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    Hi, We have a wordpress + woocommerce website on flatsome theme. We get 200 visitors a day. I want to migrate the entire setup to AWS Free Tier with email, caching, speed, SSL, etc setup correctly. It is currently on DigitalOcean+CloudFlare. We can keep it at DO also if you prefer. I am a non techie. The problem I am having and why I want to move

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    Hi, I have a wordpress + woocommerce website on flatsome theme. We get 200 visitors a day. I want to migrate the entire setup to AWS Free Tier with email, caching, speed, SSL, etc setup correctly. It is currently on DigitalOcean+CloudFlare. We can keep it at DO also if you prefer. The problem I am having and why I want to move is - 1. Occasional

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    ...you are the right person then this might be a GREAT fit for you. This is a real simple opportunity. The script is very short and simple, we just need great appointment setters to reach people and set up appointments for our closers'. If this sounds good to you then , then send us a message and tell us why you would like to work with us and our team

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    Hey there, I'm having an issue installing a custom font library to my domain. I've already uploaded the webfont files to the fonts folder and referenced the files in my CSS stylesheet and the custom CSS file that is editable from the Admin Dashboard. But, still the files are not showing. So first, I need someone who can: 1. finish installing the font

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    ...idea is to, - create a new login script by using CSS or/and Jquery. and when users click on the link in the menu (will be added when the project is finished), it will show a CSS popup box on that same page the user is at, so the user can enter his email and click enter. The page should be only for registered users. that's why I require them to enter

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    I’m a fine artist + graphic designer looking to hire a witty copywriter for ongoing newsletters and gallery opening content. Visit my website [login to view URL] to see if you resonate with aesthetic.

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    Needed a Native Russian Writer to create contents for our RU sites.

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    I have a pitch deck but the content is not strong enough. I have all the points down I need a great business writer to help come up with new content. I do not care for the design as i will get it designed when i finish the content.

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    we have an app that was written with Xamarin platform and we need to make this app crush proof ...app that was written with Xamarin platform and we need to make this app crush proof we need an expert Xamarin to view all the source code to see why the app is crushing with some androids versions

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    ...math quizzes. [login to view URL] We need 3-4 articles per week for math theme. All about math and our brain. For USA users. For example: - how math helps our brain - why we need do math - how math can improve our live - math hacks/tricks etc. You can see the approximate volume here (2000-2500 characters per article) [login to view URL]

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    ...element I add on canvas is getting dragged appropriately. Similarly, sliders to change size/transparency etc are working fine. However, when I open the website homepage, select a category page, then go to the product page, the following issues occur: 1. Dragging any item on canvas causes the whole page to scroll. 2. Sliders for size/transparency etc

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    Hello Oleksandrt. I liked your work and that's why I would like to lose your budget so you could draw me about 20 drawings. I would pay them one by one. Not all at once. The idea is the following. I would provide you with the ideas to draw the different scenarios and the characters and the scenes. It is for a book and I need the illustrations to be full

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    i have a set of data which has to be arranged in excel sheets

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    I am looking for someone who can automate the process of editing a Photoshop template (with different variables/layers) using data from an excel file (external data source). The Photoshop document to edit only requires 20-25 different values/variables to edit. And the data is only text (no images). However the process must be precise in the location/placement

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    I am looking for a freelancer for my startup business who can manage and guide me to bring my website online. Also I need a SEO copywriter for online success. Ongoing project!

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    i have a lightbox image gallery where i have over 40+ images showing and one particular image is not showing if i remove that image another does not show. [login to view URL] can i get someone to look into this for me as to find out why its happening? or maybe its just i have too many images in my gallery.

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    ... have great communication skills and a leadership personality? Great! We're a big team working in an american network marketing company that is about to create a massive movement in Thailand! This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY, not only to be part of this massively growing organisation in Thailand, but also to work with a special, motivated team led by great

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    ...articles via email and we discourage people from writing or editing articles about themselves, their companies, their clients, or their products and services (for more about why, please see <[login to view URL]:Conflict_of_interest> and <[login to view URL]:Notability>). However, you may suggest your article topic

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    ...Courses pages. Also we need Five slides of banners. Quality is number one. We have good design and we need to upgrade to the next level. This design must be user friendly. A design when customer visit our website make them stay longer. It’s all about attention. You must have good experience UI /UX. Also show us your previous work in designing.

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    ...made? • Why is this important within organizations? • What are the implications for my professional behavior and success? In other words, explain how you can use this material in your professional life. To better gauge thorough and thoughtful, it may be best to ask yourself the following: • Would someone that did not read the article(s) have a basic

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    ...Submissions should be a maximum of 500 words or 125 words per question/prompt. Applicants must answer each of the four prompts for their program. 1. What are your research interests in the area of Information Technology? Why are you inspired to research in this area, and why do you think it is important to research in this area? 2. Why did you select PhD

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    Hello, We are looking for copywriter who could help writing health related French emails for marketing Thanks

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    Required a Copywriter for writing content for landing pages. More details on chat.

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    ...from the American federal and state governments. We are commissioning an article on a law firm's work representing several "retail electricity providers," which are often shady companies that abuse or scam their customers and violate telemarketing laws. Please provide a summary of the research below and/or article you would write in under 200 words.

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    Your submission should meet all APA requirements for a paper using in-text citations. See APA Format and Style Guide at OWL at [login to view URL] The length of your essay should be 300 to 500 words (one to two pages double spaced) and consist of five to seven

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    hi, i would like to find a developer that can help me/guide me to do a correct site optimization. I show the tool (theme, plugin) that i have on the site and i would like to know the correct path to follow. Than i make the job or i try to do myself. we can call this project as a "remote tutoring". Some tool that i have currently installed that can help

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    I would like a a web app developed. I'm not after a mobile app. Key requirements: Users have to be able to log in and create an account Users need to be able to save and come back to their entries over time Users should have a simple dashboard showing their progress The app will show users text with instructions and questions Users will have form fields

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    Revamp my CV to make it more original and unique.

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    Hello, We Looking to hire tester full time freelancer only. You must need to have? Good communication skill Good in Document - test report. Need to report daily feedback to developer Need to update to client. Its online job for long term monthly basis. Need to available in IST day time. but we can give you bit time flexibility. Please write

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    I want to start iptv business, so that's why i contacted to u. Which type of iptv services u provider e.g. Restreameing, iptv App etc.

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    I need someone to help my site ranking on Google. 15 posts and 5 pages WordPress website, configured with WP-Rocket an...alone using Moz and Ahrefs. If you think they are not good and it is easier to use others then we will change them. It is important to speed indexability and ranking that's why link building is crucial and also on-page optimization.

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    Hi I need a writer with experienced in writing articles. Please tell me why should I hire you?

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    ...looking to start a T-shirt brand around the brand "Ask Me Why." I am engaged politically and these shirts will be used to spark conversations with strangers based on certain topics. I attached a picture of potential designs, and the feedback I received from peers was that they liked the concept but that it should be designed professionally. A few key thin...

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    ...the background, even if the mac is in sleep mode. I want a menu bar item for it, which they can quit the background process if needed. The background process will check for files in a certain iCloud folder. If someone adds a file to that folder, it’ll automatically add it to iTunes (if it’s a valid audio format) - and tell iTunes to upload it to iCloud

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    Why? bolique@[login to view URL]

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    ...MongoDB databases. Experience with PHP and understanding HMVC architecture. (Basic knowledge is fine here) Senior full stack developer is best Please provide the following as a first step: 1- Provide projects worked on that required Angular JS, 2- Do you have experience in developing SPA using AngularJS routing, writing directives, filters and services

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    ...I send you message on chat but for some reason, i don't know why the freelancer system can't delivery the message to you. About the Mobile app i find one other solution. I have Telegram Messenger and there i create BOT and my web dev he create commands to this BOT so when i whant to add a new Package on my website i write /add Package_name Package_number

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    hii why you do that

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    Basically you need to know writing COM objects - currently I need an Task scheduler custom handler written. I would ask you to kindly explain why my solution isn't working and provide a fix.

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    I need you to write a 3000 word article on Family Office/Family Business Coaching and why it is necessary

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    Do you want to put your sales skills to good use. I have got a once in a lifetime opportunity for you. I am a digital marketing agency owner looking for a salesman(s) who can get me more clients. My target audience is small business owners who are looking to grow their business. I create a digital marketing strategy for my clients that will help them

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    I need to copywrite all of the product description on [login to view URL]

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    Chef nodes failed. Need to see why in cookbooks. Need someone to work in CST

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    ...writing test and a phone or in-person (Las Vegas, NV) interview before being hired. The rate of pay will be fixed rates for each article (1500-3500 words usually) between $5-10 each. Salary is based on how much work you can complete each day, and is paid out bi-weekly via direct deposit. If interested in being hired, send us a message with your

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    ...have a website that is hosted on a dedicated server. The operating system is Windows Server 2012 R2. Four times in the last three months - always on a Thursday/Friday - my site goes down and I am unable to access the server via rdp. My host company - [login to view URL] - have checked the server and found no hardware issues and the outcome has been a server

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    ...looking for a virtual assistant to assist in picking the right platforms, creating landing pages and give all around internet e-mail marketing support. Candidate must have proven experience in email marketing, funnel creation, landing pages and excellent mastery of the latest marketing platforms and excellent English language skills. Please submit a resume

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    We are looking for freelance copywriter for our new project which is an online marketplace. We need copywriting for almost whole website and whole pages with catchy, SEO responsive sayings. We would prefer Native English speakers due to correct localization, but also native level is ok. This is going to be long term project (1-3 months). Contact me

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    I would like to have a great looking logo for my company I started for my consulting work. I would love for the logo to not only say the company or initials but with color and design to speak intuitively to who I am and what my company is in business for. I want to use this logo on my Linked In page, Business cards and company letterhead and stickers

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    ...the 1st project Gig: Recreate website from [login to view URL] (currently hosted on wix) into a wordpress CRM, using astra and elementor. I will provide hosting, registrar and theme access. The Events page or section needs to be able to be edited quickly so a plugin is preferred and To be determined. As per our discussion it is important for us to be

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    Hiring for office assistant who has quick book experience (must have) Position is part ti...has potential for full time Pay is between $12-$15 per/hour (depending on experience) to start. Small construction company in Lockheart area of Orlando Please send a brief description on why this position is correct for you, do not just send resumes Thank you!

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