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    Danışmanlık üzerine nasıl hizmet verdiğimizi ve bunun müşteriye olan faydasını vurgulayacak şekilde bir video hazırlanması gerekmektedir. Yaklaşık bir dakika sürecek olup ingilizce alt yazı ve seslendirme yapılmalıdır. Senaryo ve seslendirme dahil fiyat olmalıdır. Diğer animasyon, video editleme gibi projelerde de birlikte çalışabileceğimiz bir partner arıyoruz. İyi çalışmalar dilerim...

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    13-14 Temmuz 2019'da düzenleyeceğimiz eğitimin reklamını yapmak için 10-30 saniyelik whiteboard animation reklam videosu istiyoruz

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    Hello, We have an online course project. We want a lesson page which supports webrtc, real time whiteboard and also some other features. The features are; - Real Time - Adding pictures and updating the position and shape of these images - Adding files - Writing with different fonts and colors - Drawing with the mouse on the board, drawing types (thick thin silky gold polishing) - Ability to authorize students for writing - Live video / audio sharing from the camera - Authorization of cameras of students depending on the will of the teacher, if they want, students can enable their cameras too. - Live chat box - Ability to add slides and move on them and draw on them with mouse - Setting the necessary back-end of the software with comments on how to integrate. - A box to ask questions...

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    Lütfen detayları görmek için Kaydolun ya da Giriş Yapın.

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    ...skilled video creator who can bring to life a set of online courses I have prepared for individuals looking to represent themselves in court. This project will hinge on your ability to create striking, thought-provoking visual elements that effectively use my script to educate and inspire. So, here's what I need: 1. **Mixed Media Approach**: I envision this course featuring a mix of animated, whiteboard and some live-action videos, crafting an engaging and dynamic learning environment. The variety will keep our learners attentive and make the process fun! 2. **Detailed Animations**: Your ability to create detailed and nuanced animations that captivate will be put to good use. These animations should serve to clarify complex legal concepts and procedures in a manner that i...

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    I'm in need of a skilled animator to create a whiteboard animation video for marketing and advertising purposes. The primary goal of the video will be to capture the attention of business professionals. The ideal candidate for this project should possess: - Strong experience with whiteboard animation. - A demonstrated ability to create engaging marketing content. - Understanding of the business professional audience. Given the nature of the project, creativity and the ability to deliver a professional, engaging end product is vital. Please include samples of your previous whiteboard animation work in your proposal.

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    Are you an expert animator? We are an Animated Explainer Video Company and we produce high quality explainer video's I’m looking for an expert animator that can make whiteboard animation, cartoon style, 2d and 3d animated explainer video's. Also background music and or soundeffects It will most likely be that you do not master all of these skills. Please tell me what skills above you master, so do you master only 2d or only 3d or both etc. But you have to do backgroundmusic You will be given a script and a voice-over and based on that you can then animate explainer video's. To apply please: 1. Provide a few examples of your work 2. Let me know what you charge for a given level of quality 3. Tell me something about yourself 4. Tell me in what ways above you ...

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    I'm in need of a skilled video maker to create a whiteboard animation video. The primary goal of this project is to increase brand awareness among adults. Key requirements for this project include: - Whiteboard Animation: The chosen freelancer should have a proven track record in creating engaging whiteboard animation videos. - Target Audience Consideration: The video must be tailored to suit an adult audience. - Brand Promotion: The video should effectively convey the essence of my brand, sparking interest and awareness among viewers. Ideal candidates should have: - Prior experience creating whiteboard animations specifically for brand promotion. - A keen understanding of adult audience preferences and engagement factors. - A portfolio that showcases t...

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    Trophy icon Realistic Two-Scene Men Cartoon Bitti left

    ...Two scenes, each featuring the same two male characters. - No text or dialogues within the artwork. However, please include blank speech bubbles, and I will fill in the text myself. Create a cartoon in one frame. A short man from Iran with balding head and a comb over is very mad and yelling at a tall, white male with a clean shaved head with lots of stubble. In the background is a whiteboard with drawings of a network. The tall man is putting his head down in shame . Create a second frame where the same man from Iran is blushing but still upset and the tall white man is looking confused and has his hand on his head and looking straight at the came with confusion. Ideal skills for this project would be previous experience in realistic style cartooning, a keen eye for...

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    ...between clients and tutors. The developer should build in smooth, lag-free video chat facilities. 2. File Sharing: The site should allow easy uploading and downloading of learning resources to aid in tutoring sessions. 3. Whiteboard: An online, interactive whiteboard feature to aid tutors in teaching concepts visually. Skills and Experience needed: - Demonstrable experience in building comprehensive bilingual or multilingual platforms. - An understanding of the education sector's special requirements. - A solid track record in integrating video chat, file sharing, and whiteboard capabilities into platforms. More details of my requirements: To build an effective online tutoring app or website, you would typically need the following key facilities: 1. **User Re...

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    NA,I don't want this anymore so leave it.

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    We are a whiteboard animation studio searching for a CUSTOM Whiteboard animator to join our team on an as-needed basis. We are NOT looking for cheap template based “animation”: no Vyond, no Videoscribe, no Powtoons etc. Requirements: - Excellent whiteboard animation skills - Excellent motion graphics skills. - Delivery time: Max 2-4 days per video of up to 2 minutes. - Must stick to deadlines. EVERYTHING IS PROVIDED: - Custom Illustrations, voice-over and music are provided. - Your job is to deliver flawless animations, add sound effects if needed and cut the music files. - We pay resell prices: $50 per minute of animation. If you’re interested, start your bid with “100% CUSTOM” and answer these 3 questions in your bid. If this is n...

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    Hi Andy! This is for the whiteboard animation video.

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    I require an animator who specializes in creating abstract and experimental character animations for use in e-learning materials. Key Details: - The main task involves the creation of character animations, not explainer or whiteboard videos. - The visual style needs to be abstract and experimental, not simple or realistic. - The target audience for these animations are learners, so the content should be appropriate and engaging for an educational setting. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in abstract and experimental animations. - Proficient in character design and animation. - Previous experience in creating animations for educational or e-learning platforms. - Strong understanding of how to translate educational content into engaging animations.

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    We're in need of a full-time, onsite video editor/animator based in Sri Lanka work ONSITE Job Opportunity: Video Editor Salary: LKR 80,000+ Benefits Location : Ibbagamuwa,Kurunegala Seeking 3 skilled Video Editors proficient in After Effects and Premiere Pro. Whiteboard animation skills are a bonus. Apply now for competitive salary and benefits!

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    ...fluids, solids control, waste management and the benefits of digitizing the process, I am in need of a hand-drawn whiteboard animation. The animation will be drawn from an approximately 800-word script, that may be slimmed down if appropriate. - The subject matter is technical, so knowledge or a quick understanding in the drilling industry would be preferable. - Including the provided images of drilling machinery into the animation will be necessary to align with the concept. - This project will require the animation to be 5+ minutes in length to ensure all important points are covered. This role will ideally suit animators with experience creating engaging and detailed whiteboard animations on complex subjects. Skills in creating visually appealing and easy to compr...

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    Our agreement stipulates that a minute of making a Whiteboard video is worth $3. The video is approximately 12 minutes long and is worth approximately $40

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    I need an experienced professional who is capable of creating an engaging whiteboard video from a Keynotes session. Here are my specific needs: • Duration: The exact length is up to your professional judgment, since I didn't specify a desired length. • Style: The video should be professional, embodying a serious and sophisticated demeanor. • Details: It would be great to have sketches of the speaker, with emphasis on highlighting the crucial points of the speech. • Timeline: This project needs to be completed ASAP, so time management skills and speed without compromising quality are crucial. Ideal candidates will have proficiency in whiteboard video production, familiarity with Keynote sessions, and a knack for distilling complex information into cl...

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    As a SAAS startup, I need a professional and experienced whiteboard animator. Your role will be creating an engaging video that introduces our product and its benefits intriguingly and vividly to our target audience - businesses. Key Details: - You should have a solid background in whiteboard animation. - Experience in creating videos for SAAS products or startups would be a plus. - we will provide you with the story and the narrative Skills and Experience: - Whiteboard Animation - Storytelling with B2B experience - Video Production - Creativity. Experience with animated videos previously published by companies is a must. please share your video examples when bidding We believe this will be a unique, exciting project for those with the right skillset. We look fo...

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    Hey, Here is my offer for Whiteboard animation

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    I am looking for a professional who can create a captivating black and white doodle video aimed at education, running for more than 3 minutes. The video is made by combining five voice clips and one video clip that I will provide. Three of the audio clips will require simple static title text. Two of the cards will require a whiteboard/cartoon/doodle style animation. The ideal candidate should: - Have experience in creating doodle videos, particularly in black and white style. - Understand how to convey educational content through engaging visuals. - Be able to able to combine audio and video clips smoothly and balance the overall sound level. Final output is a single video provided in both Quicktime and MP4 formats in a way that would be suitable for upload to Youtube. Below ...

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    I'm seeking a talented animator to bring my voiceovers to life on a digital whiteboard. These educational videos, aimed at an adult audience, should be around eight minutes long. I will provide with the voiceovers. I will also provide link to a sample video. Looking for long term friendship in this field. So quote your competitive price. Key Requirements: - Ability to create classic black and white whiteboard animations - Experience in developing content for adults - Able to accurately depict the topics provided through the voiceover - Commitment to deliver an 8-minute-long video - Strong understanding of how to engage and educate through visual storytelling

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    I'm seeking a talented animator to bring my voiceovers to life on a digital whiteboard. These educational videos, aimed at an adult audience, should be around eight minutes long. I will provide with the voiceovers. I will also provide link to a sample video. Looking for long term friendship in this field. So quote your competitive price. Key Requirements: - Ability to create classic black and white whiteboard animations - Experience in developing content for adults - Able to accurately depict the topics provided through the voiceover - Commitment to deliver an 8-minute-long video - Strong understanding of how to engage and educate through visual storytelling

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    ...experience natively within the application. To this end, your tasks will include: - Implementing chat messaging and document sharing - Incorporating task management features - Adding functionalities for creating polls and quizzes - Integrating Live video streaming, video calling, and audio calling features - Enabling spatial audio and real-time recording - Designing and deploying an interactive whiteboard Ideally, I'm looking to collaborate with a developer or team with significant experience in mobile app development and a deep understanding of these technologies. Proficiency in real-time communication APIs and experience with interactive app elements such as polls, quizzes, or whiteboards will be highly regarded. It’s crucial that the implementation of these featu...

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    Hi t...dynamic video of 40 seconds. * The use of the provided script and voiceover. * An animation style that best suits the project is to be chosen by you, the freelancer. Though I've skipped a few questions like music options and animation style, feel free to make recommendations based on your expertise—whether we should go for soft instrumental, energetic music or none at all, and whether 2D, 3D, or whiteboard animation suits best. Ideal Skills: * Animation * Motion Graphics * Audio Editing (if you suggest music) * Strong attention to detail Given the viewer demographics, a proven ability to create content for a wide-ranging audience would be a substantial advantage. Looking forward to seeing your portfolio and working with you. Please ensure bids reflect all wo...

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    I'm searching for an experienced designer to create engaging whiteboard animation videos from scripts. The scripts are longer than 5 minutes and will require your keen eye for visual storytelling. Specific tasks include: - Converting provided scripts into compelling whiteboard animations - Creating initial storyboards to align vision before animation - Delivering final output in a format suitable for YouTube Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in animation software like Vyond, VideoScribe or Doodly - Strong storytelling and visual communication skills - Prior experience designing whiteboard animations for YouTube - An understanding of YouTube video specifications and best practices to maximize visibility Please provide examples of your previous work in t...

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    I'm in need of a skilled Flutter developer to assist with the existing app of an Agora Whiteboard application. The purpose of this app is not yet determined, which makes this project an open canvas. - Online Meetings: The app may be utilized for brainstorming sessions in a virtual setting. - Remote Teaching: It could potentially serve as an interactive teaching tool for remote learning sessions. - Collaborative Art and Design: It might be a platform facilitating art and design concepts. If you have experience with Flutter and interactive whiteboard technology and are prepared to think creatively and innovatively, your expertise could fit this project. While an application is not required to include past work, experience details, or detailed project proposals, providin...

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    I'm seeking a creative and skilled freelancer who can convert my audio files into engaging slideshow/animated/whiteboard (any 1) videos. - The project involves 24 audio files, each ranging from 1.5 to 2 minutes long. - I require you to match the theme of each audio file with visually captivating images/videos that illustrate the essence of the time management course. - You will need photography sourcing skills, as I am unable to provide any imagery. - The ideal freelancer would be someone who has a knack for storytelling through multimedia and can turn a simple audio file into a rich visual experience. Ultimately, your creative input will be a key factor in bringing my time management course to life. Previous experience creating slideshow videos or any other type of vide...

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    I am in need of a creative and skilled video creator who can help me develop a whiteboard animated explainer video that runs for more than 2 minutes. Your responsibilities would include: - Conceptualizing the storyboard - Creating captivating whiteboard animations that reflect the essence of the message - Ensuring that the video educates and intrigues viewers This project ideally requires someone who: - Has a strong portfolio of similar work - Can deliver work in a timely manner - Has excellent storytelling capabilities - Is meticulous and detail-oriented.

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    ...friendly to total beginners, with no previous English exposure - Feature one letter from the English alphabet (one letter per video) - Introduce colors and shapes to the young audience - Include coloring a letter of the alphabet within the video - Include music (an original, copyright-free, royalty-free background soundtrack). AI assisted music is okay. - No voice or speaking content Example: A "whiteboard hand with crayon or marker" coloring activity may be used as the base content for the video. The final alphabet letter should be large and in color with a vocabulary word/subject that starts with the same letter and a character/item included in the final ending, so the audience can practice use of the word. Example: A, the word "Apple" with a cute smiling ...

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    ...YouTube channel. For this purpose, a whiteboard animation video of 10 minutes or more will be made. I'm thinking of making 50-100 videos at first. Can you give me a price per video? I am seeking a talented animator to create a 10-20 minute 2D whiteboard animation intended for educational purposes. This project will involve more than just animation, as I need assistance with scripting and storyboarding as well. Key responsibilities include: - Conceptualizing and developing a script as well as a storyboard that aligns with the educational goals of the animation - Creating engaging 2D whiteboard animation - Incorporating feedback into the iterative design process The ideal freelancer for this project will have: - Proven experience in 2D whiteboard a...

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    I'm looking for a skilled animator to help create a 2D animated video. The specifics of the project are as follows: - Animated Video: The video should be fully animated and engaging, ideally telling a captivating story. - 2D Animation: I prefer traditional 2D animation style over its 3D or whiteboard counterparts - a more cartoonish style can lend a charming aesthetic. - Lengthy Runtime: The video will need to run for more than 3 minutes, so you should be able to craft and sustain a narrative over a prolonged period. Ideal skills and experience for this project would include: - Proven experience in 2D animation - Portfolio showcasing diverse and engaging animations - Ability to produce a high-quality video and animation Please, share some examples of your past work. I am ex...

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    We need an experienced React Native developer to create a mobile app compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. To show that you proposal was not written by a bot please start the proposal with "HELLO". Please see this document for more details: Here is ...please start the proposal with "HELLO". Please see this document for more details: Here is the figma design: Here is the figma sketch:

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    As I embark on this creative journey, my main goal is to develop three comprehensive and engaging explainer videos that make clear the process a customer experiences from inquiry to job completion. Here's where your skills come in: 1. Versatility in Animation Styles: I'm open to anything! You can choose 2D, 3D or whiteboard animation, whichever best tells the story. Let your creativity dictate the style. 2. Content Creation: The videos should serve dual purposes - they need to explain our typically complex processes to customers and also to our professionals and partners. If these videos are successful, they should drive engagement and establish common understanding across all parties. 3. Understanding of Various Audiences: The content should be relatable and easily unders...

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    Hello, talented freelancers! We are looking for a skilled animator with experience in creating highly detailed and engaging animated videos. Our project involves creating a video that showcases the functionality of a chatbot. However, instead of a simple screen recording, we want the video to be fully animated, giving the illusion of a screen recording. This means you'll be tasked with drawing a phone and a website interface from scratch, ensuring it closely mimics the look and feel of an actual screen recording. Project Details: Objective: The video should visually explain how our chatbot works, highlighting its key features and user interactions. It should be engaging, informative, and visually appealing to our audience. Style: The animation should be clean, professional, and mim...

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    I am looking for an expert in electrical and software engineering who could develop a pen based on motion-sensor technology. The pen should have the capacity to write and draw in the air with the results being displayed on a large 'whiteboard' screen in real time. Key Requirements: - The pen must be designed to work in natural daylight conditions. - It should synch well with classroom-whiteboard-sized screens. - In addition to writing and drawing, the pen should be sensitive to the nuances of the user's movements and reflect them on the screen accurately. Ideal Experience: - Experience in motion sensing technology - Understanding and knowledge of light conditions and their implications on device usage - Expertise in developing devices compatible with ...

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    PPT Design Bitti left

    would you be able to do a refresh of the attached document..ensure there is consistency in font ...update some of the pictures (not the whiteboard examples), reformat some of the tables...just give it a newer fresher feel. Attached is the PDF version, I will provide the word version...if you could let me know if this is something you could help out on and cost that would be great

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    Seeking an experienced developer with a solid understanding of the Agora platform to assist me develop a whiteboard with the following features: - Real-time Collaboration: This feature is necessary for my project. It should permit both text and multimedia exchange to allow for thorough and detailed discussions. - Drawing Tools: The whiteboard should accommodate an extensive suite of drawing tools to ensure maximum expressiveness. - Text Editing Tools: In addition to drawing, ability to text edit is also critical. Support for PDF, DOCX file types is crucial for sharing documents as a part of my real-time collaboration feature. Ideal freelancer should possess deep Agora expertise, previous experience in similar projects, and a demonstrated ability to deliver high-quality...

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    Develop a real-time collaborative whiteboard application that allows multiple users to draw, write, and collaborate simultaneously on a shared digital canvas. This project will heavily rely on JavaScript for both the frontend and backend development, requiring a proficient understanding of various JavaScript frameworks and libraries. Frontend: Utilize modern JavaScript frameworks such as React.js or Vue.js to build the interactive user interface. Employ libraries like or for canvas drawing functionalities. Backend: Develop the backend using Node.js and for handling WebSocket connections, user authentication, and session management. Utilize a NoSQL database like MongoDB for storing whiteboard session data. WebSockets: Implement WebSocket communication for real-time

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    ...concept immediately. Here are some more specifics about the project: • Purpose of the Animation: The animation is intended to simplify and explain a basic process. It could be an everyday life process or a rudimentary subject that needs some visually appealing and understandable explanation. • Animation Style: This was skipped in the briefing, so I am open to suggestions whether it be 2D, 3D or Whiteboard animation. However, it's essential to keep the target audience in mind, which is not professional; hence, the style should be simple and catchy. • Complexity Level: The concept to explain is at a basic level—not requiring specific professional knowledge to understand. Ideal Skills and Experience: • Prolific in simplifying complex ideas and tr...

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    21 teklifler give my JS whiteboard tool a minimalistic design makeover that is conducive to interactive presentations. Your tasks will include, but not be limited to: - Modifying the colors and fonts to fit a uniform theme - Rearranging the layout for easier navigation and user interactions - Adding or removing elements to enhance functionality without compromising simplicity Ideal freelancers have a strong portfolio of minimalistic user interface design and a solid understanding of UX principles. Proven experience using JavaScript to modify interfaces is significant. I look forward to exploring your creative ideas. possible projects sources to use:

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    We have a sales video of about 3 minutes that we want to animate over a whiteboard. we already have the voice-over we just need animation. we need somebody that can start now on this project. thank you

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    ...You will not be required to write anything or think about layout, this is primarily a design project to go into a high level of detail making the 4 already planned into the highest quality version as possible. I don't want a generic CV builder type item, I want this to give off more of a modern website type Feel. For the freelancer chosen I will share all design assets and link to the Miro whiteboard with my planning work so that you can extract the required copy and see my notes relating to each section. Output is a PDF format and I I will need to extend the CV in future so need the files after so I can edit it myself if needed (or rehire you). Essential requirements are: - Ability to convert the old format (PDF) into an attention-grabbing resume. Experience in PDF e...

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    29 teklifler talk directly to the developer. Requirements: Proven expertise in Text-to-Speech development. In-depth knowledge of relevant programming languages (e.g., Python, Java, C++). Experience with AI frameworks and natural language processing. Demonstrated success in implementing and optimizing TTS features. Figma design Responsibilities: Lead the design and implementation of advanced text-to-speech AI features. Collaborate on defining software requirements and specifications. Integrate third-party APIs and services for enhanced functionality. Optimize and troubleshoot codebase for optimal performance. Nice to Have: Familiarity with cloud computing platforms (e.g., AWS,

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    ...similar to The goal is to generate realistic and high-quality videos from text inputs using artificial intelligence. The ideal candidate will have expertise in machine learning, natural language processing, and video synthesis. Figma file You can leave your ideas how to improve the design for the dashboard Responsibilities: Develop a robust text-to-video AI system that can convert written content into engaging and lifelike videos. Implement machine learning models to enhance the quality and realism of generated videos. Integrate the solution with our existing platform and ensure seamless functionality. Fine-tune the AI models for optimal performance and efficiency

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    I'm seeking a talented individual with a good sense of humor to create a whiteboard animation that is 3 minutes or more in length for educational content. Their ability to cleverly incorporate humor is key. Ideal freelancer has: - Experience in creating educational animations - A knack for integrating humor into their work - Ability to create engaging, long-duration animations. It would be beneficial if the artist could: - Suggest creative ways to incorporate humor - Produce effective and engaging whiteboard animations - Show previous work in similar style.

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    Hola Muhammad A., tu perfil llamó mi atención y me gustaría ofrecerte mi proyecto. Podemos conversar sobre los detalles por chat.

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    I'm looking to hire a skilled freelancer to create an eye-catching whiteboard animation video that runs between 1 to 3 minutes. This video is aimed at marketing and advertising, designed to capture and maintain audience engagement while effectively conveying our product's benefits. This project is an opportunity to showcase your creativity and contribute to a marketing campaign designed to stand out. If you have a portfolio that demonstrates your experience in whiteboard animations and a knack for producing marketing-driven content, please submit your proposal.

    €5 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    More details: What style of whiteboard video are you looking for? Mixed media animation What is the primary purpose of your video? Educational content Who is your target audience? Adults

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    Önde Gelen whiteboard Topluluk Makaleleri