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    looking for oddo developer who knows well odoo well to implement an inventory system. My budget is $5 for this. let me know if anyone can do it via teamviwer

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using Python. want to develop an trade management system using algo trading. algorithm is ready just want to codify it using python. p.s :- developers from Pune will be given preference

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    I want to build a publication system in English and Arabic I have a model to follow [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    The applicant must have good relations and networks with the catering industry in Alexandria Egypt and is ready to work with high quality restaurant hotels and supermarket chains to develop and sustain the products sales line. This opportunity is for candidates from Egypt only who can visit meet and deliver products to customers around Alexandria area.

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    I bought online school management system. It is single school system. Now i wants to convert it in SaaS With additional modules like front page for SaaS, On signup login creates for schools, pricing, billing etc. I bought this: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built.

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    i need setup vsftpd I need 2 users on it + one just write and other read+write, Please bid only if you know right config for make my task,

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    Booking system Bitti left

    Im looking for someone that can build us a booking system that is hosted on our server. We want people to be able to add the booking system to their website and the client book an appointment similar to [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] we want to be able to do similar like styles eat except we don't want to accept any payments.

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    Hurray is into English training for students who wants to go abroad for overseas education or immigration. We would like Moodle to be implemented for our students.

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    I need to design a syetem to Control remotely over internet a 15 channels remote control and another 2 commands using relays On/Off with a predefined sequene and then an read the feedback of good reception of the commands. I have the following hardware to be implemented but you can also suggest any other HW: Raspberry PI Zero. 16 Channel 5V Relay Shield Module ESP32 Possible software to be used,...

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    Change my academic order system built on ccodeigniter more mobile friendly design . Need skills in codeignter and Design

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    need a demo to demonstrate Payroll Management System supporting Arabic language- JAVA, accessibility to Finger print machine

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    I need some changes to an existing website. I need you to design and build it. i need add some features like new UI and add POI and make report more faster this web application using Java and JavaScript

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    Customize & implement odoo cloud modules.

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    I need you to upgrade and fix and new UI for Traccar. vehicle GPS tracking server software using Chinese GPS devices like gt06 tk110 tk100 g05 coban devices already using traccar now but need upgrade and fix

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    customer's experience • The customer receives a mobile SMS which confirms the receipt of the order and can coordinate an installation online with the attached link. • Attachment link: - Option to coordinate installation. - Secure online payment option for installing on a credit card or alternatively check / cash at installation status. • Important highlights that need to be k...

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    I need an applicant tracking system where I can get resume, to employ individuals

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    I need someone to add a login system to my website so I can manage users and they just login . Should be a simple job using PHP and MySql I will give login details to Cpanel and it should be easy for you

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    App to be built is very basic in needs and functions. This is a simple QR code reader with some collection of data, history and interacting with a wordpress website and DB/s. There are a few very basic functions needed and site config/coded in order to accept the app functions. By bidding on project you are agreeing you meet requirements and agree to Milestones as listed. ((( PLEASE VIEW ATTACHE...

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    Looking for a full Training Centre / School Management System with full LMS functions We will reply to those who send us their similar previous system . You can send us the link or a video Must have functions - multi branches usage - online and offline payment (advance payment) - creating module , class , scheduling - transfer of students and waiting list students - admin , parents , student...

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    hi the website is on shopify recently my website is redesigned with a freelancer I added pictures, blog posts and new sections as well begun a campaign with google ads expert mode begun seo works with a freelancer already have a facebook page with 500+ instagram 340+ followers so I am looking for a freelancer; 1. check my google ads expert and correct it 2. facebook product posting ...

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    I need a script that runs and monitors CPU usage and reboots the machine if average CPU is below e. g. 5% average within e. g. 1 minute. The script should also write a log file. Log file max size is limited to e. g. 2 MB (rotating log). The exact values can be stored in a config file. The script needs to work on Ubuntu 18.x and 19.x. As for the programming or scripting language, Python, Node.JS, ...

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    I need a developer that can do the coding and config in sharetribe flex for a new marketplace. The marketplace will be customer to customer (C2C) much like AirBnB. Most important is that we require the addition of a payment gateway like PayU or PayFast into sharetribe flex. We require the currency in sharetribe flex to be South African ZAR. We will share the detail of the config with the successfu...

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    We want web application using with C#, Functionality Patient Appointment, Patient Registration & Consultation , Patient Services Billing , Dashboard, All Masters and All Reporting related to project.

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    I got a javascript ejs project that works on postgre and npm framework. The script downloads data from a database (database 1) through an API. It clone the data to a database 2, and when it receive a remote call, it check if the user is present in the database 2. The database 2 is postgresql, and I need to make it be mysql. Plus, the ejs will have to be removed. We don't have a high budg...

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    I need matlab expert in power system. If you are expert , please bid. I will send detail data through chatting.

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    When user try to login check active sessions if he is not logged in from more than 2 different IP already. If true (user is logged in from >2 IP already) redirect him to static page where it explains why he cant login. Send mail alert to admin informing about username trying to login from third IP. Else : allow to login.

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    i would like someone or a team which can build a saas software about School Management system. I want a system that I can accommodate different schools to manage their schools. A school will have access to their own system under the saas software. admins, teachers, students, accountants and other users will have access to different functionalities.

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    This system is to search the uploaded file looking for a list of words (Arabic, and English). the system has to a long in username and password. The admin has to approve the username and the password, and has to control numbers of files uploaded for the search. the output should be a PDF file ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) included the origin file with highlig...

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    ManticoreSearch: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] CouchBase: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] 1. both product must be installed on ubuntu (must be without docker) write the installation and config steps/scripts for proof and reproduction 2. insert at least 1000 documents in batch and measure the duration, memory usage, and before...

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    Salve, sono una UI/UX design, cerco uno sviluppatore php/javascript che mi aiuti/affianchi per la modifica delle funzionalità su uno script di prenotazioni posti bus questo lo script in questione: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Darò uno schema riassuntivo delle cose da fare in seguito. Cerco innanzitutto serietà e chiarezza, (se qualcos...

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    Hi , i have vps and i want to install node js in server and check it if work good please don't bid if you don't have experience in node js thanks.

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    Feature List: 1. Automate the Learning Lifecycle, starting form registration to certification. 2. Steps: User gets into the website, User registers (or use previous login credentials) at the site (Information or through Social network), User searches & peruses the available courses, user pay for the course (or use coupon) to get registered, System verifies payment, user gets the access to th...

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    We would require 15 -20 fields Admin will do the input for the same Admin will input handles across instagram, facebook & youtube The system should automatically pull all available data from instagram, facebook & youtube APIs

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    Physical activity indexing on human ECG – A biomarker for the clinical diagnosis Motive: The physical activity of a patient is directly affecting the cardiac electrical conduction rate. In order to avoid the confusion of cardiac signal variation due to physical activity of the patient and the variation due to abnormal conduction of heart muscle, a biomarker is required to indicate the physi...

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    Physical activity indexing on human ECG – A biomarker for the clinical diagnosis Motive: The physical activity of a patient is directly affecting the cardiac electrical conduction rate. In order to avoid the confusion of cardiac signal variation due to physical activity of the patient and the variation due to abnormal conduction of heart muscle, a biomarker is required to indicate the physi...

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    We need a four layer menu driven system running on an Ipad for users to select documents, photos, Powerpoint slides, videos or other forms of media to read or watch. The media will be stored in the Ipad running the menu system. Each entry in the menu will include text or an icon (which may be a very small picture). Tapping the entry in a level will bring the user to the next lower level or to the ...

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    Budget $400 Hi. I am looking for a C++ program to read/write/hack memory value of any running process. i am interested in modifying value of CA region (anonymous region) I little bit know it can be done using ptrace but I don't have much knowledge of C++.

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    I need an app for Android. I already have the design, I just need to be created by the security part as an example of starting a fingerprint session.

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    developing pos system model, experience with bar code readers. Creating a working model. developing a working model for a demonstration

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    Create a windows desktop app that automatically trades with our logic set here in the following casino games 777baby [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Roulette Pro

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    Looking for Devops guy, who can manage Azure system with Optimization on monthly basis

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    Centos admin Bitti left

    Centos Server config. Mail server config. FTP over SFTP setup. CWP config. WHMCS admin.

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    any one who is expert in SIMIO Im looking for neither bad nor fantastic but good simulation modeling project + Report (pages min 3 )

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    Survey/Measure everything on and around the street and intersection in Ft., In., and radial degree using Google map on a Satellite base type map. The base map should always display in Satellite to get details and blending color to figure out the differences with curb, tree. "blind spot", etc., so when you draw a tag, point, and line with a black ink small font, it would have everything...

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    Looking for a skilled programmer who can create a script of a website with .onion domain. Website needs to be solid and have crypto payment options

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