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    Çekilen bir fotografta R, G ve B renk (başka formatta da olabilir ) değerlerini okuyacak ve cihaz ekranına istenilen formatta yazacak bir uygulama Mobile application that collects mean of R, G and B pixel color values of a part of taken photo and show these values in a given format at the mobile phone screen

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    Türkçe Kısaca bir webcrawler yazdırmak istiyorum. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] sitelerinde satılan tüm ürünlerin fiyatlarını toplayan ve ekranda görüntüleyen bir kod yazdırmak istiyorum. English Briefly I need a simple webcrawler [URL�...

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    User Data Tool 5 gün left

    I need a user executable file that collects the following system specifications from a user pc without being installed and automatically posts the results to a webpage and Firebase database. The data to be collected is: 1. System Model details, serial numbers etc 2. Complete CPU details 3. Baseboard details 4. Disks/Filesystems 5. Network interfaces 6. Available Network Bandwidth 7. Software deta...

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    Data Analyst 4 gün left

    Looking for an experienced data analyst who collects, processes and performs statistical analyses of data. Also can translate numbers and data into plain English in order to help organizations and companies understand how to make better business decisions.

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    sales agents 3 gün left

    can you keep small parcels , untill my agent collects if good will do more cost you would by happy with per parcel

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    Hi Charlene C., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. can you keep small parcels , untill my agent collects if good will do more cost you would by happy with per parcel

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    Commission Agreement States: If completion of sale is prevented by a party to the transaction other than Seller, Broker may collect its commission only if and when Seller collects damages by suit or otherwise, and then in an amount not less than one-half of the damages recovered, but not to exceed the above compensation after first deducting title expenses, escrow expenses and t...

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    Description Please view same project description here: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] It contains links and some source code. This Opportunity is for the development of an open-source FIO Protocol Wordpress plug-in for WooCommerce. Background FIO is operating a shop ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) website using WooComme...

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    Payment Gateway 3 gün left

    We run a TV station with a streaming facility. We sell Pay Per View to our sports events which we stream live. We are not happy with the current Paymet Gateway which we purchase from a third party and would like our own. The Payment Gateway needs to be able to take customer payments by creating an account for them, putting the payment into our Stripe account and then make the event that they have ...

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    Hello everyone, I need a simple C# Azure Function that collects an element list from Cosmos DB(SQL API) sends a couple of request to certain endpoints, collect responses and makes a comparison between data. Depending on the results it needs to produce a JSON output to Azure Cosmos DB. Every step will be given as instructions detailed. Pretty straightforward one. There are 5 endpoints function ne...

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    Re-posting this project as the previous one got lapsed. We are looking for some legal expert help for drafting the below documents for our website and mobile App to make sure that our platforms (website and mobile app) are compliant with all Data Privacy regulations specifically in INDIA and other geo-specific regulations like GDPR (EU), CCPA (US) in general. 1. Privacy Policy 2. Terms of Use ...

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    I am going to make desktop - app. the software has as a basis that spreadsheet that I've sent you. it collects the data manually from trades that a trader make, in other words, the trader inputs the data.

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    Bet data!! Bitti left

    Good evening. I need a simple program for personal use that collects some data daily from a specific betting site in simple form to sort and sort me with some simple data that I will give. At the end of the day to give it back to me with the results of only the selected . The same procedure every day. The previous results should be collected on another page for statistical reasons. Even in exc...

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    I need an android application that will help process my rental services. The app will have 2 modes: - Admin mode: I will be using this mode in order to add the buildings I own (names for example), and the apartments' numbers in each of those buildings. I will be adding the details and the rental fee for each of the apartments as well. The app will help me keep track of which renter made hi...

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    A pleasure, to send you this message, in this regard and more, we are interested and deepen with you, to have the possibility of finding a way of collaboration that has the implementation of our system as its final target. From the date of our first web release our system has rightly evolved, or rather it has stabilized by focusing attention on the key characteristics so that EBIS (Ethic Biometr...

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    Hi I'm De'Von Truvel creature of Black Wall Street the Board Game. This is a table top game built on the legacy of Tulsa's Black Wall Street. Players roll dice and move around the board buying businesses. 1. Create a virtual board and animations for movement. 2. Dice animation and algorithm based on real dice. 3. Ability to purchase businesses establish ownership and have exchange ...

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    I have an open space in my backyard, but not without it’s difficulties. There is a shared driveway and I need to leave space for a snow plow. Also, water collects in areas to the right and back of the property. In addition, attached to the house itself is a bilco door, which prevents anything abutting the house. I want a line of trees along the back of the property to give it some definition...

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    Out digital forensics lab is growing much faster then we ever anticipated. We have recently launched a few solid domains and google ads to acquire new clients and we need help implementing the work. Responsibilities: *Collects data, either remote, in lab or on-site with travel *Examines media and reports results to clients with testimony if required. *Speaks with clients (or prospective clients...

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    Generate a spyder that collects for sale listings in a state for real estate, create a user friendly way to search for the listings on excel. Scrapping. Scrappy Do

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    I'd like someone to create a simple Chrome extension for me that does the following: I only want it to be accessible on linkedin - if the URL does not contain ' [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]' then when clicked, the extension should display a message - please visit LinkedIn to use this extension. When the user is on linkedin: When clicked, it op...

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    Looking to create a Google form that collects some info and collects documents from the user. Then, a new folder is created in Google Drive with Folder name as <Lastname-Firstname> as per response from Google Form. Then each file collected from the user is saved in the newly created folder with a specific name as per the field name. Finally, the form notifies me that the form has been compl...

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    Looking to create a Google form that collects some info and collects documents from the user. Then, a new folder is created in Google Drive with Folder name as <Lastname-Firstname> as per response from Google Form. Then each file collected from the user is saved in the newly created folder with a specific name as per the field name. Finally, the form notifies me that the form has been compl...

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    I would like a Macro created. In my work, excel spreadsheets are automatically generated from a tool which collects data. Some of these spreadsheets have empty columns. The columns in the excel spreadsheet have headers but no data below them. I would like a macro made which will allow for the auto formatting of all excel sheets, that would then delete empty columns that have headers. Ask me if...

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    The goal of the project is to create an esp-mdf mesh network that collects readings from SCD30 CO2, Temp, RH sensor. Display the values on a ST7789V 1.4" TFT display. Transmits the current readings to the root node at a minimum interval. If acting as root node handle communications to and from the mdf network and MQTT server. There is a mqtt_example in the ESP-MDF repository that can be a goo...

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    "Server expert with good understanding of server, IP, cookies, Python, C" I want to make a viewbot for a streaming website, similar to twitch viewbot The host server collects cookies, IP and requests captcha when accessing via viewbot program. It also detects abusive traffic. I need a way to make sure at least 300 accounts can be connected to the streaming show simultaneously using diffe...

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    Create a form to calculate list price and discounts for one or multiple service items. The form collects location, size (square foot) and description. A wire frame is available and the math is in a spreadsheet. Completed forms output email plus pdf/xls. They can also be re-opened and edited. This can be done using an existing wordpress plugin or create a new one.

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    Hi there, I'm in contact with several companies looking to acquire brilliant software. The areas included marketing, advertising, media, social media, podcast, radio, education, esports, games, fintech, and other cool apps and platforms. The criteria for the software: 1) It should be unique and do something no other software can do - meaning it should be competitive and better in some way ...

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    An HTML page collects a user signature using a canvas on which it is drawn. This signature is drawn on the canvas and, in turn, both the resulting image and the x, y coordinates of each point are made available, as well as the instant of time at which that point was taken, this instant of time for the x,y coordinate is called t. Three collections of points x, y, and t have exactly the same number ...

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    I need a newsletter subscription funnel popup added to my wordpress website homepage. Just a simple popup that collects firstname, email address and a "Get access" button. The data would then be captured and inserted as a subscriber list into a GroundHogg contacts list. The text I need added to the popup is: Subscribe now to remain up to date and connected with Louise, as she encourag...

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    Hello I would like a Drug price comparison website which collects prices from many drug wholesalers. I would like it to scrape/collect their prices so it is their latest price preferably using a API or a database to store every companies latest price. when a pharmacy makes an order they can search for a drug and see who offers the lowest price and then they can decide if they want to purchase f...

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    I have a device that collects data in kilograms at a rate of 80-90MS. Below is a folder from a friend of mine who has built an old data collection spreadsheet already but is covered in his branding and the page is locked. I'm after a replica that i can use with my coaching business

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    I am looking to build a online / offline retail Billing responsive app which can be accessed on mobile as well as laptops / computers and shared between our in-house and warehouse employees for maintaining stocks and generating barcode based invoices using mobile or barcode readers. Also, this app will be available for online users to view ,sort, filter products, categories,brands and advertiseme...

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    The tool should be developed in python and should run on a Mac. The developer should install it in my computer remotely and should make sure it works. The tool should be extremely easy to use. I should only be writing the name of a video game and the date where the research on YouTube should start from. Then, the tool should create two excel files, each of which containing the following informat...

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    Write a program that collects data in 1 thread, and processes in another I will provide details in the chat.

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    Looking for someone to independently research and gather data on various consumer product categories. Then create product trees and put data into the system in a specified way. Everything from smartphones to chef's knives. Full-time job - 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. One online meeting a week. Payment is 3 dollars per hour. You need to be able to: - identify both high and low level product...

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    Looking to create a Google form that collects some info sends a email to user and an email to email address entered on the form. The email sent to user has a copy of details entered in the form. The email sent to the email address is from a Google doc template with an attachment. The form also connects to a CRM with an API to create a new record.

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    Looking for someone to independently research and gather data on various consumer product categories. Everything from smartphones to chef's knives. Full-time job - 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. One online meeting a week. Payment is 3 dollars per hour. You need to be able to: - identify both high and low level product design decisions and how they impact ux - find all the great and notable pr...

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    Brand name for a medical business online platform which collects significant data that can be converted into useful insights for areas like Nursing, Medical, Quality, Operations which will be then used for future improvement of the overall performance of the business. The brand name should be in one language (Arabic or English) and it should be: •       Less tha...

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    Landing page that I can collect emails and put them in a database with a simple count in the backend. Laravel only

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    I want a game where a penguin is skating down an endless ice map and collects coins. And we need a leaderboard (showing the total number of coins each user has collected with their penguin) which resets at the end of each month

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    html issue Bitti left

    I have page html which collects data when press of button, i want that to be given to flask endpoint. simple issue for who knows.

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    Hi guys, I am building a macro calculator on microsoft excel, all the database is complete. But I need to create a dependent drop down, which reads the food type, and collects the info from the database. I already have all of this set up, but when selecting the food type, the drop down does not change to the desired foods. I have attached screenshots for you guys to see. This job needs to be c...

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    I am looking for a full stack project to help build both a mobile app, and a web-based platform that help support online auction marketplaces. Here are the specifications: MOBILE APP The idea of the mobile app is for any user to be able to easily upload information for a product while they are out in the field. Should have the capability to take a picture/scan a barcode of an item, and have t...

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    I need a website that I can upload products with pictures and prices. This website needs to allow customers to create an account with their email address and a password. This account also needs to be able to be funded by EFT and/or Mastercard/Visa so needs to have a paygate. The customer selects the image of a certain pair of sneakers and buys a selected amount of tickets along with entering their...

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    I’m looking for quotes. I need an iPhone/iPad and Android app. I would like it designed and built. It will need to be custom but based off a template with base features. More detailed info will be given if I move forward with a chosen developer Please bid based off the following features. I need the following features: - Text and app based appointment system (simple name, date, time and ph...

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    The website: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Dear freelancer, We are looking for someone to scrape the above website to prepare a spreadsheet with the following data fields: - Business name - Business address - Accountant name - Accountant email - Account phone number The step-by-step process for the bot includes at least the following steps: - bot search for...

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    This project is to create two files that, once completed, allow for SAML authentication via PHP. FILE 1 This file collects the data needed from the administrator to enable SAML (such as the various variables, meta data, SSL strings, etc) and stores those to a MySQLi table. This file also displays the meta data and other components that the end user needs to enter on their end to enable SAML 2....

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help on the technical side for my project on writing an app that collects information from specific websites for comparison purpose. This is one of my trial projects so I am hoping to complete it with a lower budget.

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    Hello, Everyone. participants in my study will be asked to install a chrome extension that collects information on what adds do they see on facebook. I coded a content script that collects that information but I cannot connect my extension to FB API. Would you be able to help me with that ?

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    If successful you will be 1 of a group of coders to join my team on a job by job basis until you fully prove your value. The current budget for this work is no more than $200, and no more than 3 days. I want to work with people who are online, responsive, and get work done quickly (but at a high-quality level). We will need to coordinate in between, so I will first make sure your understanding o...

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