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    Danışmanlık üzerine nasıl hizmet verdiğimizi ve bunun müşteriye olan faydasını vurgulayacak şekilde bir video hazırlanması gerekmektedir. Yaklaşık bir dakika sürecek olup ingilizce alt yazı ve seslendirme yapılmalıdır. Senaryo ve seslendirme dahil fiyat olmalıdır. Diğer animasyon, video editleme gibi projelerde de birlikte çalışabileceğimiz bir partner arıyoruz. İyi çalışmalar dilerim...

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    13-14 Temmuz 2019'da düzenleyeceğimiz eğitimin reklamını yapmak için 10-30 saniyelik whiteboard animation reklam videosu istiyoruz

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    Hello, We have an online course project. We want a lesson page which supports webrtc, real time whiteboard and also some other features. The features are; - Real Time - Adding pictures and updating the position and shape of these images - Adding files - Writing with different fonts and colors - Drawing with the mouse on the board, drawing types (thick thin silky gold polishing) - Ability to authorize students for writing - Live video / audio sharing from the camera - Authorization of cameras of students depending on the will of the teacher, if they want, students can enable their cameras too. - Live chat box - Ability to add slides and move on them and draw on them with mouse - Setting the necessary back-end of the software with comments on how to integrate. - A box to ask questions...

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    Geliştirdiğimiz elektron...geri besleme cihaz tarafından gönderilecek. * Haberleşme komutları XML, Json vb. gibi veri yapıları içerisinde şifrelenmiş olarak barındırılacaktır. Haberleşme algoritması ve komut bilgilerini, iş kabulü ile birlikte sunacağız. Android uygulaması Android SDK, HTML veya Adobe Air ortamlarında tasarlanabilir. Konuyu tartışabiliriz. Windows yazılımı da VB.NET, C#.NET, Flash (Adobe Air), Silverlight ortamlarında tasarlanabilir. Konuyu tartışabiliriz. Hali hazırda VB.NET ortamında çalışan bir Win tabanlı yazılımımız var. Thread'ler, arada feedbackleri kaçırdığından sıkıntı yaşamaktayız. Windows için yeni bir yazılım yazmak yerine bu yazılımın hatalarını gidermek gibi bir çalışma da yürüte...

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    Hello, I have a script that needs to be made into a whiteboard animation. I can provide script - and direction in chat.

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    Hi creative writers and animators, I own an animation studio and we specialize in the production of custom whiteboard explainer videos. If you don’t know what these are, please google it. I’m looking for about 50 – 100 quality articles for our company blog. The length of each article should be between 1000-1500 words. Price: $7.50 per article. Attached you’ll find an excel sheet with some of the articles I need. How to participate in this contest: 1. Open the attached excel sheet and select a topic. 2. Come up with a new clickable title (60 characters max.) 3. Write an interesting and fun article of 1000-15000 words and submit it. 4. You can submit an entry for as many topics as you wish. 5. If you’re familiar with the article structure of &ldq...

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    We are looking for a writter who are 1. A teacher or an IT Manager in the school in USA( or used to be a teacher ) 2. Have related using experience about BenQ Board( ) and related smart board /Promethean 3. To create series of articles with us. About BenQBoard ( interactive flat Panel)

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    creative whiteboard animator for product/solution demo.

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    We are a online marketing agency who strive to improve the online presence and sale conversions of our clients. I’m looking for professional level hard working video animators who can create whiteboard and explainer videos for our clients. To apply please: a few examples of your work 2. Let me know what you charge for a given level of quality. Also, so I know that you’ve read and understood this job post, please start off your response with how many years you’ve been doing this for. Thanks,

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    Hello, I am a founder of a digital animation studio offering whiteboard and 2d animations. I'm currently hiring for my sales position. The chosen candidate will be responsible for reaching out to clients and closing deals. Flexible hours. Your commission will be paid after the client confirms the sale. You get minimum of $100 commission per sale so you really determine how much money you make out of this job. Reach out only if interested and ready to start

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    I am looking for a explainer kind of whiteboard video explaining the stock market pitfalls., with good voiceover. I am expecting the video to be around 3-min (max.), explaining the mistakes people do in stock market. Attached is the draft version of the script, for reference.

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    I need a 60sec whiteboard animation for my project. I have the storyboard and the script and I will also record the voiceover. I have this as an example of what I would like

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    Have a 2:30 min. video which was produced in 2018. Need to update the text to Japanese and change V/O from English to Japanese. Will provide Japanese text. The file is 30MB, cannot upload it on the platform.

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    Explain our search engine services to a 3 Billion consumer marketplace

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    We need to use Microsoft Teams as an online classroom platform. A .Net application needs to be built that facilitates scheduling online classes and sending mail to the organizer and students about the class details, student should be able to attend the class from the link provided. The link should invoke the Microsoft Teams which should facilitate online video, audio, chat, whiteboard and files upload features (MS Teams already has these features inbuilt). The project shall be developed in ASP .Net or .Net Core or MVC

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    Need a short Whiteboard Explainer Video Created that go over the details of a promotion we are running for our clients. Video will consist of 5 small parts, it likely wouldn't be longer than 20-30 seconds. Please see attached for more details.

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    ...or selected designer will be then invited to provide the full brand identity and be paid additional for this job in addition of the logo contest. We have prepared a moodboard for you to inspire your creativity! Moodboard link: https://miro.com/app/board/uXjVOuJh55Y=/?share_link_id=416314722924 (notes: You will need to zoom out - in order to see the moodboard / Miro is like a collaborative whiteboard, just zoom out and check the content) Please make sure you read the following and present your artwork in the following format: 1. Logo proposal /or board with multiple choice 2. One or two mockup showing the logo on packaging / or restaurant related items or background. 3. Illustration / pattern that will be used for branding (This can be a part of the logo or additional ill...

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    i have 3 audio of 10 min each and i want whiteboard animation for each of them.

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    Are you an expert script writer that has over 5 years experience in the space and has knowledge around creating scripts that sells when it comes to Explainer Videos? We are an Explainer Video Agency that primarily deals with retailers that are looking to scale their business via Explainer and Whiteboard Videos. I’m looking for an expert script writer to produce 2 script copy variations for us each work at a total of 75 words per 30 seconds of video, this will of course, be in the retailer field. To apply please - Provide a few examples of your work - Let me know what you charge for a given level of quality - Tell me if you have any referrals from past customers I can talk to - Confirm whether you’d be willing to complete a simple paid test task to try out for the job ...

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    Whiteboard animation of around 7-8 min required Hindi & English Voice

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    Required: - 2d animation explainer video - whiteboard sketch - voice-over We provide script

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    animated whiteboard with voiceover

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    I want to create one simple explanation whiteboard video for my new website...with excellent voiceover. I expect it to be around 3-min explaining the pitfalls of mistakes people do in stock market (Script attached) I will be providing the first version of the script for both, along with few images to use in the video. I prefer the person uses doodle OR equivalent software, so that the process is simple enough.

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    animated whiteboard with voiceover

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    I am planning a YouTube channel that will showcase a new whiteboard 2D animated video of approximately 10 minutes in length each week. With this first video, I want to test several assumptions I have about my business model. If successful, I will need to have many more videos made in future. For each video, I will provide a script of approximately 1,500 words which I presume will equate to 10 minutes of viewing time. For the first video, I require you to provide the voice in English, preferably with a Western accent. Later on, I could provide the voiceovers, so you only have to do the animation. The script includes reference to one image that must form part of the animation. While the topic is serious, the animation should be done in a friendly, fun manner, light-heartedly, with a b...

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    Hi, Winner will take home a $500-$1000 assignment and of course the guaranteed contest reward of $30. We started this small contest to test and find the most suitable illustrator and animator to assign for our larger project . FIRST step: Replicate 2 of our human characters (with same black pen style) in a different pose and situation (use your imagination) SECOND step: If first step is approved by me, you draw the rest of the 3 human characters and the crab. THIRD step: If i like your drawings, then i will ask you to make a very short animation to continue scen S5bg (4 pics) when the unhappy customer (got a very chewy soft-shelled crab) is leaving the restaurant in anger (look at S4bg to S5bg4 = 5 pictures) The winner will get $30 and the job to finalize a larger project. Thanks P...

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    We like to create a 30 - 60 second whiteboard animation showing situations in a supermarket. The product is a communication system. e are going to provide a script that we can discuss. Please send us a proof of your work and the whiteboard animation style you are working on.

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    Project for (yet another) collaborative whiteboard program. Aimed at students for notes, exams etc Initially just a demonstrator to prove the technology. Software knowledge : , node.js (or similar eg angular.js) Typescript (preferred) MongoDB would be useful or at least some knowledge of canvas.

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    We need to build an interactive calendar that allows us to schedule jobs and then assign labor to each job. we need to be able to use this tool to effectively replace our current scheduling function which is done by hand on a whiteboard. It will need to be able to allow our project managers to collaborate virtually from different locations, in real time, both in the office and in the field. we are open to suggestions and input on how to better our process.

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    We want to leave several old perceptions behind and be radical in the move to the cloud, see drawing. Therefore I would like to talk to an expert about options on migrating an on premise architecture into the cloud in the best way possible. Candidates need to have a proven migration background in similar projects. Special topics to be discus...about options on migrating an on premise architecture into the cloud in the best way possible. Candidates need to have a proven migration background in similar projects. Special topics to be discussed are: - Strategy aka "the why" - Prerequisites to move - Administration & security - Azure AD only, getting rid of AD - project timeline - migration sequence Session will be held in teams / teams whiteboard. Native German or Eng...

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    A White Board Bitti left

    A white board for teachers. Which should have all the feature of a simple whiteboard. And screen recording feature should be there. Online chat and camera support should be there

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    The whiteboard video has to explain the importance and benefit of saving money for future expenses. Script will be provided be me.

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    Need professional animated explainer video for new college and career success engagement app and platform. Need up to 90 Seconds Running Time Full Color - with text animation Voice Over Recording Illustrated Background Music/Sound Design Colorful whiteboard animation (90 Minutes script provided ), Voice over, Music

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    Hi, i need to create around 40 - 45 videos whiteboard animations the lesson will be like slides in the PPT. so from 5-13 slides on average the price a could go for one video is $100.

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    I have to make 3 to 4 1 minute videos using whiteboard doodle. Have limited budget can anyone help.

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    I need to make two short whiteboard videos...with excellent voiceover. First : A 1-min video advertisement video for my website, Second : A 2-min explaining the pitfalls of mistakes people do in stock market I will be providing the first version of the script for both, along with few images to use in the video. I prefer the person uses doodle OR equivalent software, so that the process is simple enough.

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    My daughters played school in our basement for many years… we had an easel with a whiteboard on it. My older daughter was almost always the teacher. My youngest, always the student. At some point, they grew up & never played teacher again. I saved the whiteboard from the last time they played school. The now are adults with families, etc. Just the thought of this brings tears to my eyes. I would love to find someone who could capture the emotion that i speak of - a picture of the final day of school.

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    I would like to have a real time whiteboard where people can draw and erase with other people at the same time.

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    ??URGENT NEEDED?? Need a 2D And Whiteboard Animation Team Or Individuals who are affordable and can work every day on videos . My channel is about Spirituality And Law Of attraction . Indian people are welcome . I need videos everyday for my youtube channel . Please dont waste my time showing unprofessional work . i need people who love there job . not just who came to make quick bucks Comment Down your Previous work and Country Below

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    I need a whiteboard video animation with voice over for a story. Do not draw the the prophet or abu bakr in the story, just the story described. Also add our logo to the video attached below. Good news is if I like your work I have many, many more videos for you to do and will hire you for many projects. Please find story to be animated here -

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    Hi Henry! I'm ready to take your project and make your Whiteboard video explaining the installation of your product, remember that in the whole process I offer unlimited revisions. Best regards, Giovanni.

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    Hi Md I., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat including what you would quote for the project. Basically I have pictures from a workshop I facilitated and needed help to transcribe and put the words into a MS Word file. Is this something you can help with? Thanks, Becky

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    We are looking for an incredible motion graphics animator to help bring our digital assets to life. The include web animations and some animations for video.. We will require all RAW / Packaged files once each project is completed. This is an ongoing project. To be considered please send through a link or some samples of your work. NO WHITEBOARD ANIMATIONS PLEASE. Price is negotiable.

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    Looking for someone to work closely with product team to support UX and UI for a new fintech app (startup). needs to be based in Australia - ideally based in Sydney or Melbourne so can occasionally jump in front of whiteboard together (though, the job is 80% remote). Need to work with team 30-40 hours per week. This will be ongoing, paid hourly rate, for 2-3 months.

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    This is not a one time gig. We're looking for voiceover artists who can explain financial content in Hindi which will be presented in a 3D Whiteboard Animation. Please share your details for further conversation.

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    VIDEO ANIMATION EXPERTS: Attention: video animation experts:Are you an established video animation expert?We are a video animation agency and we are looking for a video animation expert that is good at whiteboard and animated explainers,video editing,short video ads,animated GIFs,logo animation,intros and outros?"I'm setting up a new website up for an e-commerce brand I'm launching, I'm currently looking for: a 60 second animated video for our website with the same level of quality as this: with script, voice-over, storyboard, and animation included and revisions as well. Please give me an estimated cost based on that and let me know if you need any more information to provide a quote, I'm speaking to a range of vendors and once I know the expected

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    Looking for an animator with a lot of experience creating animated videos that are in the range of 3 to 12 minutes in length. The videos will be on various financial topics. We'll create the script and provide details on how we'd like to have the video animated. Examples of the style of animation that we're looking for can be found on th...animator with a lot of experience creating animated videos that are in the range of 3 to 12 minutes in length. The videos will be on various financial topics. We'll create the script and provide details on how we'd like to have the video animated. Examples of the style of animation that we're looking for can be found on the following YouTube Channels: "Bright Side" "The Infographics Show" and "Whi...

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    Vídeo explicativo de 1,5´aproximadamente, puede ser tipo whiteboard, con banco imagen, tendría una voz en off narrando. Será necesario diseñar el icono de la campaña que es un aguacate.

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    Create a diagram / basic infographic on based on a whiteboard idea map image I will provide.

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