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    Classfinder is a website that assists companies/users to identify the classification of a specific instrument according to regulating laws. The user must answer multiple questions and the systems gives a class (a class number) of the instrument and creates a pdf document with statements based on the answers and are the reasoning the instrument’s classification. The website/solution componen...

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    We have a domain and hosting on Hostgator, We already buy a theme for creating your own custom design. We need very special work on my website. Please see attached file for some ideas about our work. For more info, please contact me, Specialist person contacts me. 1- FrontPage attached file (Color. Pink, Black, White, and Green) 2- Custom Design Detail attached (Customizer Basic with 10 Products)...

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    I need a shopify option build the same as the screenshot if you cant do this or know how to build the same please don't bid the exp is [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    Hi We need help with our website [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] . Today we use Wordpress with Flatsome as the theme and Ux Builder. We want to make a Search filter bar like this at [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] (Month) (amount of persons) (Price range) on homepage. Today we have installed woocommerce as our booking plugin an...

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    We need experts for Wordpress/Woocommerce. Runing Wordpress WordPress 4.8.8,with old Woocommerce,and Plugins,PHP Version 5.6 , when chenge the PRP Version to 7 or above,getting errors and site is not working fine,many plugins errors,when upgrade to newest Wordpress Veersion,its happen same. What is needed: upgrade to newest PHP 7.4 , and upgrade to newest Wordpress and Woocommerce but keeping all ...

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    hi i have a wordpress site need to change some wrong wording on front page. Need to done immediately

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    Hei, So I have the following project: I need the following: Logo for my solarsite ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) Icons for categories (Solarpanels to commerical buildings, solarpanels to houses, solarpanels to farmers, solarpanels to cabins, solarpanels to appartmertbuildings) Grahpic images to the same categories as described above (these will featured i...

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    Actually we have an old wordpress website with an old theme/design. Our agency created a new design incl. text, sliders etc. - you have to adjust the flatsome theme to our new design (text/design/image already created) - you have to insert some sliders with images/text (text/design/image already created) - you have to create the new starting page (text/design/image already created) So what is to...

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    Tenemos un cliente que ya tiene una tienda montada en SHOPIFY. Y quiere modificar algunos detalles pequeños de maquetación que le faltan, y puesta a punto para lanzarla en público y empezar a vender. Está configurada con Page Fly, solo la frontpage. El resto es una plantilla. Buscamos a alguien que controle Shopify y Page Fly para poder solucionarlo. Gracias

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    Hi freelancers For a cosmetologist/beautician clinic I need complete business identity, which includes logo, website (Wordpress), visit-card, social media covers (Fb, Insta and Google My business) and graphics for windows etc. All in minimalistic Nordic design. I have the texts ready for the website for which i'll need a frontpage, a location/contact page which is optimized for local s...

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    We have a Design in Photoshop and need it in Wordpress. Frontpage and one subpage and contact. ASAP #fixedbudget

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    I need a frontpage for my website [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Its a services where users can build easy vCards with all their social links like this one [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] for example. So they just need to post their [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] link and can show all their ...

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    Hello! Got a client looking for a new website design for their ecommerce brand. Designer needs to be creative and be able to show a portfolio. Brand: Painted Memory Current website: www. paintedmemory. co Page that needs to be redesigned: www. paintedmemory. co/collections/frontpage/products/custom-number-kit They currently get most of their customers from mobile but would also like a design th...

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    Hi. I have a website design that I need copied and fetched into a Wordpress theme so I can upload it and use it(Maybe from plugin Page Builder Framework), including the contact formular on the frontpage. I need both Frontpage, Contact page and Pricing page. URL: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    Hi Shakeel A., I noticed your profile and would like to discuss my project with you. We can discuss any details over chat. I have a VERY large website that was built on FrontPage many years ago. Some of the functionality no longer works because it is no longer supported by FrontPage. I would like to build a new “front” that will connect to the old site in the “back” so that...

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    Hi I need web portal where you can create an announcement profile, where you can sell your services. I need: - a frontpage with all ads - search filter - userpage - payments for creating ad profile/user I think that I will need a programmer with .net skills, unless you recommend a better platform. I have the designs ready and I only need a programmer to do the job Best regards IT

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    At this moment we have main website ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] ) - we need new frontpage it should show professional view of our clinic. We are looking only for PSD design for our website.

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    Hi, I need to have a Shopify Fixed Sticky Menu on my frontpage and subpages, without it being visible on mobile. Theme is Express and I need it to be done within 7 days. Also I need to have the product pictures enlargered with 150 % but I can't seem to manage either of these things on my own, Please submit your bid, with deadline, what you will do, timeline and any other suggestions will...

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    Please make a design for a frontpage of a book, hereby the raw design in Word. Is is for math students (around 16 years old) , they have to do a simple practical experiment. Please do not change the text. the goal is that it the front page is going to look much better. Thanks for the help! Good luck & greetings, Durk Jan de Bruin

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    I would need a singe webbpage with following functions. Admin interface (like backpack solution) CRUD The content on the "frontpage" shall be captured via API Its totaly 7 GraphQL calls(Mutations & querys) I have done the querys but would like to use the answer in a nice manner on a Laravel or any other framework page. I want it to be well documented so i can use it on different ...

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    We are looking for a crypto website (mobile responsive) with user submitted dex coins that are published once verified by an admin. The published coins then show on the frontpage where user can upvote and click on coin for more details. It will require a user system and a admin panel for managing content. All the features needed and the GUI prototype will be shared only with the selected freelanc...

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    I have a domain. Also have a lot of WordPress code on other existing websites. I'd like to consolidate that code into a single website with a frontpage directory. Looking for a Freelancer skilled in the use of Google Cloud tools for the creation and maintenance of the new website. The successful Freelancer will have multiple examples of websites they have created using Google Cloud for me ...

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    Hi guys, i need a simple website. Custom PHP login screen only on Frontpage. 1 username and password only - 2FA generator password as security. Backpanel after login should have only information. Will explain after asigning job. But its very simple and can be done in 24 hours.

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    Hi, Make a new wordpress/woocommerce site and move all existing content/data/SEO, etc. from the old site. We have the theme Flatsome that should be used for the new site. Startpage/frontpage must have: Logo at the top above the text (vakrefliser). Search field. A slide or banner that can be easily changed. A slide that shows small pictures from our instagram. 2 Buttons / link with image to ...

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    We are looking to upgrade our website to use Bootstrap5 with a purchased theme (Landkit). The task is to implement a static version of our existing frontpage using said theme, adapting colors/branding and using the theme's components for different content blocks such as main menu, cards, tables and footer. We will provide all files (theme, logo, graphics) and color specifications. You will n...

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    Hi, I have one elemntor project. I already made frontpage and i want someone to make rest of the pages. I have old website where you can copy all the text and images. Easy job i think.

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    We are selling through Amazon, we sell crafty products mostly and also some women's fashion. We are seeking deal posters on slickdeals with higher level account or aged account to post our deals site. 1. Have high level rated accounts 2. Has posted more than 3 frontpage deals and hot deals on slickdeal. 4. We have stores in US. Payment can be discussed. Thanks very much, Cassie.

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    I have Academy LMS which is built on PHP Codeigniter. It requires some modifications on its front page and needs to add some more information and sections for display. My requirements are as below: 1. Modify Frontpage/Landing Page and includes some HTML sections and images. 2. Modify Login Screen 3. Develop Social Media Login with Facebook, LinkedIn and Google.

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    We are looking for a MASTER make modification on our prestation website . 1. modify front page with new product & additional texte / pictures 2. add a micro video to the frontpage 3. download section to be revemp to make it more easier to download our software or firmware 4. helpdesk with ticketing solution and FAQ 5. link our YouTube channel to the website 6. make a link for privacy poli...

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    I have a defi farm that needs upgrades. Looking for: Lottery, Darktheme, Frontpage cards, IFO, Suechef contract for fee farms, Timelock, Casino Games.

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    I'm looking for someone who can build a website for me. I think that you might be the one for this. Your reviews look good. What I want is a one page website that supports my dApp and which is compatible with wallets like metamask for payments. The idea of my dApp is a lottery based game. I put a prize (in usdt) in the pool and someone can start bidding 1 usdt for it. At that moment the auct...

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    We need a website for our surgical clinic “Plastikkirurgi Glostrup” The name of the clinic will in the future be: “Amaze. - Plastikkirurgi Glostrup” The present website URL: www/plastikkirurgi-glostrup/dk The clinic has two branches: Public service: Patients are referred from family doctors, the Public Health system pay for treatment. Treatments are diseases like skin cance...

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    Hey bro, Are you online? I am looking for Somebody who can make a very simple browser game for me. Something like this on my frontpage: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    We need a simple React Native app for both iOS and Android. The app has the following features: - Facebook login - Frontpage with list of items - Push notification switch that the user can set We provide a full REST API and specification on how the frontpage view is created.

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    Budget is US$100 1. Need 2D animation explainer video. 2. Copywriting for Homepage with text layout. for 1: This is for a marketplace for job seekers and job referrers. I already have copywriting and marketing strategy done, so lot of content is already available to be able to write the explainer video script and hence do the animation. For 2: Need to ensure researched Keywords for SEO. Inclu...

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    Need a website app that allows lets users to monitor and see information about BSC (Bep-20) token coins. It would need to actively scrape some data or retrieve via API from BSCScan or other service the total market cap and amount of holders for the particular token. User should be able to sign in (via email, google, Facebook) to the site on an existing full stack framework, Frontpage: - Featured...

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    need a frontpage for wordpress webside with to buttons with links, and make it some fancy stuff. front page need to be fullscreen no menu no other stuff from wordpress will b showed on this page only to click button with liks.

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    Need a website app that allows lets users to monitor and see information about BSC (Bep-20) token coins. It would need to actively scrape some data or retrieve via API from BSCScan or other service the total market cap and amount of holders for the particular token. User should be able to sign in (via email, google, Facebook) to the site on an existing full stack framework, Frontpage: - F...

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    Remote work.. I need 2 Newspaper Templates 4 pages total.. Tabloid and Booklet, 2 Pages each, 4 Total 1st page: Unique Frontpage Only, Back of page All Square Boxs, Photo and area for text with each photo. 2 page: all square box's on front and back.. Designed in what ever program and converted, I need someone who knows what they are doing. Hand made is a must I can tell if a random templat...

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    We want to change the design of our product page on our woocommerce store. It currently looks like [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] We want to add some of the features from this page: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] We have around 8 brands of products on the website and we need to change them to become variable products. We wa...

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    we need to make a politicies on frontpage that page is already create but is not in front page bellow is the email that facebook develper send to us about it is a easy task for you. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] (812207142499968) appears to be creating a negative experience on Facebook in violation of our Platform Policies. If you do not make the changes t...

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    Hello, We are looking for an artist to design a "Newspaper design" Frontpage graphic to be used in a keynote presentation. We will provide the news article with text and photos. You will need to create and design the front page with the newspaper name and logo. You can create the Graphic files using Lorem ipsum text and any photos for those 3 Newspapers. When the winner is selected, we ...

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    I want someone to design 5 web pages same as the reference website. Reference Website: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Must write code in the bootstrap. All Pages must be responsive. Must code all pages with clean code. Must write comments for every section, CSS classes, JQuery classes, and JavaScript classes. So that it would be easy for us to edit. Must design ...

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    Hello everyone. Can you do from scratch a frontpage like that: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] (sketch, animation, responsiveness) Please contact me only if you can. (Automatic bids are rated badly) Portfolio required! I will send in chat the .ai logo file (with many versions of the logo) and a rough sketch of the frontpage Budget: $80 USD

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    a 1 page website, homepage and a recording of the prosess. follow the design of provided mockup frontpage.

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    I have a ready design that needs to be implemented in a wordpress / elemetor page. Page has svg backgrounds that I will provide. Page should be fully responsive.

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    I'm looking to build a website in the style of TrustPilot / Glassdoor (for a specific industry). Key pages: - Frontpage with a search - List of search results with - Possibility to filter items further, based on some meta data - Possibility to add new item (should also prompt user for a login) - Possibility to add a rating for an item - Footer with basic static sites: About Us, T&Cs ...

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    Hello Everyone, I will need a talented frontpage designer, with knowledge of web development to create a responsive cartoonish frontpage. A sketch and logo will be sent to you but you are expected to make creative additions as per the theme. A Portfolio is required Budget: $60 USD Best

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    Look at attached files. Total new website - no existing website 1. Make website in WP on our server ( we sent login dtls after [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] at file: Blank wordpress) 2. Frontpage is attached files 3. Backend shall be easy for user to make new websites, no crap code 4. Menu function shall be the same as attached one-com file 5. Total 3 pages fro...

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