Use of images: See the appendices for examples of images, use of these pictures are not mandatory. Please see our webpage for the conference aim and scope, if you have better ideas for pictures fitting to the subjects of the conference

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    18 girdi to write application on a particular platform, s/he should have no problem working with the SDK. Furthermore, ooVoo SDK encapsulates all technical complexity of working with multimedia so the developer does not need to have video experience..." Users logging in to my webpage will redirect to a page where your code will allow them either establish

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    4 teklifler offer (in order to show the correct pins on the map) we have to select the universities of the city every time because it takes us a long time to do that. This is the problem. We need to avoid this procedure. We want to add businesses without the need of selecting the right universities every time. We want the student-visitor of our website to

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    11 teklifler offer (in order to show the correct pins on the map) we have to select the universities of the city every time because it takes us a long time to do that. This is the problem. We need to avoid this procedure. We want to add businesses without the need of selecting the right universities every time. We want the student-visitor of our website to

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    ... it says "Email address invalid" when I do a test and im not getting any emails. I have no clue what the problem is. I need some things to check from someone who quickly will know what to check for. I dont want to grant access to my webpage. I would like someone who has experienced this before and knows how to fix it. I will send settings via screenshots

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    I need software CD collections that I sell to be finished. Problem Some of these have the following issues: 1. Not been checked to ensure they are correct 2. Missing images that need to be created to market them 3. No sales message Tasks 1. Check current status of CDs - I need someone to go through each software kit and check that it

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    ...3000 products all on one webpage. When webpage loads, it loads products with the images...So it takes a lot of time....However the webpage always freezes saying "Good chrome is being unresponsibe. Wait or Kill"...I need something who can fix this problem and make the webpage load fully without any error. Will only pay if problem is fixed. ...

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    ...admin ajax or initialization problem (theme related) i am having and I believe is in my child theme. My theme is Blazok by theme forest - this is an ecommerce theme. The website seems to load content twice because it initializes twice. The admin ajax also initializes twice. I hired previous developer who fixed the problem, but there code created other

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    ...Australia (if necessary). Summary There is no international standard for postal addresses and they differ, even in same country from different data input users. The problem requires a definition as to what an address is. The suggested answer(but not necessarily the only answer) to this question is: a text string which normally contains a postcode

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    Description of our problem: We have a lot of different projects. For each project we take on or more samples at one or several points in time (with different latitude and longitude coordinates or adresses for each sample). We analyze the samples and get values on several parameters (can be different for each project / sample). Description of what

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    Hi, Check this website I need images for all the product. But the problem is that i can save images but the website is coded in such a way that downloaded images will not be good. You can check your self. So i have to crop images from product webpage one by one. Is there any automated solution for this? I am actually looking for each

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    I moved website to new server and facing not found error, only the default webpage is showing, I need custom htaccess and [login to view URL] file to solve the problem.

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    Fix the "bugs" in a Webpage Rating Form. $150-$400- Contract SPECIFICATIONS 1) The webpage rating form consists of 30 photos which are presented sequentially beginning with page 1. This has no bugs. 2) Raters are to rate each photo on a 1-4 scale. The pictures will be presented sequentially. Page/Picture 1, then Page Picture 2. This has

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    ...(Tesseract 3,04) optimized/trained for 2 specific types of TIFs. The problem is that out-of-the-box Tesseract has accuracy of about 96-97% which is unacceptable, because other PAID online services can do around 99,5% accuracy for the 34 tested pages. Requirements: 1. Build a simple webpage where we can upload TIF image and see extracted text in textarea

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    Hello i have already one Joomla 3.5 Webpage but i have problem to register a new user,to virtuemart one page check out and to taxibooking component to run into the site. One page checkout error 'Error submiting registration form (registerCheckout). Reload the page and try again.' And the taxi booking go to the last step by he dont finish the booking

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    We are currently using a website for managing our leads. Our current problem is. Whenever we change something in our table of datas. We still have to Refresh our webpage. Which takes too much time. We want to achieve is. The site will not refresh the whole page. but only the values inside our table. just like how the Refresh button In Gmail works

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    ...which is also good. If someone makes a webpage, makes a link and places the download URL the php script generates as the link, it will take them to my homepage or not allow them to download which is good. Since the feature was added to not allow downloading if the link is placed on another website, the problem I am having now is that users cannot download

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    Hi. I just finished setting up WHM and cPanel. I also set up DNS. Hosting with Linode. I uploaded a test webpage that's just an empty .html file but when I go to it it gives me a 404 error. Can you help me figure out the problem? I would prefer to fix it through WHM/cPanel if possible. SSH is also okay but no as preferred. You will have to tell me what

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    1 teklifler a particular webpage (which is a page on WordPress). I'm stuck by trying to figure out how to obtain the values, which will be inserted into a database table. I've used several php plugins, straight code, but these have not worked. Potential for other work as more technical problems come up. So, looking for help with this problem, but also looking

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    1. the link in the password recovery email send the user to the webpage. It should send it to a page where the customer can reset their passwords. Please fix the link. 2. If I upload a product image to website backend, the image doesn't show up in the backend. [login to view URL] are two rows on my homepage that are static. (Top Trending and Best Selling)

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    function myAdSenseCodeFunction(){ return ' i have problem because appear '; { add_shortcode('AdToAppearHere','myAdSenseCodeFunction');{"success":"-1","alert":"Cannot write [login to view URL] file, you may try setting the [login to view URL] file permission to 755 or 777 to solved this. ( If file does not exists, you have t...

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    2 teklifler cart. The problem is that search engines do not properly index the products for sale in ecwid out of the box because it is ajax. So a little extra works needs to be done so that the SEO functions correctly. This is where you come in. Ecwid provides clear instructions for setting up a script to insert into the same webpage as the ecwid shopping

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    ...administrative skills
• Exceptional customer service skills, over the phone,with our customers and internal departments *ability to create and deign a webpage will be appreciated 
• Strong sense of urgency and problem solving skills Qualifications
• Bilingual English/United state based resident is preferred
• Must be computer savvy and proficient in Microsoft

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    Having a problem with Wordpress on godaddy server. I have installed wp theme to a server that used to use with my old domain. Now I have changed the main domain to my new domain already. But when I customized my site on wp, it was very slow. After that 3 hours the site shows "This webpage has a redirect loop ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS" ([login to view URL]

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    I am using safari on iPad and getting the error "A problem occurred with this webpage so it was reloaded" when loading a webpage I am developing. I need you to give me a report of the problem.

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    Our website designer used Xataface to create a simple gui/frontend for the st...Network Solutions to Go Daddy. Now, we get the following error when we try to log into our store locator, to add new stores. This webpage is not available ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED We need someone to fix this problem. Note. Xataface is installed in a subdomain.

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    ...[login to view URL] - Our website uses anchor links to jump to sections of the webpage. But we also have a fixed/sticky header, which causes a problem: when I click the anchor links, the sticky header covers the first pixels of the section. So the anchor link position probably needs to be fixed

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    ...- Show partner name, partner image, "buy gift" button, "show matches" (links to screen 6) - Cancel connection (Breaks connection with partner) 9. Buy gift - Shows a webpage. Link given by country/state, look up in database table from backend 10. Ideas - Menu with two menu items - No other functionality (later in app purchases are planned)

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    Hello, I hired a past coder who started building the foundation of wordpress website. Everything seems to be fine, however in my website, i am building a webpage with pricing boxes. The webpage structures is supposed to be menu, page title, big box for product detail, then pricing boxes, then more boxes to talk about my services benefits, and then

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    Hi niravvirani17, your team worked on a WordPress project for me. The website you developed is: There is a problem with the layout of the webpage: images, the slider, and the parallax scrolling don't appear normally. I wonder if your team can quickly fix it. Best regards

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    Hello, I just opened webpage offering one type of legal service (establishing commercial corporations - ltd. and so on). We are working on our content, but I would need help with linkbuilding to get to first positions. I checked my comptetition with MOZ tools and it should not be problem to surpass them. I would like to know how to start cooperation

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    ...them that have a little to no water and much for eco friendly packaging. The plastic bottle waste in our society is tremendous and I do not want to continue to support that problem. <<stepping off my soap box now...sorry>> So now, I can ship the laundry paste for pennies of what it cost to ship a gallon of laundry soap :)) No water weight is awesome

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    Can you visit my web [login to view URL] and see the problem? This is very slow when there are many place on the screen. All functions working from the template "Spotter - Universal Directory HTML Template" which is purchase from this url"[login to view URL]" I want to make this web very light, not

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    ...records). Let me explain situation: Our visitor goes to our website and types in 'phones' and clicks SEARCH. He receives a webpage with results, and side menu with subfilters (like on EBAY, AMAZON, etc...). The problem is how filter (and count) these results further and present the user with options, for example: Manufacturers: Apple (5,000)

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    I need help with storing the var beaches =[] data into an excel file. I want my webpage to read from the excel file. excel file will be called [login to view URL] and stored in same directory as this html below. my problem is that the var beaches =[] data can be over 200 rows and I rather change data in the excel file rather than this html file.

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    buyed a ssl from globessl for opencart webpage everythings okay but when https link doesnt look good. i looking expert for solution get this problem.

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    Project HLC 1. Student create/login webpage with user name/password and password recovery 2. Worksheet of Add/sub/multi/div(+,-,*, with 4*3 or 4*4 or 4*5 or 4*6 problem selection option to print 3. Option for Students do 10 online with problem correct or incorrect with each correct problem 10 points. 4. Daily/Weekly summary view and email to teacher

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    ...code of that pixel is already created, the problem is that today, the number of conversion are reported incorrectly, and therefore i am assuming the piece of code for the Facebook Pixel is not in the right place. Aditionally, I want that this pixel is configured in order to perform remarketing in my webpage as well. Please contact me only if you

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